My mother meets my girlfriend.What makes a house, a home? A woman’s touch.At least that’s what my mother always said. “Men are so crude. Hard, inflexible, unbendable.”, she’s complain. “Women are soft and cuddly. Their bodies are a work of art. Look at Mona Lisa. Da Vinci could’ve picked a man but he chose to portray his masterpiece as a woman.””Why not mom?” I’d ask.”Because men are assholes.” I heard her say as she brought her face close to my butt. She then carefully separated my hips to reveal my anus and inhaled deeply.”Dirty, smelly assholes.” she mumbled inching closer to my ass. I felt her tongue on my rectum. She rimmed me and  then rubbed her nose on my anus. I felt her warm breath on my butt as she inhaled my ass again. “Spicy, flavorful, intoxicating asshole…” she mumbled before pushing her tongue deep inside. I sighed. As always, I was hard. My cock was throbbing as my mother massaged my prostrate from the inside. This was a daily ritual in the Whittan’s household. Every morning my 52 year old mother would have me, her 22 year old son strip naked and then eat my asshole. I was not allowed to masturbate or even to touch myself. I was not allowed to talk dirty. I could ask questions about mundane tasks and plans such as grocery shopping, homework, needing a ride to or from work but I couldn’t tell her that I liked her mature, round face, big, almond eyes with long eye lashes, perfectly shaped eye brows, red lips or plump, 180 lb, 5’4″ body. I couldn’t tell her that I loved her massive, 55″ girth ass or her 48″ wide tits even though I had gifted her the implants to go from her natural but saggy 38D cup to fake but taught and slutty 48″. Ever since I had started working, she started pushing me to get a girlfriend. She sucked my ass for a full hour that day. She never got tired and stopped only when her mouth tasted just like my asshole. She stepped away satisfied, smacked her lips with her tongue and sighed deeply. She was content but I was hard and full of cum. I wanted to cum right then and there. As I touched my cock, she stopped me. “Arent’ you meeting your new girlfriend?” she asked. “She’s picking me up in 20 minutes.” I said still running my hand up and down my shaft. “Save it for her. Don’t waste it here.” she said casually. I groaned.”Also, when are you brining her home? To see me?” she asked making no attempt to cover her tits or her large pussy.I smiled. My mother liked me to bring my girlfriends over. We played a game where the girl’d think we are sneaking into my room after saying hello to my mother. What she wouldn’t know was that my room was rigged with cameras and my mom watched the whole thing live, in the comfort of her own room. If we were in the mood, she’d ask me to wear a small microphone so she could whisper in my ear how she wanted me to fuck the girl. “Flip her over. Fuck the bitch’s asshole,” she’d bark when excited.”Yeah! Yeah! cum on the slut’s face. Make her eat it.”Once when a girl spread my hips and started to eat my anus, my mother freaked out. “GET HER OUTTA YOUR ASS.” she screamed so loudly that I heard her through the wall and the microphone in my ear. I closed my hips and told the girl i didn’t enjoy that. She performed fellatio on me but I couldn’t cum. “Get her out. She won’t make you cum.” mom directed me from her room.I threw the girl out. She was obviously hurt but I didn’t care.When I came back up, mom was sitting in my room, naked. Her large tits heaved as she saw me. Then she got up and walked up to me. I hugged her. She hugged me so tight that I was afraid bursa escort I’d rip her implants. Without a word I came to the bed and bent over, exposing my anus. Mom climbed behind me and attacked my asshole with such ferocity that I almost passed out. She inserted first 2 then 4 and finally her whole hand in my ass and licked everything up. No part of my rectum was left untouched by her wet and furious tongue. When I started to throb and cum, she quietly slipped underneath and took my cock in her mouth. I shot jets after jets of hot, fresh cum down her throat and she did not let even a drop escape.”I don’t want anybody to eat your asshole. It is mine.” she said quietly.”I understand mom.” I said as we kissed.After that day we established a few rules.Mom’d suck my asshole in the morning. I was not allowed to masturbate while she did that. I’d masturbate after she was finished and we’d collect all the sperm in the jar. At night, She’d push the sperm up my asshole and eat it. This time I was allowed to masturbate and could cum anywhere – on her face, in her mouth, on her tits and she eat it and rubbed the rest all over her face, like a lotion. She’d stop taking new lovers but showed interest in fucking my friends and especially girlfriends.Today I was seeing Mia. A tall, 5’8″ voluptuous girl from Portland. She had moved to LA recently and we became friends. The fact that she had beautiful oval face, soft plump lips, high cheekbones, firm, 38DD tits, a very wide, 40″ ass, long legs, hour glass figure, helped make the decision of being friends very easy.  It wasn’t long after that we kissed and then we made out in her car. Mia and I had seen each other naked, several times. We liked what we saw, we kissed and touched each other but we didn’t fuck. I didn’t want to fuck one of the best girls I’ve ever had without my mom watching and telling me how to do fuck her. After we reached our drama class, I told Mia she could come to my house to “practice”. We both knew what it meant but somehow it was simpler to say “to practice” rather than “to fuck each other’s brains out”.”Won’t your mom be there?” she asked a little worried.”Oh don’t worry baby! She usually stays down or in her room watching TV.”I neglected to mention what my mother watches on TV but there was no reason to scare the girl. The day was hard because I was hard. I hadn’t cum in the morning. Later, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Mia was as excited about our date as I was. We started making out in the parking lot and almost didn’t make it home. “Stop!” I whispered. “We gotta get home. My mother is waiting.””Oh. ok.” Mia groaned and started the engine.In 10 minutes flat we were at our door. I used my key to enter the house. Mom was nowhere to be found. “Mom.” I called out. “MOM!”, I called a little loudly. “Her car’s gone”, I said checking the garage.Mia looked at me and then attacked me. We both started kissing. I pushed me hands around and down her skirt. The waistband was elastic. I started pushing it down, trying to get it off her thick ass. She grabbed my cock through my pants and was rubbing me as we kissed madly.I pushed my girlfriend’s skirt all the way down, around her ankles. She stepped out of it. Now I ran my fingers over her groin. Her bulge was throbbing as her cock threatened to rip the thong panties aside and burst out. I rubbed her harder and slipped her panties aside, letting that 8″ monster free. Her balls still tucked inside her panties.”I love you.” she whispered as she slipped her hand down the front of my pants and grabbed my cock. We stepped bursa escort bayan away from each other and stripped naked in 10 seconds. Then we hugged and kissed, our cocks mashing against each others’ dancing madly to the music that we had both failed to notice. We stopped. Mia turned to look at where I was looking.My mother was standing at the bottom of the stairs she had just walked down in her nightgown. She was as stunned as I was. This was not good. We had never done this before. My cock had lost erection but Mia’s twitched and got even harder. “Oh my God!” finally my mom whispered as she covered her mouth with her hand. “Why did you stop?” she whispered again.My cock twitched and started to get harder. Mia’s was now bobbing up and down with excitement. Mom moved closer and grabbed both our cocks in her right hand as she her left one still covered her mouth.”This is fucking beautiful.” she whispered stroking us together. I smiled. I looked at Mia and she winked at me. “Is this…..?” she asked.I nodded. She looked at my mom again and leaned forward to kiss her. Mom didn’t offer any resistance. The three of us stood together as we kissed each other. Mom grabbed our cocks harder.”Come” she said gently pulling us in the direction of the stairs, leading us to her bedroom and her large king sized bed. In the bedroom, as I kissed Mia, my mother kneeled in front of the voluptuous shemale and took her large cock in her mouth. Then she grabbed my cock and tried to shove it in too. Both Mia and I looked down at my mother’s beautiful face as she took our cocks in her mouth simultaneously. We loved the feeling.We started fucking mom’s mouth as we kissed each other.”You like it baby?” I asked Mia.”I fucking love it!” Mia responded bucking her hips, shoving her cock deeper into mom’s slutty mouth. “Is your mom a slut?” “She used to be a whore.” I said. “You mean…?” Mia asked. “Yeah! She fucked men for money. But she stopped a few months ago and decided to fuck my friends instead.” “Does she suck you often?””Everyday. Twice a day. She also sucks my asshole and doesn’t let anybody else do it. She tells me that I can have any number of girlfriends, marry anybody but my asshole is her’s to eat.””How fucking beautiful!” Mia exclaimed as her cock gave another visible twitch.My mother let go of our cocks. Wet from her saliva they looked like two erect, well oiled poles. She stood up and kissed me deeply, rolling her tongue in my mouth even as my torso and cock stayed toward my girlfriend and we continued to frot. “All this frottage is gonna make me cum!” Mia exclaimed as my mother made out with me, her large tits bobbing up and down with her breath. “Listen to me” mom said to me gently.”I want you to fuck your girlfriend.” “Yes mom!” “Good boy!” She said kissing me lightly on the lips.”This is the most beautiful thing we have ever done together.” she whispered stroking both of us together again. “Me too!” Mia exclaimed and rubbed her perky tits on mom’s huge breasts.   The girls giggled. Mia turned away from me and toward mom. They kissed deeply with eyes closed. Mia slipped her hand down and put a few fingers in my mother’s cunt. She was finger fucking her even as her cock stabbed my mother’s plump belly and fat groin.  I moved behind Mia and started kissing her neck while fingering her beautiful, tight asshole. I took the finger out and held it up, closer to the girls’ mouth. Mom broke her kiss and smelled my finger. She took it into her mouth and started sucking it eagerly. “Sweet. Huh?” Mia asked. “Mmmm.!” mom groaned escort bursa and then let my finger slide out.  “Delicious!” She said smacking her lips.  I put two fingers in Mia’s ass and went deeper, trying to lace them with as much flavor as possible. Mom didn’t hesitate. She smelled in deeply before grabbing my hand and shoving the fingers deep into her mouth.  Mia kissed mom’s neck as she ate her ass from my fingers.  I sat down on the bed and pulled Mia with me. She turned around and kissed my mouth. Mom ran her hands on Mia’s ass and rubbed her asshole. Mia stroked my cock while I pulled at her huge monster. Mom had kneeled down and was now spreading Mia’s ass and kissing her asshole.  “She tastes so sweet!” Mom exclaimed before shoving her face between my girlfriend’s ass again.  “Oh God!” Mia cried out in pleasure. “Your mom’s so good at this.” she said thrusting her hips into mom’s face.After a couple of minutes Mom let go of Mia. She turned around and started to sit on my erect penis. Mom grabbed the base of my cock to hold it in place as my girlfriend sat on it.  Mia settled on my cock quickly and then started bouncing up and down. Her cock, fully erect and wet from precum danced and my mother watched us mesmerized. “What a beautiful sight!” she said at last and then leaned forward to kiss my girlfriend.  Mom took Mia’s cock in her mouth as I continued to fuck her velvety asshole.  “Aaah!” Mia groaned. “This bitch is gonna make me cum!”  I smiled and fucked her harder, faster. Mom climbed up on the bed and positioned her legs on either side of my girlfriend. “Slow down you bastard” she hissed and then lowered her ass on Mia’s cock.  The three of us were moving together. Both mom and I fucked Mia for several minutes till the girls were tired. We rolled over to one side but kept fucking. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Mia yelled at the top of her lungs. My mother wasn’t far behind. “Make me cum you bitch! Fuck me harder!” she encouraged her young lover. It wasn’t long before Mia was on the edge. “I am gonna cum!” she said between breaths.  Mom got off her and looked at thick cock that was in her asshole just a moment ago.  “Aaaah!” I groaned loudly as I felt my cum rising through the shaft.  “Are you cumming in her?” mom asked me.  “Aaah!” I moaned again as I emptied my balls into Mia’s asshole. The cum oozed out and mom didn’t wait further. She pushed Mia away from my cock and took me into her mouth. She sucked the last drop of cum off my cock and then glued her lips around Mia’s anus.  I massaged Mia’s ass. “Let it go baby. She needs it in her mouth.” Mia looked at me and then relaxed, letting the thick cum escape her hips and flow into my mother’s mouth. Mom wasn’t satisfied. She reached deep into Mia’s anus and scooped more cum out, that she ate eagerly. After she was done, mom turned around and kissed Mia, pushing my cum down her throat. Mom and Mia snowballed each other while I sucked Mia’s cock.  It didn’t take long. She blasted my mouth with a heavy load. We had a lot of cum now. I raised my mouth and the girls attacked me trying to get everything.  The three of us exchanged cum, swapping it, chewing it, swapping it again from each other’s faces, lips and mouth!  “Aaah! I love young love.” mom said at last. “So much cum to eat!” “I will fix you guys something to eat. Then why don’t you fuck my son. I’d love to eat your cum from his asshole!” she said before kissing Mia and walking out of the room. Mia looked at my mother’s large swinging hips as she walked away. Then she turned to me.”Your mother IS a whore! I am so glad I found you. Thank you for letting me into your life!” “You are welcome.” I said before kissing my shemale girlfriend. Our cocks were hard and frotted as we put our hands on each other’s ass and pulled closer. 



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