My Next Client – MaryI got a call early from Amanda with my next job and it was from a lady called Mary who wanted an hours massage which I graciously accepted and after a couple of phone calls was able to hire a table for the occasion. I arrived at Mary’s house in good time and was met by a middle-aged lady dressed in a dressing gown, “Hello” she said in a soft inviting voice, “you must be Frank, please come in” and I walked in to her lounge carrying my portable table. She was very pleasant although quite plain in her appearance and she sat on the sofa while I put the table up making sure the height was correctly adjusted to waist height and gave her the choice of scented or unscented oils, she chose the unscented. I pulled out some towels and laid them on the table along with two cushions one for her head and one for under her belly and a further towel for modesty and made an excuse to leave the room while she disrobed and got comfortable. In my return she was lying face down on the table with her arms d****d over the end and her legs slightly apart and with the cushion under her belly forcing her arse to rise up slightly, she looked good for her age with a slim figure and her skin looked quite toned, she didn’t have the other towel over her so was completely naked. “I usually strip down to my boxers to avoid getting oil on my clothes, is that ok Mary?” I asked her as she lay there in a total state of relaxation. “That’s fine” she said cheerfully and I could see she was looking forward to her treat so I stripped down and stood at the bottom of the table looking up at her body, she had nice toned legs and a rounded bubble butt and I could see the hairy mound between her legs. I put some oil on my hands rubbing it in before running up and down Mary’s left leg gently massaging every inch all the way to the top and as I ran up the inside of her thigh her legs parted a little more and I repeated the action in her right leg, I must say that I did pay particular attention to the inside of her thighs. I placed her arms by her sides and stood on the side of the table and applied oil to her lower back and buttocks and slowly started to rub it in and as I stood in line with her raised buttocks I could feel the back of her hand brush my cock through my boxers, as I applied more oil to her buttocks I took my time rubbing it in, slowly caressing each cheek in turn before running my fingers up and down her crack and instinctively illegal bahis she raised her arse slightly and pulling her cheeks apart I could see the shaded area of her arse hole which I gave a little attention to before my hands went back down her legs and back up the inside of her thigh touching her warm pussy before returning to her buttocks and then back slowly up her back.She seemed to be enjoying it and the chat was kept to a minimum, the next step was to put her arms back hanging over the top of the table where I stood to do her shoulders, I stood back slightly as I did her shoulders and then stepped in close as I rubbed down her spine to her lower back which forced my stiffening cock into the top of her head and I stayed in this position for a few minutes paying close attention to her lower back, I felt her hands touch the back of my legs and it wasn’t just a brush this time it was an obvious touch and with that she straightened up her head and was now looking straight at my boxers which clearly showed the bulge of my stiffening cock.I felt her hands moving up the back of my thighs and up the inside where she grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled me closer (if that was possible) and my cock was now pressing against her face getting harder by the second.Her hands grabbed hold of my boxers and I felt her tugging them down and before I knew it they were round my ankles and I stepped out of them, my cock was now erect and so close to her face that I felt her kiss the tip as I slowly massaged her back, her hands were still gripping my cheeks and I felt her finger searching the crack for my hole.“Mmm!” she cried softly as her finger found the opening and her lips circled my cock head and as she pushed her finger into my arse the momentum pushed my cock into her mouth and I could feel her tongue circling the swollen head.“Shall we turn over Mary?” I suggested and reluctantly she shuffled onto her back with her head slightly overhanging the table, I looked at the sight in front of me, her firm tits were slightly drooped to the sides and her flat belly showed no sign of ages and the thick triangle of pubic hair could probably do with a trim but as she lay there motionless I walked around the table running my fingers very lightly over her body before returning to the side of her where I put her arms down by the side.I started on her belly rubbing in gentle circles and could feel her hand touching my cock very illegal bahis siteleri gently and as my circles got bigger they encompassed her breasts and I took a good few minutes massaging them paying particular attention to each of her nipples that were now becoming erect. I gave both of them and little suck and I bent down to do this I felt her hand reach round me again fondling my arse, she had a nice touch and seemed to know what she was doing as she probed my hole for a few minutes while I paid attention to her stiff nipples.I moved back down her body slowly running my fingers down to her ankles and stood at the end of the table and starting with the left leg slowly massaged her right up the inside of her thigh stopping at the top for a few seconds feeling the dampness of her protruding labia lips before repeating the process on her right leg but this time as I ran up the inside of her thigh I ran up her left thigh at the same time which opened her legs wider exposing her glistening honey pot.She moaned out as my fingers contacted her button clit and I made sure that I gave it my best attention and her legs were almost hanging off the sides as my fingers wandered all around her now wet pussy even running a finger under her oily arse giving her hole a quick poke.I moved back up to the head of the table and started to massage her breasts again but this time my balls we so close to her head that I felt her tongue licking them so I made a slow movement down to her belly allowing my balls to press firmly onto her face, she pulled her arm up and took hold of my cock and positioned it into her waiting mouth and because of the angle of her head I was able to push my cock dep into her throat and with no gag reflex at all she seemed to enjoy being slowly face fucked as I stretched down her body to rub her clit.She grabbed my hand and forced two fingers into her wet pussy and my cock was deep in her when she started to gag so I pulled out and walked to the other end of the table where I pulled her down a little and raised her legs up so that I could bend down and give her the benefit of my tongue, OMG! She tasted so sweet as I buried my head between her legs and the mixture of her juices with the oil was quite pleasant and it wasn’t long before I had her shaking with an orgasm, I pulled her close to the edge of the table and with her legs still up I took hold of my throbbing cock and slowly pushed it home, canlı bahis siteleri she gasped as I entered her and I pushed it in fully until I felt my balls banging against her arse and then I started to thrust in and out, the table started creaking and I was just hoping that it wouldn’t collapse.I had built up quite a rhythm when she asked me to pull out when I cum which was fine by me and as her cunt muscles tightened I knew I wasn’t far away, she cried out again and I could feel myself close so I grabbed the base of my cock and pulled out of her just at the moment that the first squirt went up her belly, “YES, YES” she cried as the second spurt landed and I let her legs down and walked around the side of the table where I was met with Mary’s head wanting to suck every last drop from me, she took my cock into her mouth sucking hard while her arm around my arse was pulling me in closer. She did a good job before laying back down flat on the table with a very contented look on her face and she scooped up my cum from her belly with her fingers before putting them in her mouth licking them clean, “Mmm” she said, “So tasty”.I told her to just lay back for a few minutes and relax while put my oil away and gather up the two cushions, my cock was now hanging as I stood by the table looking at her with her eyes closed and taking deep breaths. “How do you feel?” I asked as I ran my fingers lightly over her body. “Absolutely wonderful” came the reply and a big smile appeared on her face.I handed her robe to her so she could get dressed and she watched me clear the table and put the rest of my stuff together and I could feel her eyes on me as I sorted myself out, my cock hanging limp as I pulled on my tee shirt before looking for my boxers and shorts. She handed me the envelope which I put straight into my pocket as I always believe it rude to open it in front of the customer and asked her to do a review which she said she would do and also that she wanted me to return when her husband was next away.She gave me a hug as I left and I could still feel her hard nipples against my chest, she was happy and our paring words were ‘see you soon’ which is always a good sign that I have done a good job, I loaded the car and as I got in I saw her waving at the window.I drove home thinking that if all my jobs were as fun as the first two then I would be a very happy bunny, I sent a text to Amanda saying I was done and all was ok and she responded with a smiley face.I went back to the hire shop and did a deal with the guy to purchase it as I thought that it would come in handy for future jobs and I told Amanda this so she could promote the massage service to prospective clients.



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