My Frist Adam4Adam meeting…Wow!I am posting this true encounter from just last weekend. I met this wonderful man on A4A. It was recommended to me by another of my friends here.Bill and I emailed for a few days prior to him coming to town for business. I was not sure of this kind of meeting so I wanted to meet in a public spot, and if things were wrong between us then no harm….just out a cup of coffee.I walked into the coffee shop and there he was…a good looking man, with a short trimmed beard, and a great smile…I was in heat instantly.We talked for about an hour and then I had to leave, but we made plans to meet in his hotel room the next day. We shook hands as I got up to leave, and he held onto my hand for just a mirco second longer then normal….looked into my eyes and flashed that beautiful smile. I could feel my nipples tingle and was starting to grow some wood down my leg. it was really hard not to lean over and kiss those luscious lips attached to that smile.He said he would text me when he was free the next day and we could get to know each other better for a few hours.The next morning I hopped out of bed, headed straight for the shower and got ready for meeting with Bill. I cleaned out, shaved all over and took care to shave all the hairs around my nipples….I wanted them played with…and Bill had promised me that he would nurse them good for me later that day.About noon I got the text, and I hopped into my van and headed downtown. I stopped just out side his door and texted him that I was there. He opened the door and let me into a darkened bedroom. My eyes started to adjust and when I turned around to take off my coat, I saw him…he casino oyna was naked with a super hard on and a smile.I stopped, grabbed him around the neck and put his lips to mine in a crushing kiss. He responded with a dueling tongue, and slight little moans coming from his throat..he tasted wonderful…and he knew how to kiss.I about threw off my clothes and then stood in front of him to have a good look at my body. He did the once over, had me turn around to check out my back area, and then he came to me and embraced again and our cocks touched for the first time….it was an electric shot of pleasure and I started to drip like a broken faucet.Our body’s were complete opposite…he was a bear rug, with hair covering his chest, legs and arms. Me…I was almost hairless on the chest, smooth shaved all the way down. The contrast was amazing and the feeling of his hair against my chest and nipples was beyond description.He let me know early on that he was dominate one in this meeting. He pushed me to my knees and put his cock in my mouth. He was not huge and it was just the right size for taking all the way into my throat. Thats exactly what happened. he started to face fuck me…I loved it. He fucked me with strong but not forceful strokes…his cock sliding in and out of my mouth felt great.I felt him start to swell and thought that he was going to cum in my throat but he stopped, pulled me up and turned me around and gently pushed me over on to my back onto the bed.My legs fell open when he did this and he put his hands on the insides of my thighs and kneeled down between them and sucked my cock to the base in one gulp. I closed my eyes and decided canlı casino siteleri then and there he was driving the train I was there only to give him pleasure.He deep throated me for about 5 minutes, and then started to lick down my cock to my balls…he took each one in his mouth and gently swirled his tongue around on them while in his mouth…I was starting to move around on the bed like I had a slow fire burning in my boi pussy.As he suckled my balls, I felt his fingers sliding up and down my slit and suddenly he stopped the up and down in my crack and placed one of his finger at my opening. He looked up into my eyes and slowly inserted his finger into me….I about shot right then…it felt beyond wonderful.He slowly fingered me while planting small kisses on my cock shaft and head, and I noticed that he was reaching for something. I closed my eyes from the pleasure, and then felt a cool wetness at my pussy opening and then the great feeling of two fingers in my ass. He was fingering me now, and there was no doubt what was about to happen.He said to me, he wanted me to ride him so that he could watch me as he fucked me. I was in the saddle in seconds.I slid him into me arched upright to get him in me as far as possible and then just sat on him milking him with my ass ring. His moans were filling the room.I started to ride him up and down and he grabbed my hips and was slamming into me when I was on the upstroke. This went on for a few minutes and I was getting very close to cumming.He upped the game when as I rode him, he reached up and took each nipple into his fingers and started to lightly pinch and roll them. That was it….I casino şirketleri started to slam down on him, and the moans coming from me where loud enough that he softly said not to let the whole floor know I was getting fucked.He rolled me over onto my stomach and started to get serious about fucking me…he slammed into me. I loved it. He kept hammering me to the point that I got a rub burn on my elbow while propped up on my elbows while he was twisting my nipples as he fucked me. This guy knew my hot buttons and he was turning them all on the “on” position.Just as I was sure he was going to give me his cum..he pulled out rolled me over onto my back, sat on my legs and stroked his cock and blasted a huge load all over my cock, stomach and chest.It was absolutely wonderful. As he shook from his powerful cum, I was rubbing his cream into my chest, stomach and groin. he flopped forward onto my chest and held me close as he came down.Later we were holding and touching a little in the bed when he grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. In no time I was hard and knew it wouldn’t be long for my O.I reached down to his cock and it was hard again, and I put my legs over him and in one movement had him in me facing him. I beat my cock like it was hooked to an electirc motor, and with his cock in my pussy, I bellowed, and shot a huge load all over his furry chest. It was my turn to flop down and rest.We held each other for a few minutes, and then I had to go. We showered together…thats another story all by it’s self… I got dressed, and left.before I got home he texted me and asked when we could meet again. I flexed my boi cunt, still loving the sensations of his cock in me and responded in a few days.We are meeting again Thursday….this time he is going to breed me. I can hardly wait, and hopefully my rub burn will have healed enough for him to try to give me one to match on the other arm.



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