My mom being taken while i watch..I got up as usual this morning, with having breakfast and taking a shower afterwards. It was 9am and i was getting ready to pack my things for school and to just take the day off as it was saturday, my mom had to visit my dad today at our other house which is located deep in country. About 100miles away from the place where we are now, it was a bit chilly outside and my mom wore sweater, warm skirt, pantyhose and heels. In my mind i thought “oh man i`m so lucky to have mom like this”. After she was ready to leave i again thought to myself “omg but i have a day off today, i should get my camera and follow her to the bus, take some pics”. With me thinking that, i instantly got my camera and was getting ready also as i saw my mom leaving the house. I got dressed and went outside, seeing her passing the street. I had a black hoodie on so she couldn`t recognise me. So after a few i got up with her at the bus stop and started to take pics with keeping a distance, there were almost no people around since it was saturday and morning. I took some great pics with zooming in her tits and her nice ass, i saw the bus coming and thought to myself “maybe i should get in with her? i can always get out at some random bus stop if i want to” and i with that i decided to keep on following her. I saw getting in to the bus, and as soon as she did that i saw the bus driver looking at her tits and smiling as she walked by. I got in the bus also and got into the back, staying in the shadows. There were only 5 people in the bus, including bus driver and my mom, and me. So with bus stations passing through i saw her looking through the window and just thinking, as from behind i watched her nice heels move and legs. People started to get less in the bus as it went on to our destination with bolu escort bayan my mom probably thinking about seeing my dad. With me in the back still thinking how i will get more upskirt pics i saw you entering bus at one of the bus stations. With you weirdly sitting right next to her, i realized then that the bus is empty besides 3 of us and the driver. As my mom thinks that i`m not there i just started to watch all the situation with curiousity. I see you suddenly starting to talk with her, about random things, as i can`t hear it really well because i`m so far away. I see her laughing and blushing a bit and i`m thinking to myself “omg that guy is hitting on my mom, what the heck?”. And with watching u talking more and more with her i start to realize that she is starting to flirt with you. “omg my mom is a slut, how can she do such a thing” i`m thinking to myself, i just keep watching as u get closer to her more and more and keep on talking to her, weirdly enough i start to take pics again. And suddenly i see ur hand moving up her tigh, my heart stopped for a bit and my cock came as hard as never before in my life. “he is feeling her up, right in front of me, my own mother….” i was thinking to myself.I`m thinking now that this would end soon enough and she might struggle for what you are doing to her, but instead of struggling she giggled and spread her legs. “omg, she spread her legs” i was thinking to myself and started to take pics as i saw u moving ur hand around her inner parts now, reaching her pussy through her pantyhose, right with me watching you, being hard. “he is using my mom…. and i love it..” i was thinking. With me taking more and more pics i see that we are not even that far from the city, which gives me an idea… As now i watch her moving her hips as u feel bolu escort her up, i suddenly start walking from the back of the bus and stand in front of u guys, with my mother in shock now and you looking at me. I say “hi mom, i think u have explain to do”, with her now looking at me still in shock and speachless i say to her again now and looking at you “now we are going to get out of the bus and go back home and talk about this, or else i`m going to tell dad”. With her being in fear now, and u smiling a bit we all get out of the bus and take a cab. All of us driving back to my house, and in the way not even single one of us talking…Back at home i say to my mom “go up to the bedroom, we have to talk about this right now”. As i see her going to the bedroom with you and there waiting for me, i rush into my room to print out the pics where there is seen u touching her pussy. Once i do that i walk over to the bedroom and say to my mom “you see this? this is what u were doing..” with my mom instantly replying “omg i`m sorry, please don`t say anything to ur dad, please”. To which i keep on the dialogue “if u want me to keep my mouth shut, u should do everything my friend here wants to do with you”. She looked at me shocked and with wide eyes but not saying a thing. With you sitting besides her now, u give a little laugh and start to feel up her tits roughly as i sit down on chair and i`m watching now. With my mom looking at me and struggling, as u trying to undress her. I shout to her “stop struggling!” to which she instantly stops. You are now taking her heels off slowly, as u don`t want to get rid of the clothes, instead u make her spread her legs and rip a hole in her pantyhose. Big is my surprise as i see her having no panties.. With me looking at you i say to you “please do my mom…” escort bolu to which u instantly take ur pants off with my mom looking at u, and u expose ur huge hard cock to my mother. My mom gasps as she sees it and i say to her “its bigger then my dad`s, isn`t it? u love it”, she didn`t reply anything but just stayed there with her legs spread, u roughly took her legs apart now and moved in front of her getting on top of her. “this is the moment i`m was waiting for.. seeing my own mother getting fucked by huge cock, oh god i love it” i thought to myself. As now u push ur huge hard cock deep inside my moms pussy making her to already cum and scream as u do that for the first time. U start to slide it in and out of her, doing already huge thrusts and making her take all of ur juice cock to the max. “STRECH HER!” i shout, with seeing u pounding her through her pantyhose, still clothed…my own mother, in front of me. U keep on going and going and making her pussy to drip with juices and cum and suddenly out of nowhere she whispers in ur ear “i love ur huge hard cock, my husband would never have one like this ever…please…. please fuck me”, as u hear that u start to pound her as never before, streching her pussy and making her scream a lot. She keeps on shaking and still cuming as now i say to you “cum inside my mom, do it!”. You look at me and keep on pounding her more and more, not giving her a break, and now i see u burrying ur huge cock inside of her to the max and start cuming inside of her, as she is screaming and shaking and cuming with you. “omg he came inside my mom, maybe even got her pregnant… and i love it” i was thinking of myself. With ur cum inside of her and her shaking u take it out and get up from the bed, leaving her, i instantly get over there and taste ur cum from her pussy licking it… with still thinking “omg i love it…” with her now breathing heavily we both stand and are thinking of what to do else with my mother…This is my first post and i`m sorry if i made any spelling mistakes, one love (:



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