As I said in the first part of this series, I have 4 sisters-in-law, each of whom I have an unnatural desire for, and for whom I have a fantasy based partly on fact but sadly mostly in my perverted mind. Polly was my father-in-law’s daughter from his first marriage. She was married and had 3 children, the youngest of whom will feature in a later story. She worked for the in-laws as a part-time barmaid, regularly on Friday lunchtimes and occasionally at other times when they needed cover for holidays or outside catering for the village hall.

Polly was a very out-going person, always friendly with the pub regulars as a good barmaid should be, and welcomed me into the family with affection – perhaps a little too much if I think about it now, but it was always a pleasure to see her as well as the others in her family.

It so happened that one particular Friday, it was my birthday and as much as I would have liked to have lunch with my wife or even go to the pub down the road from work with some of my colleagues, nothing like that materialised. In fact my wife had taken the day off to go out with her parents and I knew Polly would be behind the bar in their pub as a result. I decided to drive over and have a quiet drink with her and the few locals who did call in at lunchtimes and so found myself pulling up in the almost deserted car park around 12.30 hoping that Polly would be happy to see me and have a little chat.

She was serving a customer as I walked in and looked up at me as I made my way to the bar.

“This is a surprise,” she said, “What brings you out here at lunchtime?”

“It’s my birthday, so I thought you might want to treat me to a free drink!” I laughed. “I might even wait about after closing time to give you a hand to clear up.”

“That would be nice, although it shouldn’t take too long,” she answered. “What do you want to drink then?”

“I’ll just have a shandy,” I replied, “I’m driving and should be going back to work too so I’ll need a clear head!”

She poured me a pint of shandy and moved across the bar to serve some customers. They wanted food as well, so as cook and barmaid combined, Polly had to leave the bar to prepare their lunch.

“Look after the bar for me please,” Polly said as she disappeared into the kitchen, “There might be someone who needs drinks.”

“OK,” I said and got up from my seat to walk round behind the bar. Polly was gone and back in what seemed like a minute and in that time I didn’t need to serve anyone. She served the food and left the customers to their meal.

When she returned to the bar, we chatted a while longer and the customers eventually all paid and left. It was about 15 minutes to closing time and it looked unlikely that anyone else would come in.

“I think I’ll close early,” Polly said “No sense in sitting around just waiting on the off chance someone will come in now.”

With that she left the bar and went to lock the door.

“You did say you would help me clear up!”

“Yes, I did,” and I started clearing the few empty glasses from nearby tables, standing them on the bar near the glass washer.

Then I went through to the dining area where Polly was already clearing a table. The sight of her bending across the table showing off her ample cleavage while she cleared the table made my groin tingle and I caught my breath.

She heard the intake of breath and looked up as I approached, then glanced down as she caught where I was looking.

“Oops!” she said, starting to stand up and cover her gaping blouse with one hand.

“Don’t,” I reached for her hand, “Let me help you.”

I reached the top button on her blouse and popped it open, followed by the next and the third, revealing more of her large titties in a functional white bra. I pulled Polly closer to me with the loose blouse and bent to kiss her mouth, my tongue sliding between her lips to tangle with hers.

My hands kneaded her breasts and she moaned softly in our kiss.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time,” I breathed. “Let me hold your wonderful tits and caress your nipples.”

As I said that, I unbuttoned her blouse completely and reached round to unclasp her bra, allowing her breasts to fall loose. I pushed the material up over her tits and took them in my hands, rubbing her erect nipples with my thumbs, making them stand up even more.

“That feels so good,” Polly sighed as she ran her hands across my chest, unbuttoning my shirt as she went. She pulled my shirt open and found my nipples with her hands, copying the rubbing motion I was doing to hers as she pinched and pulled them erect. She lowered her head to my chest and sucked a nipple into her mouth, biting it gently as it slipped between her lips.

Her hands had now descended to my waist and were busy undoing my belt and zip, rubbing my now very hard cock as she undid my trousers.

“Touch me,” I whispered, “I want you to feel what you do to me.”

Polly slid her hand into my boxers and şişli üniversiteli escort grasped my erection. She started to pump it slowly, making me moan as my foreskin slid back and forth over my now purple mushroom head. Her touch was soft and gentle and as pre-cum oozed over my helmet, she smeared it around my cock to lubricate the wanking motion.

I pushed her backwards over another table and then lifted her skirt to her waist, exposing matching functional white panties beneath her tights. My hand ran up and down her thighs, my fingers grazing her pussy as I reached the top. She opened her legs wider as if to invite me to touch her so I slipped my hands under her skirt and pulled her tights down, letting them drop to the floor in a heap. Then I slid my hand into the warmth of the crevice between her thighs, rubbing my index finger across the ever growing damp patch on her panties. Polly moaned as I pressed my fingers harder against her wet cunt, pushing her panty fabric into her hot, wet hole and exposing the edges of her hairy bush.

I pushed my fingers inside her panties and ran them across the wet slit, feeling her fleshy lips and hard bud of a clitoris. She raised her hips to allow me to pull her panties off and then I probed her pussy, slipping first one, then two fingers inside, looking for the nerve endings that make up the G Spot (if such a thing really exists), conscious that there was an increasing flow of hot, sticky juice from that hole, over my fingers and out of her pussy, trickling into the crack of her arse and pooling on the table near her tight rosebud of her anus.

I dipped the fingers of my other hand into this pool and began to play around her tight rear hole, pushing the tip of one finger inside her.

“Don’t …” she panted, “I’ve never …”

“Neither have I,” I said, “I’m just curious …”

I pulled my finger from her arse and lubed it up again with her juices, then returned to her hole and pushed my finger deeper, working it in and out until the muscles had relaxed a little. I wet a second finger and worked that into her arse, pulling her sphincter wider apart, leaving a more relaxed opening that would now accommodate a bigger intrusion.

I slid my cock into her pussy and began a steady fucking motion, in and out to my full length, getting my cock well lubricated. I could feel Polly’s pussy start to pulse as her orgasm built and I kept fucking her hard until she came, her cunt releasing even more juice over my cock and onto the table beneath.

“Oh, God!” she panted, “That was so good … I needed that badly, it’s been too long since I came that hard.”

While Polly was recovering from that first orgasm, I took my cock out of her gaping hole and lifted her legs higher, putting them on my shoulders so I could gain easier access to her arse. I positioned my cock against the puckered pink rosebud and pushed the head into the entrance.

“No …” she muttered, “That’s not …”

She resisted a little then relaxed as my helmet popped past the entrance. I resisted the urge to ram my cock straight into her and instead gently pushed in and out, giving her time to adjust to the invasion of such a large object, eventually sliding all the way in.

“It’s so tight,” she moaned, “It hurts! I don’t think I can take it …”

“I’ll be gentle …” I replied, “It’s my first time too.”

I began to fuck Polly’s arse with a rhythmic motion and then re-inserted my fingers into her vagina, timing the push of each so that as my cock fucked her arse, my fingers were fucking her pussy in the opposite direction. I could feel the sensation of my fingers against my cock as I fucked her and knew that this would only serve to make me cum quicker. Sure enough, after only another few seconds, I could feel the spunk begin to rise in my balls, my sack tightening as my orgasm built.

“I’m cumming,” I gasped, “Let me cum in your arse!”

“Nooo,” moaned Polly, “Cum in my mouth, on my tits, in my hair …”

“Fuuucck!” I pulled my cock out of her arse and gripped the throbbing shaft before letting the full stream of spurting hot semen spill out over her hair, her face and onto her tits. I tried to aim at her open mouth and did manage to direct a couple of spurts onto her tongue, then I pushed my cock into her mouth, making her gag as I emptied the last drops into her throat.

We lay over the table for a while, recovering our breath, then Polly kissed me hard on the mouth before smiling and saying “Happy Birthday!”

“Same again next Friday?” I laughed.

“Same again every Friday!” was the almost dreamlike response, and with that, Polly sat up and started to re-arrange her clothing, leaving off her tights and panties, presumably so the heat of her lower regions could disperse before she left the pub to go home.

I looked at her and then at my watch … time I was back at work!

I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat as I drove back taksim anal yapan escort to the office and didn’t really care if anyone noticed how long I’d been out. There were enough places I could have been to make reasonable excuses … Fucking my sister-in-law wasn’t one of them but I was already looking forward to the next time I could be late back from the pub!

Of course, I went back again the next Friday although there were more customers in the pub than usual so Polly didn’t have enough time for chatting, much less anything as pleasurable as before. I just sat at the bar for a while, letting my eyes wander over Polly’s ample chest and arse, thinking the kind of thoughts that make your cock hard.

She did peek over the bar a couple of times when she thought nobody was paying any attention and I teased her by rubbing my erection through my trousers and looking at her, licking my lips and smirking as if to ask what she wanted to do with it.

She did give me a quick peck on the cheek when I left and she let her hand slide across the obvious lump in my trousers before she returned to her barmaid duties.

“I think you should do something about that!” she laughed, “You wouldn’t want anyone in the office to stare!”

“I know,” I replied, “But it should disappear by the time I’ve driven back.”

“See you soon,” she smiled and turned away to serve a customer.


“See you soon …”

Polly’s words played on my mind all afternoon in the office and I spent the time trying to find ways to see her sooner than the following Friday.

As luck would have it, she called round at our house on the following Sunday morning. Alison was at work and I was doing a few odd jobs as working men tend to do at the weekend such as mowing the lawn, tidying the garden and maybe helping with the chores. When the doorbell rang, I was upstairs in our bedroom changing the bed linen after what had been a rather enjoyable time the night before. For once, Alison was in a good mood and we had indulged in some energetic love making which had left the sheets rather bedraggled and covered in stains that were evidence of the bodily fluids that had seeped from us both in the hours we had spent sucking and fucking until we had finally collapsed and slept, me with a smug grin on my face and my fingers in Alison’s pussy, her with a hand wrapped round my sticky cock.

I went downstairs and opened the door to be met by Polly standing there looking just a little bit guilty.

“Hi,” I said, “This is a surprise!”

“I need to see you,” she began, “I can’t stop thinking about … you know, that Friday … your birthday … what we did …”

I opened the door wider and she walked into the kitchen. I followed and leaned against the worktop. Polly pulled a chair out from the dining table and sat with her arm resting on the table as she turned towards me.

“So what’s the problem?” I asked, “I think perhaps I should be the one worrying. I don’t want it to end badly for either of us and it would if either Alison or Barney found out. God knows what the rest of the family would think or say! I took advantage of a situation and yes, I admit, I enjoyed it!”

“That’s the problem,” Polly replied, “So did I. Every last minute of it, even having your thing in my bottom. I’ve never even thought about doing that sort of thing, With Barney, it’s always been the same old thing. Him on top, nothing except a few grunts and thrusts and next thing he’s snoring away lying next to me.”

“What we did was not just new and exciting; it made me feel more like a woman again. I want to know you will keep it to yourself, that way we can carry on with our normal lives and I know I can perhaps call on your services again when I need to?” she continued.

“I don’t see any reason why we can’t do that. I think we both enjoyed what we did – in fact, I know I did! – and I do want to make love to you again.” As I said this, I looked at Polly and noticed she blushed a little.

“That’s why I came round this morning,” she said, “I know Alison’s at work and Barney’s out with the boys fixing up some old motorbikes or something. I want you again … now!”

As she said that, she stood up and walked towards me, unbuttoning her blouse as she did. The blouse fell open to reveal her luscious breasts enclosed in a much more attractive bra, all white lace and transparent material which allowed me to see her dark brown areolas and her now rigid nipples clearly. She stood over me and leaned forward, pushing her breasts into my face, allowing me to breathe in her scent. I drew my hands up across her belly and onto the magnificent bosom, rubbing her nipples through the sheer fabric.

My hands caressed the soft skin of Polly’s belly and slipped round her back to unclasp her bra. I pushed it up over her tits and lowered my mouth to an expectant nipple, my tongue snaking around it before I drew it into my mouth and nibbled gently taksim bdsm escort on the inch-long protrusion.

Polly moaned and brought her own hands round to find my belt and zipper. As she pulled the zip down, she ran her fingers along the length of my rapidly expanding cock making me moan as she pulled it free from the confines of my pants. She dropped to her knees and gripped my shaft with one hand, pulling my foreskin back to reveal the tight purple head that was glistening with the first drops of pre-cum. Her other hand had disappeared under her skirt and I could see her arm moving as she rubbed against her groin, moaning softly with the pleasure it brought.

I pulled Polly back to her feet and guided her out of the kitchen and into the lounge. I helped her lie down on the couch and then dropped my jeans and boxers to the floor, my cock slapping against my belly as I pulled my feet free. I hitched Polly’s skirt up around her waist and saw that she was actually wearing stockings with the suspender belt and lacy panties matching her bra. The panties did little to hide her hairy bush from me and I could see a wet spot on them where her pussy had obviously dripped its juices in anticipation of what was to come.

I gently kissed up and down the inside of her thighs between the stocking tops and her panties, then moved my mouth over her wet patch, licking at her slit over her panties before slipping my fingers beneath one edge to find the swollen and soaking lips that guarded her warm, wet hole. My fingers found her clit and I rubbed the little nub, eliciting more groans from Polly as she lay there, pinching her tits and licking her lips in anticipation.

I pulled at her panties and she lifted her hips to allow me to slip them off, opening her legs wider as they fell to the floor. By now I had positioned myself so that I could lie on the couch in such a way that my mouth was level with her cunt and my cock waving about in front of her face. She licked her lips and pulled my cock towards her mouth, her tongue poking out to lap the pre-cum from my pee hole. Then she opened her mouth wide and took my cock in, right to the back of her throat leaving my balls slapping against her cheek as her tongue slid over and around the length of my shaft.

As she sucked my cock, I went down on Polly’s very wet, very warm pussy, licking around it and then fucking it with my tongue so that she bucked against my face, pushing her hole hard against my tongue. The juices flowed around my mouth and onto my chin, then down into the crack of her arse cheeks. Remembering what I’d done to her previously, I thought I might do that again and I lubed my finger up with her juice before pushing it gently into her pink rosebud.

“No,” Polly cried, “Not this time! I want your cock in my cunt, filling me up with your hot cum …”

Somewhat disappointed, I complied with her request and withdrew my finger from her tight, puckered hole, allowing her juices to just pool around it, soaking slightly into the material of the couch making a dark stain beneath her cheeks.

I moved off the couch and onto my knees in front of Polly, then grabbed hold of her hips to swing her around so her feet were on the floor and her legs wide open allowing me easy access to her cunt. I shuffled towards her, grasping my aching prick and pointing it towards the entrance to her pussy, pink and enlarged with desire amongst the dark curls of her untamed bush.

Polly was now fingering herself and rubbing her clit while she waited for me to push into her. I pushed my cock into the waiting depths and slipped easily into her before she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist, trapping me between her thighs.

“Fuck me slow … fuck me deep,” she moaned, her fingers now plucking at her nipples. “God I want your cock!”

I was now balls-deep in my sister-in-law’s juicy cunt and could feel her warm nectar dripping onto my balls as they slapped against her arse in the rocking movement generated by my gentle fucking motions. I dropped my head to her tits and sucked on her nipples in turn, pulling them gently with my teeth and driving Polly even wilder with lust as she milked my cock greedily with her pussy walls.

Her breathing was becoming more ragged and her hips were bucking beneath me as my cock rammed ever deeper into her.

“I’m cumming,” she moaned, “Oh God … Oh God … Fuck me, fuck me!”

Words I’d never thought I would hear my sister-in-law use spilled from her mouth as she tipped over the edge and her orgasm over whelmed her. Her cunt was spasming on my cock and her juices gushed out over my balls and onto the floor below, making another dark stain that I knew I would have to get rid of before Alison came home.

“I’m cumming too,” I groaned, my balls tightening as my seed rushed up my cock and out in spurt after spurt of hot, sticky spunk, coating the walls of Polly’s cunt. “Oh fuck … yes … fuck, yeah”

Polly held me close and kissed my mouth and face, her legs wrapping around my waist again to hold me close and keep my now softening cock inside her. She had a big smile across her face and a faraway, dreamy look in her eyes as she absent-mindedly dipped a hand between us and rubbed against her clit.

“Mmmm,” she whispered, “that was fucking fantastic! I want more of your tongue and cock.”



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