Sometimes a daughter leaving home can be traumatic, but it can also have some great fringe benefits. At 21, my daughter Wendy took a job in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s about a two and a half hour drive from our home in Naples and a beautiful little community. She found herself a nice little one-bedroom apartment just across from the dock in a little suburb called Gulfport. She fit in well with the artsy crowd that lived there. A graphic designer, she had stayed at home until she finished her degree and did a short stint as an assistant designer with a company in Naples, but when her big chance came she couldn’t turn it down.

After work on Friday, I rented a moving van, loaded her bedroom furniture, clothes, and personal items and picked up some furniture she had bought for her new place at a consignment shop here in town. I was very proud of her and the beautiful woman she had become. After we got everything unloaded at her new apartment and had everything pretty much in place I told her I was going to start home.

“Daddy,” she said, “you look pretty beat. Tomorrow is Saturday, you don’t have to go to work so why don’t you just stay the night and drive back fresh in the morning? That sofa’s so heavy because it pulls out into a queen sized bed, you would be comfortable and I wouldn’t worry about you going to sleep on the road and besides, I’d like to get some of your ideas about decorating this place.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” I said. “We can talk about it over dinner.”

“Oh Daddy,” she said, “I’m so sorry, but I’m meeting some of the new people I’m going to be working with for drinks and dinner in about an hour, but we can talk some while I get dressed. I hate to leave you on your own, but there’s a great little restaurant just around the corner. You can have a nice dinner, come in and relax and I’ll be home soon. Call Mom and tell her our plan, I know she won’t mind.”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

She went to the bathroom to shower and get ready. About 15 minutes later she came back into the living room wrapped in a towel with her clothes in her hand.

“I’ll get dressed in here so we can talk about what kind of art work and accessories I should get for this place,” she said.

She put her clothes down on the chair opposite the sofa where I sat and took off the towel and began to dry her long, dark read hair.

“My God,” I thought, “What a beautiful woman she has become. Those sparkling green eyes, those magnificent breasts, that….”

I caught myself just before I thought about her neatly trimmed little pussy, “This is your daughter, stop thinking like that.”

I could control my thoughts, but not my reaction. There she was standing totally naked in front of me smiling and talking about pictures and decorative bowls and vases and it was all I could do to keep my mind on what she was saying. My cock was getting hard and no matter what, I tried to stop, but it just kept on growing. Those big, full titties were a lot like her mother’s, only unlike her mother, they stood up with no droop so that her light brown nipples seemed to be pointing at the ceiling.

I almost died when she turned and bent to pick up her underwear off the chair. There it was in full view, my daughter’s pussy. It was beautiful with outer lips that seemed to invite you to enter into her sweet, womanly secret places. She halkalı eve gelen escort had put her dress on top of the panties and bra, so she stayed bent over for a few seconds and I could not help it, I reached down and gave my dick a nice squeeze. Just as I was doing that she straightened up and turned around-I had been caught and there was nothing I could do about it. She just smiled at me and lifted a leg to slip into her panties. After she got her titties positioned in the bra, she turned her back to me.

“Hook me up please, Daddy.” She said.

With trembling hands and my mind reeling, I hooked the bra. As my fingers touched the smooth tanned skin on her back, my cock began to leak pre-cum. I felt awful about getting so turned on by my little girl even if she was now a woman.

She finished dressing and went back off to the bathroom to use the hair dryer and apply her makeup. I tried to think about something else, but all I could see in my head was that sweet, tight little pussy and that round little ass. I found myself having mental pictures of moving up behind her while she was bent over and sticking my hard cock inside those young cunt lips and making her moan and cry out while I pumped her full of her daddy’s hot cream. Then she was back in the room dressed and lovely.

“Be back in a couple of hours,” she said. “Think you can stay up till I get home?”

“Sure, baby,” I said, “I’ll be up,” and in more ways that one I thought.

I stood up to get my kiss on the cheek and instead got a full kiss on the lips that held a little longer than seemed appropriate between a father and daughter and then she was out the door.

I walked down to the seafood restaurant and as Wendy had predicted, it was great. All through the meal I kept thinking about the way she looked standing there naked smiling at me and that kiss. I could not get my erection to subside, so when I got back to the apartment I decided right or wrong, I was going to jerk off to thoughts of my red haired daughter. I stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror and thought of Wendy as I watched myself stork my hard, wet cock. I imagined her standing there watching me while she pinched her nipples and lightly ran her fingers across her clit. I had one of those orgasms that sneak up on you. The first blast out of my cock was so strong it splattered all over the mirror over the sink. I just kept cumming and cumming, until I was dizzy and weak in my knees.

“Jesus!” I said aloud, “I haven’t cum like that since I was a kid.”

Cleaned up myself and my mess, threw the shorts and shirt I had worn down into the dryer with a dryer sheet since I had not brought down a change of clothes and jumped into the shower. I put my clothes back on and just threw my underwear into the dirty clothes hamper. I got a beer out of the frig and went to the living room to watch TV. I was pretty useless since I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than Wendy. I felt guilty, but I could not help myself.

At 11:30 I heard the front door open and saw Wendy stumble through.

“Oh Daddy,” she said as she came into the living room, “those people are some hard drinkers. I drink I’ve had too much to think. Did I say that right?” she giggled, “I mean, I think I had too much to drink.”

“That appears to be the case,” I said as I stood.

“I halkalı grup yapan escort need to go to bed. We will need to go get my car tomorrow on your way out; I took a taxi home, just like you always taught me. You are such a good daddy, you taught me almost everything I needed to know,” she said as she leaned forward and gave me another kiss on the lips.

“I’ll help you get to your room so you don’t break your neck or something,” I said.

I put an arm around her waist and she threw one of her around my shoulders and we walked the few steps into her bedroom. As she swayed slightly her right breast kept rubbing against my side. It was warm and soft and could not help the growing erection in my shorts. I sat her down on the bed and started to leave the room.

“Don’t go yet Daddy,” she said sounding amazingly child like. “Help me get undressed and tuck me in, please.”

I helped her off with her shoes, her legs are so tanned she hardly ever wears hose. Then she stood and I slipped the dress over her head. She was facing me and leaned forward and gave me another lingering kiss.

“You are almost a perfect Daddy,” she said as she turned around. “Unhook me please.”

I unhooked her bra once again with trembling hands and watched it fall to the floor.

“Now my panties, please,” she said with her back still to me.

I slipped my thumbs under the waistband.

“That tickles,” she said as she lost her balance and fell back against me. Of course my cock was hard.

“What this, Daddy,” she said reaching back and taking hold of my dick.

“Baby,” I began to stammer, “I’m sorry….it’s just that….I mean I don’t really want to…..”

“Oh hush, silly,” she interrupted my babbling, “don’t act so innocent. I saw you touch yourself while I was bending over in the living room.”

She let go of my cock and turned to face me pressing her full breast against my chest and grinding into my hard dick.

“It’s OK, Daddy,” she said smiling, “I like it that I get you hot. I did that this afternoon just to see what your reaction would be. I want you to be the first man to take me in this new apartment. Will you kiss me Daddy, kiss me like we are just a man and woman?”

She closed her eyes and tipped her head back and our lips met. She moved her tongue into my mouth and I returned the gesture. We were locked like that for at least five minutes before she broke away.

“Now, take my panties off Daddy and eat my pussy. Then you will be the perfect Daddy.”

I had never heard her even say damn until that point, it both shocked and turned me on to hear her talking such street language. I slipped her panties off; the crotch was absolutely soaked with her sweet girl juices. Gently I laid her back onto the bed with her legs hanging off the edge. She spread wide for me to get my head between them and I saw a very small, tight looking pussy ready to be devoured. Her clit was engorged and peeking from under its little hood but I didn’t want to go right to it. I licked up and down her slit and sucked on her outer lips as she moaned and moved against my face,

“Oh Daddy,” she said, “that’s it, eat your baby girl’s pussy. Eat me Daddy, eat me good. The one thing you didn’t teach me was how to cum. I’ve never had an orgasm with a man and I knew if halkalı masöz escort anyone could get me off it would be you. Eat me Daddy and teach your little girl how to cream her hole.”

That did it; I went straight for her clit. As I took it between my lips and began to gently suck she pushed harder against my face.

“Oh shit yes, oh fuck yes. Eat that pussy Daddy. Oh God I can’t believe my daddy is eating my hairy little cunt…oh yes, right there…don’t stop, don’t stop.”

She reached up with one hand and pressed my head harder between her legs and with the other began pinching her own nipples. She pinched them hard and pulled and twisted them. I felt her body stiffen and start to shake. I pushed two fingers into her tight, wet little hole and felt her pussy begin to spasm around them.

“Daddy, you’re making your little girl cum. Oh Daddy, this is so good!!!”

She came for some time before she finally went limp on the bed.

“Sweetheart,” I said breathlessly, “I’ve got to fuck you. Are you on any kind of birth control?”

“No Daddy,” she said, “but it’s OK, I just finished my period two days ago so I’m safe. How do you want me?”

“I need to ask you something first baby. Is this a one time thing or are we starting something that is going to go on for a while?”

“I’ve waited a long time for this Daddy and it can go on until you don’t want it to go on any more. You can have me any time and any way you want from now on as far as I’m concerned.”

“Then this time I want you from behind. I want you bent over like you were in the living room this afternoon. I jerked off thinking about that after you left and want to make a fantasy a reality.”

She got up and leaned over with her hands on the bed. I moved behind her, placed opened her up with my thumbs and started easing my dick into the tightest pussy I had ever been in.

“Oh Daddy,” she said, “you are going to fill me so good. I want you to stretch my little pussy till I can’t take any more.”

Gradually I worked my cock into her until my balls touched her. I began slowly pumping her hot, wet hole all the way to the cervix and then almost all the way out again. She was so tight the friction on the head of my prick was almost more than I could stand. I wanted to hold back, but I knew I wouldn’t last for long.

“Spank my ass while you fuck me Daddy,” she said. “Tell me what a little whore I am to let my own father fuck me and like it. Spank me like the bad little girl that I am.”

I slapped her ass and felt her pussy tighten with every blow. Her little ass cheeks were glowing red and I was almost ready to unload in her.

“Am I as good as Mom? Tell me the truth Daddy; do I fuck as well as she does? Do you like my pussy as much as hers?”

“You are the best fuck I have ever had, ” I told her as I began to blow my load inside her. “The best, the very best.”

I felt her tighten and she started cumming with me as my hot fluid splashed against the back of her cunt.

That night we were truly a man and a woman rather than father and daughter and until the sun rose we enjoyed the pleasure that you only find with a new lover. When we had to go pick up her car and I hated to leave, but I knew I had to. She leaned in the car window gave me a big wet kiss.

“I think I might need lots of help getting settled in here Daddy.” She said as she handed me a small package. “Here’s something that you might could use until you can come back to help me again.”

As I drove home I opened the package; it was the panties she had worn the night before.

“Oh yes,” I said aloud as I moved them to my nose to inhale her sweet aroma, “these will get some good use until I see you again baby.”



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