My cuckold marriage (part 4)… continued:As Sally kept up her cuckolding of me soon after her birth I was left in the evenings with my 2 “daughters” to raise, the older girl thought it odd how mummy had so many friends.After about a year, Sally starting giving me less and less of any sex, let alone wank offs after her dates. It became obvious that the situation we had agreed was changing!Sally said there was one man she would like to have dates with at home, I was a bit reluctant but agreed, she told me that it was this man that persuaded her not to give me sex anymore and she has also stopped seeing other men.Sally’s boyfriend would come to the house whilst I was at work and the girls were at school or playgroup to begin with, but then he started staying at weekends. Sally would say that I would have to go out, so I went to a cheap guest house ataşehir escort whilst her new boyfriend, Mark, stayed in the house, in my bed.Mark was the young rugby player, very muscular and 5 years younger than Sally.I asked Sally what the girls thought about another man being in the house and she told me that they really liked him and he was really good with them, taking them to the park etc.When I was at home, Sally made me sleep in the spare room and I could see that Mark had quite a lot of his things and clothing in the marital bedroom, so he was gradually taking over as the man of the house. Sally said we should stay married but ultimately Mark would be her permanent boyfriend, Sally could tell it made me excited and she would sometimes let me masturbate whilst she talked about Mark to me, but she would not touch meIn my small, cold göztepe escort room, alone, I would often masturbate while thinking of them together.As time went on I started renting a small room in a house, which was not very comfortable, but it was all I could afford as I kept paying all the household bills as Mark did not have much of an income. I suggested that to humiliate me further I should give Mark a monthly income and Sally thought this was a great idea, so I set up a monthly bank transfer for him – I also bought Mark a car and paid for Mark, Sally and the girls to go on expensive summer holidays together. It started becoming quite rare for me to be in the house with Sally and if I was I slept in the spare room.I overheard the girls excitedly asking Sally if “daddy” would be taking them out at the weekend, I thought this was me they ümraniye escort were talking about but soon realised that they meant Mark – so my humiliation was almost complete!I had taken a 2nd job during the evenings and weekends as a fast food delivery man to help pay for them and some of their expensive lifestyle. Sally told Mark about the 2nd job I had, and sometimes Mark would order food and made sure it was me delivering to him, in my house, with my wife and family!Sally and I talked and she knew it was actually turning me on for my wife to treat me like this, with Christmas coming up I asked her to give me the final humiliation but not to warn me in advance, Sally nodded and understood what I meant. The day before Christmas eve, I came home from work, it was dark, cold and raining. I went to open the front door but my key did not open the door, they had changed the locks! I looked down the drive and saw 4 black bin liners, they were filled with the rest of my clothes and belongings! I went back to my cold bedsit room, spend Christmas on my own but masturbating a lot.



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