We get home just in time for supper. We all clean up and change.

After supper we play a couple games of horseshoes. Jo and I against dad and Uncle Bob. Naturally they kick our asses. Well mine anyway. Jo is really good at it too. Hell she kept us even almost the whole game. I think I made 1 point the whole game. 2 games were enough punishment for me.

Jo tries to make me feel better telling me they play several games every night. I think this might be the 10th game I’ve ever played. I at least tried. Dad and Uncle Bob have both won state championships Uncle Bob at least 3 times. Seem like the drunker he gets the better he is. As much as I hate him for what he’s doing to Jo. Sometimes he’s not a bad guy sober.

Anyway it’s getting late. I was completely worn out after swimming, not to mention Jo making me blow my wad in my trunks. I announce I’m worn out and going to bed. I tell everyone goodnight. I go in lay out my bed and crawl in.

I must have been dead to the world. Cause I didn’t hear Jo come to bed or anyone else either.

Something woke me though. I lay there for a minute, then I hear a quite voice. “Come on Jolene help dad a little bit.”

“Dad cousin Dick is right there.” I can tell he’s really drunk. I can make out his figure by the couch. He’s bent over Jo his hand at his crotch. He is maybe 3-4 feet away. Silently I slide towards him on the floor. Then I swing my leg in a sweeping motion hitting him at the ankle. He’s thrown off balance and falls over towards the end table. He knocks off the lamp hitting the floor with a crash.

Seconds later I hear dad yell. topkapı escort What the hell’s going on in there. I quickly slide into my bag. Next the lights come on dad is standing in the doorway. “What the?” He says. Uncle Bob still trying to get off the floor in his underwear.

“It’s all right I just came in to give Jolene a kiss goodnight. I tripped and fell.”

Dad say “Your drunk Bob and its 3 am.” Jo and I are sitting up. “I think You’d better go back to bed.”

He looks at Jo and says, “Goodnight baby.”

I look at Jo as Bob leaves the room. She looks at me like she knows I did something.

Next morning I’m woken up early by Jo, “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“You know dam well what.” Then kisses me “I owe you a big one.”

“No you don’t. But I wish he’d broken his neck when he fell.”

She smiles “Get up I’ll fix you breakfast.”

I couldn’t pass that up. I get up put my bed up and change. Jo has breakfast ready. I eat while she is telling me today is special. Her family is leaving and we will have the whole summer together. I must say the though of having her around all summer made my day. Shortly mom gets up.

“My you two are up early.”

Jo tells her she’s excited about spending the summer with us and couldn’t sleep.

“Yea she woke me up. So I got up too.”

Jo tells mom “Let me fix breakfast for everyone.”

“Well OK if you want to.”

Jo makes pancakes eggs, and sausage.

I’m thinking man she going to make some guy a super wife. I envy him already. She can cook, does laundry, türbanlı escort has a great sense of humor, intelligent, beautiful face and a great body. Dam she is the whole package.

Next thing I know all the others are coming down to eat.

“Good morning all.” Both mom and Jo say. Everyone eats and are sitting around talking about the long trip home. Looking at the twins Uncle Bob says “You girls bags packed and ready to go.” The twins tell him yes. “How about you Jolene?”

“What?” She says “but I thought I was staying here for the summer.”

“Plans change.” He says.

Mom says, “I don’t understand. I was under that impression too. I thought that was part of the reason for coming in first place.”

Aunt Kate said ‘Me too.”

Dad says, “We have been looking forward to having her around.”

Mom says “I have been looking forward to having another woman in the house.”

I look at Jo I can tell she is devastated ready to cry.

Just then Uncle Bob says, “Just kidding. Had you going for a bit didn’t I.” I think it really had something to with last night. I but could not say anything.

About noon they load up the car. Hugs are given, good-byes said. We watch as they drive out of sight. I can tell Jo is relieved to see them go. Going in side Jo ask mom if there is anything she can help with.

“Not right now but thank you for asking.”

“No thank you for letting me stay.” She goes over and kisses mom on the cheek. “Just let me know anytime you need help or want me to anything.”

“I will but for now you two go have tüyap escort fun.”

Dad pipes in, “We’re glad to have you here.”

“Thank you Uncle'” Giving him a hug and kiss. I think dad enjoyed that one from the look on his face.

“Hey Jo what say we get you moved into the front bedroom.” Jo’s bags are in the front room. “Here let me help you lug them to your room.”

“Sounds great to me, the couch was OK but a bed sounds much better.”

“Think the couch was bad try the floor for a few days.”

Jo laughs “NO Thank you.”

Up stairs she is unpacking into a chester drawers. As she does I can’t help but see all her panties and bras. Actually she seem be showing them off to me. Taking each Item out unfolding and then refolding putting it in a drawer. One particular pair of black lace panties she holds out asking. “What do you think?”

I’m speechless, just shaking my head yes.

Jo giggles then says, “How about I model them sometime?”

I already have a rock hard on, hurting like hell in my jeans. Again I can’t answer just shrug my shoulders. She is almost laughing. I can’t take anymore. I excuse my self I need relief.

Going to the up stairs bathroom, then proceed to jack off. It didn’t take long either. I grunt and blow my load all over the stool seat. I clean it up with TP. Then squeeze the last drop from my dick.

I open the door there stands Jo. “My turn I need relief too.” I started to say I just had to pee.

But she just giggles. Closes the door saying, “I’ll be out shortly.”

Standing outside I can hear light moans. Then the sound of water running.

She emerges “Phew I need that. I can think of something better. Only it’s too dangerous with your mom and dad down stairs. Humm maybe later?”

Her hand slides over my crotch. Making my dick get stiff again. Then gives a small evil laugh.

Part 4 to follow



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