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My Beloved ShreyaThe day had broken with a indescribable dew and sunrise. From where I stood the shadows of last night’s lovemaking were painted on the walls of infinity. Shreya’s eyes had glowed in her Tantric moment and I was was the receiver of her luscious mouth and breasts as she leaned over to kiss mine. Shreya loved me like no other woman and I was happy to tuzla ukraynalı escort have her . I loved her long silken hair between my fingers when she got down on me, she caressed me with her beautiful mouth, to please. Her humming moans were a poetic song. I could see her well shaped ass as she humped and sucked . She was so well built and tuzla rus escort so fine was her silken skin. I wanted her badly, I wanted her precious clit in my mouth. I was everywhere with her, pleasing her. We then decided it was ripe, that pulsating moment, before an orgasm, to do sixty-nine. My mouth was hot for her as she sucked my nipples. escort bayan Her breath was so sweet and I wanted her taste in my mouth. Her long scented legs of her juices was perfume on my cheeks. I kissed every inch of her inside thighs and then devoured her juices as I tongued-fucked her delicious twat. She moaned and purred like a tigress. Her clit was perfectly hard as it reached my desirous tongue. I began to suck Shreya’s clit gently. I fingered her hot pussy and her streaming twat juices aroused every fiber of my mouth. Shreya knew how to please me. Her lovely eyes had glanced towards mine and I knew Shreya was my beloved forever.



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