My fucked up lifeYes my life is fucked up and I guess you could say I’m to blame. I mean I guess I should’ve walked out when my husband got hurt, and I should not of fixed the books to get money to pay and medical bills, but I did and now I’m fucked in more ways then I can count.I met my husband in the last year of high school and, he always wanted to be his own boss. Right from the time I met him he said that someday he would be well off running his own business. Well we got married, and I went to work for a company that imports and exports all over the world. I’m good with numbers and was working in billing and accounts payable. That’s where I got in deep shit, but I’m getting ahead of myself.My husband went to work for a company that was remodeling houses or building additions and so on. He learned quickly and when we came into some money he went out on his own doing the same stuff. Yes he was making not bad money but one day I get a call. His ladder slipped and he landed on a brick wall breaking his hip. That’s when I found out he wasn’t paying any insurance or workman’s comp, so the medical bills was coming out of our pockets. I sold everything I could but we were still deep in the hole. that’s when I started fixing the bills at work. Lets say the bill was for a million bucks, I would add maybe ten grand on a phony bill and put the real payment through and with the real bill and pocket the rest.Well it all went well for maybe nine months when I got a call from the CEO. I was told to be in his office in two minutes. I thought about running, but outside my door was two huge security guards. So with one on each side I was walked to his office. I could go into the three bursa escort hours I spent up there with him telling me that they knew what I was doing and that I took eight hundred, ninety thousand dollars and, I was about to go to jail for a long time. He showed me every bill I had doctored and for how much. I won’t lye I was on my knees saying I would do anything if he didn’t call in the fed’s. See what I was doing was international which was more then huge, I mean I would make head lines all over the world.I went on begging for him to find it in his heart to let me pay it back. Now how the fuck I was going to do that was beyond me cause that day I think there was maybe a hundred bucks in the bank and the rest went to the medical bills which, I was still behind on. Now my boss is a tall well built man and not bad looking for maybe in his early 60s. He got up from his desk and walked up in front of me. Looking down he said “What are your measurements?” I was dumbfounded by the question. He bent over me asking me again but with a meanness to his voice, said ” Your measurements now!”I looked up saying “I’m a 36B 32 34 and stand 5 foot 3 inches.” That put a smile on his face as he started to unzip his pants.He looked at me and said “If your any good I may have a way for you to stay out of jail, and out of the news. Take it out and give me your best ever blow job, and no spitting it out, you swallow or off to jail you go. Now get busy.” I put my hand inside his open zipper finding he had no underwear on and wrapped my fingers around his sizable cock. I removed it from his pants kissing the head looking up at him took him in my mouth. I started doing my best I could escort bursa but he soon had both his hands in my hair pulling me towards his pants forcing more of himself in my mouth as it starting going down my throat. Yes I gagged at first, but soon forced myself to stop gagging cause I knew that if that’s what he wanted that’s what he was going to get, anything but jail. His zipper cut my lip a little bit but I just was trying to breathe with his sizable cock in my throat. He pulled back letting me get a few breaths before going balls deep again over and over in my mouth. I had tears running down my face when he pulled hard on my hair forcing every inch of himself down my throat as I felt his cock pumping his cum straight into my belly. His balls were against my chin and I could even feel them moving as he came. I thought I was about to past out when he pushed me back making me land on my back with my knees up in the air grasping to breathe. He looked down at me and said ” Well you passed the first test and if you pass the rest tomorrow I just may have a way for you to stay a free girl. Now I see those are ugly white panties you have on and that stops now. From now on you will wear sexy panties or throngs with hosiery, either stay ups or with a garter belt. Now get on your feet and strip, I want to see what I’m buying.”Buying, what the fuck does he mean by that, but the look on his face told me to get with it. I sure picked a bad day to wear my full cotton panties with a cotton bra, nothing sexy about this stuff. I stood there and began to unbutton my top when he barked ” Dance bitch, make a show of it.” I felt like a cheap street hooker but did what he wanted bursa escort bayan and even started to feel a little turned on. Hell the last time I had a cock in me was three days before my fucking husband fell off that fucking ladder and that was months ago.I started showing him my moves and by the time I was down to bra and panties his cock started to come back to life. I popped my bra off of my twin B’s which are still as firm as when I was a teenager. I rubbed my tits on his half hard cock as I stood up bending over as my panties hit the floor. The next thing I knew was I was being pushed forward toward a couch arm and as my tights hit the couch I fell forward and his cock found my opening. I give a grunt as he pushed all of himself inside my very wet cunt. Dam in maybe three or four pumps and I was coming. That’s when I heard myself yelling for him to fuck me hard. I was on fire and I needed his hose to put it out.I have no idea how long or how many orgasms I had before he pushed in deep pumping yet one more load of cum I my body. He pulled out after a few minutes saying for me to clean his cock with my mouth. I felt it was my duty to clean my new boss in everyway as I licked and sucked every tiny bit of our cum off his manhood. He then said ” Tomorrow when you come in you come straight to my office so I can see you have followed my orders, and by the way I want that pussy of yours shaved bald by tomorrow as well. Now get dressed and go in there and fix your make up before you leave here. Well get with it slut.” I did just what he asked and for the first time I felt fulfilled sexually, maybe what I needed was a master for me to be a slut for. I got dressed and cleaned up, well my face anyway and as I left I thought the first thing is get a morning after pill cause who needs birth control when your husband is just learning how to walk again and some shave cream. Tomorrow is going to be a great day.



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