Erica and Anthea were becoming the perfect daughters. They were sisters, and had come to me presumably to be employed by me. That had never been my intention. They were always going to be my whores. That is why I brought them to this country. And why I adopted them officially.

And they were the perfect wives too. I had hired a day maid/cook to take care of the house and to teach the girls how to cook and clean. I was determined that they and I would be a functioning family with no need for the help I had hired.

Gretchen did a fine job of working herself into unemployment. Within six months, when the girls were now in their nineteenth year, Gretchen had taught them all they needed to know to maintain the house while I worked, and to have a decent meal on the table when I returned home. I gave her six months of salary just as a bonus for being so proficient and helpful. It was well worth it.

My sweet Erica and my darling Anthea were becoming better and better at pleasing their Daddy/Master. They loved to suck my cock every chance they got. And fucking was like heaven to them. They weren’t in school, of course. And boys meant nothing to them. They were Daddy’s little sluts and whores. Nothing was better than pleasing Daddy.

One thing they learned quickly though was that I was always Daddy, but when we were having sex I was Master. They were always my daughter/wives. I loved fucking my daughters, and they loved fucking me as my wives. They continually begged to become mommies for their husband.

I had attempted to have one of them each night. That was my plan. I was going to use and abuse each one individually as I taught them the ins and outs of sex. But it did not work out that way. They were virtually inseparable.

When one was getting a hose job the other would be licking up the dripping come. When one was gobbling down my prick the other would be licking my ass. They always wanted to be having sex with Daddy, and being Master did not keep them in line in this case. They wanted sex and they got what they wanted.

Actually, I was more than happy to oblige. It turned out that I could supply plenty of spunk to their growing bodies and still come back for more the next night. I was having more sex in a month than I’d had in a year with my ex-wife. But I am getting ahead of myself. You want to know how each of the girls were taught and what they learned and how I taught it.

You will remember back when I had taken their cherries. They were virgins is many ways. I had also fucked Anthea in the ass. She had loved it. It became her favorite form of sex. But Erica was still cherry in the bung hole.

The first order of business was to take care of that. The night after I had deflowered Anthea I determined to screw my dear Erica in the ass until she screamed for the pain and lust and passion she was going to feel.

I arrived home after Gretchen had left with a hot meal in the oven awaiting my arrival. We ate our dinner in companionable silence, with the girls giving me little grins and giggles of love and adoration. I finished, went into my master bedroom and got cleaned up. Then I stripped. Our new rule was no clothing when unnecessary.

When I came out of my room Erica and Anthea were on the sofa eating each other’s pussy. They had learned that on their own after I had begun teaching them. I stroked my peter and watched and when they seemed to have had plenty of orgasms I walked over and ordered Erica to come with me to my room.

“Yes Master. Can I get fucked? I’m so horny Master. My little pussy is leaking and Anthea didn’t eat it all.”

“Oh yes little one, your Master will fuck you and fuck you good. Get your ass into my bedroom. This will be great fun, I promise.”

As I said, we were all naked around our home when we were alone. I watched as her fine ass swung back and forth and thought of how it would feel to cram my prick into that ass. As she got to the bed I pushed her down and she was supine on the bed with her creamy skinned butt rounded and curved and her legs spread wide.

I wasted no time. I took the pussy juice from her still leaking pussy and stuck fingers into her ass and with the other hand wiped juices into the opening. Then I took my now hard cock and rammed it hard into her ass. She screamed. I began fucking and screwing her with all of my force and she started crying and whimpering, but her legs were spreading wider and she was taking more of me all the time.

Fucking and beylikdüzü escort fucking, she took it all. She began begging for more fucking.

“Please Master, oh god, it’s so fucking good, oh god, fuck me harder Daddy Master.”

As I continued thrusting with all my power she kept moaning with pleasure and her sister, Anthea, straddled her sister’s legs with her pussy in my face and begged to be sucked.

“Lick me, please Master Daddy, please eat me out.”

I started licking and chewing on her clit and she moaned too. I bit her clit and she cried out with pain and pleasure. She started squirting into my face. I took it in my mouth and swallowed it all.

I had to start spurting my seed into my daughter. She moaned and begged for more come as her own cunt was soaking the bedspread with wetness. Her sister now sat down and made her lick her ass


Erica licked ass as hers was being fucked. I had saved up my piss. I let loose, after I had come, a gusher of piss too. It was barely leaking out of her tight ass hole. Her virgin ass hole was filled with my come and my piss. She was moaning with lust and joy. I pulled out and it all came pouring out on the bed and carpet. Fuck it! I could have it cleaned or buy new!

Now this was what I had waited so many years for. The chance to use my own young daughters as sluts and whores. And to have them love it, too. They did. Erica was fucking her sister’s ass hole with her tongue.

I crept up over her now and used Anthea’s eager mouth to clean my cock. She licked me and sucked on the hood of my cock. She then engorged my whole cock and began slobbering and gobbling up my spent seed. She cleaned me up well. All of us had orgasmed and spent ourselves. Time for the family shared shower.

We used my huge master bedroom shower. It had a whirlpool tub and the shower was separate. My girls loved to play in the shower with each other and with me. We started this routine yesterday and would continue it for many years. Touching and squeezing and licking and kissing. We could do all we wanted.

Erica needed to piss so she made her sister, Anthea, sit on the ledge in the shower and gave her a golden shower. She pissed on Anthea’s pussy making her come again, then she pissed on her big white tits and then into her open mouth. Anthea loved being pissed on. I wished I had some left but I would get a chance again.

Weeks later we were still learning new things. One evening after dinner as we often did, we went into the den and watched DVDs of porn movies I had obtained. As they watched they would finger fuck their pussies and maul their tits and make their nipples hard as little pebbles. I would slowly stroke my cock and watch them as much as the movies.

Soon enough it was time to go to bed. Tonight I was very tired so I sent them to their own room. We only had one level in this large one story house. But plenty of room. Each girl could have her own room with a bathroom, but they had always been together and used only one room. I would sometimes open the door and watch them tribbing or eating each other’s pussy. They had learned that on their own.

This was later on after we had been together for awhile. We continued in this manner for months. Finally when Gretchen was gone for good we started with even more fun. We were now always naked in the house. From the time any of us arrived home we shed our clothes and had fun sex. Whatever we wanted. I decided that I wanted to introduce them to spanking. I knew they would like it once they tried it.

This time I started with Anthea.

“Sweet baby, come with Daddy. Your Master wants to show you

something new.”

I took her tiny hand and took her into the den. There she sat on my lap as she loved to do. She could feel my prick growing into her pussy area. But it was not yet time for screwing.

“My loving daughter, I’m going to teach you a new fun thing tonight. Erica, you watch. You will get to have this done to you soon. You will love it too.”

Then I lifted Anthea up into the air and flipped her on her belly so my cock was almost sticking into her cunt. She felt it and thought she was getting fucked. She giggled.

Then I began to smack her ass as hard as I could. She screamed in pain and started crying. Erica ran over and was patting her sister on the head. I continued slapping her ass and her pussy too. Soon, as she felt my cock growing harder, she stopped beyoğlu escort crying and begging me to stop. She had started to come.

She now understood that as a slut and whore this was fun. And Erica could see her sister’s pussy juices running down onto my cock and balls. She got down underneath and took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them. She loved my dick and my nuts.

Anthea’s ass was red and getting redder as I slapped it with my palm. I kept hitting her pussy too, feeling the wetness and knowing she was learning to love being spanked. Then I stopped, rammed my cock into her pussy and made her come a huge orgasm.

She shivered and forever associated that come with my slapping her ass. Now it was Erica’s turn. But she was eager to be spanked now. She had seen her sister come and she wanted it too.

I laid Anthea on the sofa and kissed her deeply and hard. She knew her Daddy loved her. And her Master would always take care of her. So now I made Erica lay over the arm of the sofa and took a strap from the end table drawer.

I started whipping her ass and she cried out, but she wanted that huge come, so she took it and I laid into her with a will. I lashed her with the strap and she cried and had orgasm after orgasm. Then, with her red ass offered to me, I rammed my hard cock into her dry ass and she cried out with the pain.

I started spurting into her abused ass and she felt my hot come filling her hole. She began squirting all over the sofa arm. I shot all my come into her ass and then pulled out and called Anthea to come over.

“Eat my come from your sister’s ass hole. Do it now little slut!”

And she did. She sucked the cream pie that Erica presented to her and they both began to cream from their pussies. As they had their comes I stuck my still hard cock into Erica’s mouth and she sucked it clean for me, still coming as Anthea ate her ass.

That was a memorable night. They learned to look forward to my whipping their asses and pussies with my hand or a strap or a belt. Anything that smacked their asses they loved because they had learned it made them come. And they always loved a golden shower whenever I felt like pissing on them.

I would piss on their cunts first to make them come quickly and then hose them down over their whole bodies. Nothing pleased them more then kneeling in front of their Master in the shower as he pissed into their faces and on their tits.

When they turned twenty they started begging me to marry them.

“Daddy, we want to be your wives. You need us to be your wives. You are not married now Daddy, please marry us. Marry us for real.”

That was Anthea the bold one.

“I already told you I married you when you first came here. Remember? We are married. You are my daughter/wives.”

But they kept begging. They had seen marriages on TV and they wanted to be brides.

This was not hard to fix. I got an ex-client, one who I had got out of a jam, to get a preacher’s license from the internet. You could get anything on the internet. He agreed to go through the motions of a marriage and it would be almost legal. I printed off some marriage licenses from the net and filled them out with our names.

Then I took them shopping. We spent days finding the perfect wedding gowns. They loved it as a great fun game. They picked out very sexy white dresses that showed off their pretty legs and their large tits. I was pleased.

We held the ceremony at the swimming pool. I had it catered. I knew a catering firm that, with the right price, would keep it all a secret and put on a great spread for my daughters. It went off without a hitch.

My friend stood at the altar we put up, the two girls walked down the aisle arm in arm, and I waited in my tuxedo as they smiled and approached. We said our vows that we had all made up and then I kissed each one and they kissed each other and we were married. They were now my Daughter/Wives for certain.

Now came the best part. After the ceremony we celebrated with champagne and we dined on the catered food after cutting the wedding cakes. Each girl had one of her own. We finished late and after all the people had left and we were alone we had our marriage night.

I had refrained from fucking or being sucked off for days, just so I would have the spunk to satisfy my loves this night. And I would. We were a family of three. But I had made up my mind each girl would have me to bomonti escort herself for this one time at least.

I let them decide who would be with Daddy first. I have no idea how they chose, but Erica came to my bedroom first. We had all shed our clothes as soon as the last visitor to our home had left. She was nude, and her breasts were proud with the nipples hard. I could see the lights glistening upon the wetness on her swollen pussy lips. I was on the bed with my cock standing tall. I held out my arms and she cuddled into them.

We embraced and held each other for many minutes as we kissed and nuzzled each other on the neck. I knew she loved me to suck on her earlobes and I did. Then we moved on to lustier loving. She was holding my cock as I mauled both of her tits and sucked on them.

She rose up to meet my mouth and moaned as she started to come for her Husband/Daddy. I fingered her clit and rubbed it fast to make her come again. Then I fingered her pussy and made her come when I tickled her G-Spot. She was now eager for a face to face fuck.

I moved over her and placed her legs upon my shoulders. I was going to fuck her deep with a long hard cock. I slid into her cunt and she sucked it in with her pussy. It was hungry. I fucked her slow and strong. She kept coming, making it easy to slide in and out of her cooze.

Fucking faster and faster I kept screwing my Daughter/Wife. She took the cock of her Daddy/Husband. All of it, deep and happily. Thrusting harder and harder I took about ten minutes to finally come in her so deep that little leaked out.

I held her legs high and kept ramming until I was dry. Then we collapsed together and we embraced and kissed more and more. Finally, I gave her a peck and said, “Now we are husband and wife my daughter.”

With a happy smile she left to go fetch Anthea. I had rested up for this and I knew I could come again when needed. Not always, but tonight I would for my girls.

Anthea came running into my bedroom and grabbed my hand and hauled me into the bathroom. She always was a little rascal. Always the one to take a chance. I loved them both, but Anthea was a handful.

“My Husband/Daddy, I want something different for my wedding night. I don’t want what everyone gets. I want you to treat me special Master. Will you do what I ask my lover?”

She didn’t often call me that. It meant she was very serious. So I nodded my head and she smiled with love.

“Let’s drink some more champagne first Master. Okay? Let’s get a little drunk on this special night.”

So I got a bottle out of my bedroom fridge and opened it. We drank to each other and to Erica. Then we ran the bath and we both cuddled in a sudsy whirlpool bath. After we finished half the bottle she was ready for her special night.

“Master, please Daddy, please would you jack off and come on me please. I want your come all over my body. Please, can you do that for me Master?”

This was a surprise but not really. Not from Anthea. I was already hard of course. I almost always was around my girls. So I stood up and began jerking off. As I did Anthea laid back against the rim of the tub and started finger fucking her cunt. Her tits got a heavy mauling and her nipples were sucked by herself. My girls could do that.

All this while I was jacking as hard and fast as I could. I wanted to come all over my baby. When I saw she had spasmed several times with strong comes I decided I could finally shoot my spunk on her. I squirted a long string of come onto her face and she licked it as it struck. I continued shooting strings of come and large drops down her body onto her tits and finally on her pussy as she rose from the bath.

“Now piss on me Master, oh god, please piss on me. Piss all over me, please,” she begged.

And I did. All that wine during the evening and in the bath had built up and I was ready and willing to piss on my daughter. I pissed into her face as she lowered herself down into the tub. She opened her mouth and swallowed some and then I moved to her tits, mixing piss and come on her body, and she rose again and I pissed into her pussy as she spread the lips apart with her little hands.

I finally had lost it all. As I sat back down she sat in my lap and I felt the hot fluid piss coming out of her pussy onto my spent cock. I loved the special way we had celebrated our wedding.

We finished the evening with a group cuddle in my large bed. We fell asleep together as we often did with them both holding my prick and me with a tit in each hand. It had been a special wedding.

A month later Erica had morning sickness and we went to the doctor. She was pregnant.

Two weeks later we discovered that Anthea was pregnant too.

Our family was expanding.



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