Just so you know, nobody was harmed in the writing of this fictional tale. If you want ‘true’ stories read an OLD history book (the new ones have been edited to meet the author’s political agenda). I write erotic stories but I’m not so crazy to write “true” stories. I don’t want to go to jail! Also, in this happy alternate reality, STDs do NOT exist! They do here so play safe! All participants in sex are age 18 or older. Let your imagination take this ride and enjoy!

P.S. For all you anatomy purists, when I use words like “my balls” in reference to ejaculating, I mean both the balls AND the prostate! But that kind of bogs down the writing as well as the reading. So just know that I do know the prostate is majorly involved, but I’m choosing to NOT write it all the time!


How the fuck did I get into this situation? Yup, that is the million-dollar question. The answer takes me back quite some time. My last two years of high school I took special courses to learn the ins and outs of high-tech welding. The program was top notch and when I graduated, I was hired immediately by the firm I had been interning at. My starting pay was $19.50 an hour with time and a half for overtime. Shit, I was making more than my dad was!

My girlfriend of the last two years of high school, Jane, turned up pregnant and we got married. We had a bouncing baby girl who we named Ellen, after my wife’s grandmother. There were problems during the delivery and, to save my wife, her baby making plumbing had to be removed. Oh well, fucking was now forever safe! And my ever-increasing pay made for a very comfortable life style with a huge amount of savings.

Ellen grew and life went on better than I expected. Our daughter was never any problem and helped out around the house without a complaint. But there was one thing that lingered on from the pregnancy, and I’m not saying that getting pregnant caused it. I’m just saying that it wasn’t a problem before the baby but it sure was after! Migraines! Major league migraine headaches that were devastating to my love until the headache was finally over.

Dozens of doctors tried and failed to find the cause to those headaches. They finally prescribed a non-addictive pill that could relieve the headache but it wouldn’t prevent them. Well, actually, I’m not sure if they ‘relieved’ them or not. What they really did was knock her out big time. After taking one of those pills she was out like a light for at least 8 hours, and usually 10 or more. But if there was a loud noise, she would wake up and be unbearable to be around.

Well, we’ve been married for 19 years now and all three of us have grown to live with her headaches, even though they have no pattern to when she has them. Sometimes heat seems to cause them, and then we’ll have weeks of super high heat and not even the hint of a migraine. Loud noises when awake usually are no problem but then a relatively soft yet sharp sound and WHAM, it’s migraine time.

And that means that many times when Ellen needs some sort of parental guidance, the only available parent is dear old dad. I don’t mind. I think it has helped to build a stronger bond between us and we are very comfortable with each other. No subject is off limits. That’s the way Jane and I raised her, if she asks a question, we will answer it as honestly and completely as we can.

Ellen is now 18 and finishing her last year of high school. She had asked for permission to have a sleepover with three of her best girlfriends, all of them also in their last few months of school. Of course, Jane and I easily gave her the OK.

Friday evening is here and the girls have all arrived. They’ve been here for sleepovers before and have never been a problem. As the school year is nearing the end, Jane gave the OK for the sleepover to be from Friday night until late Sunday afternoon or early evening.

The girls were swimming (?) and mostly goofing around in our pool when I went inside to get more sodas for them. Jane looked up and smiled happily as she was finishing fixing their late-night snack (she always made it a few hours early so we could go to bed if we wanted to).

“Sounds like they’re having lots of fun out there,” she observed.

“That’s an understatement if ever,” I replied. Just then I heard the chirp sound from one of our smoke alarms telling me its battery was in need of replacement. For some reason I glanced at Jane and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, but I hate that sound.”

I delayed on the drinks and grabbed a package of batteries and went in search of the offending unit. In the end, it wasn’t until I had changed them all that the beeping finally stopped. Returning to the kitchen Jane was sitting at the table holding her head with her fingers in her ears.

I sat next to her and whispered, “Is it bad?”

In a hushed whisper she snarled, “Don’t yell at me! This one is a killer!” I quickly grabbed the ever-present pencil and paper then wrote a note telling her to take her beşiktaş escort pill and go lie down. I would handle the girls. She smiled at me; gave my arm a squeeze then did as I had suggested. As usual she knew I wouldn’t enter our master bedroom until she came out!

After taking four sodas out to the girls I returned inside to stay out of the way and picked up the latest novel I was reading. I use actual books as those tablets seem to bother my eyes after a while. After about 20 minutes Pam, a tiny little gal of 4’10” stepped in and asked where Jane was. When I told her, she looked disappointed then went back outside, telling me not to worry about what she wanted.

A bit later I went to the kitchen to get a drink of my own and heard Ellen telling Pam, “Just go ask my dad. He’s not like your dad, you can talk to him. Honest.” I wondered about this but chose to let Pam decide if she wanted to follow my daughter’s advice.

Once again, I was reading my book when Pam walked into the room and stopped in front of me. “Hey cutie, what do you need?” I asked her.

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that, because I’m not cute,” she said dejectedly.

“Bull shit!” I said a bit more strongly than I intended to. “You are more than cute; you are quite attractive.”

“Then why can’t I keep a boyfriend?” she asked with a pout. “They all dump me after just a few weeks.”

“Well, I would call that just plain stupid, at least from what I have seen. You’re funny, talkative but not overly so, and like I said, very cute. If I was your age, I would say you are ‘hot’!”

“My boobs are too small,” she said looking down at her chest. Okay, she IS a tiny girl. So big breasts would look out of place on her. If I had to guess I would say she is about 30B-23-32. But that cup size might be a small C, I never have bought one of those things so the way they are sized is Greek to me.

Since she had brought up the subject, I let my eyes drop boldly to her bikini clad breasts as I enjoyed the look of her firm little tits standing proudly on her slightly damp chest. My eyes glanced up to meet hers then moved back down as I took in each of her boobs, first the left one, then the right one before once again moving to her left one again.

Knowing she needed some sort of comment I softly said, “In this man’s eyes your breasts are perfect.” She started to argue but I cut her off with, “Look, Pam, I don’t know who the shit head was who fed you that line that they are too small but he, or she, is lying through their teeth. Bigger is NOT always better! If you had bigger breasts, they would be just too big for your body and would look out of place on you. As you are, hell, you are perfect.”

“Stop lying to me,” she said with a stomp of her little right foot, making her boobs jiggle enticingly on her chest. Then she burst into tears and ran back outside to where the other three girls were waiting.

I got up and followed her, worried that somehow, I had unknowingly hurt her. Instead I heard my daughter saying, “When my dad and I have that type of talk, he never lies to me, and I love him to death for it! It shows he treats me like an adult and not a little kid. And if he told you that then he for certain meant it, every damned word!” I couldn’t understand the several voices that spoke as one then Ellen said, “I think you owe my dad an apology.”

Moments later a timid Pam walked slowly back in where I was reading and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. P, I’m so used to my dad feeding me a long line of bullshit that I thought you were as well. But Ellen says that isn’t how you are.”

“That’s true, cutie, I am not like that. And I always try my best to be honest with every answer I give to a serious question. And yours was truly a serious one, right?”

“Oh yes it was!” she said quickly. “I’m really sorry for how I acted. Can I give you a hug?” I nodded my approval and she leaped onto my lap as her arms wrapped tightly around me.

I had forgotten that when I had checked out her pretty boobs earlier my cock had thickened up quite nicely and was as yet not back to limp status. When she nestled onto my lap my shaft quickly thickened back up and pressed hard right into her teenaged slit making her groan as she quickly looked down between us.

Before I could say anything, Pam said, “I guess you do like my tits!” as she ground her pussy down hard onto my tip while hugging her torso tight to mine. About 20 seconds of that and she gasped, “Oh Mr. P, your cock feels so good against my little pussy! Oh yes, so good!” and she really began working her pussy hard onto me.

Another speechless minute by me and she begged to me, “Prove that my tits are good! Suck them! Suck my titties!” As she spoke her fingers moved to her top and shoved it up and off of her perfect little boobs. Less than a second later her hands grasped my head and pulled my lips to her right nipple!

My lips knew what to do and she was moaning lustily in seconds as I worked beşiktaş eve gelen escort her tit until her nipple was standing tall and rock hard. God, she felt good against my tongue! My head moved on its own to her left breast and worked over that nipple giving it equal time until both her boobs sported saliva coated, rock-hard nipples. Meanwhile her hips were rocking back and forth powerfully on my trapped shaft that could get no harder! Fuck but she had me turned on!

I thought her fingers were just stroking my shaft when I suddenly popped free of my shorts only to slide instantly into her drenched pussy! Her left hand had attacked my shorts and boxers while her right had shoved her bikini bottoms to the side.

“Oh, Pam,” I groaned while she moaned loudly as she quickly worked my entire 7 inches into her hot and wet pussy! The four girls had been on the same cheer team since the eighth grade and Pam was the epitome of the top of the pyramid girl. Barely 4’10” tall and maybe 85 pounds on a bad day, she was now pounding her hips onto me with enough force to make me think she weighed over 200!

I had already ceased trying to stop her. I mean, what was the point? My cock and her pussy could get no closer! My hips began giving her well timed helpful up thrusts making her coo with pleasure. Meanwhile my cock was enjoying the shit out of being caressed by her tight and responsive pussy walls. I liked it!

Somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes after our fuck started, she came unglued, her body shaking violently as she held me tight while her groans and gasps punctuated her incredible orgasm. Pam slumped against me, her pussy as far down onto my shaft as humanly possible as she moaned in the afterglow of a climax well done.

“My god, that was incredible!” she said as she talked into my chest where her body slumped. “You didn’t cum yet, did you?” I told her I hadn’t. “Well, even though you could have, I’m glad you didn’t! I want to make you cum in my mouth so I can swallow all of your stuff!”

With that said she rose up and kissed me passionately. Then she slowly lifted up and off of me, her fingers instantly moving her bikini bottom back in place to catch her own cum before it could drip out of her. Thanks to the limberness of youth she twisted around and inhaled my shaft slowly until it was completely out of sight! My wife could do that but seldom did it, so this was a very welcome treat!

Slower than expected Pam worked my shaft with more expertise than you would expect from one her age. After about five minutes she pulled off and gasped, “God I love this cock! It fucks great, tastes better and doesn’t cum in ten seconds! You can fuck me anytime you want to, Mr. P.”

“Um, I think under the circumstances, you can call me Dick.”

“After getting fucked like I just did, and then sucking this big boy, I should call you Cock, because Dick just doesn’t give you enough credit! But I guess Dick will have to do!” And then Pam went back to work as she resumed her super slow yet oh so wonderful deepthroat actions. God this tiny girl is incredible!

I warned her about five minutes later that I was getting close. She pulled her face off of me as she rose up to kiss me with her entire being. Finally, she pulled back and looked me in the eyes as she said, “Don’t be shy, stuff my face with cock and flood my mouth! I want it all!”

And then she slithered down my body until she was between my legs and my cock was again down her slim throat. “Oh fuck,” I groaned several times as she made my cock feel better than it had in a long time. My hips pumped off the couch and I gasped, “Oh Pam,” just as my balls exploded shooting rope after rope into her throat and then her mouth when she pulled back five or so inches.

Finally, I was drained and Pam slowed up her efforts on my shaft. Fuck could her tongue worm around my tip. But she didn’t quit! Her eyes just stayed locked onto mine as she gradually, over about four or five-minutes, worked my balls up and suddenly I groaned hard as she pulled another 6 ropes of active sperm out of me.

Once again, my balls were truly drained as I looked into her eyes with shock and awe. Eventually I could speak and I told her, “Although you are an incredible fuck, your oral talents are out of this world. So, you can suck my cock any time we are alone.”

“Good!” she said as she rose up for another hot kiss. Then she pulled back and blushed as she said, “I hadn’t you to make me cum so hard, but my goodness, I am SO happy that I did! ALL of this was great! And I really love your cock, no matter which hole it’s in.”

I gave her a sly grin and asked, “Even your ass?”

“Oops, well, I’ve never done that before,” she said. “But I sure liked in the other two so I’m willing to try you there at least once. You decide when, okay?”

As I agreed to that idea she leaned back down and gave my softening shaft another full length deepthroat suck and tongue swirl. beşiktaş grup yapan escort “Gosh, I’d better get back out with the rest of the girls or I’ll end up riding your cock again. I meant it all, I really like getting fucked by you. And thanks for being honest with me about my boobs. Those guys can go to hell!”

By then she had finished putting my shorts back together. I took the opportunity to kiss each of her tits once more then I needed both hands to, one at a time, slowly tuck her tits back into her bikini top. This of course required a lot of boob massaging before the task was finally completed. Heh, heh.

“Thanks again Dick, I enjoyed all of it. I wish I could talk to my dad like this.”

Grinning I asked, “Even the sex parts?”

“He looks almost as good as you do, so yeah, I’d give him a ride.” Then she seemed to be in deep thought before, “But I’d rather get fucked by you. Thanks Dick!” And then she left with a happy bounce to her step.

I got up and headed to the guest bedroom (my bedroom when there is a migraine) where I took a shower to rid my body of the strong odor of sex that seemed to cling to me. Once dried off I pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of loose workout shorts, my usual sleep wear. Returning to my book I noticed my vodka and orange juice was empty so I went to the kitchen to make another one even as I tried to remember when I had finished it.

Just as I put the finishing touches on my drink Ellen’s friend Jenny came in and stopped next to me. “Hey Mr. P, could you fix another one and I’ll have this one.” Before I realized it, she had taken it in her hand and then swallowed a big gulp of it. “Ummm, this is good!” Well, at 18 she is old enough in this state so I just grabbed another glass and soon we each had one.

I was surprised when she followed me into the living room where my book lay ignored for quite a while. I sat down but before I could ask her what she wanted Jenny said, “Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did, so sure,” and I picked up my book.

She sat next to me and took the book from me then put in on the far end of the couch and said, “Not that one. Are my boobs too big? I’ve heard that some guys think they are.”

“Maybe you should stand up so I can have a better look at you,” I said trying to buy some time. Too soon she was right in front of me with her chest thrust out enticingly as I let my eyes drop then move slowly from boob to boob several times. Looking back to her eyes I was expecting to see her smiling at me, instead she had a very worried look as she chewed her lower lip.

So instead I changed what I was going to say and told her, “Well, from what I can tell you are certainly blessed with larger tits than most girls are. But I wouldn’t call them TOO big. Just bigger than most.”

“Maybe you need to get a better look,” she said as her right hand moved between her breasts and deftly unhooked the front clasp letting her bikini top spring wildly out and away from her, letting me see her firm 18-year-old tits that were for certain no smaller than 34D, maybe even getting close to DD. With a toss of her shoulder she caught her top in one hand as it fell from her shoulders.

I know I obviously gulped at the sight. They were perfectly shaped orbs that stood high on her chest, she could certainly pass that old test of a pencil under the tit to qualify for no bra in school! It would certainly drop from her chest! Thanks to her red hair and freckles, she didn’t tan as much as the other girls did, and required lots of sunscreen! Her breasts were nearly alabaster white with small bright-pink nipples centered on each mound.

“See what I mean? They are way too big … I hate them!” Jenny said in a trembling voice. Finally getting control of her voice she softly said, “You know I’m right, don’t you, Mr. P?”

Even as I started to speak, she suddenly straddled my legs as she took my hands in hers and planted one of each on her superb tits. Her fingers made mine squeeze onto her boobs as she said, “See, they’re too big, aren’t they?”

I tried to convince her that she was wrong before she exclaimed, “But you loved Pam’s and mine are huge compared to hers. And you seemed to think hers were perfect! And if those are perfect then mine are just … YUCK!!!!!” and she started to cry.

Well shit! I tried lots of things to calm her down and stop the tears: I wiped away the tears only to see more pour out; I stroked her face and back; I hugged her tight; I took her tits back into my hands and massaged the shit out of them until she moaned in pleasure. “See! If your tits are that responsive then they can’t be yuck!” I told her as she slowly stopped crying.

“Now listen to me. There is no one perfect body! Not for girls and not for men. Do you understand me?” I asked looking into her eyes from about six inches. She shook her head slowly.

“Okay, sure, I think Pam’s breasts are perfect. Perfect for HER and her body! On you they would be way too small! But you are nearly as tall as I am so you must be 5’11” tall, right?”

“Six feet even.”

“Okay, and she is light as a feather because she is so small. On your body, your tits are beautiful and seem just right, at least to me they do.”

“You are just saying that to make me feel better,” she said as the tears flowed fast again.



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