Hello my name is Eve, an 18-year-old student from Harvard University. I am studying law and I have been struggling to cope with life since the death of my parents almost a year ago. As it was the holidays I decided to return to my hometown and see my brother, Adam. He has always looked after me and if I ever had a problem he was the one I would talk to. When we were growing up I would often jump into his bed if I were scared or if there was a thunderstorm. To be quite honest I think he liked when I did and every morning when I woke up we would be entangled together, sometimes his arm around my body. It always felt nice.

Now things are different; Adam is living with someone. There would be no way that I would be able to talk about my problems with my brother until I fell asleep in his arms, safe till the morning. But never mind, it will be nice to see Adam happy.

The train pulled into the station right on time. It had been a pleasant journey and I had been talking most of the way with an African couple that were retracing their routes from the slavery of their family’s to the present day. It was very interesting to find out about the hardships that their forefathers had endured to make the world a better place for their children.

As we said our good byes I wished them good luck with their journey and as I picked up my bag the woman grabbed my free hand.

“Good luck with yours,” the woman whispered into my ear, thrusting something small into my hand

I didn’t look at what she gave me, just pushed it into my pocket. It felt small and hard, but that was all that I could tell of the object.

The platform was busy and I could not see Adam anywhere. As the crowds cleared I felt a tap on my shoulder, and as I turned around I was amazed at what I was looking at. If I had not known better I would have sworn I was looking at my own reflection in a mirror; it was eerie seeing someone that looked so similar to me that we could pass as sisters, her hair was darker and longer but that was all.

She grabbed my arm and my suitcase and we walked off the end of the platform as if we had always known each other.

“My names Emma,” she said.

My mind was spinning, ‘How come that this woman is the spiting image of me, only older?’ I wondered. What was I to think? All the times that Adam and I had slept together when we were younger, he wanted me? Was this doppelganger a result of his passion for me? Or was it just a coincidence? They do say that the person you end up with in life will be someone that resembles your parents, and she looked like me and I resemble my father so the choice may have been a natural one.

We got to the car park and there was Adam, standing by his car smoking a cigarette. I ran up to him and hugged him tight, then realised he stank of cigarettes and let go of him.

“You Stink,” I said, wrinkling my nose.

By this time Emma had caught up with me, she was telling Adam the same thing as my brother threw his cigarette to the ground.

“Ok, ok, now what would my two favourite ladies’ want to do for dinner? I’m starving,” Adam said. Emma whispered something into Adams ear then looked at me as Adam laughed.

I was going to ask what was so funny but Emma saying, “Cleo’s.” Out loud. We all got into the car and drove away from the station. The trip took about ten minutes time, and we pulled up to a small restaurant and got out of the car.

“Wasn’t this Mack’s Bar and Grill?” şişli grup yapan escort I asked.

“Yes it was, his niece now owns it and it’s not the dump it once was I will introduce you if she’s working.” Emma replied.

The Hostess greeted Emma with a peck on the cheek and asked us if we would like non-smoking or smoking, but Emma and I both interrupted Adam in sync, saying “None!” Adam looked annoyed, but followed the Hostess as she walked us to our window seat. “This is Chloe,” Emma said. As we sat down.

The three of us chatted about our meals, and to my surprise, Emma had tastes much like my own. We talked about music, and clothes, and all about life. By the time the waitress cleared our table, I felt like Emma and I had known each other for years we hardly let Adam get a word in.

In a silent pause, Adam asked, “What’s Harvard like? What you been up to?”

“Well working mostly went to a gig a few weeks ago, Dave Mathews Band it was pretty fun.”

“Oh my god Dave Mathews I love his stuff! He’s a hunk.” Emma said throwing her fork on the table.

“I have his latest CD in my suitcase; my favourite track is Too Much.” I said.

“Mine too!” then we went off on a tangent talking about what we would like to do to our idle.

“I knew you to would get along, Adam said with a smile.

I was feeling tired by the time we got back to their home, so I asked if they would mind if I turned in. Emma showed me to a room. She pointed me towards the bathroom, connected to my room, and explained that the master bedroom was right next-door.

“So, Adam and I will be just on the other side of the bathroom, through that other door.” she said.

I nodded, appreciatively. “Do you need any help unpacking?” She asked.

“No thanks, I can manage,” I replied, heaving my suitcase onto the bed.

Emma left through the bathroom with a “good night.” I opened up my suitcase and began to unpack my clothes. I found my toiletry bag, where I knew my vibrator was hidden. I placed it under my pillow, and put the bag in the bathroom, noticing briefly that the door to Adam and Emma’s room was slightly ajar.

I peaked around the door to see if anyone was there, but there wasn’t. I returned to my own room, removing my tee shirt on the way, allowing my breasts to fall free. I was about to slip out of my jeans when there was knock at the door.

“It’s only me,” Emma said, pushing the door open and walking in.

I tried to grab my tee shirt, but it was too late. She had seen my body before I could cover myself, so I didn’t bother trying.

“I’m sorry,” she said. She put some towels on the bed.

I sat there and asked her to sit with me for a second as I explained my reason for the visit. She said I could stay as long as I wanted and gave me a small hug.

“If you get cold, there’s another quilt in the cupboard.” Emma pointed to the tall cupboard in the corner of the room. She then stood up, smiled slightly, and left me alone again.

I undid the buttons on my jeans, sliding them down my legs, and slipped under the sheets onto the bed. I reached under the pillow for my automatic lover, turning it on. I started to work on my body, first my neck and then my breasts, playing with my nipples until they were both hard and erect

I made my way down over my stomach until I found the hood of my pussy, inserting the phallus into my petal lips. Soon I was şişli masöz escort very aroused, and pulled it out to circle my clitoris. Using my free hand to finger my sex as an orgasm began to build; I closed my eyes and bit my lip. The orgasm flooded my very soul.

I slipped my toy back into my hole, proceeding to bash hard at my sex and sending myself over the edge once again. I arched my back, lifting my ass all the way off the bed, struggling not to scream or make any noise that would alert my brother or his girlfriend. Suppressing my urges added to the lust that was flooding my body, and to the intensity of my orgasm.

I must have fallen asleep after this, as the next thing I knew was waking in the middle of the night feeling thirsty. I always feel thirsty after an orgasm. I looked around my room to get my bearings, and then noticed that my quilt was tidy rather than mussed up, and my vibrator had been placed on the bedside table. I looked at it, wondering how it got there, as I got out of bed. My bare feet slipped onto the cool floor, and the chilly air hit my nipples, causing them to grow erect once more and goose bumps to rise on my body

I walked to the bathroom by the light of the bedside lamp, trying not to make any noise, and I found a glass. I turned on the water, which splashed against the bottom of the sink bowl and back up at me. The water hit my naked body made me jump back sharply, and as I did I noticed that the door to my brother’s room was still ajar, and light was flooding through the open crack.

I filled my glass then turned the tap off. Once it was quiet again, I heard muffled moans coming from the bedroom.

I tried to peak and see what was going on but this was difficult without giving my presence away. Looking at the edge of the door I noticed a mirror hanging on the wall opposite, and I realised that what I was looking at was the reflection of the room from the other wall. Moving my position in the bathroom changed my view in the mirror.

I soon found the bed’s reflection in the mirror and the cause of the moans. Emma was gagged and bound; she was tied up into a ball type shape like a butcher would tie a ham. Her legs were pulled tight into her chest and I could see where the ties were cutting into her delicate skin, her arms went through the centre of her legs so her hands and feet were under her ass. In her hands was an enormous dildo or vibrator couldn’t see which but she was pushing in and out of her pussy as she hung there from four ropes that were attached to the ceiling and keeping her about one foot off the bed. Adam was behind her, holding on to her hair and pulling back her head, pulling her whole body back onto his member, which appeared to be imbedded in her tight ass. I watched Adam rocking her body forwards and back while she moaned each time he buried himself deeper into her body.

I watched them as she took him all the way in I wondered what it was like and as I returned to my bed wished it was me hanging there totally under his control. I slipped back under the quilt on my bed and fell asleep with my mind awash with ideas of my brother fucking me, and Emma giving him instructions on exactly how to satisfy my body.

The next morning I awoke as the sun shone in through my bedroom window I got up and walked straight into the bathroom not thinking of knocking I guess I was still asleep as I sat down on the toilet I noticed the shower was on. “Is şişli otele gelen escort that you?” My brother’s voice came from behind the shower glass startling me.

“No it me,” franticly looking for a towel to cover my body wrapping one around me as his head popped out from around the corner of the shower “Oh sorry.” He said. I got up pulling the flush on the Toilet and hearing him squeal as the water in the shower got scalding hot, throwing the towel on the floor I dashed out of the bathroom shouting “Sorry” but I wasn’t really.

I had slipped on a robe just before he came into my bedroom saying, “You bitch that hurt,” And he pushed me back on my bed and began to tickle me which he knew I hated but continued anyway until I submitted and was grovelling on my knees with my face in front of the bulge in his towel that was still tight around his waist.

“We are going swimming after breakfast, you coming bitch?” He said laughing as he spoke.

“I don’t have my costume,” I said.

“Not a problem you can use one of mine but you won’t need it were we swim.” Said Emma as she in came through the door. I wondered what she meant but I agreed to go with them I kicked Adam out of my bedroom and Emma and I started to chat. “How long have you known each other?” I asked.

“About six months. I had been dating a guy called Martin for about 2 months when one very interesting weekend happened.” I just sat the waiting for her to continue.

“A few days before I had gotten some pot from a friend that I worked with. That weekend Martins parents were away and I figured that Martin and I would have the weekend to our selves. Boy was I wrong about that. As it turned out he was going out with just the two other and for some reason reckoned I wouldn’t mind to have them spend the weekend with us so, I walked out and got totally wrecked and was swimming half naked in the pool we will be going to.

I looked at her wanting her to tell me how she met Adam. “Go on then.” I said.

“Sorry, Adam turned up but he didn’t see me at first but as he striped off and dived into the water I made sure he noticed me by swimming over to him under the water and coming up right beside him and told him to fuck me, which he did and we have been together ever since.”

I always thought Adam was reserved I never knew he was into anything like that nor what I had seen the night before, I was going to ask her about it but decided against the idea to save embarrassment. “Come on get dressed and I will hook out a swim suit for you.” She got up and walked off through the bathroom just looking over her shoulder as she went through the door.

I dropped my gowned to the floor and started to find some clothes to put on, as I was bent over I felt a draft across my ass I looked around and Emma was standing at the door looking at me bent over with a swim suit in her hand, she said. “This should look great on you.” Then smiled at me, it seemed she was giving me the once over but I could not be sure.

I put on the swim suite then pulled on a pair of jog shorts and a t-shirt over the top I grabbed my jacket and I heard something fall onto the wooden floor I got to my knees and found the small figure that the woman gave me on the train I looked at it and it seemed to resemble 3 people lying together, I put it on the night stand not thinking anymore about it and went downstairs to meet Adam and Emma.

We sat down to breakfast just some juice and cereals, by the way Emma and Adam were playing around I could tell that they loved each other but I could not get the vision of Emma’s sweet body trust up and impaled on Adams penis, was this by choice or was there a side of Adam I had never got to see while growing up.

Later that day I found out but you will have to wait till part two.

Love MsLinnet



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