My son came home on leave for ten days and it’s been good seeing him. It had been over a year since he was home. He’s twenty-two years old now and looking like a mature young man that any girl would find attractive. We spent hours catching up and he’s spent time with his brothers and sisters. It is now two days before he has to go back. I’ve been depressed a lot because of financial problems and not having someone special in my life, so this is making me feel worse. I still have some whiskey upstairs and tonight I’m going to get myself as numb as possible.

After several strong drinks I realize I’m just about out of cigarettes, so I grab some money and weave my way down the stairs to get my car keys. My son sees me and can tell I’ve been drinking. He asks what I’m doing when I go for my purse. I tell him I need smokes and I’ll be right back. He takes my purse from me and tells his brother to hide it. He says he loves me and there is no way he’s letting me drive in my condition. I tell him to mind his own business and I want my purse back. He decides to make a deal with me. He tells me if I lie down for a little while first, he’ll give my purse back. I argue with him as he leads me back up the stairs to my room.

He walks me to my bed and makes me lie down. I gesture to him to come close, that I want to tell him something. When he bends down I put my hand against the side of his face and tell him I love him too and I thank him for caring about me. I look into his eyes and all of a sudden I get this intense lustful feeling engulfing my body ortaköy escort that I had never before felt around my sons. I pulled his head to mine and I kissed him fully on the lips in a definite non motherly way.

He tried to pull away and I wouldn’t let him. I wrapped my free arm around his back and yanked him to me. He lost his balance and fell against me. While he was trying to get off the bed he put one of his legs on the bed and I twisted my body while pushing with my one foot to roll him over so I was on top. I kept kissing him the whole time with my tongue exploring his mouth. I started grinding my hip against his crotch and took his one hand so to place it on my breast and held it there.

I stopped kissing him and told him I was horny as hell and I wanted him to relieve my frustration. He said that this wasn’t right, that it can’t happen between us. I’m starting to feel a very hard bulge building in his pants. Knowing that I’m turning him on, I tell him it will be OK since we’re both consenting adults. I tell him to relax and let mama enjoy herself. I begin kissing his neck and whisper in his ear, “Mama wants to fuck you hard.” Before he can say anything I start rubbing my hand over his bulge. I open his pants and slide my hand to his balls and caress them. He stops resisting my advances and relaxes. I take my hand out of his pants and help him out of his shirt, then I remove mine. I let him feel my breasts and tell him I want him to suck on my itty bitty titties. He sucks softly while also playing with my otele gelen escort nipples with his tongue. When he’s done I kiss him deeply once again.

I work my mouth down his chest, stopping to enjoy each of his hard nipples, and down to the top of his pants. I pull his pants off and kiss my way up his legs to his balls. I kiss them lightly, then suck on them while running my fingers over his shaft. I move up to get a good look at my sons’ large cock. My mouth starts to water and I lick up and down the shaft, then around the head. I kiss the head and slowly take him inch by inch into my mouth. I alternate between easy and hard sucking until he’s almost ready to blow and I stop.

I take my pants off and kiss my way back up his chest. I suck on his neck lightly then whisper in his ear again, “Eat me.” I position myself to sit on his face and he grabs my ass. He licks me, sucks on my clit while fingering me, then tongue fucks me. I tell him to lick my ass and then I wanted him to give me a hickey right above my hair line. When he finishes, I slide my pussy over his chest to his hips and kiss him deeply while rubbing my very wet pussy over his cock.

I position myself so I can shift my hips to get his head between my pussy lips and tease him a little before lowering myself slowly onto that hard throbbing shaft. I alternate between slow and fast riding, grinding in circles in between. I’m just about ready to cum so I ask him if he is ready. He says yes, so I ram myself hard onto him and we both explode in intense otele gelen escort orgasms. His hot juices completely filling my hot hungry hole.

I lay myself down on top of him with his cock still inside me. I kiss him and say, “Now that’s how mama likes to fuck.” I lay my head on his chest and pass out. He shifts my body so he can pull out and his cum oozes out of me onto him. He gets himself out from under me and cleans himself and me with a Kleenex. He puts my nightwear on me, gets dressed and leaves.

The next morning I tell him I got loaded last night and I really don’t remember much, not even wanting to go get smokes when he tells me that. He says nothing about what happened between us. During the day, however, bits and pieces start coming back to me. By the time the kids go to bed, I remember everything! I ask him to come up to my room, I want to talk to him.

I tell him I remember now what we did, or should I say what I did to him. I apologize repeatedly for what I did and for taking his virginity like that. He tells me that he wasn’t sure about it at first last night but that now he’s glad it happened. I’m a bit shocked by this and told him that I would have never done that if I was sober. He steps closer to me and asks, “You wouldn’t do this sober?” He kisses me deeply and before I knew it I was responding passionately. We ended up going at each other for hours in every position I could think of trying. I asked him to sleep in my bed that night so he could hold me and we could do it again if the urge hits. He left my room before the kids got up.

That evening he left to go back to base, giving me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek. I don’t regret what happened, it was incredible. Now I just have to try and stop myself from thinking about my nineteen year old son who lives here and is available when my needs arise.



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