Hey, I’m Jake, and this is my story. I can’t believe what’s been happening over the last couple of months, but it’s such a turnon, so I have to write it and tell someone about it.

First, a little bit about me. I’m 20 years old, in college studying business. I’ll probably just go to work for some big company when I graduate, but right now I’m just having fun. I’m 6-0 tall and weigh 180 pounds. I work out, I’m in pretty good shape. I have a nice set of abs that women seem to like.

I’ve been told that I’m cute. Blue eyes, surfer blond hair, nice smile. I guess there are cuter guys around, but I get no complaints.

This summer, I started dating a really nice girl, Katie, who’s 19 and going to school at the same college as me. We had a class together and started talking when we sat next to each other towards the end of the school year. She’s really cute and has a really nice body that I can’t get enough of. She’s probably 5-5, 120 pounds. Has a really nice set of tits, 34B, and they are so perky. I love to suck on those nipples and she likes it too. She has a really solid athletic body that’s toned and looks great in a bikini. Or in anything. Or nothing.

One night, I picked her up at her house. She still lived at home. What a gorgeous girl she was. She was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, with her brunette hair done just right. It was kind of wavy and curly, and it just matches her personality. And the way those jeans were stuck to her ass was driving me wild from the first moment. We went to a movie and quickly started making out, and I felt her tits for the first time. Man, they were so firm and her nipples responded, even through her bra. She was moaning in the theater. People were starting to turn and look at us, so I decided that maybe we should just leave.

Things started getting really intense in the car. I had my hand in her shirt and unsnapped her bra, then her little tits were in my hands and she went wild. Her hands went down to my cock and started feeling it through my shorts. Suddenly, she stopped kissing me and just stared at me.

“Baby, don’t stop now!”

“Jake, is that you? Is that really your dick?”

“Yeah, yabancı escort baby, do you like it?”

“Oh my god, I’ve never felt anything like that before! It’s huge!”

Well, it’s not really that huge, but it’s certainly bigger than average. And it obviously was bigger than any of her other boyfriends had been. I’m about 8 inches long, and pretty thick. Her stroking it had made it as hard as steel, so that might have been part of it. I couldn’t wait to see how far things were going to go.

“Katie, do you want to head back to my room? My roommates are gone for the night.”

“God yes. Hurry.”

I drove faster than I probably ever had. And her hand was on my crotch the entire way back to my place. By the time we got there, I was almost ready to explode. We didn’t run inside, but it felt like it. Our mouths met as soon as we got in the door, and my hands went right back to those wonderful tits. God, I could hold those things all night. I hoped.

Her hand was stroking my rock-hard cock, and she was moaning for all she was worth. The cum was dripping from my cock and I wondered if I could wait much longer to be inside her. We broke the kiss and I pulled my shirt over my head. Then I pulled her shirt off as well, and I removed her bra that was still hanging off of her shoulders. It was a bright green bra and almost glowed in the dark against her skin. But I didn’t really care about the bra, because I was staring at a really beautiful pair of luscious tits that were begging me to suck them. I pulled her to me and picked her up like she weighed nothing. And I carried her to my room. She was licking and sucking on my ear and whispering naughty little thoughts the whole way.

I let her go on the bed and tried to follow here down, but she stopped me. She reached out and grabbed the waist of my shorts and pulled them away from me. I pulled them off, along with my boxers. Her smile turned into a lustful gaze and I knew that this girl was going to be so hot. She grabbed my cock and stroked it, slowly, feeling the throbbing with every stroke.

I sat on the bed next to her, getting ready to get serious about kissing yeni escort Katie. But before I could take her in my arms, she stood up and unsnapped her jeans. Seductively, she worked the zipper down and then turned around and did a seductive little dance. Teasing me with the movement of her hips right in front of me. Hands on her waistband, she teased them down just a little bit so that I could just make out her panties that were obviously the same color as her bra. That lime green fabric was driving me crazy now as it came into view. She turned towards me again and pulled the jeans down her hips and I loved the way her panties were clinging to her. Around again, and I saw that it was a thong, and her wonderful, firm ass was uncovered and begging to be loved.

She finally got the jeans off and just stood in front of me, lust in her eyes. I pulled at her panties and they came off as she climbed on top of me. She didn’t shave her pussy, but it was neatly trimmed in a strip of fur.

There were no preludes now. She started kissing me and feeding me her tongue. I responded with my tongue in her mouth, feeling her teeth nibble gently against it. My hands were on her tits and I was flicking her nipples in a weird rhythm that caused a shiver with every touch. Her pussy was grinding against me and I could feel the wetness pouring out of her center. Pouring down on my cock, lubricating it for her. The need to be inside her was overwhelming.

“Fuck me, Jake. Fuck me with that hard cock, Jake. I need to feel it now. Don’t make me wait, Jake.”

And she lowered her pussy onto my cock, her hand guiding it in, rubbing it against her clit then putting the head at the entrance. She gasped as she lowered herself on to my manhood, and I felt the wetness surrounding me. I had never had a girl like this before, and I didn’t want it to stop.

She was having trouble catching her breath as she lowered herself all the way down. It was a moaning, guttural response to being well-fucked. When I was all the way in, she sat on me and slowly ground herself against my hips. Circular, back and forth, all different directions. But she never let me free. I yenibosna escort was buried in her and that was how I stayed. I could feel the muscles of her pussy throbbing with her motions, and my cockhead was against her cervix. The noises she made were incredible and told me that she was loving the moment. Suddenly, she started moving up and down on my cock and I felt my cock slamming into her cervix with every stroke. And every time, she would give a little yelp. But she didn’t stop working it in and out.

I moved his head up and took one of her nipples into my mouth. Flicking with my tongue. God, they were so hard and so sensitive. With every flick she would give a little shudder that I could feel in her pussy. She was close to cumming and I wanted her to feel everything.

“Jake, fuck me, Jake, give it to me. I need your cum inside me. Fuck me, baby. Oh God, give me your cum.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I turned over and laid her on her back while I stayed inside her. I was on top, buried in her pussy. All 8 inches throbbing and ready. I wanted it all in her. She spread her legs wide and her tits fell to the side of her chest. Her hair was laid out all around her face and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever known. I couldn’t imagine anything better than being with her.

I started fucking her, slow at first, long, deep strokes. Her moaning was nonstop and so sensual. She grabbed her tits and pinched her own nipples while I fucked her pussy. Seeing that gave me a rush, and I sped up my strokes as I plowed into her. She wanted more of me, and I wanted all of her.

“Fuck me, Jake. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Harder, Jake, harder. Fill me up with that cock. Don’t hold back, give it to me.” Stroke, stroke, stroke. Constant moans now. Then the scream started from deep within her and she exploded with an orgasm that sent shockwaves in the neighborhood. I felt her pussy vibrate with waves of passion and it tightened down on my cock and held it firm.

That was enough for me. I shoved my cock into her and left it buried to the hilt as my cum exploded from the head. Blast after blast, rocketing out of my cock and into her willing pussy. Her screams increased with every shot. Finally after about 5 or 6 spurts, I collapsed onto her and she wrapped her arms and legs around me and kissed my face. I was done. Never had anything like that ever happened before, but I knew that I wanted more of this girl. This darling Katie.



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