my crossdressing experiencei went over to the big double bed look over my shoulder gave you the filthiest look youve ever seen bent over and grabbed my ankles! My denim mini skirt rode up revealing the bottom of my tanned cheeks, theres no way im undressing my self so i waited till u picked up the courage to come over. Your stood behind canlı bahis me now and your hands stroke my bum then SLAP mmmh you gave me a firm tap on my little ass i fucking loved that! Then you lift up my skirt my arse is red from the slap but very beautifull for a man!! You kneel down pull my thong down slowly and tongue my little fuck hole, bahis siteleri i reach round and open my cheeks so you can deliver full tongue penetration mmmh aaah it feels amazing then you slip a finger in and work my prostate! By now my 7 inch dick was solid and getting trapped by my kinky thong so i slipped them down and threw them across güvenilir bahis the room, naked from the waist down i knelt on the bed positioned myself spread eagle but arching my bum up this position makes me so horny, FUCK ME NOW i demanded with that he lobbed out his very fine dick tossed himself hard 10 inchs full length stepped forward and rested his swollen helmet against my qwivering ring piece. You stroke your cock against me widening my very tight hole, i feel your warm spit land on me then felt your dick spreading it for lubrication!



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