My Sissy Friend – Made me a Sissy for a DayNow that I have ventured over and found a sissy friend, we played around for a few months – me being the man and she (Jody) being the lady with a dick. We were very comfortable with each other having fun at least once a weekly, sometime more. She would suck me off, I would fuck her and blow her sometimes.One Friday night I was able to get away from the wife, Jody decided we should go out to a club so I got to her house about 9 – we had some drinks while she was getting dressed. It amazed me how the transformation she made going from a man to a woman – I asked her once how did she learn to do her self up, it turned out that she was a make-up artist in the theatre, so she new how to make herself so attractive without looking like a man in drag. As I was watching her transform, she said ‘why don’t I do you up too tonight’ I said no-way, but Jody said ‘come on it I’ll be fun, we’ll have a gurls night out’. As I thought about it, I could feel a tingle of excitement in my balls. OK I’m in I told her, she gave me a big kiss and took me into her bedroom. She started with what clothing would suit me best, hiding bits and pieces and highlighting where needed. She than selected my new undies, a matching bra and panties – I was getting excited, but Jody gave my dick a slap saying ‘settle that dick down, I got to tuck it in’ and so she did, a bit un comfortable at first but I managed. Then she helped me put on some pendik escort hose, I started to transform. She gave me another shave, then got into the make-up – keeping it natural and not making me look like a cheap slut. She had 4 high quality wigs and she new which would look best and natural. When she was finished with the hair and make-up – I must say I did look good. So, now on with the dress and blouse, no high heels – just a nice pair of flats, so I wouldn’t fall over. I was now ready to go out, Jody gave me some pointers on acting lady like and told me just smile a lot and don’t talk to much – as it may give my male identity away. We took an Uber to the club Jody selected, it was a nice soft jazz club in the city. We found ourselves a table and ordered some drinks, chit chatting, having fun and even dancing together! A bit of a struggle at first but we both enjoyed it. About an hour in, two guy came over putting the make on us, she didn’t prepare me for this, but I think she planned it.Our two new friends were in their forties on a conference from out of town, men are such dirty dogs! We danced and drank for the next 2 hours, then the guy that was hitting on Jody was getting pretty hot on the dance floor, the other guy thought I was shy not saying to much, then Jody grabbed me by my arm and said ‘we’re getting out of her and going to their hotel room’ I sat WHAT!!! ‘don’t worry, we’ll have some kartal escort fun, you’ve sucked my cock, now you’ll get to try a new one’ but I don’t know I said – don’t worry they’ll never know you have one too. We took a short walk over to the hotel and went up to their room, they put on some music and kept the light low, next thing I know these guys are all over us – doing what guys do, wanting some pussy. Jody took control, and said ‘hey guys, we both have partners at home so we can’t get to messy, so no fucking’ but she said, pulling her guy closer to her as she sat on the bed – how about this… She then looked at me a winked, she undid his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock and gave it a big lick. My guy moved over to me as I sat on the chair and expected the same, Jody said to me nice and loud ‘you know you like to suck cock, so show him how good you are’ I was stuck, committed now to suck this guy off. I put up a bit of a fight saying ‘I don’t know, we just met’ He kept persisting, as one would do – they he said ‘look what you’ve done to me’ with that he let his pants fall and I could see the outline of his hard-on. He put his hand on it – this is what you’ve done… Jody turned around taking her guys cock out of her mouth saying ‘I told you she was shy’ Come on Jane (she called me Jane) make him happy… With that he pulled down his jocks revealing a nice size cut cock – Jody and her guy were maltepe escort saying ‘suck him, yea suck him’ – I put my hands on his hips and moved his cock to my lips, I kissed off some of his pre-cum then let him into my mouth. His cock was rock hard and hot, my mouth quickly filled with his cock, the thought of just having a guy I don’t even know putting his cock in my mouth turned me on, I wanted to enjoy my mouth and me his cock. Jody and I were giving these guys some great head, after about five minutes Jody tells me to sit next to her on the bed, so I moved over there with my guy, she patted on the bed sit closer. I wondered what she was up to, then she grabbed my guys cock and pulled him over to her side and pushed the other guy in my direction. She said ‘time for a new drink’ and with that took my guys cock and started sucking it, the other guy got the message and put his thick cock in front of my face waiting for me to blow him. I opened my mouth, his cock was wet with Jodys saliva it slipped so easily in my mouth, and being thicker and un-cut the sensation was different. I could believe I was now a Sissy Cocksucker and I went to town on his fat cock. We managed to get the guys on the bed facing in a 69 flat position and we alternated sucking cocks, sucking one then the other and back again like two sluts. Jodys guy said he was ready, I can see her working hard and he tighten up and then he came, and just like that my guy swelled and shot his load, neither one of us stopped till they got soft, as good cocksuckers do… Both guys just laid there sighing from being drained of their loads, Jody motion to me to come close to her, and she gave me a big cum kiss for our boys.We cleaned up, thanked the boys and giggled all the way home.



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