My mom (Leona, but called Lee) was a 13-year-old backwoods farm girl when she married a 25-year-old builder from the closest town, which is 14 miles from where she lived.

My sister, Lucy, was born 10 months later. I’m Ben. I was born 10 months after her.

We moved to a fairly large town about 12 years ago. My dad now has a sizable contracting company. He has a hefty income. We live in big home in an upscale neighborhood.

Beginning at age 15, I tried to cop a feel of Lucia’s tits. She always threatened to tell our parents, although she never did. Finally, last year when she was 19, she not only let me feel her tits but also let me suck them. She wouldn’t let me feel her pussy.

One day, she was moaning with pleasure as I sucked her marvelous nipples. I stopped suddenly and asked her to feel my hard-on. Her response was “No, are you nuts?”

“Speaking of nuts, mine are full of come which you can help me get rid of,” I replied.

“How would I do that?” she asked. I thought surely she knows how to jackoff a guy.

“You’d have to hold my penis,” I told her. “You do know what a penis is, don’t you?”


“Well, it’s called a prick. Would you like to see mine?”

“You’re my brother. It’s wrong of me to let you see and suck my tits. I think it would be even more wrong to look at your penis.”


“Okay, your prick.”

She started to put on her blouse, but stopped when I opened my pants and pushed them and my underwear down around my ankles. My prick stood almost straight up and the piss-hole was oozing pre-come.

She looked at in fascination. “Why is it leaking?”

“Isn’t your cunt leaking?”

“Well, yes, but that’s because you’ve been sucking my nipples.”

“That’s why my prick’s leaking. Go on, touch it.”

She bent to look more closely at my cock, then hesitantly touched it with one finger.

“Wrap your hand around it and fondle my balls.” She did, and I felt ready to come.

“Your prick and balls are so hard, yet they feel so nice and soft.”

“Move your hand up and down. Better still, kiss my prick, or, even better, suck it like I sucked your tits.”

“Are you asking me to put my mouth around it?”

“I sure am. Suck it and make it feel as good as I make your tits feel.”

She halkalı escort looked at my prick again, then put her mouth around it and started sucking.

“Geez. Lucy, that feels so good. Keep sucking. Please.”

Moments later, I came. She sputtered, and my come poured out of her mouth and down her chin, where it dripped onto her tits.

“Ye-e-ch!” she screeched as she stood.

I put my arms around her, and pulled her to me. Then I kissed her passionately, tasting my come as I stuck my tongue in her mouth. Moving back, I asked, “Does my come taste as bad as you seem to think?”

She calmed, and responded, “No, it really doesn’t.”

“Will you let me suck your cunt so I can taste your come?”

I never had eaten pussy, so I never had tasted a woman’s come. Of course I’d heard the guys at school talk about it. And I’d seen porn mag pics of men, and women, with their face and tongue buried in a shaved snatch. On several occasions, I’d had glimpses of Lucy’s hairy cunt. I wanted to crawl between her legs to look at, lick and suck her furry twat.

“That’s where I pee, Ben. You sure wouldn’t want to put your tongue down there.”

“I sure would. I want to lick all around down there, and suck your clit enough to have your come gush out into my mouth. Just the thought of eating you and tasting your love juice is making my prick hard again.”

“You’re making my cunt real wet. I’d love to have you eat me. Do you promise you won’t try to fuck me?”

I won’t try to fuck you. I don’t even have a condom.”

“Even if you had a condom, I wouldn’t want you to fuck me. I don’t want you to be the one to break my cherry.”

“Okay, take off your skirt and panties, then lie on the bed with a pillow under your ass so your cunt’s wide open, and ready for me to eat it.”

She did, and I knelt with my face between her legs. Except for photos, this was the first snatch I ever had seen. I spread her lips.

“God but your cunt’s beautiful. It’s all pink and juicy.”

I put my mouth on her cunt and stuck my tongue in as far as I could. Then, I licked her from top to bottom before I sucked her clit. When she came, she said, “I sure hope we do this again real soon.”

“Yea,” I agreed as we got dressed. From then harbiye escort on, we got together as often as we could. – – – – – – – – – – – –

My mom and I have been horsing around since I was 13. Snowball fights, pillow fights, ice cubes down the back, stuff like that. She’s not a big woman by any means. Only five foot two, and, of course, eyes of blue. ‘Bubbly’ best describes her. She’ll jump with joy when some- thing really pleases her. Her figure has curves in all the right places. Her tits are about the size of my fist, and her nipples and aureoles are pretty-pink and suckable as all get out. Except for size, I didn’t know anything about her tits until recently.

Lucy had gone shopping with a friend, and mom and I were raking leaves. I devilishly shoved her on top of the pile. She leaped up and tried to stuff leaves down the front of my shirt. We struggled, and as we fell onto the pile, my hand accidentally clutched one of her tits. She looked at me as I kept my hand where it was.

“You shouldn’t be doing what you are,” she said. I squeezed her tit.

“I’d like to see your tits and suck them,” I told her. “May I?”

“I’m your mother. It’d be very wrong of me to let you do that.”

“I know you’re my mom, but I’d still like to suck them.” I had one helluva hard-on. “I’d also like to suck your pussy.”

She looked at me in amazement. Moments passed. Finally, she took my hand, and said, “Let’s go in to my bedroom.”

When we got there, she gazed at me as she said, This is wrong, but I’d really love to have you suck my tits and cunt. Get undressed.”

After both of us were naked, we lustily eyed each other. I was almost tongue-tied as I muttered, “You’re absolutely gorgeous, Mom”, as I admired her beautiful tits and inviting- looking pubic hair.

“So are you,” she said as she ogled my prick.

We got on the bed, on top of the bedspread. I leaned over and eagerly sucked one of her nipples. They’re as large as the end of my little finger. She sighed with delight, and stroked the back of my head as I switched back and forth between nipples. I put a finger in her very-wet cunt, and rubbed her clit. I stopped sucking her tits in order to suck her pussy juice off my finger.

“Eat me, Ben. I want you to suck my cunt ikitelli escort until I come.”

When I knelt between her legs, she put them on my shoulders. When I licked her asshole, she moaned softly, but when I licked and sucked her cunt, she moaned passionately. Holding her lips apart, I licked from top to bottom and back, probed with my tongue, and sucked her clit.

“Oh, baby, I’m coming,” she said as warm liquid flowed into my mouth. I had liked the taste of my sister’s orgasms but my mother’s come tasted far more delicious. I continued to lick her cunt until her legs dropped from my shoulders, and my tongue no longer could reach into her pussy.

I moved up the bed and laid next to her on my side. She turned onto her side, put her arm around me to pull me close, and ground her wide-open mouth against mine. I had often French- kissed on dates, but never like this. Mom’s tongue invaded my mouth, explored it as though trying to discover every bit of it. She sucked my tongue into her mouth as though trying to suck off any of her come that might still be on it. The moans I heard were mine. Our tongues licked each other’s. I was ready to come, and almost did when she grasped my prick, and said, :”I want to suck you.”

She scooted down the bed, put her mouth around me.and sucked. Mere moments later, I gasped, “I’m gonna come.” She gently fondled my balls and continued sucking. I spurted what seemed to me to be gallons of come, which she swallowed as she sucked me until she could get no more. My prick literally ached with pleasure.

“Geez, mom, you sure know how to suck cock,” I told her.

“I suck your father when I’m having my period. When you and I are enjoying intimate times like this, which we’ll try to manage to get whenever we can, call me Lee.” My prick again got hard and throbbing when she asked, “Would you like to fuck me?”

Do horses shit in the corral? “God, yes,” I replied.

She straddled me and guided my prick to her wet cunt. I damn near blew my wad when she lowered herself around me. My prick never had felt so good. She squeezed it with her vaginal muscles. Talk about pleasure. I didn’t think my prick could ever feel any better.

I was wrong. As she moved up and down around me, I watched my prick glisten with her love juice as she moved up and down.

She came just before I did. Our come oozed out over my pubic hair and balls.

“My god, Lee, you sure know how to fuck. I feel like I’ll never again get a hard-on.”

“Don’t say that. I want us to sixty-nine, before we fuck again.”

I immediately got hard.



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