Mrs. sent naked down the hall to the guest bedroomThe first guy we had a threesome with was Al.The Mrs. had been curious about Al and had head about the two of us tag teaming girls. So while he was visiting us, and after a day of partying, mixing things that turned on the wiling slut in her,and that brings out the kinky in me.We made out extra loud to make sure he heard us. Then I sent her nervous skinny naked body down the hall, after assuring her that I would wait until she got back from fucking him.As soon as I heard her entering the guestroom I tiptoed canlı bahis down the hall,and heard their whispered conversation her explaining that I had sent her. The bed squeaking as she eased onto it to give him a few sucks before straddling his hips. by then I had the door open enough to peek in. It was dark but there was enough light to see her working herself up and down on him. He grunted and thrust as he got off in her. I had to quickly return to our room because she followed the instructions I gave her to return after he got off. She didn’t suspect bahis siteleri I had peeked, and I slowly fucked her trying desperately to hold back while she described fucking Al in precise detail her voice quivering with nervous excitement.She went down the hallway five times that night, and I peeked in each time. In the morning she woke him up with a blow job. The next night was a repeat of the night before, then the day after that we did it all together on a blanket in the living room. She got it in both ends and she finally relaxed enough to really güvenilir bahis get off good a few times in a row for Al and me it was like the old days when he would pickup a waitress and we’d make her just dizzy from getting so much sex at once.It was great to see my very good wife getting fucked silly. The next day I had to go to work and leave them at home alone all day. I told them to enjoy themselves while I was gone,she said she wouldn’t,but I left telling her to give in, knowing that Al would try since he had my permission. I had to work late, instead of gong home early in the fantasy idea of catching them at it.All I could think about all day was what they might be doing. I got a confession from her that evening that he’d taken her from behind while she was folding laundry.



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