After that first weekend with Myia we continued our father/ daughter incestuous relationship. We were careful not to let her four year old son catch us. As for my wife, she was hardly ever at home and when she was she occupied a room on one side of the house and I on the other. My house is a six bedroom ranch style of about forty two hundred square feet.

I had converted one of the bedrooms to a home office. Tanya, my wife, occupied one bedroom. Myia and Brandon each had a room of their own.

It turned out that my wife was gone two weeks and three days on her “business” trip. During that Time my daughter and I made love and fucked like newly weds.

We fucked in the bar, on the patio, in the kitchen and in my office.

As time passed we made love at least four times a week. Eventually we expanded our sexual activities to include others. We had three-sums with m/f/m and f/m/f. We also did some hard swing with couples. Only the very closest know that Myia is my daughter.

One night we had a three-sum with a man that we brought home with us from the club. Kip, the man we brought home, and I stood at the bar while Myia changed into something more comfortable. I had poured us a drink and as we sipped our drinks and waited for Myia he asked me if I was bi-sexual.

I replied, “Yes I am and I do get great pleasure in servicing a man.”

Kip took my hand and placed it on his thigh next to his crotch.

I moved my hand over the bulge in his pants and felt a nice sized cock coming to attention.

I unzipped his pants, unbuckled his belt and opened the button fastener. His pants dropped to the floor around his ankles. I pulled his boxers down and they joined his pants. He stepped out of them as I gripped his now turgid cock.

I dropped to my knees and brought his cock to my lips. I kissed the head and licked the pre-cum that was forming at the slit. I sucked his mushroom head into my mouth and run my tongue up and down on his shaft. With one hand I cupped his large, clean shaven balls as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock.

I sucked his eight inch cock as I worked it all into my mouth and down my throat. I ran my tongue up, down and around his cock as I sucked and massaged his cock head with my throat muscles.

I soon felt his cock stiffen a little and the head twitch as he got ready to shoot his load. I took his ass cheeks into my hands and held him in place as I backed his cock out of my throat. He started shooting his cum into my mouth, he squirted four times as he emptied his balls. I swallowed all of his cum and licked his cock clean.

As I let his cock drop from my mouth I heard Myia say, “I do hope you left something for me.”

Kip responded, “I have plenty more. I usually cum fairly quickly the first time, but then I am good for at least three more times and last much longer.”

I stood up and looked at Myia. She was wearing a sheer lilac colored negligee and a very large smile. I wasn’t sure if the smile was from what Kip said or the sight of his magnificent cock.

Myia came to me, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. Her tongue worked its way into my mouth searching for any remnants of Kips cum. After cleaning his cum from my mouth she broke our kiss.

“mmmmmmmmm that is wonderful tasting cum” Myia stated as she stepped over to Kip. She took his hardening cock into one hand as she wrapped her other arm around his neck. She pulled his lips to hers and gave him what appeared to be a very passionate kiss.

She broke the kiss and stepped back. She pretended to pout as she said, “I should have known you two would start with out me and you haven’t even fixed me a drink.”

I went behind the bar to fix a drink for Myia. She stepped closer to Kip and began toying with the buttons on his shirt as she teasingly unfastened them.

She soon had his shirt off and on the floor with his pants.

Myia lightly tweaked his nipples then kissed each of them before she suckled on one, then the other. Kip took each of Myia’s tits into his hands and softly massaged them.

I sat Myia’s drink on the bar and she pulled away from Kip.

Myia picked her drink up and as she took the first sip I caught her eyes looking at me over the rim of the glass. Her eyes showed a deep smoldering passion as well as happiness.

I watched as Myia and Kip fondled and got to know each other.

Realizing that I was slightly over dressed I stripped my clothing off, letting all of it fall to the floor.

The only thing Kip and I have on now are two hard cocks.

I took my drink, retreated to a couch and watched.

Myia beşiktaş masöz escort had each of Kips ass cheeks in her hands as he started getting her out of her negligee. She let go of his ass and he removed her negligee.

They stood there in all their naked glory as they each ran their eyes over the other. Once again they kissed as they caressed each other.

Myia held Kips cock in her hand as she slowly jacked it. She threw her head back as he bent down kissing her neck. He soon moved on down to her tits where he kissed and suckled each of them. He dropped one hand to her cunt. He squeezed and massaged her mound of joy and slipped a finger inside her.

Myia held onto Kip’s hard cock as she led him to some of the throw pillows on the floor. She slipped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. As she sucked his cock she massaged his smooth balls. She took his cock out of her mouth, licked her lips and pulled him down onto the pillows beside her.

She lay on her back, legs spread open with her knees bent as she guided his cock to her pussy.

She rubbed the head of his stiff cock between the lips guarding her garden of joy. She guided his cock head to the entrance of her love tunnel.

She held him there momentarily then let go of his manhood.

Kip slowly sank his very hard shaft into Myia. When he had sunk all eight inches into her he lay still, letting her get use to his length and girth. She raised her legs up around his hips and he began slowly pumping into her. As Kip pumped his cock in and out Myia pumped back against him meeting each of his thrusts with one of her own.

I could tell from her moaning and mewling Myia was having waves of orgasms. True to his word Kip lasted a very long time. As Myia writhed and mewled beneath him Kip started thrusting harder and faster.

Kip suddenly thrust balls deep and held himself there as he let out a guttural moan. Myia’s legs clamped tighter around Kips hips as she too started her big climax. She loudly mewled and moaned as she rode the crescendo of wave after wave of orgasms.

As her orgasms subsided she loosened her legs around Kips hips. Her legs opened as she lay there twitching beneath him.

Kip lowered his body onto Myia and kissed her. When her twitching stopped he broke their kiss and pulled his cock from her sopping pussy.

Kip slid down between her legs and began lapping the juices from her well fucked pussy.

Myia got Kip to move into a sixty-nine position and took his cock into her mouth.

As they cleaned each other I joined them on the pillows.

Myia finished licking Kip’s cock clean and reached out for me. With an open lipped passionate kiss her tongue reached for my tonsils then danced with my tongue.

Myia reached down and took hold of my hard cock. She broke our kiss and took my cock into her mouth. As she sucked my cock, Kip finished cleaning her pussy. He then joined her and they took turns sucking me.

Myia stopped sucking my cock leaving it for Kip to enjoy. She began playing with my tits. She gently and softly suckled my tits as Kip sucked my cock.

I in turn had Kip’s cock in one hand and the other massaging Myia’s tits.

My cock started twitching and I could feel my cum starting to roil up my cock.

Kip sensed I was about to cum and clamped his lips on my cock as I started shooting. I gave him three large squirts of cum. He kept my cock in his mouth as he licked around my shaft. When he took my cock out of his mouth he licked the slit for any remaining cum then kissed it before dropping it.

We all lay there basking in the after glow of our love making for awhile.

Eventually we all rose to our feet and took a seat at the bar. I fixed each of us a drink and as we sipped our drinks we discussed whether Kip could stay the weekend.

Myia stated, “Brandon is at his father’s and Tanya is gone for a couple of weeks. That means we have the house to ourselves until Sunday evening.”

“That is true,” I replied, “But perhaps we should ask Kip if he wants to stay.”

Kip stated, “I have just had some of the most amazing sex of my life. I will certainly stay for the weekend.”

“Good,” I stated and then continued, “Is anyone hungry, we have been sucking and fucking for about four hours now. Maybe we should eat something.

Myia and Kip were busy exploring each others tonsils as I went to the kitchen to prepare some food. I put some steaks on and went back to the bar to ask Kip how he liked his steak. When I got there Myia was seated on a couch and Kip was on the floor with beşiktaş otele gelen escort his head buried between her legs.

I changed my mind about asking him and went back to the kitchen. I prepared the steaks medium well and while the steaks rested I scrambled a dozen eggs.

I brought the food to the dining table and went to the bar to tell Myia and Kip that the food was ready.

This time when I got there Myia was kneeling on the floor and was vigorously sucking Kip’s cock.

Before saying anything I watched them and all of a sudden Kip’s hips rose from the couch, Myia clutched his ass cheeks and with a mighty ARGGGGHHH Kip started shooting his load into Myia’s mouth.

When they settled down a little I told them the food was ready.

As we ate we talked and got to know each other a little better. Kip was here on a temporary assignment for his company. His home office is in San Francisco and he will be here for about two months.

He is divorced and has a twenty-five year old daughter. He also told us that she had made some sexual overtures to him. He had turned her advances away but said he was really tempted to give her what she was asking for but is afraid of the repercussions of such an act.

I looked at Myia with a questioning look. She nodded her head slightly.

I cleared my throat and said, “Kip, Myia and I are father and daughter. About ten years ago we consummated our father daughter relationship.. At the time I had a touch of paranoia about any body finding out but as time passed I become very relaxed about it. Only a very few close friends know about us.”

Silence permeated the room for a few minutes and I continued, “Whether you and your daughter consummate your love for each other is solely your own business. I do know that for Myia and myself it has been a more fulfilled life since that first time. Right after the first time we made love we fucked like two teenagers that had just discovered sex. We just could not get enough of each other.”

Kip remained silent, Myia broke the silence, “I know how your daughter feels, at least I know how I felt. After I finally got my father to make love to me I have become more fulfilled. Sexually as well as emotionally. It could be your daughter will feel the same way.” Myia took a deep breath then said, “Even if one or both of you decide to never do that again at least you will know.” Then after a short pause, “I think we should get some sleep and enjoy more sex later.”

Kip had his choice of the guest room or the bed where Myia and I will be.

He choose to sleep with us.

We went to my room. Myia got in the middle of the bed with Kip on one side of her and I on the other.

I lay there for awhile thinking about Kips cock and how much I would like for him to fuck me. As I lay there I felt the bed shift some and a hand take hold of my cock. I reached over between Myia’s legs and found another hand on her pussy and slowly finger-fucking her. I looked at Myia and Kip was kissing her. He had one hand in her pussy and the other gripping my cock as he slowly jacked me.

I reached over and took one of Myia’s tits in my hand. As I did so she rolled onto her side which dislodged Kips hand from my now hard cock. She pushed her ass against my cock indicating that she wanted me to fuck her anally. I momentarily rolled away from her and retrieved a tube of lubricant from the night stand.

I used a liberal amount of lube as I worked it into her anal canal. I worked three fingers into her being sure that plenty of lube was there. I then slathered some on my hard cock and pressed the head against her rosebud. As I applied a little pressure against her she pushed back against me. Suddenly her sphincter muscle relaxed and the head of my cock popped into her. I lay there maintaining just a slight amount of pressure against her, letting her control the penetration. When I was balls deep inside her she lay still for a few seconds then rolled over on me a little bit which allowed Kips cock access to her pussy.

Kip slowly worked his cock into her cunt and I could feel the progress he was making. We could feel each others cock through the thin wall separating her love canal from her rectum.

We both began thrusting our cocks in and out of her. As he thrust forward I pulled back and as I thrust forward he pulled back. Myia kept tempo to our thrusts she pumped forward when Kip thrust in and back as I thrust in.

We fucked for several minutes. Myia was mewling with pleasure as she was having small orgasms. Suddenly her anus muscles clamped around my beşiktaş rus escort cock and I knew her pussy muscles were doing the same on Kip’s cock.

We sped up the tempo and Myia started panting fuck, .. fuck .. fuck ..FUCKKKKKKK. She had a mighty orgasm which triggered mine, I shot four blasts of cum deep in her bowels. I felt Kip cum and he pumped another four shots into her pussy.

We lay there in a tangle of bodies too spent to move. We fell asleep with my cock in my daughters ass and Kips cock in her pussy.

I awoke a few hours later. I looked at Myia and Kip and saw they were still asleep. My cock had slipped out of Myia while I was asleep. I rolled to the edge of the bed and stood up.

I quietly retrieved a thin robe and walked to the door as I was putting it on.

I went to the bar and fixed a pot of coffee. When the coffee was ready I poured a cup and carried it out onto the patio. I sat on the porch swing and slowly sipped the hot coffee. My cup was about half empty when I sensed someone behind me. It was Kip coming through the door with a cup of coffee in his hand.

He was wearing one of my robes and as he sat down on the swing beside me he said, “I hope you do not mind my wearing one of your robes.”

“No of course not,” I responded. Then I went on, “We gave Myia a good sexual workout, she will probably sleep another three or four hours.”

“No offense intended,” Kip began, “but Myia is one sexy little minx.”

I chuckled then replied, “No offense taken, the truth is never offensive.” Then I continued, “She is very sexually uninhibited. She sexually enjoys men as well as women. We also have three sums with two females and myself However not as often as m/f/m. Myia knows my sexual preference is men.”

Kip stated, “I have been thinking about you and your daughter, what you said about your love for each other. I would love having the same kind of relationship with my daughter.” He fell silent for several seconds then continued, “When I get home I am going to make love to my daughter.”

“Well Kip I certainly hope it turns out as well for you and your daughter as it has for Myia and myself.”

Kip and I filled the time while waiting for Myia to awaken with some fantastic sex.

Kip stated, “I have never done a double penetration before. That was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had,” he paused then said, “I have never fucked an ass.”

I replied, “It really is not much different than fucking a woman’s pussy. However you do need to let the person you are fucking control the initial penetration. I paused then continued, “My ass has had so much cum pumped into it I I often think of it as my cunt.”

We were sitting naked on the couch at this point and as we talked I had hold of his cock and was slowly jacking him.

Kip reached to me and pulled my lips to his , giving me an open lipped kiss with his tongue deep in my mouth.

When he broke the kiss he stated in a barely audible whisper, “I want to fuck you.”

I stood up in front of him and with a knee on either side of his hips I straddled him. An abundant amount of pre-cum was flowing from his cock. I reached behind me, took hold of his cock and guided it to my opening. I slowly applied downward pressure until his cock head popped past my sphincter muscles. I paused getting use to the girth of his cock then slowly inched him deeper into me.. I finally got him balls deep in me.

As Kip penetrated me we were facing each other, staring into each others eyes.

When Kip was fully engulfed in my anal canal I leaned forward and kissed him.

His lips parted and our tongues started dancing with each other.

We broke our kiss and Kip stated, “Wow, this is fantastic. I have never felt anything like this before. Fucking pussy is great but if this is how fucking ass feels I will be fucking many more.”

I started pumping up and down on his cock and he began thrusting his hips upwards meeting me with thrusts of his own.

We fucked for several minutes. I felt his cock stiffen a little and its head twitch as he prepared to shoot his cum into me. I slammed my ass down on his cock as I felt the first volley of his cum. I felt him shoot four more times deep into me as I began my climax

As his cock began to soften I massaged it with my ass muscles, milking all of the cum from it. Keeping a grip on his cock holding it in me, I leaned forward. We embraced and shared a passionate kiss.

We broke our kiss and I eased his cock out of me. It made a popping sound as it fell from my fuck hole. I felt the cum running out of me and hurried to the toilet. By the time I got there was an extra-ordinary amount of cum sliding down my legs. After depositing all that I could in the toilet I got in the shower.

As I showered I thought, ‘I feel well fucked.’

We spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking in just about any way you can imagine. We sucked and fucked as a three sum and also one on one.



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