A wedding is the ultimate sign of prosperity; the chance that human life can socially, and properly, embrace the chance of biological evolution. She thought as she remembered what the essay she read last week.

But where am I? Kate pondered. I’m here reaching my 25th birthday, alone. Not one man, single or not, even bothers to glance my way. Not one. She snorted as they all enthralled around the blonde beauty on the center of the dance floor. Her hips moving perfectly at beat with the music; her figure, of course, is pleasing to the eye. She observed how the girl held them all in a trance. That’s why they’re all staring at her. She’s tall and overly thin; the perfect description of a typical Hollywood model.

She decided it was better to leave for some fresh air before she depressed herself enough to eat the entire buffet table. There was a small bridge in the garden that seemed far away enough from the party. Without a doubt she knew she needed a break from it all.

Kate knew she looked good today; the rich violet color complimented her sun kissed skin well. The ruffled skirt was also respectable and reached almost to her knees. However, the top was strapless –which she made sure to shy off her cardigan once the reception started—and displayed the top of her breasts nicely. She styled her down with a few bangs to add a bit of mystery.

And yet, glancing over the rails of the bridge she looked at her reflection and acknowledged that there wasn’t much to disagree with. She knew she was considered beautiful, too. But my beauty is different, she grimaced. Kate was short and brunette; standing at a not-so-proud 5′-3.” She thanked God everyday that her caramel eyes weren’t too far apart, her lips were full, and her brown hair reflected streaks of gold like the sun. She looked downward, towards the curves of her chest, appreciating the fullness of her breasts. Her size reached a full C-cup. The banister covered her skinny, but fleshy, waist. Since adolescence she worked hard to burn the fat she labeled “the pouch” from her center, but it never fully went away. At least I was granted a nice bottom, she acknowledged, that pretty blonde doesn’t have one of these! She realized as a small smirk crept to her lips.

She gazed back to the pond, wondering where all the time had gone. It felt as if it were yesterday when they all graduated college and went their separate ways, though, she was ultimately proud of her friend’s decision for a husband. Kate only felt left behind. Maybe if she hadn’t gone to New York she would have met someone by now.

There was no doubt Tom was a great guy. Deep down there was no doubt that her friends were true soul mates. Kate couldn’t help but to sigh. She was the one who got them together their senior year of college. The reason her friend discovered she could be with Tom was because Kate made it possible. She loved them both. They were her backbone when she broke up with her boyfriend of three years. Her friends built her into the woman she is today: successful, powerful, and ambitious.

But she never stopped giving. Her family helped Tom find a job in California after Catherine received a once in a lifetime job opportunity. She frowned at the memory when she broke the news about New York. They were all going to go together to California. Kate had other job offerings easily because of her 3.6 GPA and extracurricular activities, but Exsus Inc.—in New York—was a bigger company with less risk and a better paycheck. Being in finance was always her thing. She was always the business type of person and made the decision which would better her future.

Glancing back to the reception tent, the wedding was something special. Catherine loved decorating, but Kate never fully understood the bride’s talent until she walked under the reception tent. The center pieces were a collaboration of blue, white, and purple roses and carnations in a glittering silver vase. The woman had even laced lights through the flowers.

She used a distressed silver table cloth, which reflected flower petals in the light. The chairs were adorned with alternating blue and purple seat covers with silver tie backs. She had even correctly chosen contemporary white squared tableware. Being a Financial Analyst doesn’t seem to be the right job for her anymore, Kate pondered as she gazed past the perfect garden. The bridge overlooked a small pond with lily pads and koi, while the surrounding foliage was a collection of fountains and beautiful spring flowers. Butterflies and lady bugs migrated around the garden.

Everything was, in a word, perfect.

“What a perfect day for a wedding,” Kate spun at the sound of the stranger’s voice. At a glance she thought he was gorgeous. At 5’11” he held himself tall, his dark brown hair reflecting reds in the sunlight. She noticed thick muscles hidden well under his rolled up button-up shirt. He stared at her as she seemed too preoccupied absorbing his presence to answer. “I’m sorry, miss, let illegal bahis me introduce myself,” He said in a British accent, “Name’s Phillip.”

With a shake of her head, Kate seemed to come out of her trance. She even managed to respond coherently. “I’m Kate. Nice to meet you. Are you running for some fresh air, too? It is ridiculously warm in that tent.”

“Well, it was getting rather hot in there, but I saw you here and figured you might want some company. You don’t have a date, I presume?” His blue eyes held her hazel ones with sheer innocence.

“Um—no, actually. I flew in from New York just yesterday. I don’t know anyone in the area.” She smiled a bit at the idea of this man asking her about her date. Pfft! “You?”

“I flew in from Southampton a few days ago with my brother. You see, the groom’s brother was my flatmate when they went to uni a few years ago. We’ve been best friends ever since.”

“So you came here to enjoy an American wedding or to see if you can catch any American girls?”Kate held a mischievous look as she waited for his response. The comment was a hit or miss. That alone would say plenty about him. Fortunately, he laughed. So he’s cute and has a sense of humor. Hmm…Interesting. It wasn’t everyday there was a chance to meet a foreigner but weddings were always the crossroads of a lot of relationships. It always made people think about the future. It definitely made her think about it more than she wanted to.

“I wouldn’t have overlooked the opportunity. And now that I’ve met you, I think you can be my American girl for the evening.” He winked and flashed a smile that made her knees weak. “That wouldn’t be a problem now, would it?”

“I don’t see why not. But I’m a good girl. I don’t sleep around.” She stated in warning but kept a playful look to her eyes. When their eyes met, she noted his were a dark turquoise sea, darkening only as she bit out her last words. She didn’t realize he sensed a challenge then.

With a crooked smile, he pretended to sound offended. “That wasn’t my intention, Miss Kate. Of course, if you were to offer, I would have to surely decline. I’m a good boy, you know?”

She outright laughed at that. She caught a hint of playfulness in his gaze. “I like you, Mr.—er?”

“Michaels. Phillip Michaels.” He corrected.

“Well, we should be getting back. They’ll be cutting that cake soon. And if there is one thing you never want to miss, it’s the cake when my friend is the wedding planner.” She went to make her leave, when he caught her arm.

She stared back up, and his eyes had darkened with lust, like a sea of deep blue waves in a storm. Her mouth fell into a perfect “O”. “Why don’t you be my date for the rest of the party, Kate?”

“O-okay,” She managed to mutter as he hooked her arm around his and led her back to the dance floor. Thankfully, they were cutting the cake soon.


The cake was delicious. Butter cream and blueberry covered marble slices were issued out to all guests. The rest of the evening was absolutely divine. Phillip was a gentlemen; he would pull out chairs for her, order her drinks and even took her out to the dance floor more than three times. She found herself actually having a good time.

While dancing he leaned into her ear and began forming small talk. “What do you do for a living, Kate?”

“I work for Exsus, a financial company.” She responded as he turned her around.

When they met again, he whispered that he has the opportunity to work in a satellite office in whichever state he wanted. One of those states was New York which made her think it’d be possible to be with someone like him back home. He said he was thinking about it. The decision date was looming closer and considering his job prospects, it will be better if he does move to the states. “It’s looking like it might definitely work. Even if it’s for a year.” He pulled her around him again as the music crescendoed.

“Well, if you do choose New York, you’ll know me.” She gave him a sweet smile. She quickly glanced at Catherine who was staring right at her with a look of complete happiness.

Kate had to admit she was happy; happier than she had ever been in years. Hopefully, this night will not end any time soon.


“We should go to the gardens,” He leaned in and whispered into her ear as they slow danced.

“Why, Mr. Michaels!” She exclaimed as she faked her shock. “How could you ask a lady such a question?”

He chuckled in her ear. “Well, I meant it is rather warm here but if you want that sort of garden trip, it can be arranged.” He pulled her closer to him and chuckled into her hair. Good god, she fits perfectly.

Suddenly she felt herself at a loss for words. He was warm and comfortable. She felt at ease. Being so close to another human being, even if temporarily, was difficult for her to find. Her life revolved around her company, her apartment, and her sleep. There wasn’t much else in between. It would illegal bahis siteleri be nice, she thought, if he could hold me like this forever. “Actually, I could use some fresh air. Let’s go once this song is over.”

He stumbled a bit, “Sorry,” His breathe was warm and smelled a bit of alcohol. “Yes, I think fresh air will do us both just fine.” She looked up at him; his eyes were dark blue and were looking at her with a hint of lust and happiness.

He likes me. He actually likes me.

As she was thinking, the song suddenly stopped and people began to leave the dance floor. Phillip grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor pulling her past the crowds for people and into the night.

Once they reached the same bridge where they met he held her to a halt.

“There is only one thing I want you to know,” he said as the wind whipped his dark hair back from his face. “I plan on having you before this holiday is out. I want you in my bed.” He stepped closer. Kate’s expression reflected pure outrage. “Before you object, know that I’m a determined man, Kate. I get what I want. And, as of now, I want you more than anything.”

Kate stared at him completely flabbergasted. She had no idea whether to be afraid or completely engulfed by this man. He had been the perfect gentlemen the entire night. He even helped out a lonely girl like her. And it’s not that she didn’t want him; she did, but what of it then? She didn’t want to be easy, and she was sure heck was not going to be easy.

She was heading back to lonely New York in a few days anyway. Why should she plant roots when she was clearly leaving paradise soon? “I already told you I’m not the hooking up kind. I’m sorry if you thought otherwise.”

The party seemed far away now; the dark had enveloped the sky with a passing breeze. Families were already leaving, and soon she would be, too. All she needed was a bottle of champagne once she arrived to her hotel to feel better. The breeze picked up. She longed to find someone to share warmth with. This was her solid reminder that her loneliness was absolute. With work and her daily grind, her love life always seemed to be short lived—until the rare times she comes across someone like Phillip, a man who was determined to only temporarily possess her. She shivered before looking up at him. His look was dark and resolute; a challenge was written in his eyes.

“Very well,” He pulled her to him making her gasp as he wrapped an arm around her waist. “I don’t like leaving loose ends. You may slap me after if you feel like you need to.” He started to lean in a little unbalanced. Was that alcohol she smelled on his breath? Oh, great. He’s drunk!

“You’re drunk! C’mon, you’re not yourself right now. I feel like we had a great time tonight. Let’s not mess it up, okay?” But she felt like a bird in an iron cage, utterly stuck. “I don’t make easy prey.” She warned as she tried to pull away. His warm breath blew a small strand of her hair back.

“I hoped you would say that.” He chuckled a bit and clumsily attempted to pull her closer. “Makes the chase worth so much more.”

Oh, he is definitely drunk, she figured. “Release me at once,” she tried but his iron grip held her to him. “Let me go!” She squealed before her hand escaped him and slapped him across the face. Instinctively, he released her and held his palm to his reddening cheek.

That’s it, he thought to himself. He was about to grab her and give her the best kiss of her life until he caught a shadow in his peripheral.

“Is everything alright here?” A stocky elderly man asked. His face was covered in lines from old age and concern. He looked at Phillip accusingly before being the good samaritan and temporarily saving Kate from the inevitable. “Miss, why don’t we go and find the bride and groom? They shall be leaving soon.” Phillip looked down at her then. Her eyes seemed startled. You’re going to frighten the chit, his conscious warned. Sober up and let her go. For now.

“Everything is fine,” he said in defeat. “Goodnight, Ms. Kate.” He watched as the elderly man and Kate walked back to the reception tent. She turned to look back at him. He knew then and there this woman would be worth his struggle.


When Kate arrived to her room, she closed the door quickly behind her and placed the lock. What a night! She quickly opened her drawer and found a pair of panties and a tank top and headed into shower.

All in all, it was impossible for her to get what happened with Phillip out of her mind. He was so well behaved the entire night she hadn’t noticed him drinking enough to be so drunk. How dare he put his hands on her!

She let the warm water loosen her tense muscles for about twenty minutes before calling it quits. There was no reason for her to feel so uneasy, but she managed to check her entire room before feeling comfortable to go to bed.

It seemed hours passed as she lay there in her warm bed feeling cold. canlı bahis siteleri There was something about this man that she couldn’t stop thinking of. She wanted him, no doubt. I must talk to the Tom’s brother tomorrow at breakfast… well later today. I must know more about this man. Is he even safe?

While being deep in her thoughts of Phillip—and maybe a few sexual fantasies—she found herself in deep sleep.


Morning came soon enough. She found herself restless as if it was Monday and she had a huge presentation at work. Damn this man, she groaned as she dragged herself to freshen up and ready for breakfast. Everyone was meeting today in celebration of a wonderful party last night. Good thing they planned for 10am and nothing earlier. She didn’t think she would make it if it were.

She quickly threw on a teal green shorts and a sheer white button up blouse. She threw on a headband and pearl earrings as she slipped into her white strappy sandals. Soon she was racing down the hall to the elevator.

Conveniently, once she entered the elevator stall, she saw Gerry waiting. “Good morning,” she gave him a friendly smile. “Did you sleep well?”

He returned her smile. Gerard was Tom’s older brother. Still quite the bachelor, his parents thought she and him would eventually date and marry. It wasn’t that Gerry was unattractive, he was actually better looking than his brother. He had dark chocolate eyes with matching dark brown hair just like Tom. His skin was fair and had a leaner build than his brother but was not as athletic. He was even more ambitious than Tom when it came to academics (which was a trait she admired). Here was the problem: he was the epitome of a slut. She knew from the beginning that he wasn’t for her. It’s a shame because it would have been nice being the best friends who married a set of brothers. Her attraction for him had died years ago when he hit on every buxom girl that walked past him. “Good morning, Kate. I slept fine. Not enough, obviously. Last night was… long.”

She laughed. “Alright, how many girls?”

“If I told you two, would you believe me?” He gave her a grave expression.

“Are you serious?” Her eyes widened a bit.

“Yes, Ms. Lacey and Mrs. Jenkins.”

“Mrs. Jenkins?! Okay, now I call bull.” She said as she stepped out of the elevator.

“Alright! Alright, you caught me. It was only Lacey. Soft little thing… but a freak. And one day Mrs. Jenkins will take a round with me, too. Mark my words.”

“You’re disgusting. She’s a married mother,” she declared by wrinkling her nose. They were walking towards the breakfast room.

“I like MILFs. And marriage is only a challenge. It’s only a matter of time. I see how she looks at me.” He gave her a sweet, innocent smile. “She wants me.”

“Please…. Just…. Shush. I don’t even want to think about it. You have no shame.” She grimaced before deciding to change the subject. “Oh! I meant to tell you. I met Phillip last night.”

“I realized Phil and you met. I saw you guys together all night. He sure liked you.” He said as he walked to a halt. “You guys were the talk of the wedding next to Tom and Cathy.”

“I’m just gonna say it. Is there anything I should be careful about?” Her concern was visible, but she wasn’t about to tell him of what happened last night.

“Not that I know of. He’s about a year older than me. A genuine guy; a little too ambitious for my taste.” Her concerned look didn’t change. Gerry understood what she meant, “If he’s anything like me? No. Doesn’t sleep around much from what he tells me. It’s rare, actually. I don’t think I’ve seen him with a girl in a long time. I guess he’s more of the dating kind. He didn’t want to date much after he got into a bad relationship in the beginning of college.”

“That’s a shame. Remember when I broke up with George? I didn’t want to date anyone after that either. I kind of haven’t dated much since.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember those days. It wasn’t fun for any of us. Oh! Here’s something you should definitely know. Phil’s one of those people who when he sets his mind on something, he accomplishes. He is very goal oriented and stubborn. I guess that’s the only thing that could possibly be trouble. But you’re stubborn too, so I–“His voice feel into the background of her thoughts as Phillip’s voice came into her mind.

Before you object, know that I’m a determined man, Kate. I get what I want. And, as of now, I want you more than anything. His declaration quickly flashed before her eyes.

After Kate’s silence he added, “He’s still a good guy, though. I approve.”

Oh, boy.


Once she arrived in the dining room, she quickly sat next to Catherine’s mom and dad. She had known them since her adolescence and cared for them dearly. They were like second parents to her.

It was a shame her parents weren’t able to take the time off work because they really wanted to be here to celebrate, too. Catherine and Kate were always together; they graduated from the same high school and university and lived together for four years. Now Catherine was taking the next step in her life. She was going to start her own family. All she needs now is children.



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