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My name is Gary, and this story is about a relationship I had with my mum. I was twenty-five years old at the time, and Mummy was fifty-four. You see, I have always loved mature woman; for some reason, girls my own age never really did it for me.

I have a stash of porno magazines that depict mature grannies. When I was younger, I always hid them so that Mum wouldn’t learn that I masturbate over pictures of older women, but recently, I decided to risk leaving them on the floor for mummy to find when she brings the wash to my room.

I should tell you, I live at home with Mummy because I am still attending university and cannot afford school and my own flat. The other advantage, is that living at home with mummy, allows me to indulge in my fantasy of sex with older women.

When the weekends arrived, and I was at home, I would set aside the mornings to look through my porno magazines and masturbate. Often I would hear Mummy in her bedroom, cleaning or just moving around, and I would get more excited, sometimes letting out loud groans. I always hoped my mum would hear and come in to catch me masturbating; the fantasy fuelled my sessions and led to overwhelming pleasure.

One Saturday morning, Mum brought me a cup of tea. I was masturbating to one of my magazines and when she stepped in, I looked up with both horror and embarrassment and tried to cover myself up and hide the magazine at the same time. I was sure she was going to be angry and yell at me.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mum I didn’t heard you come in!” I wasn’t sure why she hadn’t knocked on the door as she usually did.

“I wanted to catch you like this,” she said a she set down the tray of tea. She was concealing something under the tray, and I asked what it was. “I thought you might like a gift Son.”

I was surprised, because it wasn’t a birthday or special day, “Oh what’s that then Mum?”

“I noticed your stash of mature porn magazines and I decided to get one for you, so that I could learn what you do with them. How do you feel about performing in front of your mum son?”

I was blown away by this and totally taken by surprise. “Do you really mean that Mum? I am so otele gelen escort embarrassed about this.”

“Don’t be Gary. I find it flattering that you find mature women so sexy. Here’s a new copy of the magazine that you like so much with the mature women in it. Let me watch you play with it!”

In my shock at being caught, I had not noticed that Mum was wearing a very sexy silk dressing gown. When she sat down beside me on the bed to hand me the magazine, the gown fell open revealing her naked body. I was gob smacked to see her lovely full breasts and curvy hips only a few inches away.

“You see son, I’ve heard you from my room several times and wondered what you were doing that excited you so. When I heard your groans this morning, I knew what you were doing, and because I had seen these magazines, I knew what you wanted to see.”

She turned toward me, making no attempt to cover her nakedness and looked pointedly at my growing erection. “Mum, why are you doing this?” I asked, staring at her breasts.

“Well Gary, I wanted to see what you were masturbating over and to see if you would be interested in me.”

She laid down beside me, and opened the new magazine. I couldn’t decide which to stare at, my naked mum on the bed beside me, or the porn magazine she was holding in front of my eyes. I groaned again, feeling my cock twitch with excitement.

“Ok my baby, let me see what you do while you look at this magazine.”

I lay on my side facing my mum and slid my hand into my pajama bottoms and started masturbating for my mum. She leafed through the magazine, page by page as I stroked myself. She watched my hand moving, but eventually I saw that she wanted more.

“Right baby why don’t I remove your pajama bottoms for you. That will make it more comfy for you, wont it?”

“If that’s what you want Mum then go ahead!”

I stood on the bed and removed my hand from my penis to allow her to take off the bottoms. When she did this, my penis sprang erect and she smiled, surprised at the size. “I could play with that all day son!”

“Mum, listen to yourself,” I said.

“I pendik escort know Son but what happens between these four walls is OK, so long as it is between us right.”

“I guess so Mum!” I said, while rubbing my throbbing penis with one hand.

“Why don’t you look at those pictures and masturbate for a while. I want to hear you moaning like I heard earlier. Pretend I’m not even in the room.” She said that with a laugh, thee was no way I could not look at her.

I paged through the magazine, stroking my erection to the pictures, and in a few short minutes, I started groaning as the pleasure hit. I never noticed my mum sitting up on the bed and moving closer, but when I let out the first moan, I felt her hand close around my penis. I looked down and saw her sitting, with her face about six inches from my cock, her hand sliding up and down the full length of the shaft. It was more than I could take and I came, shooting a wad of spunk onto her chest.

“Now then, what do we have here?” Mum said. “Why don’t you put that magazine away with the others now baby and lick up your mess for me? “

I could hardly wait to get close to my mum like this, even if it was to drink up my spunk. “Sure thing Mum.”

I sat down and put my tongue to her chest to lick up my sperm. I had never tasted my spunk before, but found it quite pleasant and quickly lapped every bit of it from her chest. She held my head with her hands in my hair.

“Weren’t you a hungry little baby hmm? By the way you forgot to drink your cup of tea I made for you must be thirsty by now. Why don’t you suck on my breasts Gary?”

I could not believe this was happening to me. I was sure that I was dreaming it. “Yes Mum. It will be much better than drinking that cold cup of tea.”

I started on her left breast. It felt soft and tender as my mouth engulfed the nipple. I hungrily sucked away and Mum moaned quietly as if she was having a good time with me. I decided to play with her other breast at the same time with my hands and pinched its nipple while caressing it. All the time the nipple in my mouth was getting harder and harder.

Then rus escort in between my mummy ‘s fast breathing I heard her say, “Gary, I want to do something different now.”

“What Mum?”

“I want to suck your lovely penis now Gary. How about letting your old mum suck it for you? Hmm, what do you think?”

This was far too good to turn down, the idea of not only a mature woman sucking my penis, but my Mum. I felt my penis rising immediately and said, “Oh Mum I’d real.y love for you to do that.”

Well, I never expected my mum to get in to the 69 position to suck my dick, but she did. This put her cunt right in my face and I thought, Why Not? I raised my head and pressed my tongue into her old hairy pussy.

As mum sucked me faster I then drove my tongue deep in to her lovely moist cunt for the first time! Man it was amazing. When I felt my penis start to twitch, I knew I was going to shoot down my mum’s throat. My cum started shooting into her mouth, and I thought it was never ever going to stop. I listened to her swallowing and then turned back to sucking on her pussy.

Suddenly my mum’s cum started to flow, covering my face and lips. I lapped it up as fast as I could, proud of how much I drank. I was slightly disappointed that I was not able to drink it all, as some dribbled down my chin. I didn’t know if Mum had enjoyed my cum, because when she turned to face me some of it was dribbling down her chin.

“Mum you didn’t like my cum? It’s dribbling down your chin.”

“I did Gary, believe me I did. I just found it impossible to drink it all. I think that you didn’t like the taste of my cum by looking at the mess on your face.”

We both had a laugh at that and then my mum gave me a big hug and a lingering kiss before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Mum woke me later in the afternoon with a lovely long kiss, a kiss unlike she had ever given me before. “How about we continue this tonight at bedtime? What do you say baby?”

“For sure Mum, it was the best thing ever happened to me.”

“You’re not telling me that you’re still a virgin, are you baby?”

“Yes Mum I’m still a virgin.” I said, ashamed.

“Well then, I will just have to fix that tonight.”

My mum then got up, put on her dressing gown and left me all alone with the new porn magazine. I picked it up and started masturbating while looking at the pictures and thinking about the encounter coming with Mum later that night!



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