My fantasy, soon my realityMistress summons me to her quarters and places me in shackles, collars me, and calls me slave. I feel the cold steel restraints on my skin and my body quivers as she leads me to her dungeon. The dungeon is dark and dimly lit by candles burning around the room. She orders me to prepare for inspection. As I stand there naked I stare at my beautiful owner. She is dressed in a shiny black body suit with a collar that snaps around her neck with an opening that exposes much of her breasts but not all. She is wearing black stiletto heel boots that go up to her thighs and is holding a crop. Her beauty is accentuated by her long flowing hair, impeccable make-up, well manicured long fingernails with shiny red nail polish, and matching shiny gloss red lipstick. The sight of her is forever etched in my mind. Mistress circles me looking and inspecting every inch of body running her fingernails across my face, lips, chest and cock. I am her property and she knows it. Mistress takes the crop and smacks my ass and cock to make sure I know who is in charge. She then takes the crop and swats my inner thighs back and forth until my legs are wide apart. Once my legs are apart she fixes her attention to my cock and balls by smacking them with the crop. The pain on my sensitive genitalia sends shivers through my body. She adds a couple of good smacks to my nipples and the squeezes and twists them with her fingernails. She has me bend over so she can inspect my ass. She licks her finger and then inserts it into my ass, and firmly grabs my cock and balls with the other hand and announces that these are her property. Once she is satisfied she places a mask over my eyes and deprives me of her beauty. Just then my other senses start canlı bahis to take over. I hear the sounds of her heels clicking on the floor with every step she takes. I can smell her sweet perfume aroma all around me. Her voice resonates in my ears with every word, laugh, and snicker. She then leads me to a chair and has me sit down. I hear swishing sounds and then feel cold lotion being applied to my cock and balls. I tremble in fear and then feel a razor running up and down my legs and underarms. I feel a few hard smacks of the crop across my cock and balls and then the razor again. It is apparent that my cock and balls have been depleted of hair. Mistress orders me to take the wet cloth she hands me and wipe my newly shaven skin. As I do so, I can feel the new softness of my skin and get this tingly feeling. Mistress then hands me some things and orders me to put them on. Then I notice that her words are more forceful and she is using the word bitch. She removes my blindfold and says “take these stockings, corset, crotch-less panties, and heels and put them on bitch.” After putting on my new clothes, she applies my make-up and a wig. She orders me to stand and look in a mirror as she inspects her new creation. She runs her red nails across my pretty face and lips and up and down my stockings as I feel the soft satiny sensation on my legs. Upon seeing myself in the mirror, I don’t even recognize myself, but strangely enough I like what I see. The inner me shines through and I feel a bit excited and a very slutty. Mistress notices my excitement and after a swift backhand to my face she replaces the blindfold over my eyes and places cuffs on my legs and hands. I soon hear the sound of more steel chains. One at a time Mistress bahis siteleri straps my hands and legs to some other chains and before I knew it I am suspended in the air and fixed to the chains. Hanging there face-up in mid-air Mistress decides to straddle my chest. I hear her heel click down on the floor and feel each of her creamy inner thighs on the sides of my chest. Mistress unsnaps her croth snaps and begins to rub herself making herself wet and increasing the already present aroma. She orders me to smell the sweet scent of her wet pussy. As I inhale slowly and deeply, I record her scent and store it in my head forever. Mistress slides up toward my chin and orders me to stick out my tongue and demands that I make no attempt to move it in anyway. She uses her slaves tongue as her toy to pleasure herself by gently rocking back and forth and up and down until she orgasms. Her pussy juice oozes out onto my tongue and lips leaving me with her taste as well as her aroma. Just at this moment I instinctively moved my tongue across my lips to taste her every drop. Mistress noticed this and was not pleased thinking I had disobeyed her orders. I tried to explain but to no avail, she stated I was to be punished and left the room. I heard her heels clicking as she walked away. Mistress left me there hanging for quite some time still blindfolded with only her aroma to think about. A while later Mistress returns and tells me it is time for my punishment. She straddles my chest again and proceeds to remove my blindfold. Just as it is removed, I find myself starring at a big black strap-on dildo. I am noticeably scared and Mistress knows it. I begin to tremble beneath her as I starred at her strap-on, I don’t even notice that there is someone güvenilir bahis else in the room behind my head. Mistress brings it to my attention. It is another one of her male slaves. Immediately I begin trying to figure out what she has in mind. Mistress proceeds to tell me that I was going to be used for her pure pleasure and amusement in any way she desires. Mistress orders me to suck on her strap-on as she thrusts it into my mouth. The big strap-on is now in my mouth causing me to gag as Mistress snickers and laughs. She orders me to worship it, suck it, and lick it which I do moving my tongue all around it getting it very wet, sliding it in and out of my nice red lips, and taking it down deep into my mouth. Mistress then unstraddles me and replaces to blindfold over my eyes. I hear her heels clicking and feel her standing between the chains of my legs. I can hear some squishing noises and then feel cold lotion being placed on my ass. Mistress says that it was now time for her sluts punishment as she pushes her strap-on into my virgin ass. She goes slow and easy until my ass loosens-up, but it hurts. My ass stretches to try and accommodate her cock. It is pretty painful and I can’t hide it. I begin squirming, moving, and groaning to overcome the pain and tell her it hurts to much. She is very amused by this. At that moment I found out why her other slave was there. Mistress snapped her finger and the other slave moved forward and put his cock in my mouth to shut me up. Now I was getting it in both holes sucking and fucking in unison. As Mistress pushes her strap-on in my ass, the chains sway pushing my head back causing his cock to slide past my red lips and down my throat. Inversely, as Mistress pulls back the cock it slides out of my mouth until only the head is on my lips. Mistress keeps this up until her other slave cums all over my face. Mistress smiled and snickers with great amusement, telling me what a good sissy slave bitch I am.



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