My fantasyWhen I first introduced the idea to my gf, she was quiet. Then after a week or so in the bedroom she started playing with herself using a dildo and talking dirty to me. Like you want to see this pussy get fucked by someone else and watch him cum in me watch his cum leak out from my pussy.She would get so wet and excited doing this. So I suggested to her that we give it a try and if you like it and want to continue to have me eat her cum filled pussy. Otherwise if she didn’t I would fuck her pussy to reclaim it. We finally set up a meet up/rekindle with her old friend Rick she always told me that he has a big dick and she was the only one to deep throat him, but they never fucked. I was hoping once they talked for a bit that would change. Sure enough she told me that she started kissing him stroking his leg and got quite a rise out of his pants. She undid his zipper and pulled his cock out, after a few strokes she started to suck on it. He wasted no time and reached under her shirt to play with her big tits. Squeezing them, tweaking her hard nipples. This in turn got her even more horny and excited, so she increased the speed of her stroking and sucking til he exploded down her throat. After swallowing every drop she started again and told him that she wants to feel his big cock in her. This got him excited enough to become fully erect again. He pulled both his and her pants down and then her panties. He began to rub the head of his cock against her pussy and could feel how wet she was. He slide it up and down bursa escort her pussy getting her wetness all over his cock. She moaned as he pushed his way in filling her fully with his cock. After a moment of adjustment he started sliding in and out, her juices flowing made it easier with each stroke. Having cum already he was able to last awhile and switch to different positions. She enjoyed this throughly especially when he bent her over into doggy style she could feel him deeper inside of her hitting places I could never reach. When she felt him tense up and start to cum she pushed back so she could feel him shooting his cum deep inside and she had the biggest orgasm in a long time. After resting.a bit he started caressing her and they started making out. Kissing each other passionately. He moved to suck on her nipples and nip at them while she played with his cock rubbing the tip to sliding her hand up and down his long shaft. Once he was hard enough again she glided his cock to her pussy again. This time she was able to get more heavenly orgasms before he filled her once again. Fully satisfied she called for a ride home and to find me waiting for her. Once inside I could smell the scent of sex on her, she made her way to the bedroom and precided to undress. I could see the bite marks and redness on her tits and when she removed her underwear I could see how wet and stained they were. She crawled into bed with a wicked smile and spread her legs so I could get a good look at her pussy open, red and raw, and dripping escort bursa with their juices. Finally I hear her say clean HIS pussy up. I moved up and started slowly licking her until I lost control and was lapping it all up. She reached down to stroke me but after two strokes I blew my load which in turn caused her to chuckle. She held her hand out and I stopped to clean it up. Once done she nudge me back to her pussy to which I dove right back in and once she came she pushed me away.As we laid there she spoke on how things are to be. While she is fucking Rick her pussy belongs to him and that I am to be in chasity and to be scheduled for a vasectomy. She will fuck him whenever and wherever she wanted. Once we were at the park while I drove the k**s to the bathroom she sucked his til he came and when we returned she gave me a deep kiss so I could taste what she had been up too. Then said she was it was her turn to go and Rick too. Once they got there she started playing with his cock til he was nice and hard. She was already wet enough and loose to accuminate his cock. She slide on top of him stretching her but feeling so good to be filled that way. As she came and gripped his cock he tensed up and came deep inside once again. After resting and letting him slide out she pulled her panties up and straighten herself up returned back. Once there she came over to me and kissed me once more while putting my hand down to feel how soaked she was. She started going over to his place always coming back full of his bursa escort bayan cum for me to clean up. After the vasectomy she started jerking me off several times a day til she thought there was no live sperm left anymore and then left me alone until it was time to either pleasure her or clean up her filled pussy. She announced that she would be staying over on Friday and wouldn’t be back til late Saturday or even Sunday. When She would go over to his place she would either have me stay at home or drop her off. Sometimes she would have me drive while both of them make out in the back sometimes they would even fuck. Sometimes she would have me wait outside til he was done with her and go home right away to be cleaned up. After a couple of months she came home with a big smirk. She said Rick thinks it would be better if you were castrated and I agree, so I made some arrangements. Guess what is happening in about an hour. As a final goodbye to your balls Rick has allowed you to fuck my pussy you’ll need to thank him twice now. And with that she proceeded to the bedroom. Everything at once my mind was swirling as I followed. She just laid there as I stick my dick in her. She was so loose and wet with his cum. Having not been in her pussy in so long and everything else I didn’t last. She just laughed and said clean up your last mess. 45 minutes the doorbell rang and she went to answer it. I could hear another woman’s voice but not what they were saying. They walked in, the other women had a bag with her and rather normal looking. So she said how we going to do this? Local only I want him too see his balls leaving him forever. I’m gonna put them in a grinder and fry them up for him to eat. Trim his sack down to as I would like to make a purse out of it.



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