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As I was extremely unwell, I was not bothered that I was stark naked in presence of my Dad, or for that matter in presence of any man, for the first time after I grew up. As he was wiping me, even in that state of health, I felt the warmth of his care.

Next morning, I was much better and realised that Dad saw me in complete nude for the first time. I felt a bit awkward and shy. At the same time, I wondered if dad liked my nude body. Though I was well enough to do my personal chores dad did not allow me to do so. As I was able to walk, at bath time he took me to the bathroom. He was less hesitant this time and took my nightgown off. I felt quite nice as I displayed my dark young body to him. He looked at me quite admiringly and I felt proud. As his affectionate hands washed and cleaned me I enjoyed the warmth. Though I was pining to feel his hands on my boobs he almost avoided touching me there except for a few seconds, that too with a towel.

After bath, he brought me back to the bedroom and gave me my panty and nothing else. He made me sit on the bed in that semi-naked state and combed me with a lot of care. He even tied my hair in a knot and generously sprayed cologne on my body. He was in his shorts only and I felt very much attracted to his hairy chest. I placed my head on his chest and hugged him. I felt very nice as my boobs and nipples touched his body. He and I held each other for some time and I was pining for his hands and mouth on my boobs. I am sure, he was willing too but didn’t do any thing more than caressing my back. After a while he disengaged from me and made me dress up. I was very disappointed and he must have been too.

Dad bunked office for the second day, which was most unusual for him. He & I spent the whole day together and had a good time talking to each other. He asked me about my boy friends and I freely talked to him.

At bedtime, he again undressed me though I was well enough to change on my own in private. Both of us delayed the process of dressing up and I felt my desire rise again as I noticed his admiring look savouring my nudity. This time, I could not resist myself and hugged him again. I kissed his hairy chest and also his cheeks. I was feeling wonderful as my naked body was pressing against him. My lips automatically got drawn to his lips but he for some time did not reciprocate. Then his resistance broke and he started kissing me.

I felt his strong manhood and held it over his shorts. He also softly played with my boobs. I got pretty excited as the kiss continued. I unbuttoned his shorts and held his strong manhood in my hand. It had grown enormously big & strong. I broke the kiss and looked at it closely – it was dark, very thick and there were thick veins on it, which made it more virile. The foreskin was partly open showing its pink head. It was an awesome view for me and I just couldn’t resist myself and knelt down to kiss it. I felt like fully possessing it and holding it tight in my hand I kissed and licked it all over.

Dad pulled me up, held me close on his chest and slowly moved on to the bed. He lied down and made me sit by his side. I now took my face close to his towering shaft and fondled it with my hand, lips and tongue. I closely explored the hairy area around and felt his balls. The stretch behind his balls and all along his crack there were enormous amount of hair – I made him lift his waist and leaked that hairy stretch like a hungry animal. I licked his crack and he moaned very softly and sweetly.

As I was engrossed in licking, Dad’s hands were on my boobs – he pressed them initially softly and then very hard. He was the first man I ever tasted closely and savoured his virility. Dad suddenly got up and made me lie down. He started exploring my body with his lips and tongue. He kissed my neck how sweet! He prompted me to bite the nipples – he moaned with every bite and softly slapped my hips encouraging me to bite stronger.

Now he attacked my boobs – he licked all over and then chewed the nipple. At the same time he pressed the other boob. I never felt so excited before. He went down all along my belly and reached my hairy erotic zone. For quite some time he explored my bush with his fingers, lips and tongue. He then turned me round and licked all over my bum. He parted my crack and softly explored with his fingers.

“What nice hair”, he softly whispered.

I suddenly felt his tongue in my crack – Wow! How nice I felt. He again turned me round. He folded and parted my legs – and then parted my pussy lips. He inserted his tongue and started licking and sucking. I screamed in excitement. He found my clit and chewed it making me hit the roof in excitement.

I started screaming, “Dad I want you inside me”.

“Yes, you will have me”, he whispered.

He asked me if I was a virgin.

As I nodded, he said, “It’s very painful, ma”.

“I don’t care”, I retorted.

He asked me when I had my last etiler otele gelen escort period. I told him my next one was due in a day or two.

He nodded his head and said, “Let me see how I can keep it least painful”.

He placed a pillow under my hips. He brought a thick sheet and folding it a couple of times, placed it under my bums over the pillow. He spread my folded legs as much as he could and with his fingers put a lot of gel inside. He brought his wonderful manhood close to my pussy and slowly pushed it. I felt it was too big but still was eager to take it in. he gave a strong push and it went in partly – Oh!! What a shock it was – I felt a strong pain but also strong current of pleasure. I moaned softly. Then there was another thrust and I felt it almost ripped me open – wow! the pain was like being pierced by a steel shaft.

But at the same time, it sent an avalanche of wonderful, intoxicating pleasure through my body. I lost my sense completely. Dad stroked me very softly and with each stroke I was getting mad with the pleasure multiplying. After a few such strokes I was in frenzy and came like a volcano.

After I recovered, I felt his manhood was still inside me and it was moving again. Soon he was stroking me to another round of pleasure. Pain was almost not there and the pleasure was multiplying with each stroke. Soon I felt a lot of hot liquid filling my tunnel. The warmth of the hot liquid generated another phase of pleasure and I climaxed.

After a while, Dad pulled me up from bed and took me to the bathroom. I found the sheet had spots of blood. Dad washed me affectionately and brought me back to the bed. He removed the stained sheet and affectionately put me to bed. I slept naked all night tightly hugging him. That was the only occasion I enjoyed Dad’s love. (This part is a secret, which I never shared with any one)

My mom was a very sweet natured and docile person. Her aggressiveness in sex was in great contrast with her nature. She and I were very close and friendly. I had no secrets from her. She was also very frank with me, but was uneasy in discussing sex with me. She told me that he had a boy friend before marriage, but avoided telling me if she slept with him.

She once confessed that she had a soft corner for my uncle (her younger sister’s husband). Uncle always visited our house in the afternoon when dad was in office. Once when dad was away, he stayed overnight. That night, mom and I slept in one bedroom and uncle in the other. At the dead of night, I discovered that mom was not in her bed. I guessed she was with uncle and tiptoed out to watch them. The light in the other bedroom was off and I could not see anything. I could only hear sounds and was sure they were making love. I had a little bitter feeling in my mind. Much later, I woke up to see that mom was stealthily walking into our bedroom and she was wearing nothing other than a flimsy sari, which made her body quite visible. Though I was eager to find out more I never asked mom about her relationship with uncle.

Mom was quite narcissistic in nature and loved to watch herself in the mirror. She also loved to flaunt her physical beauty. Her boobs sagged a bit but were very soft with large nipples. With only women around, she would always like to expose her body at the slightest opportunity. When relatives came to stay with us, she would always change in presence of the female relatives. She often created a situation so that other women have bath with her in the same bathroom. As I grew older and understood intricacies of life, I felt that a lesbian psyche worked inside her.

On Sundays, it was a routine that she & I soaped each other’s back at the time of bath. I was not very easy about my own nudity. So, when I called her in the bathroom, I had my panty on and covered my front with a towel. She would normally take off her blouse, petticoat & bra and loosely tie the sari on her body. After soaping me, she would stand under the shower and then ask me to soap her back. The wet sari left almost nothing to imagination, but she did not bother. Once in a while, she would strip completely. Till such time I got married, I never felt very easy with our nudity. But later I started enjoying the nude bathing with her.

My dad’s death was rather sudden & unexpected. Both mom & I were under deep shock for a few weeks. Later, we were struggling to cope with the void created by his death. As I was already working and dad had saved enough money, we were financially secured. But otherwise, we felt extremely insecure. Mom was more devastated and took a long time to come to normalcy.

Even after coming back to normalcy I felt that she missed dad a lot, not only emotionally but also sexually. She & I slept in the same bedroom, as she was unable to sleep alone. At night, I did see her putting her finger under her sari and masturbate. She was used to have sex every etiler rus escort alternate day with dad and at only 46 her sexual urge was great. At this stage, my uncle increased the frequency of his visits to Calcutta (he lived in North Bengal). This gave me a sort of relief and I mentally approved their relationship.

One day, I came home from the office early. As I opened the door with my key, I saw uncle’s shoes. I made no sound and tiptoed to the bedroom. The door was open but the curtain was drawn. I managed to see inside and found my uncle was naked. He was kissing mom and was stripping her clothes off. At this sight, my dad’s naked image came to my mind and I felt like quitting. But curiosity held me back. My uncle’s cock was smaller than my dad’s but was rather thick. He did not allow mom to ride him and stroked her rather lovingly. From mom’s sound I could feel that she did feel a lot of pleasure.

After the first round was over, they rested for a while. Then uncle sucked mom’s boobs again to bring mom back in vigour. She sucked his limp cock to life and this time rode over him. She placed herself on the cock and spread her legs on two sides. Then she held his arms strongly and moved her hips rhythmically. Soon, uncle started moaning. They took longer to climax this time. As they got up, I hurriedly left and went out of the house. I did some shopping and came back after half an hour. By that time, uncle was gone.

The relationship with uncle was not a full compensation for dad’s absence. He visited Calcutta once a month and stayed for a week or so. During those few days, I guess, he visited our house everyday when I was away to office. But I realised that this was not enough to meet mom’s need for sex on a regular basis. I felt sorry and helpless but couldn’t do anything.

At this stage, a relationship was developing between my lady boss and me. Within a few months of my dad’s death she and I became lovers. As I had to come home early for my mom’s sake, we could not meet outside office. We stealthily made love in the toilet attached to her chamber. With this relationship, I developed a strong urge for female body.

Once, an aunt of mine came over to stay with us. She was in her mid thirties and had a nice figure. One day, I noticed that she and mom were having bath in the same bathroom. I felt a very strong urge to see them naked and made an excuse to knock at the bathroom door. As I entered, I found mom naked and soaping auntie, who was in her petticoat. Auntie’s boobs were very nice and I pined to see her in full nude. I was tempted to be there longer but had no excuse to do so.

Next day was a Sunday. Mom had gone out for a while. I went for my bath and called auntie to come to the bathroom to soap my back. As she came in, I was standing under the shower stark naked. Auntie was in a nightgown and I deliberately kept the shower on in full so that her gown gets wet. She asked me to turn the shower off as she was getting wet. I told her to take off the nightgown.

She commented that both mother they expected others to be shameless too. (In Bengali – “toder ma meyer lojja shorom boro kom, onyer samne sohoje nangto hoye jas ar bhabis je onyorao toder moto nirlojjo hobe).

I smiled at her and said what was the problem when both of us were women (“meyeder samne nangto hote lojjar ki achhe?”).

As she pulled off her nightgown, I was very impressed with her figure. I also realised that she was actually not feeling shy but was proud to show off her nudity. Her breasts were not too large and sagged very little. Her nipples were really large, even bigger than my mom’s or boss’s. She had a thin waist like teenager and her nice hips gave an hour glass shape. She was fully shaved in pussy and armpit. As she soaped me, she said that my armpits needed a shave. She asked for the razor and shaved me clean. She wanted to shave my pussy too. But as I my boss was very fond of my bush I didn’t let her shave me.

As I was soaping her bums, she commented that one can’t make out that my mom is so naughty (Tor ma ke dekhe bojha jay na je eto dustu!).

From that comment I realised that mom must have had fun with her and she enjoyed that.

“Are you fond of naughtiness too?” I commented (Tumio ki dustumi bhalobaso?”).

As she was keeping mum and smiling, I pushed her and asked, “Did you and mom get naughty? Tell me the truth.” (“sotyi kotha bolo, tumi ar ma ki dustumi korechho?”).

Now she hesitatingly nodded.

I probed further, “ Is this your first time?”

She gave a naughty smile and said “No”.

I decided to act innocent, “Will you show me how to get naughty? I am curious” (“amay dekhabe dustumi kemon hoy? Amar khub jante ichhe kore”).

She hesitated saying that I was too young. But I did not relent and gave her a close hug and kissed her cheek and pleaded “Please”. She tightened the hug and kissed me etiler türbanlı escort on the lips and then inserted her tongue in my mouth. She played with my nipples and rubbed her shaved pussy on my bushy one. Then on, we had great sex.

As we finished in 69 position, she made a comment, “It was definitely not your first time” (“tor eta nischoi prothom bar noy”).

I did not reply. That day I became sure that my mom had become a Bi. I also apprehended that auntie would spill the beans about me to mom. But from mom’s reaction I felt that she didn’t do so.

My marriage brought in a major change in my relationship with mom. During the first few weeks after marriage, intercourse was extremely painful for me. It was much more than what normally a virgin feels during first few times. It was so much that I did not have any pleasure at all, nor did I have a climax. At this stage, I felt very desperate and discussed al my problems with mom. I told her every detail to seek her advice and in the process I was totally frank with her. She also asked me the details frankly. While in course of time I did start enjoying sex with my hubby, mom became an advisor to me on my sex life.

My hubby enjoys my body a lot but isn’t very conscious of my needs. Foreplay is something of no importance to him. As I told mom all these, she told me what dad did to her and in comparison, my hubby looked so poor. Certain things she told me about dad, which I already saw with my own eyes. One day, I confessed that I watched them making love. She was not very embarrassed. Rather she was pleased that I was a witness to their wonderful lovemaking.

I asked her how she was coping with sex life in dad’s absence and she regretted that the void could never be made up. I told her that I knew about uncle having sex with her. She said he was good in bed and was a loving & caring man. Their relationship was for many years but she regretted that she had to keep it a secret all the time. I asked her if she felt guilty about this relationship, particularly when dad was alive.

To my surprise, she said she did not feel guilty at all. “Why should I?” she said,

“ You don’t know what your dad was earlier. He had lots of affairs, with relatives, female colleagues, wives of friends & colleagues etc. He was daring enough not to hide from me. He actually found pleasure in flirting with other women in my presence. He even kissed my own elder sister in my presence. She later confessed to me that your dad once seduced her to have sex with him. I saw with my own eyes one of his cousin sister asking him how she was looking in her new bra and panty. In an office picnic he just disappeared with a female colleague coming back after a couple of hours with clothes crumpled, making it obvious that they had sex. All these made me feel very insulted and I developed a sense of revenge.”

She continued. “Your uncle had weakness for me for a long time. He silently showed his love & care for me but never expressed his eagerness for getting physically close. As your dad’s insults were becoming unbearable, I thought I must take revenge by letting myself go with the man who loved me and cared for me. That summer I decided to go to North Bengal to your grandma’s place, when your auntie would be away to her parents’ place for two weeks.

“ This gave me an opportunity to meet your uncle alone for as long as I wanted. I arranged for your uncle to come over for lunch & dinner to my mom’s place. As you were only two years old and your grandma was quite old, both of you went to bed very early. So, your uncle & I were on our own for a long time in the evening. I made best out of one of those evenings by subtly encouraging him to lose his self-restraint. I immensely enjoyed the physical relationship with him and for the first time I felt what a caring man means to a woman. During those two weeks he and I came closer emotionally and physically. Thus, we are secret lovers for more than 25 years.”

“ For first 4-5 years of marriage your dad was so much of a debauch that I always nursed a desire for being disloyal to him. Once, when he was away on a tour a colleague of his came to our house. He, I knew, admired my beauty. I did not hesitate to accept his offer to go to a movie with him. In the deserted hall, he held my hand and as I did not resist, he touched me more intimately. I not only allowed his physical advances, but also encouraged him. He put is hand under my shawl and touched my breasts. I unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra. He pressed my boobs very hard and twisted my nipples. I was quite excited and as he moved his hands to my waist, I untied my petticoat strings to let him move his hand down. He fingered me hard and I almost came. I don’t know what prompted me to behave like a slut but I enjoyed it both physically and mentally.”

“Next day, he came again and at the first opportunity kissed me. I fully reciprocated and let him have the full liberty to enjoy my body. He undressed me in a second and kissed & licked all over my body. I undressed him and sucked his cock. He and I reached height of excitement very soon. We had it thrice in a couple of hours and both of us enjoyed to the hilt. Later, the man wanted to continue the relationship, but I did not want to take any more risk.”



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