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Emma and I have always had a very close relationship. I raised her as a single father, with that I had teach her everything including the things a mother usually handles. I had to teach Emma about her first period, about becoming a woman I even had to take her for her first training bra. I think all of these things helped our relationship by building a bond and teaching Emma we can talk about anything and everything.

Emma was always a beautiful girl, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed the transformation as she grew from my sweet little girl into a woman, Emma had just turned 18 and was waiting to enter her freshman year of college. She was built just like her mother. Long dark brown, almost black hair, incredibly bright green eyes and an amazing smile. She stands about 5’5″, 115 pounds and a small B cup breasts.

About the last year or so I noticed a change in the way Emma and I acted around each other. She started walking freely around the house in her bra and panties without trying to cover up if she saw me. I never reacted so I am assuming she didn’t think anything of it either. This was about the same time I really took notice just how much she looked like her mother. In the beginning I felt a bit guilty the way I would look at her and the thoughts that began to creep into my mind.

A few weeks after this started I was in the shower one morning and was feeling the need for release and began jerking off, as I let my mind wander, soon the vision of Emma entered my mind. I was picturing the way she looked in her bra and panties. Her small firm breasts, her small tight little ass, it didn’t take long before this vision had me cumming. After I came, I definitely felt the guilt of picturing my daughter as I came.

Thirty minutes after this as I was sitting at the table having my morning coffee. Emma came downstairs in her bikini ready to head out to the pool for some sun. I couldn’t look her in the eye, but couldn’t take my eyes off her body. She noticed I was acting a bit off and prodded for answers, I just said I had a lot going on at work and was preoccupied. She accepted my answer and told me to come out to the pool and relax and I shouldn’t think about work on the weekends. I agreed and told her I would be out shortly. I watched as she walked out of the kitchen, looking at her little ass sway as she walked. She looked over her shoulder and shot a quick smile and turned back around. I felt my face immediately turn red.

Over the next few weeks incidents like this continued, it seemed Emma was testing me. She started wearing more revealing clothing, often just her bra and panties. Several times it seemed she would “accidentally” rub against me. Sometimes it was her ass brushing against the front of me or maybe the back of her hand. She would even come up behind me and press her body against me as she reached in the cupboard in front of me. My mind was telling me this could not be happening, but it definitely was. I decided to test her back. I started wearing only boxers and a T-shirt, she never said anything but her rubbing and bumping against me continued and increased. Through the thin material of my boxers she was able to feel more of me. One morning I decided to up the ante and changed to boxer briefs which easily showed more. The first time I walked into the kitchen with them on I surprised her. Her eyes visibly widened and and she mumbled oh my gosh under her breath but loud enough for me to hear. This time she was the one to turn red. I glanced and smiled at her and asked her if she liked them, she just nodded. We sat at the table and chatted as I had coffee and she finished her breakfast. I could easily tell she was squirming in her seat, I could see her hard nipples pressing against the front of her tank top. By the time we were finished I too was completely turned on, I adjusted my erect cock before standing. I walked over and placed my cup in the sink, as I turned around I said i was going to shower, I looked down and Emma’s eyes were locked on my erect cock.

As I walked out of the master bath and into my bedroom with just a towel around my waist Emma was sitting on the bed waiting. I was a bit startled, not expecting her to be there I asked if everything was OK, she nodded her head and said yes.

She said “since you got new underwear and showed them off to me, I wanted to show you my new ones too.”

She stood up, and started to spin slowly, looking in my eyes as she spun. My eyes kağıthane escort soaked in her gorgeous figure. She was wearing a very sheer bra and panty set. They were a soft pink, which was a perfect contrast to her tanned body. The bra clearly showed off her hard nipples and slightly darker areola’s, the panties left me certain she is shaved completely smooth. I was the one now mumbling under my breath.

She said “do you like daddy?”

That phrase made my heart skip a beat. I said “baby, you look amazing.”

She smiled and said “I am glad you like them daddy, I bought them just for you.”

I said, “oh, and why is that sweetie?”

Emma said, “you have done so much for me my entire life and I wanted to say thank you in a very special way.”

Emma was walking towards me as she said that, wrapping her arms around me and hugging me. I instinctively wrapped my arms around her, Emma held me tight for several seconds, her near naked body pressed against me. I could feel my cock begin to stir under my towel as my hands ran up and down her back, pulling her closer.

Emma loosened her grip a little and leaned back, looking up in my eyes, she said “I love you daddy.”

Looking down I said, “I love you too, baby.”

Emma then pulled my head down and kissed me on the lips. She pressed her lips against mine firmly for a few long seconds. As the kiss broke, she pulled me in for a hug again, squeezing me tight pressing her body against me. I know she can feel my now hard cock pressed against her belly.

Emma leaned back again, looking up at me, this time I leaned in to kiss her. Placing my lips on hers, soft and gentle. I let my lips part just slightly, taking her bottom lip between mine and pulling gently. We kissed like this for several seconds, soon our tongues were playing with each others. My mind was racing, not processing what was happening and quite honestly not wanting to, it felt so right.

I would never do anything to hurt my daughter, as our kiss broke, I looked at Emma and asked “are you ok with this baby?”

She nodded and said “yes daddy, I never wanted anything more.”

I took her by the hand and we sat on the edge of the bed. then I laid her down. She looked amazing laying there in her near see thru bra and panties. I laid next to her and began kissing her again, our tongues immediately found the others and played. My hand moved up and down her body, feeling her tight flat belly, then up over her bra covered breast, easily feeling her hard nipple thru the almost non-existent material. Emma’s hand rubbing my chest then up through my hair, pulling me tighter into our kiss.

I pulled Emma to me, turning her onto her side, I then unhooked her bra and removed it. I leaned back looking at her beautiful young, firm breasts. Her nipples are absolute perfection. Her areola’s slightly darker than her skin, her nipples where very hard and large compared to the size of her breasts. I leaned in taking one, then the other in my mouth. Taking my time to lick and suck each one, flicking my tongue over each as I sucked. Emma was moaning, her hand moving down my chest and across my stomach. Then she undid my towel and let her hand slide down grasping my hard cock and began stroking me. I looked down at my daughters hand stroking my cock, I could not believe what was happening.

I resumed licking and sucking Emma’s breasts, then started licking and kissing down her belly. I spent several minutes moving down her body, I was able to smell her scent as I got closer to her pussy. Kissing along the waist of her panties, my hands rubbing up and down her thighs. Emma’s legs instinctively spread wider giving me better access. I moved to her thighs, licking and kissing. My face directly in front of her, inhaling her scent, it was intoxicating. I continued kissing her thighs, licking along the crease of her legs, not touching her sweet young pussy.

I kissed down Emma’s one leg then back up the other. As I reached her inner thigh, I hooked my fingers in the waist of her sheer panties and slowly pulled them down. As I exposed the top portion of Emma’s smooth mound I stopped pulling and kissed and licked the area. Emma was moaning loud, hips gyrating begging me saying “please daddy.”

I then pulled her panties again, Emma lifting her hips off the bed allowing me to pull them off her small round ass and down her thighs and completely off. As Emma laid completely kartal escort naked in front of me I scanned her body, soaking in every inch of her. I laid on top of her, kissing her hard on the mouth, telling her how much I love her. Her hands on my ass, pulling my hard cock against her smooth wet pussy as she rubbed along the length. I said “not yet baby girl.”

I moved back down between Emma’s legs and began kissing and licking around her smooth mound, pushing her legs wide apart. Her beautiful pussy lips were slightly parted I could clearly see her soft pink folds of her inner lips. I placed my tongue between her fold and licked from her tight hole up to her clit, taking her clit between my lips and sucking as my tongue played across it, Emma’s hands grabbed the back of my head pulling me tighter against her. She tasted like absolute perfection, drinking her as her juices flowed I honestly have never seen a pussy as wet as my daughters.

For the next several minutes I licked and sucked my daughters pussy. As I was sucking her clit I began to rub my finger along her slit, pushing gently against her tight hole. I was surprised just how tight she was, Emma then said “daddy go slow, I’m still a virgin.”

I was shocked and at the same time knowing my little girl was still a virgin it turned me on even more, knowing I was going to be her first. I told her I would go slow and be very gentle. I started pressing my finger against her hole, I felt Emma push against my finger, her little hole opening and sliding around my finger as I watched it disappear inside her. Emma moaned loudly and I went back to her clit, licking and sucking. After a few minutes of finger fucking her gently Emma was relaxed and I picked up the pace. I started fingering her faster and a little harder, always checking to see if she was comfortable, she would moan with acceptance.

I then attempted to insert a second finger inside her, she gasped loudly followed by a long moan as my two fingers slid into her body. Just seconds after Emma’s body was convulsing with her first orgasm, her hips fucking back against my fingers, my mouth sucking her clit harder, pushing against my tongue as she fucked my face and fingers. I kept my mouth on her, not letting her come down from her orgasm, this pushed her right into a second orgasm. Her juice soaking my face, literally dripping off my chin. After her second orgasm subsided, Emma pulled me up to her, kissing me, licking herself off my lips, tongue and chin. Emma repeatedly moaning “oh my gosh Daddy” over and over as she licked up every last drop.

Emma and I spent the next several minutes laying there talking, touching and kissing. Holding my daughters naked body against me felt so amazing. I was a little surprised Emma had said she was still a virgin so I asked about her experiences, I knew she had a few boy friends but none ever too serious. She told me the boys in school didn’t like her because they said she was a prude, the most she has ever done was give one boy a hand job and she had let a few play with her tits. She then proceeded to tell me she was not a prude, but in fact was saving herself for me.

Emma continued to tell me she has been fantasizing about me for the past few years. We then talked about her walking around in panties and bras, her brushing against me, she admitted she was trying to get my attention. She also said once she saw me in the boxer briefs this morning she knew she needed to have me and was sure I knew what was going on.

As we continued talking Emma reached down and was again stroking my cock. She looked me in the eyes and asked “may I taste you daddy?”

“Absolutely baby.”

“I have never done this so be nice to me daddy.”

Emma scooted down the bed and got between my legs. She took my cock in her hand, stroking me, examining every inch of my cock before kissing the tip. She then opened her mouth and took just the head between her lips and sucked a little, letting her tongue swirl around the head. I moaned letting Emma know she was doing a great job. She started taking a little more in her sweet mouth, she truly was doing an amazing job. I asked, “are you sure this is your first time baby?”

She took her mouth off of my cock long enough to say “yes daddy I am sure” then resumed working my cock with her mouth.

Emma slid her mouth up and down my cock, eventually Emma was taking my full length in her mouth, mind you küçükçekmece escort I am not huge about 6.5/7″ cut, trimmed and keep my balls shaved smooth. As Emma worked my cock with her mouth, one hand was massaging my balls. This was driving me insane, I was getting very close to cumming. I told Emma I was about to cum and she took me deeper. I knew now she wanted my cum in her mouth. I took her face between my hands and started to fuck her mouth, not forcefully just guiding her. After another minute or so of this I was ready to cum. I again started telling Emma I was going to cum, she sucked harder with just the head in her mouth, licking the underside of my sensitive head. I began unloading spurt after spurt into my daughters mouth. Emma swallowed ever drop I shot into her mouth, she continued sucking until there was nothing left. Emma let my cock slip from her lips, looked up at me smiling and said, “Daddy, that was amazing.”

Emma slid up along side me, wrapping herself around me. We began kissing, tasting myself off my daughters lips and tongue. We continued kissing and touching, talking about our new found love for each other. Emma started talking about how she fantasized about this, about me being her first. She told me how she would masturbate, fantasizing about me being inside her, she told me she had never put anything inside her and would just rub her clit, she said she wanted me to be the first thing inside her. I apologized for ruining that by using my fingers, she smiled and said it was well worth it.

By this time Emma’s fingers had my cock hard again, she looked in my eyes and asked me “daddy, I want to feel you inside me, will you please fuck me?”

I was surprised by Emma’s use of the word fuck, I never heard her say a curse word in her life. I smiled at my beautiful girl and said “yes baby, I will fuck you.”

I wrapped my arms around Emma and rolled over so she was on top of me. We started kissing and Emma started rubbing herself along my cock drenching me with her juice. I looked her in the eyes and asked “are you ready to have daddy inside you?”

Emma just smiled and said “I have never been more ready.”

With that Emma reached down and guided my cock along her pussy, rubbing along her slit and across her clit. She re positioned her leg to have better access and lined my head against her tight little hole. She very slowly began to lower herself onto my cock. Emma gasped as my head entered her, she stopped moving to allow the pressure to subside. She looked at me and asked “is this going to hurt daddy?”

I said “its going to hurt a little baby, go very slow and let your body get used to me being inside you.”

She smiled at those words and began focusing on what she was doing. She lowered herself just a little bit more, then pausing to ease the pressure. After about two minutes of this Emma was finally sitting on my cock, completely buried inside her now. Her hands firmly on my chest as she began to rock back and forth on my cock. Emma’s moaning was getting louder and louder, it was driving me crazy, I knew she loved what she was feeling, as did I. I grabbed Emma by the hips, having her slow down her grinding motions. I began guiding her, lifting her up and then pulling her back onto my cock. I wanted her to fell my cock sliding in and out of her body. Emma moaned loudly “oh my gosh daddy, that feels so good” I continued lifting Emma up and pulling her back down onto my cock.

I looked up at her and told her how beautiful she was and how good it felt to be inside her. My little girls pussy was so fucking tight, it was definitely the tightest pussy I have ever been inside. As Emma continued riding my cock, I used my one hand and began rubbing her clit, this pushed Emma closer to the edge. After a few seconds she said she was going to cum, I started pushing my hips up to meet her thrusts, fucking her harder and deeper. She moaned louder and louder, screaming she was cumming, dropping down all the way on my cock. Her pelvis trapping my hand beneath her as she rocked back and forth on my cock and my fingers on her clit. The way she was bucking her hips, getting me deeper and deeper inside her, I could feel my head hitting her cervix, I told her I was close and to keep going. Soon I was flooding my daughters pussy with my cum. After a few minutes Emma collapsed on top of me, my cock buried inside her, kissing me, telling me how much she loved me. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her named body tight against mine, telling her I loved her too.

Emma looked at me, thanking me for making her fantasy come true. That made me blush, I told her I will make all of her fantasies come true. Emma laid her head on my chest and we drifted off to sleep, still buried inside my little girl.



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