We were to spend the week before our wedding at my fiance’s mother’s house. I had never met her but had heard much about her from Phil. He spoke about her in the most glowing of terms, and I always thought it was sweet that he was so openly admiring of his Mom, though I also wondered if that closeness might not be a problem for us some day.

I guess I am old fashioned and a little protected. You see, Phil and I decided to save sex for marriage. But in a week we would be married and I would know the joy and thrill of making love.

When we arrived at Celeste’s house, Phil opened the trunk to get our luggage and he carried our bags up toi the front door, which opened before we could ring the bell.

“Hello!” called Celeste, my soon to be mother-in-law. “Phil, you’re here, wonderful!” Then she turned to me. “And this must be Jennifer!” With that, the trim blonde woman put her arms around me in a warm hug of greeting. The hug seemed to linger a bit, but I felt strangely unable or unwilling to pull away. Her embrace felt warm and loving and she held me so softly and closely that I didn’t want to break the contact. My feelings confused me but soon we were all stepping inside and talking and the moment passed for then.

Phil seemed to dote on his beautiful mother, and in turn, she treated me like royalty. It was flattering and a little thrilling. I am not used to being made a fuss of. My family is rather reserved and quiet, and the open affection I found here was refreshing and delightful.

Celeste kept making small physical contacts with me as we talked and got to know each other. A gentle touch on the arm, a stroking of my hair as she complimented me. To my shock, I found I was focusing more on my new mother-in-law than on Phil.

My fiance left us alone frequently and I enjoyed sitting in the kitchen drinking lemonade and talking to Celeste. I was beginning to feel as if I had known her all my life. She was so easy to talk to.

“Oh, I think the drive is catching up with me.” Suddenly, I felt woozy.

Celeste was all warm concern. “Come on Jennifer, you better lay down.” She helped me get up and, with her arm around my waist and walking close beside me she guided me to her bedroom. “Here, Jennifer sweetheart, just lay down in here.”

I started to protest but I felt sooo tired I just couldn’t do anything but şişhane escort go right to sleep on her bed. Right before I fell asleep, I thought I felt Celeste lay down next to me. But it was probably just part of the dream I had.

In my dream Celeste was comforting me, stroking my hair and face. I was sighing in enjoyment, knowing in some dream-like way that I shouldn’t be making such sounds of pleasure in front of my soon to be mother-in-law, but I couldn’t help it. her touch felt so nice. Then, dreamed that she leaned over me and kissed me! on the mouth! her lips were petal soft and I moaned and returned her kiss. Soon we were making out in a slow and gentle way on her bed.

Celeste kissed my hair, my eyes, the corners of my lips. I couldn’t stop her, nor did I want to. When she caressed my breasts through my dress, I knew, even in my dream, that I should stop her, but I couldn’t seem to make my hands obey. And the way she was caressing my breasts was exquisite. I moaned softly as she fondled me.

“Oh Jennifer….” I thought I heard her sigh. her voice was so soft and erotic.

When I woke up I was startled to find that i was lazily rubbing my nipples as I dozed and thinking of Celeste. The way she had kissed me and touched me in my dream. I got up and padded softly to the bathroom. I soon discovered that my underwear was soaked. My goodness, i thought, I better start having sex soon! Having erotic dreams about another woman! And Phil’s mother no less!

That evening just before bed I found my fiance brushing his mother’s hair and gazing at her adoringly. It was sweet, but also made me a little uncomfortable, Then my stomach did a strange flip as I realized i was somehow jealous! I tried to push all these thoughts aside as I got in bed back in my room. Phil and I were sleeping separately for one more week. If we had made it this far, we reasoned, what was one more little week?

Celeste came in with a glass of warm milk for me. She sat on the edge of the bed. I liked having her there. “Sweet dreams,” she said softly as she got up and turned out the light.

That night I had more erotic dreams about Celeste. Again, I dreamt that she came to me and began kissing me all over. her lips were softly insistent, and I received her as if she and I had been lovers forever.

After kissing şişli anal yapan escort for quite long time, we both took off our nightgowns and smiled warmly at each other. Then, Celeste got under the covers with me and straddled me as I lay eagerly beneath her gentle weight. She was so beautiful as she gazed down at me with a mixture of love and raw desire. She aligned herself so her pubic mound rubbed against mine, and she caressed my breasts and then lowered her sweet face to me and began ardently sucking on my nipples. She gently bit and pulled them and sucked them hungrily. I was beside myself with passion, calling out “Ohhhh Celeste, yesss, yes!” My female lover then placed herself on my thigh and ground against me as I raked her back with my fingernails.

“You’re going to make me cum, Cleleste!” I panted urgently in her ear. And then I did. I orgasmed underneath my fiance’s mother. She made me cum. Our thighgs were slick with each other.

After she was done beautifully fucking me, she lay next to me and gathered me in her arms, kissing me again and again. I was utterly happy.

Then the strangest thing happened, as they will in dreams. I thought that Phil was standing in the doorway, saying, “You two look so good together, Mom.”

And Celeste, still holding me close, replied in her honeyed voice, “Thank you darling. Thank you for bringing me this wonderful girl!” Then she embraced me more tightly and I…returned her embrace in front of Phil, not caring what he thought, needing only Celeste.

All the next day I was as jumpy as a cat, my head swimming with the vivid dreams I had had. We spent the day using Celeste’s swimming pool. Even with a big tee shirt on oer my bathing suit I fancied I caught Celeste watching me, watching my hips as I walked, admiring my breasts, my hair. And I blush when i say that I found myself prancing around for her, trying to attract her approving glance, stripping off my tee shirt and showing myself off to her as I never had to anyone. I felt powerful, attractive, dynamic. All because of her and the sexy dreams I had been having about her. Phil had hardly touched me since we got here. And I didn’t even care.

That night, Phil had gone to bed early again, and Celeste came to my room again with something for me to drink. “Celeste,” I whispered, şişli bdsm escort acutely aware of my breasts rising and falling under my thin nightgown. “I…I…” I stammered helplessly.

“I love having you here,” she said warmly, stroking my hair and arm, raising gooseflesh wherever her fingers touched my skin.

“Celeste, I….I won’t need anything to drink tonight.”

And with that, my fiance’s beautiful mother took me in her arms and kissed me full on the lips. I weas in ecstasy. I threw my arms around her and we kissed like crazy for I don’t know how long, murmuring urgent endearments to each other between desperate kisses. “So beautiful…” I whispered as I ran my hand along her soft skin.

“Oh Celeste,” I groaned as she devoured me with kisses and lay me back on the bed under her. I was like a wild female animal, and I took her hips in my hands and urged my lover forward. In utter joy, I lifted the hem of her nightgown and she scooted up to straddle my face as I tasted her for the first time. It was sheer Heaven as I lost myself in licking and kissing her beautiful womanly sex. Her taste was rather strong but that only made me more wild with desire as she ground against my face and called out my name.

She was almost screaming out “Jennifer! Jenniferrrrrrrrr!!” as I lost myself in pleasing her. As she bucked and came, I held on tight to her hips and stayed right with her and lapped up all of her sweet juices that I possibly could. Her slender arms were holding the brass rail at the head of the bed and I reached up and adoringly fondled her full breasts as she tried to recover her senses.

Finally, she moved back a bit and then leaned down and cupped my wet face in her hands and kissed me fiercely on the mouth. I knew I was all hers the minute she did it.

In the morning, as sunlight slanted through the east window of the bedroom, Phil brought us breakfast in bed on a tray. He smiled to see his mother and his bride-to-be wrapped in each other’s arms in bed together, obviously having been making love.

You see, Celeste explained to me, between lovemaking during the night, that Phil literally worshipped her. And that, although he truly loves me, he had brought me home actually hoping that I would succumb to his mother’s charms. He had wanted to give me to her.

The wedding will go on as planned! Phil is delighted that he is allowed to be our servant, and understands that I have no intention of spending my wedding night –or any other night–with him. it will be his mother, Celeste, who will gently help me out of my wedding dress and take me to bed on my wedding night. I can’t wait to make love to her as her bride!



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