My AnnieAs a special surprise, after chatting on line, I took Annie out for a ‘night to remember’, just to see how far she would go and to test her claim of being a ‘slut’ who could take anything.She arrived at the nice hotel I’d booked, having done her part of the deal; wearing dark red nail varnish, black high heeled shoes and having (so she told me) totally shaved her pussy.Before the adventure began she undressed and entered the deep hot and fragrant bath that awaited he. After a relaxing bathe, with a glass of wine, she then dressed in the clothes spread over the bed which I’d provided for her. She looked stunning as she put on the black, lace top glossy stockings and deep black suspender belt and matching quarter cup bra, which pushed her big tits upwards and produced a stunning cleavage but left her nipples and a good couple of inches of her breasts under her nipples totally visible, only really providing support under her tits. The stockings were off a long fit and the tops almost touched the sexy naked lips of her pussy. There were no pants and she topped the outfit with a simple but nice black dress, with a neckline that showed her cleavage and buttons down the front. The last button 6 inches up from the hemline allowing a nice split at the front of the dress when she sat down. She looked and said she felt stunning.We drove off the road onto a track near some woods. “Why are we here” she asked as we parked near two other empty cars. I told Annie it was an area used by couples and guys who like to spy on them – sometimes homosexuals hang around also. We chatted for a while until I saw a guy emerging from some trees 50 yards in front of us. I turned, kissing her and unbuttoned some of her dress, revealing a large amount of her cleavage and cupping her left tit through her dress. From the corner of my eye I could see the guy slow down as he noticed us. As he got just in front of the car I looked at him and smiled, showing we didn’t disapprove and, whilst looking at him, unbuttoned her dress more to reveal the bra although her dress still hid her nipples. I continued to kiss her and fully exposed her tits, pulling her nipples fully erect when I noticed he’d moved to Annie’s passenger window for a close look….with his medium sized cock in his hand, which he was slowly wanking. I opened the window, “she’s a dirty slut mate, stand against her car so she can suck you to full hardness” I told him and he leaned against the door as Annie reached and held his cock, before adjusting her position and taking him fully into her mouth. He reached into the car and cupped her big tits.“Come and sit in the drivers seat and relax while she sucks you off” I told him and we swapped places, with me watching as he sat in the car with his pants pulled down, with Annie leaning across him, her tits out and her head moving up and down as his cock disappeared fully between her red lips. She took his full length, gurgling with the thrill of it.Another young guy appeared from the woods and the first guy explained he was gay and had propositioned him. “I’m a bit bi he said, so we only wanked together for a few minutes….but he has a huge thick cock, probably the biggest I’ve seen” said the guy in the car as Annie continued to suck him. “Your friend got lucky” I said to the second guy as he approached the car. He could see the first man, but smiled as he got closer and saw Annie’s head moving up and down on him. “You like women?” I asked. “Have had the odd woman, but pendik escort prefer guys” he told me “but this looks fun to watch” he said as he moved towards me. “You can do more than watch” I told him as he moved to the side of me watching them thought the window with me. He rubbed his trousers before pulling out a semi erect cock that must have been 8 to 9 inches and which he could hardly get his hand fully around, it was fucking huge.As I watched this athletic and pretty young guy get this monster to full hardness, I opened the passenger door. “Annie, you slut, kneel up with your round sexy arse in the doorway while you suck that guy………..I think we have a present you’d like” I told her. Without taking her mouth from his cock, she adjusted herself so her feet were hanging out of the car and she was kneeling sideways across the passenger seat with her arse up in the air in the open doorway.“I’ve got something I’d like to introduce your huge cock to” I told him jokingly, then slowly raised the hem of her sexy dress. He was beginning to wank harder and gasped as her lace top stockings came into view followed by her sexy naked arse. I lifted her dress to her waist, leaving her arse fully exposed. “Now, come and look closer” I said as I crouched down and put my hands on each of Annie’s cheeks, spreading them open to reveal her swollen and already wet cunt lips, squeezed tightly together at the top of her legs. I gently spread her outer lips and revealed a wide wet, pink gash between them. “You can stretch this hole like it’s never been stretched before with that monster” I invited him. He moved up against her and held the shaft of his cock, rubbing it’s huge purple head against her lips and easing it between them until it touched the entrance to her cunt. “Annie, I bet you’ve never had a cock like this” I teased” This is going to feel like someone is pushing their forearm up you” I told her as she moaned a loud “Mmmmmmm” in response.He struggled to get his cock end in her and I watched as the entrance to her cunt was being stretched to take it. She groaned and had to ease her knees further apart to be able to take him. Slowly the head of it slipped up her and again she groaned, then he gently and slowly pushed against her as I watched in amazement as another 7 inches at least of cock almost as thick as my wrist slowly disappeared up her tightly stretched cunt. He pushed it to the hilt, but she winced as she was struggling to take it all.The swaying started and the thick shaft continually slipped in and out of her hole, glistening with her juices. She continued to groan every time it’s length was pushed fully up her. The guy in the passenger seat was starting to gasp. “Fuck it you horny bitch, don’t even move that sweet mouth. I want to shoot it down your throat”. Annie said nothing and just gurgled louder as she seemed to have totally swallowed his full length. He gasped aloud and she groaned as he was clearly shooting his spunk down her throat.She looked up, allowing some spunk to rest on her red lips and deliberately not licking it off. “I have never felt a cock as big as the one your friend is pushing up me before – it hurts, but it’s so good” she told the guy. The young bloke started pushing into her harder and now Annie could reply “I don’t care how big it is, I can take it, my cunt can take anything fuck me” she ordered the guy bluntly. He started hammering into her, with Annie squealing every time çekmeköy escort the full length went up her. “Oh I’m going to fill you now you bitch….you’ll get gallons of it up you” he boasted as he held her hips and held himself deep inside her as he was shooting it up her. “Fuck, I can feel it jesus it feels like you’re pissing inside me” said Annie, with a smile on her face.As he pulled this long wet cock out, I could see the hole to her cunt still gaping open after being stretched so wide. “I want a look” said the first guy we’d met and he helped Annie out of the car and led her to the front of it. He sat her against the front of the car with her feet wide apart and eased her down, so she was laying over the bonnet on her back with her tits fully exposed. He moved his hands over her stockings and up the insides of her legs, before hitching the dress over her waist to reveal her shaved cunt. Her lips were covered in thick spunk and some was starting to drip from her cunt. He pushed his face into it, licking her lips and the spunk whilst wanking himself back to hardness. “This is what you almost couldn’t handle you randy slut” said the young guy, resting his semi hard and soaking cock across her stomach. She stroked it gently and told him how great it felt and that she wanted one like that every night. By now the other guy was hard. “Your mouth was stunning, but I want some cunt” he told her as he leaned against her and guided his cock into her dripping hole. Their was no finesse, once they started a rhythm, he lifted her legs up, raising her knees and just fucked her hard telling her how wet and horny she was. He shot up her with her groaning but not as satisfied as with the donkey standing besides me. While they finished I quietly asked the young guy back to our hotel, telling him to meet us at the bar.“Fuck me.taking that cock hurt, it was huge, but I want it again” Annie told me over again as we drove back. As we walked into the bar she said she felt a bit embarrassed as she could feel his spunk starting to run down her inner thigh. He walked into the bar and after a quick drink we went into the bedroom. “I want to see you try to take that into your mouth, then take his cock from behind on all fours’ with you in just stockings and suspenders Annie” I told them both.They moved to the bed and he quickly removed her dress, kissing her body all over as he took it off. He spent ages fully appreciating her tits, sucking for ages on her nipples, then removing her bra. He then lay back on the bed with his huge knob fully hard and resting against his stomach. She bent over him, brushing her nipples against his chest before moving down and taking his cock in her hand, not being able to close her fingers around it. She moved her head down and licked the tip of his cock while stroking his balls. I watched in amazement as she took the whole of the head in her mouth. She moved her head down on his shaft, only able to swallow another couple of inches below the massive purple tip.I quietly left the room to get you from next door and lead you back into the bedroom. You were immediately turned on as you approached the bottom of the bed seeing her arse in the air, the stockings and the sight of her head going down on this athletic you guy. Neither of them had noticed you, just carrying on with the oral sex and both groaning deeply.“My well hung friend, let me introduce you to the husband of the sexy bitch you maltepe escort fucked earlier and whose mouth your fucking now”. He smiled and Annie groaned as if in excitement of this situation. She gasped and try to take more of him as if to impress you.“I was asked to take this pretty young guy’s monster cock from behind darling” she says to you. “No one has ever fucked me like he can, so I want you to see why I’m so satisfied and what a real cock means”. Annie moved off him and you looked shocked as you see the full size of the huge thick cock she’s just released from her mouth. She moved onto all fours, with her big tits hanging below her and her arse in the air. “Move behind me with that massive cock, but I want my dear husband to grab it’s shaft and feed it up my cunt”. “I want him to feel the thickness of it and watch as it stretches my cunt open as it squeezes it’s way up me….he may then understand what cock I dream of every night” Annie explains to us all.He pushes his cock against her cunt entrance and you find it exciting as you hold his thick shaft in the middle and ease his purple head into her hole. “Fuck me Annie, you’ll never take all this” you tell her, not knowing what has already happened. “I already have had it up my cunt dear while I had another guy fucking my mouth” she replies as groan on hearing this, wanting to know everything later. You ease much of his cock up her as you let it slide through your hand as, after feeding 3 inches up her cunt, he takes over and pushes the other 6inch into her.You watch, having unfastened you trousers and started to wank as you look at this young guy fucking Annie. “Fucking hell, that feels so good, my cunt is so full. Fuck me harder” she tells him. As starts to hammer up her, you kneel in front of her and push your cock into her face, which she immediately starts to suck on. “I want to see you shoot over her tits” you tell him. With her mouth full, Annie groans in agreement. After hammering against her arse for a while, which you are transfixed watching, he pulls his monster cock out of her and moves her onto her back, revealing her naked cunt. You move away as he kneels above her and wipes his wet cock across her face, Annie licking at it as it passes her mouth. “Your tits will get covered” he brags as he wanks himself, stopping to point it’s purple head towards her nipples. As he groans, a huge stream of thick white spunk shoots 2 feet from his cock, splashing across the whole of her chest and across her tits. He moves the tip nearer her right nipple as stream after stream continues to gush from it, covering her tits.Moving down her, as smaller streams of spunk are still erupting from his cock, he holds it against her stockings, wiping the head against the nylon, covering the top of both stockings in his spunk. He moves up her and strokes her tits and nipples, spreading the strings of spunk across her tits, before bending over her and licking them all over. You and I watch in excitement as he licks her and sucks on her nipples, with this huge knob, now hanging between his legs and we notice that the spunk on her stockings is drying to a crisp whiteness.He moves away from her. “I need a quick shower, then must leave. I think I’ve finished her off mate, but thanks for letting me fuck your wife. Her shaved cunt and stockings are exciting”. “But not as exciting as the impression I got that as a stranger with a huge cock – she just wanting a good fucking with it and to feel it up her. I bet I could have asked to fuck her without even having to introduce myself” he laughs. “She is such a fucking slut it’s so sexy…you are a lucky guy I’ll leave her to tell you how me and another guy used her”.He left and I left you and Annie alone to re live what had happened, with me convinced your wife can take anything.



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