My little friend TonyI was sitting around watching porn n getting real horny when I heard a knock at the door. Openning the door I saw my friend Tony. I invited him in, offered him a drink and we sat down to watch the flicks together. It wasn’t long before we were both feeling good n horny, and soon we got undressed. As we sat side by side playing with ourselves enjoying the vids on xHamster I noticed I had a new message. It was my friend from the UK, ILoveWomanOnly. We chatted for a while as Tony and I massaged our cocks. Then Tony laid down on the sofa and began sucking me while canlı bahis I pecked away at the keyboard describing what he was doing to me to ILoveWomanOnly. My cock was hard and throbbing as he slid his mouth up and down on my shaft, pausing momentarily to lick on the head teasing me with his tongue as he flicked it back and forth across the tip. I could see my precum begin to ooze out, he licked it up telling me how good it tasted. He bobbed up n down on my cockhead as he fondled my balls. I felt the passion welling up in my balls as he expertly stroked my cock and rolled my bahis siteleri balls in his hand. A few minutes later I couldn’t hold back any longer and I exploded, squirting a huge load into his mouth. Tony milked every drop from my cock and swallowed it all with a big smile.After licking me clean Tony sat back and began stroking on his sweet little cock. He’s not real big, only 4 1/2″ soft but nice n fat. As I eagerly looked on as I said goodbye to ILoveWomanOnly and had Tony stand up in front of me, his cock still a bit soft. I pulled him close as I sucked his whole cock into güvenilir bahis my mouth feeling it beging to swell up as he grew harder. Soon he had grown to 6″ and was rock hard, his cockhead swollen and gleaming as precum began dripping out. As I licked around the tip more precum ooze out. It tasted great, soo hot n sticky. I sank my mouth down on his shaft as he squirted his first stream of cum, then another and another. Finally filling my mouth full, I swallowed his juices and wanted more.He sat down when he was finished and we had another drink and a smoke as we watched some more vids together. We spent the afternoon repeating the fun over and over till we were exhausted. I’m looking forward to seeing him again in a few days, and he plans to bring a friend along next time. I can hardly wait.



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