Mrs B part 2aShe sat back on her haunches, her hand still firmly gripping my rock hard cock through the duvet, and wiggled her shoulders making her towelling jacket fall from her shoulders and so openly expose her beautiful breasts to me.I was rock hard before seeing her dark beautiful breasts and even darker nipples, hard and full unlike any I’d ever seen in the flesh before. But now it felt as if I was going to burst out of my skin. I lifted my hips off the bed to rub myself against my hard cock, I wanted to get as much stimulation from her before this dream ended.She must have seen the arousal in my eyes, she brazenly lifted the duvet and slide her well-manicured fingers into my underpants. Wrapping her fingers around my throbbing shaft as she rubbed her thumb and thumbnail over the tip of my cock, admiring how rock hard i was and how much pre-cum i had leaking from my tip.My heart was pounding, I could hear a thumping in my ears. I was that anadolu yakası escort nervous i was almost squirming like I was being tickled. I was hoping she’d take my cock in her mouth or slide onto it and help calm my nerves.She slid her hand to the base of my hard cock and took my balls in her other hand and said to me, “I think i need to make you cum very quickly to help break the ice” and proceeded to slide her tight hand up and down my shaft pressing her fist even tighter when it got to my head.She leant against my neck and began whispering encouragement into my ear as she played with my cock. Telling me how good it felt to feel such a hard virile cock in her hand, how she wanted to watch me cum. How it would help relieve the tension and that we had most of the day together. She leant her chest into mine, her cool skin and hard nipples against my hot, almost clammy skin. I began to buck against ataşehir escort her hand, lifting my hips off the bed as if I was fucking her, but she pressed my hips back down against the mattress and told me to let her make me cum.She pressed her mouth right in front of me and throatily asked if I wanted to feel her wet warm mouth where her hand is as she began to grip my shaft even tighter and really tug at my cock.I didn’t even get to complete the sentence “Stroke me faster please” before my cock exploded. The first shot of cum went over both our heads and landed on the wall above the headboard and then she pointed my cock straight up and was giggling in delight and awe as she watch me spurt stream after stream of hot cum.My body teased like a plank, i was grunting like some wild jungle a****l and Mrs B just kept stroking me and letting out yelps of delight and surprise as i continued to ejaculate under her ümraniye escort firm and confident grip.Once my vision cleared and my breathing had subsided i noticed Mrs B was still on her haunches looking at me with one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen on anyone and said, “Right, you certainly deserved that relief but now it’s time for us both to have some fun”.She stood up from the edge of the bed and turned her back to me as she stepped out of her pink towelling suit, dropping it to the floor before muttering, “No, I had better put that on the other bed”, before leaning over to pick it up thus exposing her sexy ass and smooth pussy to my view.At that age I thought only porn stars waxed their privates, so I aroused even more yet nervous as to what I was up against.Mrs B turned her head mid way through retrieving her suit from the floor to catch me staring at her ass, i expected to be admonished for it but she merely smiled and wiggled it for me.When she turned and started back to my bed she told me I didn’t have to avert my eyes. “I like it when you look at me” she told me, again causing my cheeks to colour, she leant forward and took my right hand and held it to her upper thigh and said, “Touch me as you look at my naked body, David”….To be continued



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