I couldn’t get to the diner fast enough Thursday night after work. I wanted to experience what happened Wednesday night all over again.

Some guests were still lingering over coffee when I walked through the door. Bonnie, Mrs. W, was making a last pass around with the pot, informing everyone that it was 15 minutes to closing and they needed to finish up.

As soon as the last patron left she locked the door, hung the CLOSED sign and turned out the lights. Grabbing my hand as she passed, she pulled me into the Women’s restroom.

“I’ve been thinking of you all day, T. I can’t get you off my mind.” Bonnie said.

As she sat down on the single bed I asked what it was doing in here. She explained about the severity some women and girls have at that time of the month and the need to lie down for a short time.

While she was explaining her hands didn’t stopped moving. Bonnie unfastened my jeans, untied my shoes and had me naked from the waste down in a matter of seconds. I had started getting hard on my walk to the restaurant so she wasn’t disappointed with what she saw.

Gripping my 10+ inches with both hands, Bonnie started telling me that Robbie, her husband, had a very small cock. She had always known it was small but, since she had never had any other, it had always been enough for her.

Since opening the diner/truckstop, she had seen magazines, she said, with pictures of big cocks and had dreamed about what it would be like to have one of them inside her.

“Last night you showed me what it was like. I loved it, T. I really loved it.” With a wry smile she added, “But I’m very sore today.”

Looking at my cock she slowly moved her hand up and down it’s length, caressing it.

“I want to show you some other ways of pleasuring a woman, T. Would you like that?”

“I want to know everything” was my response.

“Take my clothes off me, T.” Bonnie stretched out her legs so I could untie and remove her shoes, reluctantly releasing my cock. She had on a short-sleeved buttoned shirt, which I removed, then her bra.

“Last night I was in a hurry” she stated, “which is nice sometimes. Tonight we’re going to take our time. I’m going to show you how to make love to a girls’ body, T. I’m going to show you how to make her want you badly, so badly it will pain her if she can’t have you.”

I unsnapped her slacks and pulled them down and off her legs. Bonnie was lying there in only her panties. God I loved seeing her like that.

Sliding my hands up her legs to remove her panties, she stopped me. “Not yet, T. Come up here.” I removed my shirt and joined her on the bed.

Lying on her back with me over her, we kissed for the first time that night. Instinctively my hand sought her breast, cupping underneath and sliding up so the palm rubbed her nipple. I was running on intuition, so I kept going.

Holding myself up on one elbow, I took that nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it gently, watching it grow hard right there in front of me.

“Kiss it, T,” she said. I did. “French kiss it, use your tongue.” I did.

Still cupping it, I ran my tongue around the nipple, never quite touching it. I sucked around the nipple, pulling the flesh into my mouth with the suction. Bonnie started moaning. Man, I loved making her moan like that.

Never touching that nipple, I pulled away and went to the other side, treating it in the same manner, never quite making contact. Holding the breast high, I ran my tongue under it, where her bra had left its mark. Bonnie was growling now, and the sounds coming from her made me rock hard.

Finally I swooped in, taking the nipple between my lips and flicking it with my tongue. Bonnie’s hand grasped the back of my head and pulled it fiercely to her. I opened my jaw and pinched the nipple gently with my teeth. She was squirming, her body moving all over the bed.

“A little harder, T. Please, just a little harder.”

As I clamped down harder my hand shot between her legs. Closing my hand on her mound just as I closed my teeth on her nipple, two of my fingers forced their way, panties and all, inside her.

She loved it. Her legs parted wide and one of her hands flew down to grip my wrist, assuring I wasn’t going to remove that hand, while the other entwined itself in my hair and squeezed my mouth to her breast.

Forcibly pulling myself away from her I said, “I want to see all of you.” She had groaned in frustration when I had jerked out of her grasp, but now she was smiling. She had those panties off in a heartbeat.

I don’t care if she was 20 years older than me. She was beautiful. Running my hands softly over her body, I said, “I illegal bahis want to kiss every part of you.”

“Oh, yes, T, do it”, she begged.

I did. I traced lips and tongue all over her, turning her over onto her front then again onto her back as I tried to cover every square inch. I noticed, when I had her feet in my hands, her body got excited when I got close to her toes. I began kissing each one, trying to find just the right one.

It was all of them, so I sucked each one into my mouth. I nibbled on her Achilles tendon and traced my tongue and lips up the inside of her leg until I was just short of her hair-covered mound. The aroma emanating from there was intoxicating. I had to get closer.

Getting closer wasn’t going to be a problem because the closer I got the wider her legs went. She wanted me there, and when both of her hands gripped my hair and started pulling, well, I’m no dummy. She wanted me there in a hurry!

Pivoting my body around to lay between her legs, I lifted those legs and put them on my shoulders and moved in closer. With my fingertip I parted and caressed her lips up and down, up and down. First one side then the other. She was soaking wet.

I moved my face closer and kissed those lips softly. She was pulling my head almost violently, making all sorts of grunts and groans, but, as I said in the first story, I was a big boy. I resisted and proceeded at my own pace.

I continued kissing all over those lips when suddenly I remembered her reaction to my fingers when they had entered her earlier. Palm up, I inserted two and began moving them in and out. Quite by accident, I assure you, I curled those fingers up and forward during one stoke.

“Uuuuggggggghhhhhh. Oh, yes, T, right there. Do it again. Please, T, do it again!!!”

I didn’t know what I had touched but she sure did want more of it. Her hips were trying to impale themselves on my fingers. So I curled those fingers, just like the last time, and started stroking for all I was worth into that same spot while I kissed and licked everything I could find.

Every muscle in her body went taut. The air from her lungs was released in the most erotic sound I had ever heard. Her hands, gripping my hair so tightly, brutally crushed my lips and teeth into her pubic bone. Her hips never stopped lunging, slamming onto those fingers.

She came with a long, shrill scream and fluid ran out of her opening. And still I continued to thrust those fingers up and forward while licking and licking.

“No, T, no more.” She was pushing against my head now, trying to reach the arm of those fingers to push it away also. “It’s too much. Stop! Please, I need you to stop.”

I didn’t stop. I fought her off and continued with the fingers and my mouth. My tongue found this little nub projecting out from just above her opening. When it first made contact Bonnie stopped pushing and shoving. So I kept flicking that nub again and again.

Suddenly she was pulling again. I swear she was trying to get my head all the way inside her. I added a third finger, continued thrusting them up and forward, gripped that little nub between my lips and flicked my tongue at it as fast as I could.

Her back arched, that beautiful sound was wrenched from her lungs again, her body went into violent spasms, jerking all over that bed, and her fluid ran like someone had turned on a tap. Those sheets were getting soaked.

She wasn’t talking now, just weakly, feebly pushing at me to stop. I finally did. I crawled up beside her, wrapped her in my arms, kissed her tenderly on the lips, on the eyelids, on the nose and held her as her body quieted and came back to earth.

All those years ago and I remember it like it was an hour ago. I remember thinking what a beautiful sight it was to see her body have so much pleasure. How hard it made my cock to know I had been the cause of that pleasure.

After she calmed she began to cry softly. “Robbie won’t do that, T. He says it dirty. He’s only let me put his cock in my mouth 4 times in all the years we’ve been married. He’s never cum for me like you did last night.”

She pushed herself up on an elbow to look down into my eyes, still crying softly.

“I’ve cum more times in the last two days with you than I have in the 22 years I’ve been married. How will I ever be able to go back?”

I was a good student. I could do the math. “You got married at 16”, I asked? She only nodded.

“I love the taste of your cock, T.” Her hand lowered and gripped me. “I love how clean you smell. You’re always so neat and clean.” She was stroking me as she talked.

“I love Robbie, T. I’ll never leave him. Can I have you once in illegal bahis siteleri a while, T, when he’s on the road? You’ll find some young girl soon, but can I have you once in a while?” She had been scooting down the bed, rising up on her knees, all the while staring hypnotically at my cock.

“I need your cock, T.” Bonnie lowered her mouth and began kissing and licking it.

“I need to taste it,” she said, and the top 3 inches entered into that wonderful mouth.

Pulling off only far enough for her warm breath to flow over my wet crown she added, “I loved when you came in my mouth. I love the taste of your cum and I want it again and again.”

Holding my cock with both hands, she ran her tongue slowly around the tip, dipping into the hole lightly, then running her tongue underneath to play with that little sack. Back up she came to the flared head, tongue tracing its way around.

She had a wide mouth. She opened it all the way and, with her tongue sticking out slightly, lowered it down over my cock, licking the underside as it entered. What a wonderful feeling!

Further and further she lowered her head until the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. She held it there while her tongue moved back and forth, up and down.

Pre-cum was flowing freely from my tip, and she began to swallow. I closed my eyes as her throat muscles massaged the tip. Slowly, oh, so slowly her head rose, until just the very tip was being kissed. Then down she’d swoop, tongue rubbing underneath as she jammed it back into her throat.

Removing one hand from the base, she gently cupped my balls. Letting my cock escape on the next rise, she kissed her way down to my sack. Once there she nuzzled my balls, kissing them then running her tongue over each one. Gently she sucked them, one by one into her mouth.

I was going crazy. My fingers, clenched in her hair, lifted her head back to my tip. Grabbing my cock just above her other hand and aiming at her mouth, I forced her to take my cock back to her throat.

Now both hands entangled in her hair I slammed her mouth back onto me over and over. She loved it. Grabbing my hips with both hands she jerked me into her mouth even as I was ramming with every muscle in my body.

I couldn’t take it. I had to cum, and I had to cum now.

Bonnie felt the flare grow, the shaft grow more rigid and threw her mouth at my cock with that tongue rubbing continuously under the head.

With a groan so loud it might have rattled the windows, my cock began spewing line after line deep into her mouth. Bonnie began that growling again as she went after every drop. My cock was gushing and cum began cumming out of the corners or her mouth and still she went after it, cupping her hands to hold the overflow as she drank and drank.

I stopped spewing and still she sucked. Holding me with one hand she took her mouth off long enough to lick the other clean, then rammed me back into her mouth again. Holding me with the other hand, she repeated the process until both her hands had been licked clean. Then, wham, down on my cock again.

As it started to soften she lay down next to me, head on my belly and slowly moved her mouth up and down my shaft. Taking her mouth off for short moments at a time, though still caressing it with her hands, she would mutter, “I love your cum” and “You taste so good” or “You smell so clean” or “I love the way it gets so big right before you cum.”

Grabbing her under the arms I pulled her up on my chest and kissed here deeply. “I love the way you make love to it.”

Turning her we cuddled, spoon fashion. My cock, never quite going completely soft, nestled itself between the cheeks of that wonderful ass. I ran my hand over her body, cupped her breast, and traced that dark circle around her nipples without touching the nipple itself.

I stroked my hand down her side, then brought my hand to cup one cheek and lifting it, nestled my cock deeper into the fold. Bonnie squirmed, sliding her ass up and down on it while my hands continued to roam.

Around front my hand came now, fingertips brushing lightly under each breast, sliding down her stomach to dip between her legs, smiling to myself when she lifted her leg slightly to give my hand room.

Her pubic hair was wet and her pussy lips engorged. Gently I ran a fingertip around those lips, separating them and dipping two fingers into her pussy. I got that groan again, lighter this time, but just as tantalizing.

Pulling the fingers out of her I brought them up to trace around that little bud. Slowly I circled it, never quite touching.

“Stop teasing, T. Play with me.” Then she reached between us, pulled canlı bahis siteleri her hips away and flipped my cock straight out and brought herself back against me with my cock now between her legs.

“OK, I will.” This time my fingers flicked the nub, circled while in constant contact and flicked again. Her hips started moving again, rubbing my cock back and forth.

Lowering her hand she gripped the several inches protruding from her and started beating me off like it was really a part of her body and she was going to masturbate.

Dipping two fingers into her and cupping my hand so the heal of my palm was rubbing her clit constantly I asked, “Are you sure you’re too sore?”

Bonnie nodded yes but groaned from her stomach. She knew what I was thinking.

Working my hand faster and curling my fingers forward to hit that magic spot I asked, “Are you really too sore?”

Her hips were beginning to really move now and an almost constant groan was music to my ears. Still her hand was working the end of my cock, and now it was completely solid again.

But I didn’t want her hand. Pulling my hips back, I used my “playing” hand to guide it into her, sinking about 3 inches deep and stopping.

“Ooooohhh Jeeeessssus!!!!”

Smiling, I slowly began to withdraw. “I guess you are to sore.” When only the very tip remained I asked, “Or are you?” as I jammed those 3 inches back in.

“Oooooooooo Noooooooo” And her body was bending over.

“No? No, what, Bonnie. No more? OK, I’ll take it out.” And again I began to pull out.

Her hand flew behind her, grabbed my hip and tried to jerk me back. I was much too strong for that move.

I froze in place with just the tip inside her again. Whispering, I said, “Tell me what you want, Bonnie. Tell me what you want me to do.” She just groaned louder and kept pulling at my hip.

“No, no, Bonnie. You have to tell me what you want me to do. Say it, Bonnie.”

“Put it in. Oh, God, put it in.”

“Put what in?” A quick couple inch stab and withdrawal. “What do you want me to do?”

“Aaaargggggg, FUCK ME!!!! FUUUUUCCCCCKKK MMMEEEEE, Teeee!!!!!

You have to understand, this was the sixties. Woman didn’t talk like this, normally. To hear her order, plea, beg, whatever you want to call it, in such a manner brought out the animal in me!

I slammed it to the bottom. “Is THIS what you want?” And I slammed it again.


She was bent over on her side until her head was almost touching her knees, and I was pounding it in her as hard as I could from my side. It wasn’t enough.

Grabbing her by the hips to keep me firmly implanted I got up on my knees, picking her up in the process and setting her back down on her knees, legs folded, ass in the air, head almost between her knees and flat on the mattress, arms flung out and hands gripping the edge of that mattress in a death grip. Now, this is more like!!

With one leg over her hip and that foot on the mattress, one knee down and both hands gripping her hips, I began to pile drive every inch into her, rocking her with every stroke.

“Is this what you want, Bonnie?” WHAM “Is this it?” WHAM “Want me to” WHAM “FUCK YOU!!” WHAM

She was screaming and she was cumming. How could her lungs hold that much air?

And I hammered her again and again and again and again.

She kept screaming and she kept cumming. Her fluid was running down her legs, her fingers were clawing at the mattress; her hips were slamming back against me, as much as she could with my grip on them.

I was almost there. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM!!! Ten inches out, ten inches in, and now there was a constant “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME” coming from her.

That did it. My body tensed, I slammed it all the way in and fired round after round deep into her belly as she yelled “YES, OOOHHH TEEEEEEE, YYYEEEESSSSS!!” and came again.

Holding her tight I collapsed onto my side, bringing her with me, still intact. We were breathing hard as she straightened enough to cuddle back into my arms, still intact. Neither wanting to be completely free.

“So good. It’s never been so good,” she was almost sobbing. Glancing back over her shoulder into my eyes, she brought a hand to my cheek.

“Where were you 20 years ago?”

“I wasn’t!” was my reply.

We started to laugh, and you know what comes with the laughing. The belly muscles flex and the cock pops out. And we laughed some more.

Later, lying in my bed, I began to think. I remembered her mentioning how she could never leave Robbie. I began thinking she was all about my cock. To her it was about its size, about what it did to her, how it made her feel, that all she wanted was to use me for her own enjoyment.

“Oh well,” I remember thinking to myself, “as long as I get to cum, too, I can live with that.”

What did you expect? I was only 18!



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