My First Meeting – A work of fictionI had absolutely no idea what to expect as I rang the doorbell of Jane’s house. It was an extended bungalow on the outskirts of Edinburgh and it had taken me 30minutes to drive there, getting more nervous with each passing mile. Jane and I first contacted each other through as online transvestite networking site a couple of months previous. We had got on well, and often chatted in a private chatroom, and exchanged pictures of each other. While I was relatively new to being a tranny, Jane had been doing it for years, going on nights out and meeting people.Jane answered the door, wearing a black above the knee leather skirt, blouse and black nylons and 5inch heels. We were roughly the same height, about 6’2, but she towered over me in her heels, as I had arrived in my male form. She was absolutely gorgeous, with her long dark hair d****d over her shoulders and half way down her back. ‘You must be Lisa’ she said in a soft husky voice which sounded so feminine and sexy. I answered yes, and she let me into her house. She knew this was my first ever meeting with another girl, and very quickly tried to put me at ease. ‘Cup of tea honey?’ she asked as I followed her into the kitchen, ‘Oh and you can take your bag into the bedroom upstairs on the left’. I went up into the room and she had set up a small makeup table with a full length mirror next to it. I put my bag down and went back downstairs to the kitchen.‘We can have a quick chat over the tea, then if you are ready you can get yourself changed’ Jane said to me as I was handed the tea. We sat in the living room for about 10 minutes, just having a chat about anything and I was starting to relax more in her presence. I said I was ready, and was going to turn myself into Lisa for the first time in front of someone else. It normally takes me about 30 minutes to get dolled up, so I apologised and went into my dressing room.I stripped naked, then looked out what I was going to wear for the evening. Jane had suggested bring a few changes of clothing so that we could take a few pictures of ourselves. I rummaged and settled on my black lingerie and mini dress with black heels. Putting on my bra, I could feel my cock getting hard and as I attached my fake breasts I noticed that it was now solid. ‘Oh fuck’ I thought, how can I walk in with a raging hard on, and started to panic. I continued dressing, putting on my suspender belt and lace top stockings over my freshly shaved legs, and sat on the bed wondering what to do about my cock. Suddenly I heard Jane calling up the stairs asking if I wanted another drink, and the shock helped to dissipate my hardon much to my relief. I pulled my panties on, and tucked my cock away, as I had been shown on an instructional video clip, and sat down to do my makeup. In 10 minutes my face was on, a mixture of foundations, blusher, mascara, pink eye shadow and bright red lipstick. I put on my mini dress, which just covered my stocking tops and fixed my blonde wig and put on my 5inch black patent heels. I was ready to make an entrance. I walked down the stairs and stood at the bottom adjusting my dress to make sure it was covering everything, and that I was ‘respectable’. I entered the living room and Jane’s eyes nearly popped out her head. ‘FUCKING HELL, you looking stunning’ she stated with a hint of shock and surprise and I started to blush. No one had ever told me that as a girl before, although I had never met anyone else before, but it felt fantastic to be told that. Jane got up, and gave me a big hug, telling me that I looked gorgeous, bahis siteleri had lovely long legs and a great figure. Suppose being 6’2 and 180lbs I cut quite a slender and athletic figure if I say so myself. I sat down and she told me some of the secrets for passing as a girl, keeping my knees together, or crossing my legs and placing my hands on my lap. This was all new to me, and I listened intently while she spoke, her voice soft and sweet as she came and sat beside me. She was absolutely gorgeous and I was delighted that she found me attractive, although I had no plans for anything other than friendship. Jane suggested taking some pictures of me, and taught me how to pose seated, telling me how to angle my legs so that they looked longer when seated. She took a couple of pictures with me sitting like that, then she got me to cross my legs, she had a look of joy on her face when she spotted my stocking tops and realised that I wasn’t wearing tights. She took a quick snap of that before I had a chance to cover up, but I didn’t mind as I love to show them off on camera.Next she set up a tripod, and we had a few pictures of us standing together side by side. She put her arm around me, which I was unsure of at first, but I had seen real girls doing that so I let her. As we took more and more pictures we started to get closer and closer to each other physically, until our lips were almost touching. We smiled at each other and then out of nowhere she kissed my full on the lips and it made me jump. I had always thought of myself as 100% heterosexual, yet here I was kissing a transvestite, but not only that I enjoyed it, and I responded by kissing her too. We stood there in her living room kissing each other, and we had our arms wrapped around one another too. She seemed genuinely surprised and delighted that I hadn’t run away or slapped her, and started running her hands up and down my back, and I was getting caught up in the lust of the moment.After we stopped kissing, she whispered to me ‘time for a change in clothes, then we can take more photos’. I agreed and we headed out of the room. As we climbed the stairs to our respective rooms she asked me if I had anything red, as she would love to see me in it. I told her I had lots of red items, and if she wanted I would return head to toe in red. She smiled, a sexy smile, and said that would be lovely. I went to my room, and stripped off, and found what I was looking for, my red basque, red fishnet stockings, red shoes and a mini red dress. I was just touching up my makeup, when I heard Jane going down the stairs, she had changed too, and I was eager to see what she was wearing.I walked into the room dressed all in red and there was Jane standing waiting on me, she was dressed in a very tight, very short velvet dress which showed off her figure beautifully. While we were of similar heights and build she had a 38C chest, whereas mine was a 38E. She almost choked when she saw me, as my dress was so short it just covered my ass and my suspenders were in full view. ‘FUCKING HELL darling that is one very slutty outfit’ she said in a loud voice. ‘Hope you like it Jane’ I replied in a teasing way. We kissed each other again, but this time our tongues met and I could feel myself starting to get hard again, with my cock straining against my panties.We took some more pictures this time with her behind me and holding my waist, and then with me looking at her in a lustful way. That seemed to give her the impetus to make her move on me. She turned me around and kissed me again with our tongues canlı bahis meeting and teasing our mouths, but this time her hand move to my ass and she gave it a little squeeze. I admit I was shocked by this act, but I was so caught up in the moment that I moved closer so she could get a better grip on me. Then it moved round my side and she started to rub my stiffening cock through my panties, the strain was too much and I let out a pleasured sigh. It felt good, and she was certainly an expert at pleasing trannies.We continued kissing as we sat down on the couch, where she lifted my legs and placed then on hers, stroking and teasing them. My cock was now rock solid, but trapped in my panties, I wanted to release it, but had no idea how it would go. I needn’t have worried as in the next breath, she asked if she could suck me off. I wanted to say no, as this wasn’t a real girl, but all that came out was ‘Fuck yes please’.She helped me up and knelt down in front of me and ran her soft hand up my stocking clad legs to my panties and started to pull them down. My cock sprang out after being released and her eyes widened when she saw how hard it was. ‘Was that my doing or yours honey?’ she asked, ‘definitely yours Jane’ I replied barely able to contain myself, I needed to cum so badly it hurt. I looked down at my cock, and it was absolutely covered in precum, which Jane seemed to like, because she took one look, and placed her red lips onto the tip and kissed my cock. I almost shot my load there and then, but managed to hold on as she opened her lips and started to take my cock into her warm and welcoming mouth. I let out a little moan of ecstasy as her head moved to and from on my cock, I was now completely lost in her lust and I started to run my fingers through her hair as she sucked me. Withdrawing from me she stood up and kissed me again, I could taste my juices from her mouth, and though ‘mmmmm I taste good tonight’. She took my hand and positioned it onto her cock, which I could feel hardening under her dress. I had never felt another cock before, but I was enjoying the feeling and before I knew it, my hand was under her dress rubbing her cock through her panties. She grabbed my cock and started to wank me off, as I manipulated my way round the fabric which blocked my access to her hardening cock.I felt the zip of my dress being pulled down gently, and rather than pull away, I wriggled my arms so that it fell to the floor easily, and stepped out of it. There I was standing in the middle of Jane’s living room dressed solely in a basque, stockings and high heels, my dress and panties were well away now, and my solid cock in full view now. She sat me on the sofa and slid her ruby lips down my body until she reached my throbbing cock. She gave me a cheeky smile, and without any hesitation opened her mouth and deep throated me, I was in heaven. Her head started to move up and down on me, as I lay back and positioned myself so she could get a better hold with her mouth, and also so she could fondle my ball sack. I was so far gone in lust that I had forgotten that this was a man dressed as a woman, as she was expertly teasing my cock and balls. I lifted my legs and wrapped then around her, and she started to stroke my stocking clad legs, and touching my ass cheeks. I started to fuck her mouth now and she let out a moan of lust and pleasure and held me tighter sucking harder and harder on my aching cock. Just then she stopped and smiled looking at me as I was fondling my fake tits as it they were real, and said she wanted another position. As güvenilir bahis she stood up, I grab her ass firmly and slowly lifted the hem of her mini dress revealing her stocking tops and see through knickers. I looked up at her, and pulled her knickers down, took a deep breath and took her cock in my mouth. This was the first time I had tasted cock, and was shocked that I had done that, but it tasted so good and I could feel her hardening in my mouth. Jane put her hands on my head and slowly started to move it back and forth so we could enjoy the moment. I could feel her cock starting to leak precum, and the more it leak the harder I sucked, that was it the moment I became addicted to cock sucking, I loved every movement, every thrust and every taste of her juices. I was hooked and wanted more.I took my hand and started to fondle her sack as I sucked, and then used my tongue to tease the tip of her dick which was twitching and leaking more and more. ‘I can’t believe you’ve never sucked cock before Lisa’ Jane remarked. ‘Never’ I replied as I momentarily removed her from my mouth ‘but I’m loving it’ I continued and then deep throated her and she let out a ‘Fuuuuuck that’s wonderful’. She pulled away and lifted to my feet and we kissed again, this time mixing our juices in each other’s mouths, while grabbing each other cocks and wanking them, almost to the point of cumming, but she had more planned for me tonight.Jane sat down on the sofa, and spread her stocking clad legs, grabbed her dick and beckoned me over. I climbed on top of her and sat on the thighs our cocks touching. She put her arms around me, and pulled me close and we French kissed again, then I felt her hand move and I looked down she was wanking our cocks together in one hand. I arched my back so she could get a better grip and she simultaneously jerked us off. ‘Fuck I’m cumming Jane, harder, HARDER!! WANK me you dirty bitch’ I screamed, and at that I shot my load all over her hand, cock and dress. As I collapsed forward, I put my arms around Jane’s neck and hugged then kissed her, ‘That was the best orgasm I’ve had. Thank you darling’. I apologised for making a mess of her dress, but she just smiled, then scooped up my cum from her dress with her fingers and put them into her mouth ‘I love the taste of tranny cum, and yours tastes delicious’. At that she grabbed me and kissed me, transferring my cum from her mouth to mine. I had never tasted cum before, but I had to admit I tasted good, and I wanted more. I climbed off Jane’s lap and went down on her cock, sucking like never before, I was desperate for her cum and I wanted her to shoot in my mouth. Faster and faster I went sucking and wanking her gorgeous big cock, even after I’d cum I was hungry for more. After a few minutes she couldn’t take any more and I could feel the cum rising from her balls, it was a strange sensation, but I clamped my mouth firmly round her shaft as she started to cum. Her juice shot again the back of my throat and I gagged on the sweet cum, another load spurted and it started to dribble down the sides of my mouth. I couldn’t take any more and I opened my mouth as the third load came out, shooting over my face. I looked a mess a mouth full of cum, and the rest on my face. Jane looked down on me, smiled and grabbed her camera to take a pic of this cum drenched tranny slut, and to finish off I started to lick the cream off her now limp dick. She reciprocated by licking her juice from my face and we ended up having a cum swapping kiss. What an evening this had turned out to be.We sat beside one another hugging and she admitted that tonight she had set out to seduce me, but was surprised as to how well it went, way above her expectation. I turned to her and said ‘Don’t worry darling, next time it will be even better’THE END



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