My first sexual experience (13 YO)I am on my way to summer camp on the bus sitting next to Tyler and we hit a bump his face lands in my breasts ( i matured very early ) and quickly retreated and as he did i saw his cock move in his pants…..i bakırköy escort smiledBack at camp i had to share a cabin with a boy cuz there was an odd number of boys and girls so i shared with Tyler. beşiktaş escort He apologized and i forgave him IF he would help me take a shower the next morning….I woke up at 4:00 nobody else was up i lead beylikdüzü escort Tyler into the bathroom and as he started to scrub my tittys i saw his cock move i smiled once again.About 11:00Pm i heard moaning noises so i looked around the cabin and saw Tyler jacking off with MY bra! I said.”Hey!” He looked and said,”Im so sorry its just that your breasts make me so horny…” I looked at his cock shining with pre-cum and say,”i’ll straiten you out……your cock that is” and i winked.My first story tell me what you think



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