MY HUSBAND COMMANDSI guess the best place to start is at the beginning. My name is Shelly B___ and I’m 39 years old, happily married for twenty-one years to a wonderful man, John. We met in college and got married before the end of my freshman year. We have a son, a sweet boy by the name of Jesse who turned eighteen a few months ago and who is graduating from high school in the spring.Despite being married for all these years, John and I are still like newlyweds in bed – we’ve had a very active love life since we first met at a freshman mixer back in our first week at the University of Indiana all those years ago. John keeps himself fit with twice a week visits to the gym and I run three times a week and my figure is not too greatly changed from my college days. When I look in a mirror, I am happy to see that my five foot, five inch figure is still a 36D-25-34. With long, curly blonde hair and a pert nose speckled with freckles and green eyes, I know I can still turn most men’s heads and that when I’m naked with my legs spread wide, it thrills me to watch my husband get hard for me.I should also confess that part of our attraction to each other is John’s ability to be in charge and my willingness and desire to be told what to do. I am not an all out submissive, but when John doesn’t ask me, but commands me to do something, I get weak in the knees and wet between my legs. John doesn’t humiliate me, but he has commanded me into doing some things I would otherwise never have done and allowed me to explore parts of my sexuality I might never have known existed.It was John who commanded me shortly after we were married to seduce my ex roommate, Tonya and to bring her to our bed. John and I have had many wonderful times with Tonya over the years. John taught me to enjoy the scary pleasure of exhibitionism. I have sucked and fucked my husband in many public places over the years. We’ve made love in elevators, restrooms, public parks, hotel balconies, beaches, cars; I have done my husband in all of these places and creamed my panties every single time.Our relationship also took us into sexual games with other couples and sometimes single partners of either sex. We didn’t swing much anymore, just a few close friends mostly. Often these affairs were initiated by me at John’s command and on rare occasions at John’s order, I have approached and had sex with absolute strangers, always spurred on by some whim of my husband. Never once have I not attempted to obey my husband’s commands.Still, for all our fun and games, my husband’s latest command was one I never dreamed he would demand of me. It began back in October on a Saturday night. John and I had just finished making love and we were both catching our breath while the sweat from our bodies cooled and dried. I was in my happy place – a pussy full of sperm and the afterglow of my orgasm tingling from my nipples down to my clitoris. I was nestled in John’s strong arms, almost dozing when he said the words that would forever change our lives. “Shelly, I think you should seduce Jessie.””WHAT?” I almost shouted, jerked from a doze to wide awake. “John B___, I can’t believe you just said that! I’m his mother for Christ’s sake!”John rolled over to face me, an amused look etched on his face. “Well, Jessie is now eighteen and he has been on maybe a half dozen dates in his life. I’d bet my left testicle that the boy’s a virgin. What he needs is for his mother to show him what sex is all about.”I couldn’t believe my ears. Yes, Jessie is a shy boy, although as sweet a young man as you’d ever want to meet. He was more comfortable around a circuit board or one of those thick fantasy novels that seemed to have ten different volumes than he was around any member of the opposite sex save for his mother. I was sure, however, that it was just a matter of time. Jessie would work out of his shyness soon enough. I knew he liked girls because I knew he had several girlie books under his mattress (actually, I more than a little suspected his father of buying them for him). Like all boys, sooner or later, Jessie would meet the girl that would pull him out of his shyness. Now his father was suggesting that his mother, that I should be that girl!”John, what you are suggesting. John, that’s i****t! I could never, ever do something like that.”My husband dropped his hand to my thigh and softly squeezed it. In that voice of his, in that tone that brooked no argument and made me so wet, he said, “Honey, I wasn’t suggesting anything. Shelly, you are going to seduce our son.”I groaned and shivered against my husband’s naked body. John slowly slipped his hand upwards until he was cupping my sex. “You’re already wet thinking about it, aren’t you, Shelly?” my husband whispered. I didn’t reply.John inserted a finger into my cum-filled pussy and slowly rotated it around. “Yes, I can feel the heat inside you, honey. You’re going to seduce our son and make him a man.” It wasn’t a question, it was a command and I knew at that moment that I would be powerless to refuse him and to be honest, it did make me wet. It made me wet because it was me yielding to my husband’s will yet again and maybe I should be ashamed to admit it, but it made me wet thinking about my son’s hard penis slipping into my pussy.”How…how far do you want me to go, darling,” I whispered.”I want you to do it all with him. Before you’re done, I want you to submit yourself completely to his desires, Shelly. You will be a motherslut for your son. Understand?” When I nodded, John beamed at me, kissed me and said, “That’s my good wife.” He kissed me and rolled over and within a minute was snoring. As for myself, I didn’t sleep much. I was too shocked at what I had agreed to do and turned on by what I had agreed to do. I thought on it all night long, getting very little sleep and plotting how I was going to seduce my own son.Somehow, I did manage to catch a few winks and when I woke up, it was late Sunday morning and I could smell bacon frying from downstairs. I was alone in my bed and I stretched contentedly, remembering the lovely fucking I had enjoyed the night before. Then I remembered my husband’s command. I shivered and felt the heat suddenly burst into being between my thighs as my John’s word’s echoed in my ears. “Shelly, you are going to seduce our son.”I had a vague plan in mind and while part of me was completely terrified of what I was going to do, part of me was lustily imagining the possibilities if I was successful. I rolled myself out of bed and began to put my plan in action.A few minutes later, I was downstairs and joining my two men in the kitchen. John was at the stove, finishing up the bacon and Jesse was putting plates down on the table. “Good morning,” I said cheerfully.Both father and son, glanced up and then away, only to do a double take as I walked towards them. John smiled and said, “Good morning, sleepy head. I was wondering when you were going to get up.”Jesse on the other hand just ogled me for a bit, before stammering, “Good Morning, Mom.” His eyes never left me as he slid into his seat. His face was turning red, no doubt matching the shade of my skin as I brazened the moment, both embarrassed and turned on. I was wearing a black strapless negligee. It lifted and showed off my breasts, barely concealing my nipples and ended just north of my panties, black bikini panties that molded themselves to my mound and were so skimpy that they were just shy of being called a thong.Trying to act nonchalantly, I leaned over and kissed Jesse’s cheek, giving him a real up close look at my jiggling breast flesh, before then walked over and kissing my husband good morning.We had breakfast as we always did; John and I chatting as Jesse mostly stared at my partly clothed body. Afterwards, he and his father sat at the table while I scurried around, cleaning up. Both seemed fascinated by my mostly bare ass cheeks and a quick glance down at my son’s lap as I bent over again in front of him to clear away his plate showed me that he was indeed enjoying the view indicated by the bulge in his pajama bottom.I wondered if he could see the wet spot growing in my panties or smell me. It felt wonderful feeling his eyes always on me, following me around the room with his father looking on in amusement. Of course, I think Jessie felt trapped, unable or unwilling to stand up and leave without revealing the prominent erection in his pajamas. So, I continued to tease him until finally he rushed from the room when my back was turned, hurriedly mumbling something about meeting his buddies to watch football. I was surprised to find myself a little disappointed.John came up behind me however and pulled me to him, grinding his hard-on against my butt and saying, “I think that was a very good start, Shelly.” My husband nuzzled my neck. “Jesse got quite the chubby watching you.” I trembled as his hands slipped up to cup my barely clothed breasts, pushing myself back against him. “I’ll do this, honey,” I whispered as John squeezed my breasts. “But, I have to do this my way, on my own schedule.” I squirmed around and faced my husband. “I need your help, though, John, to pull this off,” I said before kissing him.John chuckled into my mouth as he lifted me up onto the edge of the sink, his hands pulling my panties off. “God, you are so fucking wet, Shelly.” He lowered himself downward and I felt his breath on my pussy as he hissed, “You really want to fuck our son, don’t you, baby? You want to be his motherslut?”””Yessss!” I moaned as I felt my husband slip his tongue between my labial lips. “I want to fuck Jesse and be his whore and please youuuu!” Then I was crying out as John ate me, imagining our son upstairs, maybe masturbating and thinking about me as well. Between moans and sobs, I tried to explain my plan to my husband. I think I conveyed the idea despite his maddening tongue. I knew that within a few days we would find out.#I began the next step a couple of nights later. We were all in the family room, watching one of those silly game shows. This was that “Deal or No Deal” show. It was Jesse’s favorite because of all the sexy little girls carrying the cases. Despite all their young and toned bodies, I was offering up some good competition. I had on a short nightshirt and panties, curled up with John on the couch while Jesse sat sprawled in a recliner opposite of us. The nightshirt was deliberately too small and I was braless. The jersey material molded itself to me like a second skin, letting Jesse get a very clear idea of the shape and heft of my breasts and how my nipples looked when hard. My nipples are thick and stand out like little cigar sized nubs when aroused and they were aroused now, knowing that my son was ogling me at every opportunity. He also seemed to enjoy my showing off my long, well toned legs and the occasional teasing glance at my panties as I would open and close my legs.As his show wound down and some legal drama began, John and I began to kiss, short, sweet kisses at first, followed by longer, deeper ones where our tongues danced together and the sheer passion I had for my husband would draw little sighs of pleasure. My hand rubbed the top of John’s thigh while his hands caressed my legs and back, getting achingly close to my breasts.Careful glances told me that our son was paying more attention to us than the television. His eyes constantly wandered our way and he was getting red in the face. His hands were arranged carefully in his lap, hiding what I suspected was a sizeable bulge. Jesse cleared his throat and swung the recliner to an upright position and said in a bit of a stained voice, “I think I’ll head upstairs – maybe do some homework.”As he started to stand, I ended my wet kiss with Jesse’s father and said, “Ohhh, baby! I’m sorry, did we embarrass you?” I giggled and hugged John tighter and said, “Don’t tell me you got embarrassed by your mom and dad kissing?”Jesse rolled his eyes and said, “Geez, Mom!” and turned to leave.”Please, honey,” I said in my best flirty voice. “We don’t mean to chase you out of the room. Please stay! John, tell him to stay!”John had that ‘cat that ate the canary’ grin on his face as he said, “Watch your show, Jesse. Don’t mind us; we’re just a couple of old horny parents.”Jessie’s face got redder and he rolled his eyes again, but he did sit back down and pretend to watch his show while we resumed kissing. I was feeling so hot, knowing my son was watching his father casually touching me, caressing a breast here and rubbing my bare thigh so achingly close to my pussy there, all the while dueling tongues with me.Finally, I had to whisper, “Take me to bed, baby,” saying it just loud enough for Jessie to hear, his already red face now the color of a tomato.John chuckled and he stood up, me still in his arms. “Goodnight, son,” he said in a hoarse voice and then while our boy watched, my husband carried me out of the room and up the stairs. We stepped into our bedroom and John made to kick the door shut, but I quickly said, “No, John. Leave it open.” My husband’s eye’s widened as he realized what I was doing and with an almost scary smile, he was out of his sweat pants, his cock hard and throbbing and then he had my panties off and my ankles were in his grip and John spread my legs wide and was on me and in me in one quick, exhilarating motion. I was so wet, John was able to sink into me to the hilt with one thrust, making me cry out from the delicious sensation of being filled with a big cock.”Oh yesssss!” I moaned out. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard!” I was well aware that with the door open, the sounds of our lovemaking would definitely be heard downstairs and I imagined our son, sitting there in his recliner, cock getting harder and harder as he heard his parents fuck. It definitely turned on John. My husband began to ram into me with furious determination as he realized that I was going through with his commands, albeit in my own roundabout fashion. I wondered if Jessie was playing with himself, masturbating as he listened to us fuck. Sudden inspiration struck and John moaned appreciatively as I began to cry out loudly, “Fuck me, baby. Give Momma that hard cock – give Momma what she needs.” I swear, I could feel John grow inside me, it excited him that much. “Yes, that’s it, baby, fuck Momma hard, make me cum! Give Momma all that hot cum.”That was all it took for me. I was already excited about the evening’s naughty exhibition and now, knowing that my son might be downstairs, stroking his penis while listening to his mother talked nasty upstairs and with my husband fucking me hard and fast, I felt an orgasm erupt between my legs and spread rapidly throughout my body, carrying me away on waves of erotic pleasure.I’m not sure what I might have cried out as I voiced my carnal pleasure. I know I continued to try and work the word Momma into my sobs of joy, but it might have all been silly babble as my orgasm just seemed to go on and on. Then, as I felt it begin to subside, John, groaned and thrust deep inside me and began emptying his load of hot sperm inside me and I exploded anew, crying out as a new and even more powerful orgasm swept over me. Is there any thing finer than an orgasm triggered by the wonderful sensation of feeling your man’s seed filling your womb?Finally, we both just collapsed, chests heaving as we gasped for breath. “That, that was fucking fantastic, Shelly,” my husband managed to say after several anxious gulps for air. I could only nod and strain to listen for any noise downstairs. The television volume seemed to have been lowered and I thought I could just barely detect the faint noise of someone groaning and it made my cum filled loins quiver. John and I fell asleep then, leaving our bedroom door open and in the dim illumination of the hallway, I’m sure Jessie was able to get a good look at his parents as he went to his room, arms and legs akimbo, our lower bodies naked and glistening with our lovemaking.Jessie was awfully quiet the next morning at breakfast and he blushed every time one of us spoke to him and I wondered if we had done too much or pushed things too far, but to my pleasant surprise, that evening, he was again in his recliner when I came into to watch one of my “chick” shows. Usually he avoided these programs like the plague, retiring to his room to play on his computer.John was in the den, working on some papers for the office and I had again dressed scantily, this time, wearing one of Jessie’s old concert T-shirts that he had outgrown and a pair of blue cotton panties. The T-shirt didn’t reach my crotch, so he was given a complete view of my panty clad crotch. We both pretended to watch my show, but I could feel my temperature rising as my son’s eyes roamed over my body. In the guise of stretching and finding a comfortable position, I gave Jessie several indecent poses of my body and would let my legs fall open into indecent positions.It had the desired effect on my son and as he shifted to get comfortable, he would accidentally show off the bulge in his pajamas. I was becoming very curious as to how big my son was. I was already suspecting that he was at least as big as his father, maybe even bigger! My pussy was on fire, liquid flame oozing from me and I made sure he was able to get a good look at the wet spots in my crotch.John showed up just as my show went off – wearing pajama bottoms and no top. He cuddled up with me on the couch as the late news came on. All three of us managed to watch the local news until the weather report was done, then my husband and I began to kiss and make out again. Long minutes went by as we soul kissed and caressed each other, our passion increasing with each passing moment.Finally we stopped and I looked over at Jessie and said in a husky voice, “Son, we’re not embarrassing you or anything, are we? We’re not going to run you off?”Jessie’s face was already a deep shade of red, but he shrugged nonchalantly and managed to squeak, “Naw – you old folks aren’t bothering me. Besides I want to watch the Late Show.””That’s good, Jessie,” I said in a sexy, pleased voice. “Enjoy yourself.” I turned and looked at my grinning husband who gave me a wink and then pulled me to him, kissing me something fierce, his tongue plunging into my mouth. We quickly got ourselves locked into a passionate French kiss and then I felt John’s hand cup my breast and squeeze. I shivered with excitement as I quickly glanced at Jessie and saw that he was watching his father cup and squeeze his mother’s breast. Not a quick grope, but a sustained mauling of my firm, full tit. He rubbed his palm against my covered nipple, making me groan from the delicious friction.I let my hand run across my husband’s lightly haired chest and upwards and over to cover his squeezing fingers, pressing his hand more firmly against my breast. John broke our kiss and then began to nuzzle his way to my neck, kissing and licking and biting me on my throat in a way that always makes me sooo horny! I cooed with delight and looked into my son’s eyes. Jessie’s eyes widened as he knew that he was busted, but he didn’t look away and I gave him my best approving, motherly smile which produced a shocked and surprised expression on his face. Then John was kissing me again, our tongues eagerly rolling and slathering over each other. I decided to be more daring and I slipped a hand downward, running it across my husband’s stomach and then down to the long, hard lump in his crotch. I felt almost dizzy as I caressed my husband’s cock in front of my son.John then moved his hand off my breast – I felt his warm hand slip under my T-shirt and move upwards, dragging the bottom of my shirt as he went. For a second, I tensed up, then I just gave in to my naughty desires and moaned into my husband’s mouth as he pushed my shirt up and revealed my naked breast to our son. I glanced at Jessie and was rewarded with a look of sheer disbelief as he ogled my tit and his father teasing and pulling on my swollen and sensitive nipple.John pressed on, winking at me again as he ended our kiss and tugged my shirt up further to reveal both my breasts. He ducked his head down and began to kiss each of my tits, pausing to suck on one nipple and then the other, while I stared at our son and fought to catch my breath. This was so nasty and sexy and wrong and I was loving every second of it. I let out a long, lusty moan as I felt John’s hand palm my wet, panty covered pussy, rubbing the material into my crotch. I knew without looking that the wet spots were now a massive stain and the sodden material was plastered to my labia lips, molding the material to reveal the shape of my mound. I bit my lower lip, looking at my son before groaning with pleasure again.I needed to be fucked and I needed to be fucked right now. I squirmed against the probing fingers and mouth of my husband for another minute or two before gasping out loud, “Take me to bed, please! Take me to bed now!”John groaned with approval and he stood up, his erection pressing visibly against his pajama bottoms. He pulled me to my feet, T-shirt still pulled up above my breasts and then as he let me stand there on display, he turned to our heavily breathing son and said in a joking manner, “Sorry, Jessie. I guess we get a little carried away sometimes. Goodnight, son.” John stepped behind me and I felt his hand cup my ass cheek and urge me forward. I strutted proudly past my son, panties wet and clinging to my pussy, breasts bouncing and nipples swollen and throbbing, savoring his lusty stares. “Good night, son,” I said huskily. “Momma loves you!”John and I walked slowly up the stairs, letting John get a good view of my mostly naked body. Once out of sight, we hurried to our bedroom, again leaving the door open. My husband took the initiative, bending me over my dressing table chair and almost ripping my panties off me. He spread my legs wide and then with one swift motion, lowered himself and thrust up into me, burying his hard dick in me and making me scream with delight!Soon, my cries of sexual pleasure were echoing through the house and there was no doubt in my mind that my Jessie could hear my pleading to, “FUCK MOMMA! FUCK MOMMA WITH THAT BIG COCK. GIVE MOMMA WHAT SHE NEEDS! CUM IN MOMMA WITH YOUR HOT SPUNK!”John spurred me on as he slammed into me again and again, his fingers reaching around and squeezing my breasts, saying, “You want him, don’t you? You’re want to be a mommy whore, a fuck slut for Jessie, don’t you, Shelly? Shelly Son-fucker, you want your son’s cock cumming in your pussy!”In the rare moments between our dirty talk and the wet slapping of our bodies coming together, I was sure I heard moans floating up from the first floor and I began to orgasm when I heard a long drawn out, “Mommmm!” John later said he didn’t hear that, but I would swear on a stack of bibles that I did.Afterwards, as John’s semen trickled from my still quivering pussy, he asked, “So, Shelly, how much longer until you do what I told you to do?”I sighed at the thought of the endgame of John’s command. Part of me wanted to go downstairs right now and accomplish my mission, but part of me told me to stick to my plan. I turned my head to kiss my husband and said, “Two or three days, baby. If your son doesn’t just come up here and **** me first.” Even that sounded like fun and John thought so too judging from the look on his face, but he nodded and said, “Well, I can wait a few more days.” He studied me for a second and grinned. “This really turns you on, doesn’t it, babe?”I sighed again and replied, “Like you cannot believe, John. I’ve been wet ever since you told me you wanted me to fuck our son. And I want to. I want to make Jessie my lover.” I paused and then blurted out, “This won’t be a one-time thing, will it?”John smiled and ran his finger the length of my back, sending little electric tingles up and down my spine. “I hope not. I hope Jessie wants to fuck his mommy every day for the rest of his life. What kind of daddy would I be to deny him something as sweet as his Mom’s pussy?” It seemed like an eternity before the next night arrived. It was a Friday and usually Jessie went running around with his friends, but this Friday night Jessie stayed home, even offering to buy us pizza for dinner so I wouldn’t have to cook. Nothing had been said about what had occurred over the past two days, but the tension over it was hanging thickly in the air. Jessie seemed to always be hanging around me, his eyes constantly devouring me and several times I thought he might just grab me and start pawing at my body, making real my joking prediction about r****g me, but somehow, my son seemed to retain control over himself, although I did receive one or two impromptu hugs, Jessie pressing his body against mine, mashing my breasts against his chest.We’d eaten Pizza and there was some silly monster movie on the television. John and Jessie had both changed into pajamas, John again opting to leave his chest bare. I was more daring than ever before, wearing a spaghetti strapped silk camisole that didn’t quite cover my belly button and a high cut tan French bikini. Again, I opted for a top that was too small for me and the silky material hung tightly and invitingly to my breasts, nipples poking against the silk prominently. John kept looking at me, curiosity in his eyes, but I kept delaying the moment, enjoying teasing our son, making him wonder when and if John and I would start making out again. The movie droned on and on while Jessie had to be satisfied with casting glances over at my scantily clad body.Finally, I couldn’t bare it anymore. I placed my hand on my husband’s thigh and snuggled up a little closer and raised my head to kiss him. John was ready and we were quickly kissing, our mouths open, tasting each other. I could feel my husband’s heart beating in his chest, knowing he could surely feel mine beating away like a jackhammer.Kissing quickly led to caressing and then more caressing. I acknowledged my son’s presence, glancing his way several times as he stared openly at his parents making out. Soon John’s hand was squeezing my breasts and I was scissoring my legs back and forth, the heat between my thighs almost unbearable, sure that John could see the soaked material plastered against my pussy. John reached down and cupped my ass cheek and I felt myself being lifted up and being plunked onto my husband’s lap. I wiggled happily as I felt John’s thick erection against my ass cheeks.I groaned into my husband’s mouth as he slipped a hand between my legs, flinging my left leg out to d**** over his knees, now exposing my panty-clad crotch completely to our son. A quick look over at Jessie provided me a glimpse of a very excited young man with a large tent in his pajamas. His hands moved aimlessly as he tried to keep from rubbing himself.John used his hand though to rub my fabric covered pussy, ascertaining my aroused state. Then without warning, John reached up and grabbed the neckline of my camisole and yanked downward viciously, snapping the shoulder straps and tearing the camisole off my body, baring my breasts.Jessie gasped as for the second time, his father bared my breasts for him to view. I felt the blood singing through my veins, making me dizzy with so many emotions. I gasped for breath as John ended the kiss. Through the roaring in my ears, I heard my husband say, “Your mom has one damn fine body, Jessie – don’t you think her tits are magnificent?”I could only sit there sprawled in John’s lap, gasping for breath as he hefted one of my firm, full breasts and stared at my slack-jawed son. John ducked his head and took my hard, erect nipple in his mouth and began to suck on it. I groaned as his hand slipped down over my stomach and again palmed my sodden crotch, pressing his fingers into the silk of my panties, making the material rub against the inner parts of my labia.”Feels sooo good!” I moaned, shivering as my husband’s teeth nipped at my nipple as his tongue rolled over my flesh.John let go of my nipple, releasing it with a wet pop and growled, “Then you’re going to fucking love this, Shelly!” John slipped his hand slightly upward to the low-cut waistband of my panties and then slipped them down under the material, fingers delving quickly between my pussy lips and then curling as they were swallowed by my pussy. My body convulsed and jerked, both from surprise and shock as I realized my husband was now fingering my pussy in front of our son. I heard Jessie moan as John’s hand wriggled around inside my panties, slipping, one, two, three fingers into my wet and burning vagina! I was helpless to do anything other than sit sprawled there on John’s lap, legs wide and on the verge of orgasm, watching my son watch his father finger fuck his mother.John expertly pleasured me, his middle finger probing deep while his forefinger and ringfinger curled up seeking my G-spot. At the same time, his palm rubbed against the upper folds of my pussy, teasing and rubbing my clitoris. I must have looked like quite the madwoman, writhing on John’s lap in carnal delight, my long hair whipping around and my breasts bouncing wildly as my husband’s fingers plunged in and out of me.I tried the best that I could to keep my gaze locked on our son, watching Jessie’s reaction. As near as I could tell, he was very excited, breathing hard, his fingers digging into the arms of the recliner as he stared intently at us, burning every second of our shameless display into his memory. Knowing that this was my c***d, my only son watching me be pleasure was more than I could bear and like a tidal wave, my orgasm washed over me.”OH GOD YESSSS, FINGER ME BABY, MAKE ME OH GOD MAKE MOMMAAA CUMMMM FINGER MOMMMMAA MAKE MOMMMA CUMMM!” I screamed as I convulsed and shook, almost falling off John’s lap.Jessie let out a choked sob and I saw his hip move uncontrollably too, his butt coming right off the cushion of his seat and quickly a wet spot began to appear at the crest of the tent in his pajamas. I sobbed with wordless joy as through my orgasm clouded mind I realized that we had just made our son cum in his pajamas.Our eyes were locked on each other as we squirmed and quivered through our almost mutual orgasms while John murmured excitedly, “Yeah, that’s it.”Finally I just went limp in John’s lap, his free arm holding me up, his erection throbbing urgently against my butt. Jessie’s chest was heaving and his face was fire truck red as he realized what had happened. An expression of embarrassment spread over his face and he shifted the recliner to an upright position, preparing to stand up.”Noooo,” I said, my voice a hoarse whisper. “Stay, son…don’t leave us yet.”Jessie froze in place, half-risen from his seat, staring at his father and me. Long seconds passed as he watched us, his father’s hand still in my panties, teasingly rubbing my outer folds, sending periodic shivers of delight through my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri body. Then, slowly, Jessie sat back down, his eyes never leaving us.”Good boy,” said John as he pulled his fingers from my pussy, glistening and dripping with my juices. John sucked my cream off his forefinger and smacked his lips. “Delicious!” he declared and moved to suck his other fingers clean, but paused and then held his fingers up to me, brushing my partly open lips. Without hesitation, I sucked his fingers into my mouth and sucked them clean of my juices.Jessie let out a groan and I was pleased to see that the slowly disappearing tent in his pants was now again growing. I took my eyes off of my son and turned and kissed my husband, tasting myself on his lips. “Darling, I need your cock,” I said in a low, breathless voice. Shakily, I let myself slip from John’s lap, letting my legs fold up as I descended so that I was on my knees between his legs when I was done.”I need it, John. I want to taste your cock on my lips. I want to taste your cum in my mouth.” I whispered, glancing over almost shyly at Jessie as I spoke. I reached up and began to tug at John’s pajamas. My husband lifted his hips and I yanked his pajamas down, freeing his lovely cock to stand straight up.John sighed happily, knowing what a good cocksucker I am. He glanced at Jessie and then scooted a little bit in Jessie’s direction, giving our son a better viewpoint for what came next.I reached out and took my husband’s cock in my hand, now as on the first time I knelt at this feet, marveling at his fine example of the male penis, long, thick and oh so hard. “I love you, John,” I whispered as I slowly stroked his cock. As I ran my hand up and down his long shaft, I turned and looked over at my son. “I love you, Jessie.” Slowly, my eyes on Jessie, I lowered my head and took John in my mouth, pausing to rub the head of his penis against my lips and to roll my tongue around the crown and across his piss slit before slowly wrapping my lips around my husband’s thick meat and taking him inch by inch into my mouth. John groaned as I slowly deep-throated his cock, taking it all, running my tongue along his stiff shaft until his cock head was lodged deep in my throat and my lips were being tickled by his pubic hairs. I made an “Mmmmm” sound as I held my man’s penis in my mouth, letting it get slick with my saliva. Then slowly I released John’s cock, again letting it slip from my lips inch by thick inch.I let him go and again ran my tongue over the head, then trailed my tongue down his shaft until I buried my face in his balls, tonguing them as well before rolling my tongue back up the several inches of his erect penis. All during this, I watched our son staring avidly at my actions. If anything, I think he was harder than he had been before, judging by the size of the bulge in his pajamas.”Son, why don’t you make yourself comfortable?” I said to Jessie. “Let your cock out and feel free to masturbate while I suck your father’s cock.”Jessie moaned and looked at me, then his father. “Mom?” he moaned.I nodded and said, “Yes, Jessie, it’s okay. We don’t mind. It’s not fair that we get all the fun. Go ahead, jerk off while I suck Dad’s cock.” I winked at him and said, “You can pretend Momma’s doing it to you.”Then I began to suck John’s cock again, making a serious effort to show off my cock sucking skills to Jessie. John helped out by keeping my long, blonde hair pulled back from my face so it wouldn’t obscure our son’s view of my oral pleasuring of his dad. My eyes wandered back and forth between my husband and my son. Within a minute of resuming my blowjob, I was rewarded with Jessie squirming a bit in his seat so he could pull his pajamas partly off, revealing his hard and glorious cock. It was streaked with streamers of semen where he just cum. It was incredible and I judged right on the spot that my son was at least an inch longer than his father, perhaps two inches and he was just as thick as John.I sucked on my husband’s cock furiously while John and I both watched Jessie stroke his hard cock. John’s sighs of happiness mixed with Jessie’s unmistakable noises of spanking the monkey and I made them both swell a little more as I gobbled John’s cock noisily, slurping and sucking. I have never understood why, but men love to hear a woman sound as if she is almost choking on the cock they’re sucking on. I suppose it all has to deal with the fantasy of believing their cocks are almost too big for a woman to be able to put in their mouths.Just as the lewd and almost i****tuous scene had triggered a quick orgasm from me, both my men were not able to contain themselves for very long. I had my lips wrapped tightly around the crown of John’s cock, sucking furiously as my tongue swept over it again and again when John moaned, “Oh God, Shelly – sweet cocksucker – I’m going to cum!”Immediately, John stiffened and his cock swelled and a thick jet of hot semen exploded inside my mouth, then another and another. Then, while I adore the taste of semen, I couldn’t resist my naughty impulse to give our son another display of his mother’s whorish ways. I let my husband’s cock slip from my mouth and let our son see his father’s cock spray sperm all over his mother’s face. Jet after jet of hot semen splashed against my face, coating my cheeks and lips, running across the bridge of my nose and dripping from my chin. It seemed as if in one orgasm, John was literally emptying his balls to cum on my face.I rolled my tongue around my lips, scooping up streamers of my husband’s cum and while doing so, looked over at my son, giving him a lusty leer. “I love the taste of sperm,” I whispered and that was all it took. Jessie sobbed and his hips began to buck and as his frantically stroked himself, my son began to cum, huge spurts of cum erupting from his cock, and splattering all over his hand and stomach, the first bursts going up a few feet. Like his father, he seemed to cum forever, a thick flood of semen that coated his hand and cock as he milked himself.”Mom!” Jessie moaned again and again as he watched me watching him masturbate. Finally, he was done, and sat there with his hand around his somewhat deflated cock, gasping for air and staring at me with tear filled eyes.”Jessie, are you alright?” I asked, a little concerned that maybe this was all too much for him.He nodded furiously, seeming to be unable to say much more than “Mom.”I felt John lean forward and then his finger rolled over my cheek and my chin, scooping up his spunk splattered here and there. “Did you enjoy yourself, son?” he asked.Again, our son nodded furiously and grinned sheepishly at the same time while John slipped his semen covered finger into my mouth and I lovingly sucked it clean. John’s grin again turned into a open mouth gape as he watched his mother act so slutty.I turned to John and murmured, “It’s time to go to bed, honey.” My husband reached down and helped me to my feet. We started to walk past our son, but I turned and went over to him, bending over him to say goodnight, well aware that my breasts were hanging down and swaying just a bit as I did so.”Goodnight, sweetie. Momma loves you.” As I spoke and then leaned forward and kissed my son on the corner of his mouth, I made sure my breasts were brushing against his chest and with one hand, I reached down and squeezed his own hand still encircling his cock, managing to scoop up some of his sperm from his cum covered hand. “Get a good night’s sleep, Jessie. I expect tomorrow will be a busy day,” I said as I started to turn away, making sure he saw me bring my semen smeared hand to my mouth and lick his cum off as we walked away. Jessie tasted different than his father, strong and sweet. I immediately fell in love with the taste of my son’s semen. As we walked up the stairs, John’s hands took me by the waist and he said quietly, “I’m very pleased with you, Shelly.” My husband’s words and even the tone he spoke them in hit me like I’d been plugged into a pleasure machine. I felt my knees grow weak even as I felt my pussy quiver and trickles of my juices began to run down my thighs. We entered our bedroom as one, arms wrapped around each other, kissing passionately. I don’t remember us even hitting the bed, I just know that suddenly I was on my back and John was in me, lustily pounding his cock into me and I was wailing with pleasure. John talked to me with each thrust, calling me a motherslut and asking me if I was ready to fuck our son. Words were hard for me to form, and mostly I remember just moaning, “Fuck Momma, fuck Momma with that big dick,” over and over again, before my body just seemed to come apart as my orgasm swept over me.Cuddling afterwards, we happily recounted the evening’s fun. “Did you see how big Jessie’s cock is, Shelly?” John said. “I bet you can’t wait to get him inside you.” I shivered as I thought about having my son fucking me and giggled as I said back, “I bet you can’t wait to see our big-dick son fucking me.”Am I going to see that tomorrow, Shelly?” John asked. “I think I’ve been waiting long enough.” There was a sternness to my husband’s voice, hinting that he wanted his command obeyed soon and I nodded and replied, “I think after tomorrow night, you will be very happy, honey.”And it did seem that again, the next night would never get here. The next day, Saturday was very weird. What we three had been doing was hanging over us, but none of us spoke of it all through the day. I spent most of the day catching up on washing and ironing, hanging out in the kitchen with my ironing board, dressed in a string bikini top and some old blue jean shorts. John and Jessie spent most of the day raking leaves and getting the yard ready for winter.John and I would kiss and fool around a bit when he passed through, but we never let things get out of hand. Jessie ate lunch while I worked on my ironing and I was aware that his eyes never left my partly clad body and I tried hard to put an extra shimmy and shake into my movements as I ironed clothes. I would smile at him and give him a naughty wink once in a while that made him blush, but we never mentioned our naughty behavior once.Maybe he was worried that if we did talk about it, like some magical creature it would disappear in a puff of smoke. In truth, I felt the same way. My plan, such that it was, seemed to be working perfectly, and I was thrilled and flattered that my son was so turned on by me.Both my men showered before dinner and then I excused myself to go take a bath while John and Jessie cleaned up the kitchen. I took a long, lazy bubble bath and considered shaving my pussy as a surprise for John and my son, but decided not to do it. I like the way my little golden haired muff looked. I think there is something uniquely feminine about a natural blonde’s pubic hair.Downstairs, I could hear John and Jessie laughing at some old comedy movie. I went through my wardrobe and considered what I was going to wear tonight. After long thought, I decided it was time to get really naughty. I was horny and I was through with preliminaries. I selected my outfit and preened in front of the mirror, nodding to myself.Quietly, I came down stairs, pausing to look at my husband and my son watching television. Both looked so handsome. John was again in his pajama bottoms, leaving the top off. I felt both love and lust for him, just as I had the first night I met him. Somehow, John had convinced our son to leave his pajama top off as well and I was more than a little turned on by his well developed body. I knew he kept weights in his bedroom and worked out everyday, but I guess I wasn’t expecting him to look so mature. I confess, my pussy hungered for him. I felt my heart pounding in anticipation. I loved my son as a mother, but now I realized the possibilities were so endless, that motherly love was just the gateway to a greater love.I walked into the room and murmured, “My, aren’t you two a couple of good looking studs!” Both turned and looked at me and both my men rewarded me with awestruck looks that made me blush and wet between my legs at the same time.I was standing in front of them in a pair of stiletto high heels and a nasty, black widow-maker corset. The corset lifted up my breasts and put them on prominent display, my nipples throbbing and erect for all to see. I chose to skip hose and panties, so my pussy was also bared and very visible.”Mom,” Jessie gasped. “You’re beautiful!” Laid back in his recliner, I was in the perfect position to see his pajama bottoms produce a huge tent in just scant seconds.”Thank you, son,” I breathed back, slowly walking by him, making sure he saw all my goodies. John was speechless and I grinned at him as I straddled him. “I need you right now, lover – I can’t wait until bedtime.”I kissed my husband, driving my tongue into his mouth as I began to undulate on his lap, rubbing my bare pussy against his quickly emerging erection. We kissed passionately as our son watched, John’s hands coming around to caress my bare ass, to help me roll my hips and groin to better press against his pajama covered cock.I needed more and I began squirming around, lifting up to work my husband’s pajama’s off him, finally rising to help him finish shedding them and flinging them across the room, over John’s head to land behind his recliner while he watched us anxiously. I leaned over and with my breasts hanging pendulously, wrapped my fingers around John’s cock and stroked him several times before licking his cockhead like it was an ice cream cone.I looked up at our son who was squirming himself, rubbing his bugle through his pajamas. “Jessie, I really need to fuck your Dad right now. I can’t wait any longer. Do you mind if I fuck him right here and now? You can watch if you want.”Jessie just nodded wordlessly. I turned and smiled at my husband. “I need to fuck you baby, right here, right now.” John just smiled and nodded.I turned around and straddled him again, facing towards our son. Reaching down, I took John’s hard cock in hand while using my other hand to spread my labia lips apart, revealing to Jessie for the first time the pink, wet folds of my aroused pussy. “Do you like what you see, son?” I said in a husky whisper. “I’m wet. I’m wet because of you, Jessie. I bet you didn’t know you made your mother so hot and wet, did you?”Jessie just stared as I maneuvered John’s cock to my pussy. My pussy lips clasped the head of his cock hungrily and as our son watched, I slowly sank down on his father’s immense erection. In all my life I have never been so excited and aroused. John’s cock felt larger than ever and I was tightening my flesh around him and it seemed I could feel every bump and vein on his erect penis. Every moment and every movement brought me pleasure like I had never known. Slowly, on tiptoe, I began to piston up and down on John’s throbbing dick.I reveled in being so carnally lewd in front of my son, knowing that he was hard and turned on because of me, that he was shedding his own pajamas, freeing his cock and stroking it because of me. Jessie brought his recliner to the upright position, his pajama bottoms pooled at his feet. He was leaning forward, his eyes intent on me as I rode his father’s cock.”Do you like what you see, Jessie?” I hissed. “Does it make you want to do things, things to me?”Jessie groaned while John chuckled, his hands on my waist, helping me ride up and down on his long, stiff cock. Finally, Jessie managed to moan, “I love you, Mom! I want, I want…” His words faded into a groan, full of need and desire. I felt my pussy flooding around John’s cock from my own desires.”Son, would you like Mom to suck your cock?” I said softly. I licked my lips and added, “Momma’s been looking forward to eating some of her baby’s cum.” A thrill shot through me. A part of me couldn’t believe that I was acting this way towards my own son, offering myself up as such a slut. Another part of me wanted to do so much more and even the thought of letting my son have me was enough to send me to the edge of orgasm.Jessie was on his feet, a look of delight mixed with sheer disbelief at my offer. He stepped out of his pajamas and took a step towards us, then another and then another and there he was in front of me. My son’s cock was almost completely vertical against his flat stomach. Up close it was even bigger than I had thought, more than two inches longer than his father. “Oh Jessie, you’re so big! You have a beautiful cock,” I cooed as I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft.”I love you, Mom!” Jessie sobbed. He stepped a bit closer as I guided his cock towards my face. “MOMMMMM!” he cried out as I opened my mouth and let the head of his cock slip between my lips. My tongue rolled over his swollen cock head, I could taste him, lapping up the precum oozing from his slit.I felt an orgasm begin to build between my legs, my pussy a fiery furnace about to overheat and explode as my screamed at me that I had my son’s cock in my mouth. I took more of him, my tongue busily swirling around his soft yet steely flesh, tasting him and loving him. Jessie’s hand dropped to my head, fingers curling in my hair and then he pulled his hand away.”It’s okay, son,” murmured John. “Put your fingers back, get them tangled up in your Mom’s pretty blonde hair. Use it, guide your Mom. Let her know what you want. Faster, slower, deeper.” John’s voice became darker, more stern. “Tell her what you want and your Mom will do it for you. She likes to please her men.”Jessie did what his father wanted and as I looked up into my son’s eyes, my mouth filled with his cock, he reached out and slipped his fingers into my hair, both hands holding my head. He thrust forward and pulled me closer and I took more of him. He held my head tight and began to fuck my mouth, moving slowly back and forth, his fingers tightening around my curly, blonde locks.”Oh yeah, Mom,” he moaned, a happy and satisfied grin on his face, identical to the one his father displayed when he was pleased. “I love you so much, Mom!”For a minute maybe I held out against my orgasm, feeling the pleasure rise within me, spreading out from my pussy to my breasts, making my nipples so swollen they were in pain, and then throughout the rest of my body. Slowly riding up and down on John’s throbbing cock while my son fucked my face, me hungrily sucking his long shaft, pure carnal joy built within me.Finally, the knowledge that I w as being shared by my husband and my son, the sheer sweet i****tuous pleasure sent me over the edge and my orgasm swept through me. I sank down on John’s cock, unable to control my movements anymore. I simply convulsed and shook, impaled on his wonderful cock while I struggled to continue sucking Jessie’s cock. Mostly, I managed to work my tongue over his sweet meat while he did the work, working his cock in and out of his mother’s mouth.I must have been quite the sluttish sight, helplessly stuck on my husband’s erection while my son fucked my face. I think it was too much for Jessie and I felt his cock throb and swell and as he moaned, “Mommm, I’m, I’m cummminggg!” my son flooded my mouth with burst after burst of sweet semen.When I say it was a flood, I mean a flood. Never in all my thirty-eight years, have I had so much sperm from one man. His spunk was sweeter tasting than his father’s, the cleaner, more youthful taste you only get from a young man. I gobbled and swallowed and couldn’t handle it. Choking, I let him slip from my mouth and his last ejaculations splashed across my face, giving me a facial with his hot sperm. I could only moan happily as I continued to quake from my orgasm, Jessie’s sperm splattering against my lips and extended tongue and my chin and cheeks.Jessie looked quite dazed at the end of his orgasm and he sank to his knees in front of me, watching me as I sobbed and cried, my fingers trying to push his semen across my face to my hungry mouth as my orgasm began to ebb.Then John was lifting me off his cock and easing me to the floor as I looked up at him confused. “Finish me with your mouth, Shelly,” he commanded me. I groaned and turned to his erection, cockflesh glistening with my own juices. Hungrily, I took him in my mouth, sucking hard, tongue fluttering over the crown of his cock. I stiffened in surprise as I felt hands touching me from behind and I realized that Jessie was being brave and exploring me. Orgasmic aftershocks rocked me as I felt his fingers slipping through my pussy lips, finding my wetness. Another hand curled around and was touching my hard nipple, testing and pulling on it. I shivered with delight at his touch and then John groaned and began cumming, excited at the sight of his only c***d exploring his wife’s body.John’s semen gushed into my mouth, not quite the flood of tasty sperm that his son had given me (and which was even now dripping from my chin to my tits), but still a considerable load. I swallowed one sweet tasting shot after another until finally John was spent at least for the moment.I let my husband slip from my mouth and gasped for air, more orgasmic tremors making me shiver as Jessie continued to caress my wet folds. John smiled down at me and then asked our son, “Well, Jessie, what do you think? Isn’t your mom quite the slut?””I think Mom’s wonderful!” Jessie exclaimed. “I, I can’t believe this is happening.””Shit, son, we’re just getting started. You haven’t seen anything yet!” John said, laughing.I reached out and touched John’s now semi-erect cock. Despite just experiencing an earth shattering orgasm, my body screamed for more. “Take me to bed,” I whispered. “Take me to bed, now.”John grinned and shook his head. “No,” he said.I was at a loss. “No?” I replied. Maybe I was a little confused and bewildered from the glorious sex.”No, I’m not going to take you to bed. Maybe your son would like to fuck you.” John considered our son with a serious look. “Jessie, are you a virgin?”Jessie blushed a little and nodded. John went on, “Would you like your mom to be your first fuck?”Jessie grinned and said, “Oh yeah!””Then tell her,” John said.Our son’s eyes widened and he looked at me, his hand coming up from my breast to my shoulder. “Mom, would you like to…””NO!” interrupted his father. “Tell her what you want. She will obey you like she does me.”Understanding dawned on my son’s face and then he smiled his father’s smile, making me hot again between my thighs. I shivered with anticipation. “Mom, I want you to fuck me,” Jessie said. “I want you to fuck me now!”I nearly came just hearing his words, but then his father added. “Take our son upstairs to his room, Shelly. A mother and son’s first time should be their own. I’ll join you later.”My voice was thick was lust as I replied, “Yes, dear.” I stood up on unsteady legs and took Jessie’s hand. “Come with me, son.” I said. As my husband watched, I lead our son upstairs. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer and I could hardly breathe. We stepped into Jessie’s room, cluttered with all his junk. I turned to him and said, “Kiss me, sweetheart. Kiss Momma.” Jessie took me into his arms and we kissed. Bless his heart, but he was awkward and shy, not even opening his mouth at first. I pressed my tongue against his lips and he quickly figured things out and then his tongue found mine and it felt so wonderful sharing a soul kiss with my sweet son. If he realized that he was tasting himself and his father, it didn’t seem to bother him.We kissed for what seemed a heavenly eternity until finally I felt his cock stir and press against me, poking me in my abdomen. I broke the kiss and said breathlessly, “Help me out of this thing, I want to be completely naked for you, son.”We both fumbled with my corset and then it was flung to the floor forgotten as we came into each other’s arms, my firm breasts pressing against his chest as we kissed again. His fingers trailed up and down, caressing my back and my ass. I pulled him tight against me, feeling his newly erect penis throbbing between us. “It’s time, Jessie,” I whispered into his ear after ending the kiss. “It’s time for you to make love to your mother!”Outwardly, I seemed quite contained and sure of myself, but my insides were a quivering, molten mass of flesh in need of a good fucking. I took his cock in my hand and led him to the bed. I let Jessie go and eased myself back and down onto the mattress, kicking away his tangled sheets and blanket. Jessie stood over me, his eyes staring at me hungrily as I scooted back, resting my head on his pillows. I spread my legs wide and held out my hands. “Come to Momma,” I whispered.Jessie climbed between my legs, stopping to just kneel there and stare at my naked body, breasts heaving and pussy lips spread, revealing my shiny, wet flesh. “Son, please fuck me. I’ve dreamed of this moment. Fuck me, Jessie.”My son nearly flung himself onto me, his weight pressing down on mine as he thrust his hips at me, his cock scr****g along my thigh, seeking an entrance to heaven. I showered Jessie’s face with kisses and said soothingly, “Take your time, lover. We aren’t going anywhere. Kiss me, son.”We kissed again, tongues swirling around each other, tasting each other. I rolled my hips around and almost by instinct Jessie moved to intercept me and then I groaned into his mouth as the head of his cock found my pussy, my labia almost clasping his hard, throbbing flesh and pulling him in. I flung my hips upward to meet his immediate downward thrust and then I was being filled with him.My body exploded into orgasm before I could take all of him. Just the knowledge that this wonderful cock that was squeezing its way into me, completely fulfilling me was my own son’s was enough to send me into an i****tuous orgasm. Never has something felt so right. As much as I love and adore John, I knew instantly that this was the cock I was always meant to have and that for the rest of my life, I could never get enough of.”Ohhhh, Jessie!” I moaned as inch after inch of his thick cock sank into me, going deeper than his father could ever go, plunging me into i****tuous delight as he crammed me full of his cock. I needed more and more, I needed it all. My legs came up and crossed behind his back, my heels digging into his butt, driving him deeper and deeper until I felt his crinkly pubic hair tickling my sparsely haired mound.”FUCK MEEEE, JESSSSSIEEEE!” I screamed as I clawed blood trails down my son’s back. I was completely his now. I would do anything, be anything as long as my son would fuck me. I was his motherslut just as my husband commanded me to become. As Jessie began to slowly and instinctively pump in and out of me, the little bit of my mind that still that rationally sensed my husband standing in the doorway, watching us. Jessie began to find his rhythm and fucked me fast and hard. He ducked his head down and ran his tongue over my bouncing breasts. As he tongued my right breast, he caught my nipple in his mouth and began to suck on it, holding it firmly between his teeth and flicking his tongue over the hard button. He bit a little too hard and I moaned from the sudden pain, but all it did was add gasoline to the fire, kicking my orgasm up a notch.Like his father, my son was a born natural lover, paying attention to my moans and cries and quickly repeating little movements and thrusts that had my body stiffening up in orgasmic spasms. I completely surrendered myself to Jessie, heart and soul. Orgasm led to orgasm and I was sobbing from the intensity of my pleasure, tears running down my face as Jessie fucked me and fucked and fucked me.Then, just as I thought it couldn’t be any more intense, Jessie moaned and thrust deep inside me, as deep as any man has ever been and then I felt the searing heat of his seed coating my insides, bathing my womb in his hot, wonderful semen and my whole body seemed to go up in flames.I screamed so loud and violently that if I hadn’t had my legs wrapped around my son, he would have probably jumped off me. i****tuous orgasmic pleasure swept through me, taking me apart completely and although I didn’t pass out, things grayed for me. All I was sensible of was Jessie’s lovely cock inside me and all the almost indescribable pleasure it was giving me.I came back to the world as I moaned in pleasure from Jessie slowly withdrawing his cock from my grasp. I wanted to stop him, but I was helpless for the moment, being simply a woman who had literally been fucked senseless. I stared up at my wonderful son, feeling the tears of love and joy run down my face. He was grinning like a little boy on Christmas morning and kept leaning down to kiss my tears away.Finally I regained the power of motion and wrapped my arms around Jessie’s neck and pulled him to me, kissing him and finally catching my breath long enough to gasp, “I, oh my god, you were wonderful, son. That was fantastic!””You were fantastic, Mom! You were fucking awesome,” exclaimed my son, kissing me back as he rested with me.”She is incredible, isn’t she?” said John from the doorway. He entered Jessie’s room, one hand slowly stroking his erection. My husband had a happy look on his face. He stopped by the side of the bed and smiled down at me. “Shelly, I am very pleased. That was one of the most erotic moments of my life.” He leaned over and kissed me. “I love you, Shelly.””I love you, John. Thank you for this. I never imagined it could be this good.” I said in reply.John just grinned and said, “Oh, I think it will get even better, babe. I want you to clean your son’s cock off now.” A post orgasmic tremor went through me as I responded to my husband’s command. He reached over and ruffled Jessie’s hair. “Just lean back and enjoy, Jessie. Nothing like having your lover clean you up after a good fuck,” John told our son.I got on my hands and knees and kneeling between Jessie’s thighs, I began licking his partly deflated cock with my tongue, lapping up our mixed juices like it was sweet candy. Jessie gasped as he experienced the incredible sensation of having his cock sucked after sex for the first time.”Hope you don’t mind if I join you, son,” John said. I felt the mattress shift as John’s weight joined our own on the bed. I felt his hands on my ass, caressing my ass cheeks as he moved up behind me. My husband had me perfectly positioned. My face was in Jessie’s crotch and my ass was waving high in the air. I groaned around a mouthful of rapidly growing cock as John ran the tip of his hard cock up and down my semen drenched pussy.”Omigod! Wow! Sure, Dad!” gasped Jessie as he realized what his father was doing. I moaned as I felt John’s penis pierce the folds of my pussy and then he was sinking into me, his cock lubricated by my juices, now freely flowing again as well as the immense load of spunk his son had deposited inside me. I knew from long experience that my husband never seemed to mind sloppy seconds with his wife.Immediately güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I was transported back to the edge of orgasm as my husband began to fuck me from behind. I tried to focus on enjoying it while continuing to suck my son, cleaning his cock of his sperm and my pussy juice and then simply pleasuring Jessie with my mouth while he squirmed and clawed the sheets. I marveled over his resilience as he was again completely hard. Meanwhile, John was fucking with sweet long strokes, his hands on my hips, holding me steady while ramming his hard cock into my sensitive pussy. I realized immediately that I could very used to having two B___ men working to keep my pussy filled at all times.I heard John ask me, “Shelly, have you got our son hard again?” I let Jessie slip from my mouth, rubbing his spongy head against my face as I sighed, “Oh yes, John. He is long and hard and beautiful.””Good,” John replied and I felt him slowly withdraw from me and I turned away from licking Jessie’s penis and looked over my shoulder. My husband grinned at me and said, “Baby, you’re about to be fucked silly!”I trembled as what he meant hit me. I wasn’t exactly unfamiliar with what he had planned, but it had been a long time since I done it, or rather had it done to me. “Climb on, Shelly,” John commanded. “Jessie, how about you and me fuck your Mom silly?”Jessie looked wide-eyed at his father and I wondered if he even understood what we were about to do, but he grinned anxiously and said, “Let’s do it, Dad!”Still a bit shaky from our earlier lovemaking, I moved up on my knees and straddled my son. “I love you, son,” I sighed as I guided his cock to my pussy and then slipped myself down, biting my lip as I slowly impaled myself on Jessie’s incredible cock. I think I actually purred as I felt my pussy fill with his wonderful meat stick.Then I felt John’s hands on my back urging me to lean forward, until my breasts were dragging against Jessie’s chest and my ass was tilted upwards. I trembled as John spread my cheeks and I felt the head of his cock nudging my asshole. Our son, I think, suddenly realized what was about to occur and I swear his cock swelled a little inside me in response. As my husband pressed against my backdoor with his cock, lubricated with my pussy juices and his son’s semen, I braced for the pain laced pleasure about to occur.I let out a cry as John forced his cock into my ass, pressing his shaft past my sphincter until it relaxed and slowly he began to slide his thick penis up my butt. Lights flashed and I suddenly felt so full as I took John up my ass, his cock separated just by a thin membrane of skin from his son’s dick.”OH GODDDDDD!” I sobbed as my sweet husband began to fuck my ass, rocking me forward slightly so that I was moving back and forth on Jessie’s massive cock as well. With each thrust, John sank himself deeper into me, moving a little more strongly and increasing the fucking motion for both himself and Jessie. With two cocks in me, I felt like I was about to burst.Then Jessie began to get a feel for how to move and it was like a fireworks factory was exploding between my legs. “YESSS! YESYESYES! FUCK ME LOVERS, FUCK MOMMMAAA,” I was screaming as a new orgasm swept over me. I was helpless, a sexual rag doll, trapped between two strong men and their big dicks, the i****tuous meat in this carnal sexual sandwich. I lost total control, babbling and sobbing as my son and my husband slammed their cocks in and out of my ass and pussy. I flailed my arms as sexual fire swept through me.Then Jessie moaned, “I’m cumming, Mom!” and for the third time tonight, he gave his mother an unbelievable amount of sperm, flooding my pussy with his seed. “Oh yeah, give it to her, son!” John growled as he thrust hard and deep into my asshole and began pumping his cum in me as well. Oh my god! It was lights out for me. With two loads of hot, steaming semen in me, already in pleasure overload, I felt my arms and legs spasm and my heart beating like it was about to explode and a tidal wave of pure ecstasy crashed over me and I was gone. I was in another realm, disconnected from everything except pleasure – completely enveloped in an orgasm unlike any I had ever experienced.I woke up almost an hour later, oozing spunk from my ass and pussy and being cuddled by my two strong, wonderful lovers. John was explaining to our son about our relationship, about my submissive streak and how now, they would share me.”If you feel the need, the urge, you just tell your mother what you want, Jessie. Your mother will be happy to oblige you,””Mmmmmm, more than happy,” I said, stretching like a big, sexy cat. I turned and kissed my husband and then my son. “Tonight is the beginning of a whole new wonderful life.” And it has been. Jessie graduates from school in a few months and has already chose to attend a local university, living at home while he goes there so he can continue to enjoy our new family situation.Around the house, I’m usually not wearing panties since I never know when one of my strong men will need to satisfy his cravings. And neither is slow to respond to my own needs, there is always a big, stiff, willing cock available for fucking should I be inclined.Usually my husband and son spend Saturday evenings sharing me completely, although Jessie is now dating. Just last weekend, he came home smiling from a date with a high school friend and I tasted another woman’s pussy on his cock for the first time, but hopefully not the last. Who knows what might happen next, but I’m sure looking forward to finding out.I was so knocked out by all the wonderful responses to my first story. Thank you all so much! I hope this story doesn’t disappoint. I really tried to go to the extreme edge of my fantasies this time. I must apologize. I should have made it clear I’m not writing sequels here; each story represents a different fantasy of mine. Maybe someday a story might have a second part, but for now each one stands alone.Please keep those comments coming in. They are so informative and I’ve made many new friends that share my interests. BTW, the actual title of this piece would be: “My Hubby’s Gangbang Surprise!” I hope you enjoy it.Lastly…I’m dedicating this to Sharon. Kisses, Heartslut!It always comes without warning and I never pick up the phone expecting it. My day is spent doing my work in my little cubicle, processing claims and compiling data and whenever the phone rings, it’s with the expectation of it being either a doctor with a question about billing or administration with another request for information. When the phone begins its annoying loud chirp, I pick it up without a glance. “This is Shelly in Claims. How may I help you?””The cabin. Five o’clock,” my husband’s voice whispers, no, commands before hanging up before I can say anything. Before I manage to set the phone down, I am wet. The fire between my legs is but a spark when I first hear his voice and by the time he stops speaking, I am on fire between my thighs. I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, shivering as I do so.I glance at the clock on the wall. It’s a quarter to three now. Good. I doubt I’ll get much else done today. My hands rest on top of my thighs and I now regret wearing slacks today. I so badly want to touch myself. I feel my nipples getting hard under my bra, scrapping against the soft material in the cups.The cabin. How long has it been? I haul out my day planner and flip back through days past. Today is March Sixth. I have to go back to November of last year. Almost four months. It’s been too long since the last time, the sweet, incredible and nasty last time. I sit at my desk in almost a daze until one of my co-workers passes and she says, “Have a good weekend.” I look up. It’s three thirty. I hurry up and collect my things, a terrible thrill going through my body as I move. Every movement of fabric against my moist cunt makes me crazy.Driving through traffic is a maddening exercise as I try to concentrate on the rush hour busyness and not let my imagination wander into the dark, naughty corners of my mind. I work my way clear of the city and into the rural countryside of my southern state. Any other time, I would enjoy the scenic view of hills and trees as I wind up into the woods. Off the main road onto a bumpy, pot hole filled lane and then onto the gravel road that ends up in our cabin.It’s a lovely place. John bought the land, some 30 acres, over fifteen years ago and over a couple of summers, he built our family a wonderful place to retreat to from the crazy and loud world. In recent years it has become so much more. The cabin is two stories high, with three bedrooms on the second floor and a fourth downstairs along with a kitchen and a wide open family area. No cable, but there is a satellite hookup. It has bathrooms on both floors and a nice front porch and a deck out back.John’s truck isn’t here, but I always arrive first. I unlock the door and go in. I hurry up and strip in our bedroom. I take a quick shower, glancing at the time on the bedside table clock as I towel off. It’s four thirty-five. I finish toweling my long blonde hair and stretch, trying to work out the last of the kinks from sitting behind a desk all day.I look at myself in the long mirror on the back of the door. I run my hands over my naked body, trying not to excite myself too much. The truth is, I’ve never calmed down since the phone call. I cup my breasts, rubbing thumbs over my meaty nipples as I heft my heavy breasts. Not bad for thirty-eight, going on thirty nine years. My 38d tits don’t sag much. I’ve tried to take care of myself. I slip a hand down across my bare tummy, not too much fat here, not flat, but still a sexy belly. My hand travels lower to the swelling of my mound, my scant blonde muff not concealing my excitement. My labia have flowered, revealing my tender, moist flesh. My clitoris is just barely peeking out from its hood and I stroke it gently, sending new shivers up and down my body. My nipples swell more and cry out for attention, but time is running out.At the end of the bed is an old steamer trunk. I open it and lift the mask out. I glance down at the handcuff sets and scarves and other things that make me shiver. I wonder what will be used. I go back to the bed and begin the arduous task of putting on the leather mask. First, I tie my hair back into a pony tail that will eventually peek out from beneath the back of my other face.My other face, that’s what John calls it. A leather mask that goes completely over my head. The eye-holes are sewn shut and there are no ear-holes. It limits my ability to hear. There are nostril holes so I can breath and there is a mesh and Velcro patch over the mouth, so it can be removed when necessary.I tug it on, feeling myself getting wetter as I lose the ability to see, to hear, to speak. Blackness envelopes my world even as I feel the heat increasing between my thighs. I sit at attention on the side of the bed, trying to hear something, anticipating what will happen next, wondering when it will happen. Time passes. In the quiet darkness, things play tricks with you. Did I hear something? Was that a car coming up the gravel lane? Was that a door shutting?I shiver with anticipation as I register the vibration of feet walking across wood. He’s here. The footsteps come closer. My flesh rises up in goose pimples as I sense him standing next to me. I give a start when I feel his hand stroke the top of my head. I turn towards him as if I could see him. He steps away and then back. He takes my hand and I feel cloth and metal and slight tightness and know that he’s cuffed my wrist. Roughly he pulls me back towards the headboard. My arm goes up and away and I am handcuffed to the metal ring screwed into the bedpost. My other arm is next, then my legs are cuffed to the lower bedposts. I am on my back, spread-eagled on the bed, my cunt open and visible to anyone on the bed. Then nothing.I flex and see how much movement I have. Not much. I cannot close my legs. I wonder what my husband has in store for me. Whatever it is, I want it, I want it now! I tremble as I have so many times over the last eight years. Waiting for what is to come, I let my mind wander back and let myself be aroused by earlier adventure.It started as silly weekend getaways. We were the typical little family. John and me and our son. Although John and I had always been sexually active, by the time I was turned thirty, our love life was in a bit of a rut. One weekend, when our son Jessie was about ten and he went on a weekend trip with his Cub Scout group, John and I came up here to the cabin for a get away. We were making out in the bed when John teasingly took some scarves and tied me up. It was like someone had set off an explosion in my cunt.I discovered how much I like to be controlled and John realized how much he likes to be in control. It was more dominant/submissive roleplay that sado/machoism, but it fired up our sex life like nothing ever had. We experimented as the next couple of years went by. We invested in all sorts of toys, restraint items and clothing. The first time I was tied up and in the mask, I came as soon as John slipped his hard cock inside me and was a happy, hysterical mess by the time he shot his seed inside me. It was after that fun day that the phone calls came. And then John began to make even more changes and we discovered together what a slut I actually am.I feel more than hear the floor creak again. Hands are on me! I jerk as I realize they aren’t my husband’s. Thick, man hands, but softer than John’s. His construction foreman’s hands are rough to the touch. I feel my cunt quiver. John brought a friend! It excites me even though this isn’t nearly the first time. Most of our visits to the cabin result in visitors. Most of them from over the years I still haven’t a clue. I rarely get to meet them with the mask off.His hand is on my breast, squeezing it softly and then more firmly. He pinches my engorged nipple and I groan, savoring the pain and the pleasure that the pain unlocks. I arch my back, trying to press myself into that hand. I hear noise, muffled and vague, laughter maybe. Another hand, again softer than John’s, grabs my other breast, but the angle is wrong. Someone on the other side of the bed! John has brought more than one friend to play!More hands follow. They’re on my thighs and on my ankles. Someone is stroking my stomach and then someone is touching my cunt.! They palm my mound, rubbing against my slick, rubbery lips, brushing against my aroused clit. My nipples are being pulled and pinched, harder each time they are grasped. Fingers penetrate my cunt and I try to drive up into them, getting them deeper to scratch the nasty itches inside me. I’m not sure, but I think there’s four of them, none of them my husband. All have softer skin, men’s hands, but not the rough callused hands of John and his construction friends, too soft, almost like new. LIKE NEW! Pleasure shoots through me and I almost have an orgasm as I realize my husband has brought me younger men to play with. There is a large university nearby. My mind reels as I imagine several healthy young college boys fucking me senseless.Hands trade places and I know they’re moving around, trying new things. Hands wet and sticky with my cunt sauce tug on a nipple then give me a slippery pinch. New fingers probe my cunt and my pelvis strains to welcome it, to give it a deeper place to explore.Somebody’s mouth is on my nipple and I feel a tongue awkwardly, tentatively circle my aching rubbery nub. He begins to suckle on me. Another mouth closes on my other nipple. I feel teeth and I scream vainly against my mask as he bits me almost hard enough to draw blood. My body jerks against my restraints but I’m not going anywhere. That both frightens me and arouses me. I am at their mercies and their desires.Suddenly they are gone. I can feel the bed shift as weight is removed. They don’t go far, I can sense them still close by. I hear muffled sound, talking or maybe laughter again. My body shakes with need. I scream “FUCK ME!” into my mask and can only hope somebody hears me.Weight on the bed. I feel someone climbing. Legs brush the inside of my thighs. Weight settling on me. A body. A young man’s body. Muscled, but not heavily so, skin soft and unblemished by the scarring of age. Somebody is kissing my stomach, working upwards as more of his body comes to rest on top of me. COCK! I feel it, hard and throbbing, dribbling precum along my thigh as it moves upward. It’s long and big! Seven inches, maybe eight! I want it! Kisses on my nipples and around my heavy and firm tits make me shiver. I sob with need.Something wonderful pokes me. A hard cock seeks my wet hole, pressing here and there. I twist my hips as best I can, seeking to guide this cock home. Fingers brush my quivering flesh and then I feel the bulbous head press into me. Oh, God, finally, finally cock, hard long cock! I scream into the mask as he slowly sinks into my flesh.Flashbulbs go off in my brain and I feel like I’m being electrocuted by electric pleasure. Inch after inch of hard cock worms into my cunt. He’s big, thicker than John, and either cautious or unsure. He opens me up, my flesh reacting to his fleshy cock like its never reacted to a man before. My back arches as I begin cumming before I feel his pubic hair tangling in mine, scrapping against my sparsely covered cunt. I sob into my mask as my body quakes in orgasmic delight. I love this cock. He begins pumping in and out of me, thrusting slowly at first, but becoming more confident each time he rams his wonderful cock into me.His lips are on me, kissing my tits, his tongue licking my nipples and then he sucks on them hungrily. His cock keeps me cumming. I don’t understand. I’ve had longer, I’ve had thicker, but it’s like erotic magic. Each moment his cock is in my wet cunt is sheer ecstasy. I feel my toes clenching as I just keep cumming. I can feel my steaming juices bathing his lovely dick. I want so badly to wrap my arms and legs around him and keep him inside me forever.Too soon he shoves deep and cums. My orgasm reaches new heights as I feel his hot seed inside my womb. I begin to wonder if he will ever stop. I am screaming into my other face. I want him forever. Too soon he withdraws, me shaking my head frantically. I want to beg him to stay, to keep his incredible penis in my cunt forever!Scarcely is he gone when another takes his place. This man is bigger, heavier, and I don’t think I’m his first. He lines up his cock with my cunt even as he rests his definitely bigger body on mine. His cock slips into me. Not as thick as the first, but longer. I groan as he slams into me hard. I like it and I’m still clinging to the vestiges of orgasm. My body doesn’t respond as it did to the first, but its still COCK and I’m a slut and I enjoy it as he quickly begins to fuck me, fast, assured strokes. His lips are against my neck, I feel his breath on my skin as he sinks into me again and again. He is long, maybe ten inches and I enjoy the rare touching of places within my cunt. Before long, I am straining against my bonds again, whimpering as I have another orgasm. He shivers and cums, another virtual flood of hot semen inside my clasping cunt.He actually kisses me on each tit, a tender, almost loving kisses before he slips out of me, his still mostly erect cock dragging slowly and wetly across my thigh. There is a shifting of weight and someone else is on me now. His touch is uncertain and he fumbles a long time trying to get his cock into me. He is hard and of average size – perhaps six inches or so. It’s COCK and I want it. My body is on fire with need and lust as I start to really get into things. I quiver with the wonderful knowledge that I’m a slut and I want, no, need lots of cock.Finally, after long fumblings, my third lover of the day finds my cum slick hole and shoves himself into me. He collapses on top of me and I can feel his heart going a mile a minute. He’s scared and excited. I moan and work my pelvis, anxious to be fucked even though his cock feels nice tucked in my cunt. I work my pussy muscles and he shivers and then without warning, I feel him shake and he floods my pussy with another load of semen. I feel bad for him. I wonder if he’s a virgin.He moves away and I hear a general rumble of laughter. I wish I could speak. I wish I could suck him back to hardness and let him try again. I feel another body climb on board. He moves with a little more confidence. I feel his cock. Another one of average size. He’s definitely fucked before. He quickly finds my wet, sloppy cunt with his erection and shoves it in, so hard, it hurts when his pelvis slams into my mine. He’s like a jackrabbit, hammering my cunt rapidly with quick urgent strokes.I discover he’s my biter as he clothes his mouth over my right nipple and quickly begins biting my rubbery flesh. I squirm in both plain and pleasure as he fucks me and switches from nipple to nipple sucking and biting me. I scream into my other face as he stiffens suddenly and gives me my fourth load of cum and another orgasm. His teeth tug my nipple as he climbs off, making me moan with pain before he lets me go.My body quivers, partly from all the wonderful orgasms and partly from nervous exhaustion. I gasp for breath as my head swims and I wonder what will happen next. I need rest, but now my hunger is upon me. I want more cock. I feel a hand on my ankle. I’m being released! Both legs are freed and then as my hands are unlocked, I feel something being put around my neck. It’s leather and I know! A collar! I feel a leather leash brush my chest and then I’m jerked upwards and dragged off the bed. I land hard on the floor.I hear someone say harshly against my leather covered ear, “Heel, bitch!” I am on my hands and knees and I follow the tug of my leash and crawl across the room and out the door. I feel carpet under my knees and fingers and I understand I’ve been led into the family room. I am put on display, I think. I’m led on the leash in a circle. I start when I feel a hand press into my pussy. Fingers slice into me, stirring the sloppy mess that is my cum packed cunt. I feel more than hear the ripping of the Velcro patch covering my mouth. I hear a voice – a young man’s muted voice growl, “Eat up, slut!” Fingers press against my lips and I open my mouth. I’m sucking cum, hot, thick semen from someone’s fingers. More fingers scoop cum from my cunt and then feed it to me. I lick, suck and lap it all up happily. I love sperm, the taste, the texture, the sheer deliciousness of it when mixed with my own cunt juices.Suddenly, the leash jerks me upright. My arms are pulled behind my back and I feel the handcuffs lock them in place. I’m led forward on my knees until I feel my shoulders brush someone’s knees. My face runs into cock! Hard cock! I smell cunt and sperm and that distinctive musk of a man’s crotch. Someone’s cock brushes against my lips and I know my duty. I open wide and begin to suck someone’s cock. I taste cum and myself and I know I’m cleaning the penis of someone who just fucked me. I take him deep and I know it’s one of my six inch cocks. I hope it’s my premature ejaculator.I give him the blowjob of a life time. I lick and suck as well as I can. When I feel him tense up, I ease up. I suck him for a long time. Hands are on my leather covered face, working my head. I take him deep and gurgle and I feel my lover’s body shiver and then he cums. It’s a bucket load, choking me. I can barely swallow it all. I feel cum dribble out my lips, drip down my mask and then that sinful sensation of warm sperm dripping onto my chest. I barely suck him dry before I feel the leash shifting and then like the dogslut I am, I am jerked about and led to another cock. My mouth quickly finds another cock. It’s my long dick fucker. I lick him clean of my juices, making appreciative coos at my taste mixed with cum. I try to deep-throat my sweet long cock, but I cannot take all of him. His hands grip my head and I learn he prefers to fuck my face. Slut that I am, I yield happily, sucking sloppily at him as he thrusts himself into my face again and again. When he cums, he slips out all but his cockhead, pumping another heavy load into my mouth, that I gobble in a greedy frenzy. He slips out of my mouth and pats me on the head like the little bitchslut I am. My collar is jerked and I crawl submissively to my next destination. It’s another hard cock, coated in my juices and sperm. It’s my other six inch cockstud. I think it’s my nipple torturer because as I suck him, he reaches down and pinches my nipples, twisting them until I moan in pain as I suck his cock. He likes this, I think. His other hand pulls my head downward until I am deepthroating him. He pinches and I make his cock vibrate as I cry out in pain. He cums quicker than the others did. I almost choke on his thick sperm before he lets my head up. I cough and dribble cum out of my mouth.My collar jerks and my face is in the carpet. My head is in someone’s hand and he rubs my mouth over the soft carpet and I barely hear the command, “Lick it up, Bitch! You don’t waste a man’s spunk, not ever!” I tongue the carpet and lick up the cum I spilled. I gasp an apology, my voice hoarse, almost unrecognizable. “Forgive me.” All that gets me is a sound slap on my bare ass as someone growls, “Shut up, cunt. Bitches are for fucking, not talking.” My leash is jerked again and I knee walk across the floor until I feel another set of legs on each side of my body. A hand grabs my pony tail and jerks my head upwards. A finger caresses my exposed lips. I shiver at his touch – the same electric energy I felt by my first fuck of the day. I suck his finger, hoping for something more. My heart pounds faster and I feel freshly wet.I feel something bigger brush my lips and I shiver in anticipation. His thick, meaty cock slips between my lips and I again feel something more than I’ve ever felt before. There is something special here, some reaction, both chemical and emotional to his touch, his taste and how his semen and my juices have mixed to be a delicious ambrosia. My jaws ache from effort but I need to please this one. I summon all my strength, my knowledge to give him the best blow job of his life. I bob up and down on his cock, tongue lashing the crown of his cock, slithering along his long shaft as I take him deep, smelling his scent, his musk that seems so familiar yet completely different than anything I know.I suck cock, enjoying the taste of his skin, his precum and the delight that I find myself experiencing just giving him a blow job. I am so turned on by this one, I am close to a orgasm myself. I hope and pray that this will not be a one time event, that whoever this is, John will invite him again.He grows rigid, swelling in my mouth and then floods my mouth with the sweetest tasting semen I’ve ever known and to my absolute delight, I am cumming too. Wicked pleasure blossoms between my legs and spreads outward and I am shaking and quivering as I gobble this man’s cum, sucking him hard to get every drop.I moan in dismay when he finally slips from my lips, still mostly erect. I want him so bad. I want to suck him to erection again and have him bend me over and fuck me like the bitchslut I am.I am helped to my feet and my arms are set free. I cry out as my circulation returns. I am pushed back and forth, hands grabbing at my tits, my ass and my cunt. Suddenly I’m stepping onto a different surface and I realize John or someone has unrolled a rubber mat. I cry out happily as I suspect I know what’s coming.Hands push me down to my hands and knees. A cock is thrust between my lips. As I begin to suck it, I realize it is one of my six-inchers, I feel hands on my ass, squeezing my cheeks, spreading them, a finger runs over my puckering asshole. My ass is tilted upwards and then I feel cock brushing my cunt. It’s my long cock lover. I scream around a mouthful of cock as he thrusts hard into me, burying his long shaft in me with one swift motion! Strong hands cup around my tits, they’re his. He squeezes them as he begins to thrust in and out of me. Swift, powerful strokes, slicing through my wet, cum slickened cunt flesh. I feel his breath on my back and I sob as I suck. My body is a mass of pleasure as I suck and fuck at the same time.I cum. I feel like my legs are going to give out, but my long cock lover is strong and holds me up as I moan and quake. My mouth is filled with cum and I swallow as much of it as I can, but some drips down my mask and onto the mat and my chest. He slips away and then my long cock slips out. Hands roll me over onto my back. Someone climbs aboard. I cry out as long cock drives deep into me. My legs go up and wrap around his slender waist. My arms are around his neck. He fucks me hard. Another cock is brushing my lips. I feel that now familiar electric tingle and now it’s my new favorite letting me suck him. I suck him until he is stiff and throbbing, his shaft coated with saliva. Suddenly he withdraws. Long cock rolls us over and I am on top. He hugs me close as he thrusts his hips upwards, driving his cock deep into my cunt. I try to arch my back, glorying in the sweet sensation of being pierced so deeply by his length, but I feel hands on my back and I’m being pushed forward until my tits are brushing against long dick’s chest which is smooth and muscled. Hands spread my ass cheeks and I gasp as I feel cock, wet and slick press against my asshole. I groan as I know it is my own saliva on that cock. He presses into my ass, pushing open my sphincter, pain mixed with the tingling pleasure of his cock explodes in my ass and I scream as he forces his way into my ass. My entire body spasms helplessly as I am impaled by two cocks, both plunging deeply inside me. The inside of my mask grows damp with my tears as I try to comprehend the pleasure and pain that overwhelms me. I am cumming again as I am fucked ass and cunt. My mind clears enough to suddenly comprehend that someone is holding my head in their hands. A cock brushes my lips and I hear someone mutter, “Suck me, slut!” I open obediently and although my jaws ache and my lips feel battered and bruised, I begin to suck cock.I am air tight as my husband would say, cocks in my ass, cunt and mouth and I realize I am in for a long haul of a fuck. Everyone has cum twice and I know these young men will not be quick to orgasm. I am a rag doll, suspended between these lovely cocks, my body being mercilessly hammered. Between my legs, I can feel cocks moving against each other, separated only by a thin sheath of flesh. Hands grip my head and control my movements, more content to fuck my face and let me suck and lick as they thrust in and out of my mouth. I am totally theirs. The pain of being assfucked yields to the nasty delights of the güvenilir bahis şirketleri wonderful, thick meat that moves in and out, filling my back door up with each steady thrust. My cunt walls grasp desperately at the long penis slipping in and out of me, my pussy hungering to be filled.My lovers find their rhythm and we four bodies become one organism, the very incarnation of lust and fornication. I sob as I begin to orgasm, my mind screaming the praises of my men who have allowed me to realize the utter heights of sluttish behavior that I am reveling in. I know I am where I need to be, where I should be, where I have always been destined to be. Cum erupts in my mouth and I struggle to swallow the sudden thick flow of sweet semen. I suck him dry and clean his cock clean of all traces of cum. He moves away, but before I can catch my breath, another cock is there. One hand on my head holds me steady so he can thrust his dick back and forth through my lips while his other hand finds a breast and begins twisting a nipple. His cock muffles my cries of pain. I know this one well now. I wonder if his mother refused to breast feed him as a baby.Long cock plunges deep and floods my womb with his baby making seed. I feel myself slide into another cum induced orgasm and sob my pleasure through a mouthful of cock. He cums and cums as my cunt tightens around his spewing dick. The warmth of his hot semen turns my cunt into a raging inferno as I writhe about, helplessly impaled on these young, wonderful cocks.My ass fucker plows on, steadily hammering my butt as I milk his partner’s cock for all the sperm his balls can provide. My mind screams out in joyous revelry at the sweet sensations the cock in my ass is producing. He reaches out and grabs my pony-tailed hair, jerks me back. I lose the cock in my mouth and my nipples are twisted in angry response. I cry out, but my moans are muffled as cock is again shoved in my mouth.Cock sinks deep into my bowels and I can feel his cock-head swell and then I’m getting an unbelievable spunk enema, as my special cock floods my ass with steaming hot cum. I sob when he worms his still swollen penis from my ass. I am tumbled off long cock and am a quivering heap on the floor. My leash jerks me to my hands and knees. I can barely hold myself up as I still quake and quail as orgasmic tremors rip through me. Another cock brushes my ass cheeks and then my cheeks are spread and another cock slips into my now well fucked ass. He leans down against me, his hands finding my nipples and pinching and pulling them.He begins to fuck me and I smell myself and the scent of semen just before cock brushes my lips. It is long dick. I suck and lick our mixed juices off his cock. He had slightly softened but now begins to stiffen up again. I am surprised when he withdraws, but then another cock touches my mouth and I open to take him in. My special cock! I take him deep, sucking my own funky taste and his sperm off his cock. I get daring and reach out one hand and search for his balls. I fondle crinkly haired, large testicles and I wonder how much cum they must hold. I know I want every tasty drop of his semen.The cock in my ass drives deep as it can and arms encircle my waist and roll me backwards. I am sprawled out on top of him as he lies back on the leather mat. I feel my tits shake as he thrusts up into me and I imagine the sluttish spectacle I must be. Hands take my ankles and spread my legs wide as if I were doing the splits. I feel someone else close, a cock brushes my labia and then thrusts home. It is my other six inch cock. Ass and cunt, they fuck me. My cunt fucker leans in and as his hips jackrabbit back and forth, hammering my cunt hole, he leans in and sucks my aching, swollen nipples. He is gentle, almost loving as his tongue rolls over my swollen nubs.Neither of these cocks is as long or as thick as my special cock or my long cock, but I am so sensitive and sore, I find myself cumming again anyway. With no cock in my mouth, I sob and scream as I am fucked hard, crying out “YESSSSS!” as both of them cum almost simultaneously. Again, my insides are coated with hot, thick man cream. After they are finished, I am unceremoniously dumped onto the mat, a shaking, quivering mass of cum filled slut.Moments pass, maybe minutes, it is hard to say when your body is wracked by such powerful feelings as I was experiencing. The rational part of my mind was trying to tally up what had been done to me. How many load of cum had I swallowed or had pumped into my cunt or ass? Suddenly I sense motion and someone grabs my ponytail and yanks me up to a sitting position, spinning me on my ass to face a different way. “Eat it up, slut. Eat all that cum in your holes,” I hear a voice hiss.I spread my legs wide, imagining that I have an audience. I finger my cunt and scoop up the thick globs of semen and my cream leaking from my widespread pussy. I suck it from my fingers, relishing the taste. I feel my throbbing nipples swell in response and even as I spoon up the contents of my cum filled cunt, I feel new juices flowing from every pore of my pussy. I wonder who these men are. Do I know them in real life? As I pass them on the sidewalk or in a store, would they know me…know the slut that hides behind the mask of the ordinary wife and mother that I pretend to be? I scoop cum from my cunt with one hand and rub my swollen clitoris with the other, urging myself to another orgasm.I feel wetness underneath me and realized semen is leaking from my ass. I know what I have to do. I shift my weight to one hip and swing a hand underneath myself, swiping up glops of spunk oozing from my ass and I suck it off my fingers. Even through the leather mask, I can hear my lovers scream and howl their approval. I manage a few more finger scoops of cum before I am pushed onto my back again. I feel a man’s weight settle on me and then a cock probing between my legs and then it finds its way home and I am being fucked once again.It is one of my six inch dicks. I wrap my legs and arms around his slender body and cry out as he assaults my tender cunt flesh. I embrace the pain, knowing it as that razor thin area where a special kind of pleasure dwells. I hug my lover to me, dig my heels into his butt and urge him to fuck me harder and faster. My voice is hoarse, almost unrecognizable from all the screaming and crying I’ve done. Pleasure blossoms through my body, giving me the strength to continue. Again, I feel the wonderful glow that comes with the sensation of hot cum flooding my womb.He slips out of me and another climbs into the saddle. It is my other six inch cock. It is my nipple biter. He fucks me hard, his teeth chewing on my raw nubs while I suck off the previous cock. I sob helplessly as I squirm under his thrusting penis and his ever torturous teeth. It truly is a fine line between pain and pleasure and as he fucks me, I experience both. He cums, his body stiffening atop mine. He crawls off me and I lay there gasping for breath, my hands touching my sore nipples, trying to sooth the pain, even as brushing them with my fingertips continues to be arousing.Hands grasp my ankles and lift them up. My legs are d****d on someone’s shoulders and then long dick shoves his cock in me to the hilt, slapping my breath away. In the darkness of my other face, I am seeing stars. I hear him snorting like a bull as he begins to plunge his long tool in and out of me, touching those rarely touched places as I try in vain to clasp his shaft with my cunt muscles. My fingers claw at the leather mat as my pelvis grinds against his. I want him deep, deeper, deepest inside me.I sob and babble wordlessly as orgasmic energy ripples through me again. I can barely move, despite the intense sensations. I am helpless as he fucks me and what little consciousness I retain is solely focused on that long, throbbing cock giving me pleasure. I am screaming my joy, black spots before my eyes as I feel him sink deep, his pubic hair scratching my raw, swollen wide spread lips and then again, the intense heat of fresh cum bathing the walls of my cunt, a loving, healing balm for my battered womb. I am gone, my mind crumbling against a tidal wave of orgasmic fire.I become aware again. I’m not sure how long I was out. My legs are still over someone’s shoulders, but I’m curled up into a ball, my knees pressing against my tits and a cock, NO, THE COCK is again pressing against my aching asshole. An electric fire shoots through my weary body. As tired and as sore as I now am, I want this! I want to feel this lovely, thick cock that makes me so crazy, I want it up my ass again.I cry out in pain as he presses through my abused sphincter again. I thrill to hear him whisper, “Shhh, shhhh.” His voice is muffled, but so familiar. Just hearing it excites me more and I’m not sure why.He leans forward and slides slowly into me, burying his meat stick in my asshole, his hands on my shoulders as leverage. I can feel, taste his breathe against my mouth. His face must be next to mine. My tongue extends hopefully. As he begins to slowly rock back and forth, letting scant inches of his dick slip in and out of my ass, he does what no man has ever done before during these sessions. He kisses me, his tongue snaking into my mouth. I groan hungrily, all pain forgotten as I return his kiss, my tongue dancing with his, curling around it, trying to trap it.Who is this man? I cannot believe any man outside my husband would kiss me, knowing how many cocks I’ve sucked in just a few hours and how many loads of cum I’ve swirled around in my mouth before swallowing. I sense that this man is as kinky as I am, possibly a true soul mate. I am close to creaming again as he fucks my ass and kisses me.Again the fire builds between my legs, slowly spreading outwards till I feel like I will simply combust. My nipples, sore and raw, swell even more, increasing the level of pain and pleasure that throbs from them. My toes begin to clench and I sob my exquisite joy into my lover’s mouth as my world again comes apart at the seams. I feel like I’m dying of pleasure, that my heart will simply explode from too much orgasmic delight. Already blind, I simply cease to be, my consciousness swept away by the greatest climax of my life.When I awake, I sense that I am alone. I am sore and aching all over, even though I feel that aftertaste of wonderful, no, awesome sex that only comes from these sessions my husband arranges. I think I’ve been asleep for some time, hours. My face is still on and I know I am forbidden to take it off. My thighs and ass are sticky with cum. I can’t say for sure that I haven’t been fucked again while I was u*********s. I smell food cooking. Someone has been grilling burgers.I sit up slowly. I am really sore. I cannot recall ever being taken so many times. I am still on the mat. I can smell myself. I stink of cunt and sperm and sex. The room is thick with the scent of our fuck party. I stiffen as I feel more than hear feet on the floor. Several people coming my way.The footsteps stop and I sense that I am surrounded. I stay still, waiting to be told or shown what to do. John has trained me well. Minutes pass. I become aware of faint groans. I turn my head this way and that, trying to locate everyone. All becomes clear as suddenly I feel a splash of hot wetness on my body, something splattering across my chest and stomach. One splash is followed by another and another until they begin to weaken in intensity and volume. Oh my god, someone just ejaculated on me! I mewl happily like a kitten. John has always given me clear instructions about this activity. My hands come up and I begin smearing the hot spunk all over my tits and stomach. I fall onto my back and writhe like a cat strung out on catnip as the smell of hot cum reaches my nostrils. I finally stop smearing cum so I can lick my palms clean.Another hosing quickly follows, splattering across, tits, tummy and my sparsely haired mound. I have to wonder, are these men new? I cannot believe that even young college men can cum so many times in such volume. As the second man sprays me down with his semen, I continue to squirm on the mat and smear his creamy stuff up and down my body. The man spunk is soothing to my weary, mauled tits, especially my chewed up nipples.No sooner does his cum spurts fade than I am hit by another jet of cum. There is more of it than the others. Long steady spurts splash across my body and I run my hand through the huge globs of cum and spread them like skin lotion over my breasts, my stomach, down over my thighs and into my cunt. I stink of sperm now, I am covered in it. Again I lick my palms clean, savoring the mixture of different men’s semen.Three men have sprayed me down with their cum. I writhe and moan, hands rubbing tits and cunt, still wet and horny. I want more! I need more cum. I wait, moaning my need like an addict. Then it comes, an explosion of liquid heat across my meaty breasts. Another streamer splashing from my belly button to the center of my spread wide cunt. Just the contact of his semen sends orgasmic tremors through me. Even his cum thrills me more than the others. It’s him, THE COCK!He seems to shower me with his sperm and I happily, giddily rub it into my breasts, squeezing them, kneading his semen into my skin. It’s hot and slippery and when I lick my palms again it tastes like the nectar of the gods themselves. I am gasping, aching for more, but somehow I sense their time is up. Vibrations on the floor move away from me. In a few minutes, I think I hear faint voices hollering. Maybe I hear a car starting up, the engine revving. I am alone, a complete cock/cum slut, coated with semen. Despite being exhausted, I continue to work their now sticky spunk into my skin, slowly arousing myself to the point where I am rubbing my pussy and stimulating my clit. I discover a pool of semen in my belly button and I scoop it out and bathe my clitoris with it, sending me over the edge once again. My nerves ending are so raw, it almost hurts to orgasm, but I want it, need it to happen.I am slowly sliding down from my ecstasy high when I sense I am not alone. “A loud voice booms cheerfully, “She’s quite the slut, isn’t she?” I recognize the voice, it is my husband’s. Who is he talking to? Did someone stay behind or is this someone new?The other makes a non committal reply. I hear John say, “Pick the slut up.”I shiver as the other puts his arms under me and lifts me up with little difficulty. I shiver as his hands touch my skin. It’s there again, that little tingle, that chemical reaction when his flesh touches my flesh. It’s HIM! It’s THE COCK!I am being carried through the cabin. I am set down on the bed. Two sets of hands take my arms and I am again handcuffed to the bedposts! This is not how John and I normally wind down our game. I shiver with anticipation and I confess, some fear. I am highly aroused, but I am also so sore. I don’t know how much more fucking I can take.I am surprised when I realize they aren’t going to secure my legs. HIS hands run up and down my leg, and then I feel him climb between my thighs, his hands spreading them wide as he moves up my body. I feel his erection, THE COCK, wedged between my swollen, widespread lips. I give a little start as I feel him kissing me, little, gentle kisses, beginning with my belly and working upwards. His lips kiss my breasts. I groan as his tongue reaches out and licks my bruised nipples. His warm, wet flesh feels so good. He continues upward until he can nuzzle my neck.I feel his hips move. He rises up, by now familiar with my naked body. THE COCK presses into my cunt hole, battered and weary, but still aroused by this long, thick penis and the man it belongs to. I work my hips up to meet his easy thrust and he is in me, oh god, yes, THE COCK is in me, sinking deep, filling me up. My whole body seems to be clenching. I raise my knees back, spreading them, opening myself up more for him, wanting, needing more of THE COCK in me. I hook my feet around his ankles. I lack the strength to do more.It is so right, so perfect. I love the way this man fucks me! I need to find out who he is. I love my husband, but I know there is no way I can live without this man and THE COCK now that I know of its existence. I will travel new paths of sluttiness to be fucked by him.I am on the edge of cumming. My nipples feel like they’re about to explode and there is a fiery cauldron between my legs. My cunt is so hot I cannot believe I’m not scalding his cock. Suddenly hands are working on my other face. It’s not my lover, his hands are on my tits and hip. The mask resists. The leather clings with a mix of heat and sweat to my face. I cry out as he yanks it off, my pony tail coming undone in a sweaty unkempt, cum tinged tangle. I blink and squint my eyes, trying to gasp for breath even as I feet myself reaching the moment of orgasm. I am gasping for breath and then my eyes focus and I find myself looking into my own son’s eyes!Time stands still. I am handcuffed naked to a bed, Jessie, my own eighteen year old son between my thighs, his cock, THE COCK, buried to the hilt in my cunt. I am covered in cum and stunk like a whore the morning after a political convention. I am revealed for the slut I am. I completely understand my physical reaction to my son’s touch all evening. It is completely natural. I am responding to the flesh that is my flesh, made within my own body. This is a fantasy come true.Yes, I have long dreamed of fucking my son. In the confines of our bedroom, John and I had talked about it, roleplayed Mom seducing her son and becoming his slut many times. I cannot explain why it never occurred to me that my husband might eventually make this fantasy come true.A heartbeat comes and goes. I can feel Jessie’s pulse within his cock. Another heartbeat as he stares into his mother’s sweaty, no doubt manic face. Neither of us move to separate. I don’t want to and the look on my son’s face told me he is happy right where he is, buried deep in his mother’s cunt.”Mom…” Jessie begins.”I love you too,” I finish for him. I lift my head and kiss him quick, finding the strength to lift my legs up and encircle his hips, tightening my grip on him. “Please, Jessie, Fuck me. Fuck your slut mother hard right now!”Another heartbeat, another pulse from his cock, and I am gone. My orgasm simply materializes and I am in the throes of passionate pleasure. Some small, still intelligent part of me begins rejoicing as I realize that Jessie is obeying his mother and that once more he is fucking me.Another remotely coherent part of me is aware of John standing next to the bed, looking down at us with an expression that is a mix of arousal and amusement. He is still clothed, but his cock is forming a large tent in his trousers. I try once or twice to say thank you, but it’s all I can do to just moan as my Jessie fucks me, each stroke becoming more powerful and quick.Suddenly, I am crying. Not just tears or cries of pleasure, but sobbing, bawling with the floodgates open. The sheer enormity of the moment coming so soon after such an intense gangbang is just overwhelming. I’m not upset or angry, but simply overcome from the sheer wonderfulness as I realize that forever more my world is permanently changed. My greatest, most hidden fantasy is now reality. My son knows me as the utter slut I was and completely accepts and wants me as a cockslut. Jessie slows down and looks down at me concerned. I shake my head and fling my cunt upwards. “Don’t stop, baby!” I manage to say between sobs and gasps for breath. “I love you! I love your cock. Fuck me, fuck Mommy hard. Mommy likes, loves to get fucked hard!Jessie smiles and obliges me. He begins to fuck me fast and furiously. He leans in and kisses the tears off my face and then kisses me on my cum stained lips, his tongue hungrily playing with mine. I moan and cry against his lips, my orgasm building and building. Pleasure washes through my body and seems to grow with every thrust of his thick meaty cock.Jessie’s cock, tempered from cumming so many times already this evening seems to be able to go on forever. My orgasm waxes and wanes, but never completely fades away as my son fucks me and fucks me and fucks me. Our bodies are awash in sweat, mixing with all the cum smeared all over my body. We smell like the pure essence of sex, of man and woman FUCKING!When I am able, I hold him with my legs, trying to keep him deep inside me. At other times as my orgasm is a raging inferno that seems to be consuming me, I am helpless, legs all askew, completely helpless as my son relentless pounds my cunt with his wonderful cock.”You love it, don’t you, Mom? You’re my slut now, my momslut,” Jessie moans as he fucks me, his eyes rarely leaving my face, apparently enjoying the looks of ecstasy I am displaying, all thanks to him. “I love you, Mom! My whoremom, fuckslut Mom. I love fucking your sonfucking cunt!”My son’s words only add fuel to the fire that is my orgasm. All my soreness, all my pain fade away as I give my all to my Jessie. I am his, heart and soul, surrendering my body to him completely.Jessie’s thrusts become more frantic and I realize he is going to cum even before he moans, “I need to cum, Mom!”John’s voice pierces the solitary world that only my son and I occupy. “Now where does your Mom need your cum, Jess?” John laughs and says, “Where does a slutcunt like your mother deserve your seed?”Jessie nods and then I cry out as Jessie suddenly withdrew from my cunt, my quivering, aching muscles trying in vain to clasp him, keep him inside me. Moaning, Jessie scrambles over me on his knees, his naked butt sliding over my heaving, meaty tits as my hard nipples sc**** against the flesh of his cheeks. My son doesn’t even have to stroke himself. I open my mouth wide, my tongue out to catch his precious seed and I guess that seeing his mother act like such a cumslut is enough to send him over the edge because his cockhead swells up and then like a dike springing a leak, his pissslit begins spraying cum all over my face. There is something so nasty, so humiliating and yet satisfying to have a man cum on your face. To experience those wonderful, quick, powerful bursts of hot steamy sperm splattering against your skin, almost like liquid fire which trickles down your face, over your nose, your lips, falling off your chin to splash on your tits. It’s pungent aroma filling your nostrils even as you begin to taste it, thick globs of sweet and salty semen that splattered on your tongue or are sprayed directly into your mouth. I so badly want to have Jessie’s cum in my womb and I knew that soon I will have that pleasure again, but I also savor the feel of being a total slut that glories in wearing her lover’s cum on her face. I know that many cum facials from my son are in my future. I will insist on it.Jessie stops cumming and I lick his cock clean before I realize we are alone in the bedroom. Jessie scoots down until he is resting in the missionary position again. “Where’s your father, baby?” I ask my son as he alternates between kissing me and running his finger over my face, scooping up spatters of semen for me to lick from his fingers.Jessie just smiles and says, “I love you, Mom.”When my breathing seems somewhat close to normal, Jessie climbs off me and using a set of keys on the bedside table, he releases me. I go to hug my lover son, but he just says, “Not yet, Mom,” and holds up my leash. I try to control my trembling as he puts the leash on me and then says in a confident, commanding tone that makes my cunt wet anew, “Heel, Mom.”I fall to my hands and knees and allow my son to walk me out of the room. He leads me to the living room where my husband sits naked on the couch. John’s cock, bless his heart is stiff and angry looking and I marvel that my husband has held out for so long after watching me being gang fucked by Jessie and his companions.”Suck me, slut!” my husband commands. I crawl across the floor and up between John’s strong thighs. Precum oozes from his slit and I run my tongue slowly over it, drawing a happy sigh from my husband. As I begin to suck John’s cock, Jessie handcuffs my hands behind my back even as his father mutters, “Yessss. Hands only, my Shellyslut.”I know my husband deserves a long and loving blowjob as just the first installment in thanking him for what has happened this evening and I set about making it good for him. As I suck my husband’s throbbing cock, he begins to tell me about the evening. John tells me how he had planned this night with Jessie for several weeks. He tells me how thrilled Jessie had been to hear of my naughty fantasies and how Jessie had confessed to him his dreams of fucking his mother.John tells how Jessie was stunned, but excited to learn of our games and my sluttish behavior that we had done a good job hiding from our son all these years. As I feverishly suck my husband’s cock, my cunt growing wetter with each passing moment, John speaks of how he and Jessie have come up with the plan for Jessie and his friends to gangbang a MILF with John’s help. “I don’t know if they know it’s you, Shelly, I think Walton suspects, but the twins, they were just happy to have a cunt slut to fuck.”My moans are muffled by John’s cock as I realize who else was fucking me this evening. Walton is Clint Walton, Jessie’s best friend, a tall African American teenager and my pussy quivers as I realize he has that lovely long cock that touched me so deeply. The twins can only be the Delano twins, David and Daniel, who also have been friends and classmates of Jessie for as long as I can remember. I can even guess that David, the “evil” twin is the titty torturer.I’m about to orgasm without any more stimulation that the knowledge that these neighborhood boys, who’s diapers I used to change and who I used to make cookies and Kool-Aid for when they’d come in from playing have just finished fucking me within an inch of my life.”You were perfect, Shelly. You fulfilled every bit of your potential as a cockloving slut, the whore I always knew you could be,” John murmurs, his hand caressing my cheek as I suck him. “I couldn’t love you more than I did tonight!” he said as his voice grows strained and then he groans as all the cum built up from the night’s nasty games gushes from his cock and into my mouth.My wonderful husband’s cum is a flood and even with all my cocksucking talents, I barely manage to swallow it all. I glance over at Jessie who is kneeling nearby, his cock red, but half erect. He is grinning from ear to ear. I drink John’s cum, treasuring every tasty drop.As John recovers from my ministrations, Jessie releases me from my cuffs and leads me to the kitchen where my son warms up some food left over from earlier. I fall to the food ravenous after a night’s fucking. Shortly, John joins us and to my surprise he is completely dressed.My husband tosses a set of keys to our son. “There you go, Jess. Keys to the place and to all the various, um, toys.” John smiles at me lovingly and comes over and kisses me, his tongue probing into my mouth. He turns and hugs Jessie. He walks over to the kitchen door and turns around and smiles again at both of us. “From now on, Jessie and I are on equal terms. He is as much your husband as I am. He has the same right to fuck you and treat you like the slut you are as I do.” I groaned at the implications of his words. John chuckles and says, “Hell, you give Father Ryan as good a blowjob as you just gave me, he’ll probably make it official.” He turns to open the door.”Honey, wait,” I say, a bit confused. “Where are you going?”John winks at us and says, “Consider this your honeymoon. Spend the weekend and really get to know each other.”Jessie is grinning and has moved behind me, his hands rubbing my weary shoulders. “But, John. What, where are you going?””I’ve got an invitation to spend the weekend with Sharon and Bill. I can’t wait to tell them about you and Jessie. I’m sure we’ll all be spending time together soon.” I nodded, almost wishing we were going along. They were two of our dearest friends and often swing partners. I would give almost anything to see Sharon’s face when she heard about me and Jessie. John blew me a kiss and said, “I love you two so much. Jessie, take good care of your mother.”The pure lust evident in my son’s voice when he replies, “Yes, sir,” has my cunt leaking cream all over again. John leaves us then and things get quite for a while. I finish eating while stealing glances at my son.I start to speak, but Jessie puts a finger to my lips and whispers, “Shhhh.” He undoes my leash and then pulls me to my feet. I squeal when he sweeps me off my feet and carries me like a bridegroom carrying his bride through the cabin. In the bathroom, he has a soapy tub of hot water waiting for me. Gently, he sets me down in it.Words seem unnecessary as I soak my weary body in the tub while my son dotes on me. He gently washes my body from head to toe, giving me a shampoo that has me leaking cunt cream into the water. After what seems hours of luxuriating in the soapy bath, Jessie lifts me out and gently towels me off.I am swaying from exhaustion, only my aching desires for Jessie’s cock, swinging out in front of him, all hard and stiff, keeping me awake. Jessie again picks me up and takes me to the bedroom. He sits me down gently and then stretches out on his back, his long, thick dick standing proudly up.In a suddenly soft voice, my son says, “Mom, I’ve been dying to eat your pussy.”I smile, my heart bursting with love and I climb up beside him, but as I straddle my son’s face, I murmur something Sharon had once told me, “Girls have pussies, son. Slut’s, especially sonfucking sluts, have cunts.”The last thing I remember that night is my son’s tongue softly dancing over my cunt flesh, teasing my clitoris and sending me into one last wonderful orgasm as I swallow yet another thick load of his semen. When I awake, it is in my son’s arms. I have never felt safer than I do at that moment. It is a new day. It is the first day of the rest of my life. I move upwards, my nipples, sore but erect, dragging across my son’s chest, as I go to kiss him. It is the first day of the rest of my life and as I reach down to discover Jessie’s cock already hard, I can’t wait to start living it.#It always comes without warning and I never pick up the phone expecting it. My day is spent doing my work in my little cubicle, processing claims and compiling data and whenever the phone rings, it’s with the expectation of it being either a doctor with a question about billing or administration with another request for information. When the phone begins its annoying loud chirp, I pick it up without a glance. “This is Shelly in Claims. How may I help you?””The cabin. Five o’clock,” my son’s voice whispers, no, commands before hanging up before I can say anything. Before I manage to set the phone down, I am wet. The fire between my legs is but a spark when I first hear his voice and by the time he stops speaking, I am on fire between my thighs. I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, shivering as I do so. I glance at the clock. It’s ten till three. Quitting time cannot get here soon enough.The End.



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