“My turn now!” Loren squealed excitedly when she saw me raise my mouth from feasting on Gloria’s pussy juices. She was lying on her back; she had already slipped a pillow under her ass and was fingering her clit. “My pekpek is all wet and I really need you to lick me there, Tito.

That seemed like a marvelous idea to me too so I knelt between her thighs and let her throw her legs over my shoulders. My face was still wet from Gloria but that didn’t stop me from licking up all the fresh juices that were flowing out of Loren’s pussy before they could soak into the pillow. I knew how delicious they are and I didn’t want them to go to waste. I would have started by licking and sucking her breasts but she was already highly aroused from watching me and her cousin and I expected Gloria to do that instead, the same way as Loren had been pleasuring her in the game they call “Boyfriend”.

After feasting on her nectar, I started slowly licking the area between an inner and outer lip. She is very soft and sensitive there and even though my tongue had only touched her, Loren was moaning and her pussy was already fucking into my face. I continued up her pussy lips, probing into the seam between her inner and outer labia until I reached her clit hood. Because her pussy is so delightful, I continued on past that point, all the way to the end of her outer lip and even licked her mons, enjoying the feel of the soft pubic hair.

As I was busy eating Loren’s pussy, Gloria, after resting for a few minutes from her two orgasms, joined us and started licking her cousin’s nipples. Even though I had just started, I could see that Loren’s pussy lips were swollen and her clit was too, so much so that it had almost pushed out from under its protective hood. From what we were doing to her, and from what she had been doing with Gloria, Loren was ready to cum. I decided to bring her to a quick orgasm and continue to eat her pussy until I had brought her to a second one. After devouring all the fresh juices that were gushing from her, I undulated my tongue upward between her inner lips until it was pressed against her most sensitive spot.

It didn’t stay there very long. After peeling back what little of the hood was still giving a semblance of protection, I drew her adorable clit into my mouth. My lips formed a seal at the base and my tongue caressed the top and sides while I sucked gently. After just a few minutes of this, with Loren’s body thrashing on the bed in front of me and her pussy jamming itself into my face, she started cumming.

“Oh! Oh!” she cried out, but not in surprise as she had two days earlier. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming. It feels so good.

Her legs squeezed my temples and her hands pressed against the back of my head while she jammed her pussy into my face. Almost violently, she bounced and bucked and pitched on the bed, squealing about how good it was. Gloria stopped licking her cousin’s nipples and watched as Loren enjoyed cumming and we enjoyed it with her until she climaxed, her back arching and her pussy jamming into my face one last time.

“Oh, Tito, I’m sorry,” Loren apologized. “I shouldn’t have cum so soon. I know you like to take a long time, like you did with Gloria. I just couldn’t help it.”

“Don’t worry; I know you couldn’t help it. You were just so turned on from watching what I was doing with her. I’ll just lick your pekpek some more until you cum again.”

“Oooo, that sounds like fun.” Loren snuggled her head into her pillow and prepared to have her pussy eaten again.

Once again, I started by devouring the wealth of fresh juices from my niece’s legs, belly and pussy. After my feast, I started again between a pair of her pussy lips. After some hesitation, Gloria bent down and again started licking her cousin’s nipples. I had the idea that she didn’t feel right about Loren cumming once from having her pussy eaten and having her pussy eaten again, especially when she thought we would probably fuck also. Gloria had cum twice and she was satisfied with that except it looked like Loren would cum three times. Although my cute nieces are very close, they are also quite competitive with each other and this looked like it might be something new for them to argue about.

I licked the first pair of pussy lips slowly, as I had earlier, ataşehir escort all the way to the end of the inner one. By the time I reached there, Loren was already cooing pleasurable and her body was squirming on the bed. “Oh, Tito,” she murmured. Every time you do that it feels better.”

It feels better to me, too, every time I eat the adorable pussy of either of my nieces. The taste and the aroma of their nectar and the sight of their soft brown skin and black pubic hair surrounding the pink areas are always truly delightful to me. I also love their soft cooing and murmuring sounds of pleasure and their musical voices telling me how good it is. The best part, though, is the way their pussies feel to me. I love the silky softness of their very sensitive skin and the springy feel of their swollen lips against my tongue. I even love the feel of their pubic hair against my mouth. It is soft and curly now, although it will probably coarsen as they get older. The best feeling of all, though, is one of my nieces’ lovely, young pussies thrusting itself into my face from her arousal.

Loren was starting to do that as I licked to the end of her second pair of pussy lips and caressed her clit hood with my tongue. Besides those other involuntary movements, her body was writhing on the bed as she gave herself completely over to the pleasure I was giving to her pussy and her cousin was giving to her breasts. Gloria was moving her mouth from one of those lovely twins to the other as she sucked and licked and I could see both nieces truly enjoyed what they were doing. She raised her face from her cousin’s breasts and said something in Tagalog.

“Tito,” Loren translated to me. “Gloria said she’s sexier because her boobies are bigger. Is that true?”

“Not really. What’s a lot more important is the size of your nipples and how sensitive they are and how much you like having them caressed. Besides that, I can tell yours are going to be just as big and beautiful as hers, probably in a few months. I don’t know which of you is the sexiest but I know that you are two of the sexiest women I know, and that I love you both.”

Loren said something in Tagalog to Gloria, and it sound suspiciously like “Nyah, nyah, nyah.” After that we resumed what we all were having so much doing, eating Loren’s pussy and sucking and licking her breasts.

By the time I had finished licking her second pair of pussy lips and stroking her clit hood, I could see that she was almost ready to cum again. Very delicately, I curled my tongue under the hood and fondled the sweet love button that was sheltering there. It had almost pushed itself out from under the protective hood and I was able to caress it on all but its top side.

“Oh!” Loren blurted at the sudden contact with the most sensitive place on her pussy. “Oh, Tito, that feels so wonderful. I’m ready to cum again.”

I knew that already from the way her body was thrashing on the bed and the way her pussy was fucking up against my face. Once more, I licked up all the fresh juices, followed by probing my tongue into the lower edge of Loren’s adorable love hole. More fresh juices squirted out and I relished their flavor before swallowing them. The side edges produced more juices as I probed my tongue into first one then the other and explored under her inner lips. Whenever my tongue crossed over the source of her juices, I dipped my tongue in to enjoy their delicious flavor.

When I reached the top of the wet hole, I tried to wedge my tongue in but Loren was too tight so I settled for just licking the edge. That indirectly stimulated her clit, which was what I mostly wanted anyhow. From there, I thrust my tongue against the small area just below her clit, bringing her even closer to cumming.

“Yes! Yes, Tito! I love the way that feels. Keep licking me like that.”

It was time for my niece to cum, I knew, and I enveloped her entire clit in my mouth. While I sucked, with my lips forming a seal at the base, my tongue stroked the sides and top. After no more than a minute of this concentrated, Loren started cumming.

“Oh!” she cried out joyfully. “Yes! Tito, I’m cumming! Oh, it’s so good!” Once again, Loren’s hands pressed on the back of my head, pushing my face into her lovely pussy, avcılar escort exactly where I wanted it to be. Her legs squeezed my head again as she bucked and bounced on the bed. I held tightly to her legs and kept her clit in my mouth while I sucked and licked but Gloria backed away from the breast she had been pleasuring.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Loren warbled in time with her bounces on the bed and the thrusts of her pussy into my face. “Keep sucking me; it’s so good.”

I did what she wanted, sucking and licking until she climaxed. “Ah!” she cried and her pussy jammed one last time into my face. I could feel the muscles in her legs relax and her hands lost their grip on my head as she sagged into the mattress. Because it was so delightful, I kept her clit in my mouth for a few more seconds before moving my face down to lick up the fresh juices that had been produced. Because I expected to fuck after Loren had recovered her strength and was ready, I left the juices inside her because they would be needed to lubricate her tight pussy.

The sweetness and sexiness of my cute nieces, combined with my diet for the last two days and the double dose of Viagra had done the trick. My cock was hard and ready to penetrate the sweet pussy that I had already enjoyed so much. Gloria knew what would be happening next so she got a condom off the dresser and handed it to me. Still kneeling between Loren’s legs, I straightened up and rolled it on myself. When I looked at her pretty face she was smiling and her hands reached down to separate her pussy lips.

“That was wonderful, Tito. Every time it gets better but I know this will be the best yet.”

That was my intention too and I held my cock with one hand to guide it into the pussy that was so ready for me. In anticipation, Loren was lubricating heavily and I rubbed the tip against her lips to get it wet to help it slide into her. Holding my cock against the small opening, I gave a gentle push and was delighted to feel it slip inside.

Loren was delighted. “Ahhhh,” she sighed and leaned back, a big smile on her face. “That feels really good already, Tito.”

“It’ll get a lot better.” I proved this by gently thrusting another two inches of my shaft into the wet, inviting hole.

It was very gratifying to see the way Loren nestled her head against the pillow, her eyes closed in bliss. I was feeling pretty blissful myself; her pussy might have been the nicest place my cock has ever been. It was certainly one of the tightest and I was glad for her heavy lubrication as I slowly stroked back and forth, penetrating slightly deeper every time. The sight of Loren’s beautiful, light brown body squirming in front of me was one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced.

Her cousin leaned forward to resume playing “Boyfriend” but Loren said something to her. Gloria backed away and the meaning of the Tagalog words became clear as Loren held up her arms, inviting me to use the missionary position, which was what we had used two days earlier. I really enjoy the intimate, full body contact of this position, especially with somebody as sweet and lovely as Loren so I leaned forward to rest my weight on my hands.

“That feels so good, Tito. And, you’re right. It keeps getting better and better.”

When my cock was finally embedded in her pussy, I curled my arms under Loren’s, and rested my weight on my forearms. She reached up and put her hands on my shoulders, pulling me to her, and her legs wrapped around my hips. Because I was not lying on top of her, but above her, she was free to move freely under me and enjoy our love-making as much as she could.

I continued slow strokes into her pussy and Loren started fucking back to meet me, in addition to squirming from side to side under me. “I love that, Tito. I really love what we’re doing here and I know you’re going to make me cum again, she whispered to me.

“I do too, Loren,” I whispered back. “I love both of you girls and I love the good times we have together.” There was no need to whisper but our faces were so close together that it seemed the natural thing to do.

I glanced over at Gloria. She was fondling her nipples with one hand and her other seemed to be on her pussy. “I love it too, Tito,” she whispered back. avrupa yakası escort We weren’t really being secretive; we just didn’t see any need for a lot of noise.

There was really no need for talking, either. Loren’s eyes were closed and her sweet face was split by a wide, blissful smile. “Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh,” she whimpered in time to my cock sliding into her pussy. Besides fucking back to meet me, her legs were flexing in the air above me and her whole body was writhing on the bed. My pleasure was building with every slow thrust and I knew hers was too.

“Make me cum, Tito,” Loren whispered into my ear after kissing me there. “I want to cum.”

I was ready too, so I kissed her mouth and moved slightly forward on her body. From this position, I was fucking more down into her pussy and my cock massaged her clit with every stroke in and out. I increased the speed of my strokes too, slowly starting to fuck faster and Loren continued matching me. As we moved in unison, her moans and whimpering were louder and her movements became more erratic under me.

“I’m ready to cum,” she interrupted her moans to tell me.

“Me too.” Her clit scraping against the top of my cock had me ready to climax but I wanted to hold off until Loren had started cumming.

I didn’t have to wait very long. “Yes,” she blurted. Her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my hips pulled me tightly against her. “Oooo. Oooo, yes, yes,” Loren cried, ecstatically. “Oh, Tito, keep doing it. It’s so good! Keep doing it.”

I did keep doing it because it was so good for me too. I kept plunging my cock into Loren’s pussy while she clung tightly to me, her body thrashing under me. Over and over, I squashed her against the bed, followed by letting her up as I drove my cock in and out of her tight, but very wet pussy. Over and over, she told me how wonderful it felt and begged me to continue.

With a great spasm, Loren climaxed, lacerating my shoulders with her fingernails and squeezing my hips with her legs. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed on the bed and her face became a picture of ecstasy, eyes closed and mouth open in a beautiful smile of pure bliss. Seconds later, my face became almost a copy of hers as I climaxed, clenching the muscles in my ass and driving my cock all the way into her pussy as I ejaculated into my condom. For a few minutes, I lay on top of her, both of us happy and contented.

I wasn’t completely contented because, as my flaccid cock slipped out of her pussy, I was aware that there was a wealth of nectar that would go to waste unless I licked it up. Gently, I got off Loren and buried my face in her pussy to prevent that awful waste from happening. They were delicious and, when I looked up, her eyes were open and her smile had not decreased in its beauty.

I looked over at Gloria. I saw she was waiting to catch my attention and that she had an urgent need.

“Tito,” Gloria asked me shyly. I got all excited looking at you and Loren and now I need you to lick my pekpek again. Will you? You licked Loren’s twice and made her cum twice.”

We had gotten to an earlier start that day than in the previous days and had spent less time on preliminaries. Besides that, my wife wouldn’t be at our hotel for quite a while yet so we had plenty of time. Anyhow, I don’t think there could possibly be such a thing as spending too much time eating their delightful pussies.

“Sure. You and Loren both have really beautiful pekpeks and I love licking either of you, maybe almost as much as you love having me do it.”

Once again, Gloria lay on her back with her head snuggled into her pillow. I knelt between her spread legs and ducked down so she could rest them on my shoulders. Loren had recovered from her orgasm by then and she lay beside her cousin and started playing Boyfriend on her nipples while I bent my head to feast on all the fresh juices that Gloria’s pussy had produced. It would be more than a week before I would be able to get together again with my cute nieces for what they and I loved so much, and I wanted all of us to get as much enjoyment as we could while we still could.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it and as much as Loren and Gloria and I enjoyed that day together. Whatever you think of it, please vote your opinion. Like all writers on Literotica, I want to know your reactions and I appreciate it when you leave public opinions or send me emails expressing your thoughts. I will answer all PC or emails when an address or Literotica handle is included.



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