My family and I moved to Mussleton when I was in elementary. It was a small fishing town with less than 200 people. There were six other kids my age and two of them were my neighbors: Bryan Rook and Arnold Wexler. We quickly became friends as did our parents. By the time we were in highschool, our fathers had purchased a ship together and started to really bring in money. After a big haul, we would go on vacation together since the company started. Unfortunately, my parent’s marriage suffered because of my dad’s temper and he ended up leaving my senior year. After graduation, we all settled in at the Wexler home for dinner. My friends and I excused ourselves from the dinner table and went outside for a smoke. Arnold pulled out a joint and as it was being passed around, the annual vacation became the main topic. It would be our last trip together before college and we wanted it to be special.

“No,” Arnold said, “we’re not going to the Bahamas again.”

“Why not. Girls, bikinis, the beach. What more do you want?” I asked.

“Hank makes a good case. Can’t argue with that.” Bryan’s remark was met with a snort from Arnold as he took a hit from the joint. Arnold was a six foot, redheaded, young man with a knack for getting into trouble. Between the three of us, he had lost his virginity first. He had also smoked cigarettes first, talked to girls first, and gotten drunk first. His adventurous spirit kept him at the front of the pack. “We should go skiiing,” he said as he passed the joint.

“Why the change of heart? We always go to the Bahamas.” Bryan was a little taller than Arnold and had black curls. He was pale, chubby, and akward around girls. He and I were still virgins. There weren’t many girls around and most of them went for Arnold.

“C’mon guys, don’t you get tired of the ocean? I want to see snow. I want to try out the slopes. I want something different.”

“But… bikinis.” Bryan said closed his eyes, deep in thought.

I tossed joint into the bushes and fished out a quarter from my pocket. “Only one way to solve this boys. Call it!” I said as I flipped the coin.



I grabbed the coin and slapped it down on my forearm.

It took a bit of convincing but our parents eventually agreed to Arnold’s idea. The adults were also entertained by the idea of a cabin and a fireplace as opposed to hammocks and sand. We all packed that weekend and set off on our journey.

“Put that in the Rook’s truck Hank,” my mom said as she wheeled out her suitcase. My mom, Donna Keizer, was a 5’5 blonde with shoulder length hair. I checked her bra size when I was horny and found out she was a 34C. She had small hips and was starting to gain a little weight around her stomach, but she looked great for 45.

“Over here Hank.” Mr. Rook waved me over as I followed my mom out the house. Bob Rook was a short, stocky man. He had been a meat-head in his youth but in his age he had grown soft. Being the company’s accountant didn’t help the atrophy. He often recalled his days as his team’s safety, back in his football years, to the boys when he got drunk.

The Wexler’s came out in their truck and parked next to the Rook’s. “Arnold wants to ride with the boys. We still need to pick up Jenny. How is the convoy moving?” Jon Wexler, Arnold’s father, asked. innovia escort Bryan and I looked at each other with knowing eyes. Arnold’s Aunt Jenny often came with us on our trips. She was a short woman with fiery red hair and a killer hourglass figure. During one of our trips to the Bahamas, Bryan and I went through Jenny’s clothes and figured out that she was a 34D. It was too bad that we were going to be in cold weather. I would have loved to see Aunt Jenny in a bikini again.

We decided that the Wexler’s and my mom would pick up Aunt Jenny and meet the rest of us at the lodge. Mount Moose Ski Lodge was our vacation destination. The site described the lodge as an old fashioned experience mixed with the new. The drive would take two days but we were well prepared for the boredom. At the end of the day approached, we stopped at a motel to rest and wait for the others.

“Well gang, looks like there’s only three rooms available and they aren’t adjacent. Apparently there’s some convention in town.”

“That’s okay dad,” Bryan answered. “The boys and I’ll take one and you guys can fight over the rest.”

“And who made you king?” Bryan’s mom said. Nikki Rook had wide hips and the most beautiful ass. She her breasts weren’t as large as the other ladies but I thought they were great. Two scoops of perfection in my eyes. Mrs. Rook liked to keep her long, dark hair in a tight braid that made her look like a warrior from a fantasy movie. She was the go to girl in my spank bank when I didn’t have porn.

“Let the boys have it babe, they’re probably not gonna get much sleep anyway. Boys you’re in room 303. The other rooms are 326 and 207. Don’t forget to eat something.”

We ordered Chinese food and stuffed ourselves in beef, noodles, and rice. We talked about Asian girls and what we would do if we ever had a chance go hook up with one. As midnight approached Bryan and I turned on the T.V. for the night while Arnold went down to the lobby for wi-fi access. He had been talking with a girl online and was trying to score some dirty pictures to show off to us. “Damn motel,” Arnold whispered as he scowled at his phone. He had no bars and the wi-fi was dreadfully weak. He was about to head back up when he heard his mother in the lobby. His parents, my mom, and his aunt had arrived. Arnold couldn’t help but think of his father as a Viking warrior as he walked in with his wife and sister-in-law at his side. The two sisters Jenny and Kimmy were three years apart. Kimmy, Arnold’s mother, was the splitting image of her older sister. The only way to tell them apart was by height and breast size. Kimmy was a bit taller but less bustier than her sister. She was a 32C.

“Mom! Dad! Over here.”

“Goodness, Arnie? You keep getting taller each year!” Jenny detached from Jon and went to give her nephew a hug.

“Not as tall as Bryan is.”

“I don’t know where that boy gets it from. Bob is so short. I guess Nikki’s pretty tall.” Jenny replied as she took a good look at Arnold’s face. “Still can’t grow a beard?” she teased.

Arnold informed the rest about the rooming situation and helped my mom to room 326 where the Rook’s were as his family went to room 207. As he was walking back towards our room, he happened to see his aunt walk to the ice machine istanbul escort in her night robe. Arnold was surprised to see that the material was thin and translucent. He couldn’t see any details but image stirred his friend in his pants. They weren’t at the mountains yet but it was chilly out so Arnold wondered why she would dress in such light material. “The bigger question,” he thought, “is why is she wearing that if she’s sharing a room with dad?” Arnold’s gut told him to investigate and Arnold never went against his gut. It was how he was able to sleep with Heidi Palmer. His gut feelings may have gotten him in trouble, but it never let him down.

As Arnold decided to snoop on room 207, Bryan and I were drinking some beers that Mr. Rook had bought us. The show on T.V. was a military flick, and although the battles were exciting, we were getting drunk and that meant we were getting horny. Bryan stepped outside to smoke a cig while I went for a cold shower.

The motel was L shaped and our room was at the far end. As Bryan lit his cigarette, he caught movement at the other end of the motel. “Nothing good happens after midnight.” Bryan’s mother always reminded him of this whenever he and his friends had a late night. The lights of the room were off but the curtains of the room were open, revealing to his surprise a naked Mrs. Keizer. The faint moonlight revealed my mom’s naked body to Bryan. “Holy shit!” Bryan thought. “Why the fuck…” His thoughts were interrupted by the sight of his dad. Bob Rook was in his birthday suit and the two naked adults started to make out.

Bryan ran back into our room and went through his luggage. He had brought his old pair of binoculars, he used them in the past to check out girls at the beach but Arnold told him they would be useless at the ski resort. “Who’s useless now,” he thought when he found them. Bryan got comfortable as he peered down his binoculars. His mom was asleep on one bed as his dad pounded Mrs. Keizer doggy-style over the other. His mom had done most of the driving and had gone to bed almost immediately. “She must know,” he thought, “there’s no way she’s sleeping through that.” He watched as his father pistoned back and forth at a breakneck speed. Mrs. Keizer’s face was getting as red as a tomato as his dad pulled her hair back. His dad stopped abruptly and put Mrs. Keizer on her back with her head hanging off the bed. As he proceeded to fuck her throat, Bryan pulled his cock out of his boxers. He had six inches of pure American meat but his body fat made it look smaller than it was. That’s when I came out of the bathroom.

“Whoa dude! I’m still in the room man!”

“Sorry.” Bryan answered. He kept his eyes on room 326. “Gonna need a minute.”

“Or ten.” I said. I quickly left the room and my friend to his personal time. We all had caught each other jerking it so I wasn’t too weirded out. I made my way to the lobby where I found Arnold. He was deep in thought and didn’t notice me until I was right next to him.

“Oh. Hey bro, when did you get here?”

“Just now. Bryan’s rubbing one out. Anything to do around here?”

“Nothing special. There’s a little bar that apparently doesn’t card. Wanna grab a drink?”

“Nah, had a couple already,” I answered. “I’m gonna check up on my mom kadıköy escort then head to bed.”

“Cool.” Arnold said. He was trying to come up with a way to get close to room 207 without raising suspicion. After imagining several scenarios, he concluded that it was impossible and made his way to the bar. It was empty and had poor lighting. Instead of sitting at the bar, Arnold grabbed a beer and chose a table tucked away in the corner. Before he finished his brew, Jon and Bob made their way to the bar. They had their backs toward Arnold and were unaware of his presence.

“How was Donna?” his father asked.

“Great, though I think you guys wore her out. What did you do on the way up here?”

“I drove. The three of them fucked the whole way up.”

Bob belched after chugging his beer. “Must’ve been hard to drive. We almost got caught by Hank, Jon.”

“No shit? What happened?”

“Well, right when I’m cumming on her face I hear a knock.” Bob explained as he ordered another beer. “Thought it was you so I opened the door. Instead, I see Hank.”

“Bob. Common sense. Look through the door viewer or call out next time.”

“I was on that sex high damn it! You know how Donna is.” Bob said. “Anyways, told him Donna was in the shower while I was gonna do a quickie with the wife. I think he bought it.”

Arnold’s head was spinning and it wasn’t because of the alcohol. “Hank’s mom and Bryan’s dad?” he thought, “Dad seems to be in on it. Is he fucking her too?” The thought of Mrs. Keizer naked got him hard.

“Just got sucked off by the sisters,” Arnold’s dad said, “can’t wait till we’re at the ski lodge.”

Bob raised his glass. “To the kids on the slopes, women in bed, sex for the week.”

“Hear, hear!”

Arnold waited for an hour after the two left and went back to his room. He came in as Bryan and I were ready to fall asleep. “Guys, pow wow now,” he said as he turned on the lights. “Guys, I kid you not I got big news!”

I was too tired to bother. Seeing Bryan’s dick and his dad’s dick was too much for one night, and I just wanted to sleep. “It can wait till tomorrow,” I said as I covered my face with the pillow. Arnold pulled me upright. “It can’t.”

Arnold then gave us the rundown of what he witnessed. I shook my head in disbelief while Bryan stayed quiet.

“So you’re telling me my mom fucked Bryan’s dad. Yeah right, I’ll believe it when I see it bub.”

“Not just your mom, bro. They’re all fucking each other.” Arnold was ecstatic. “Bryan, you gotta believe me.”

Bryan slowly turned to look at me. “It’s true Hank. I saw it with my binoculars. My dad, your mom. Sorry.” Bryan didn’t go into detail of our parent’s hardcore sex session.

I stared at the floor in shock. I had just seen Mr. Rook’s cock. It wasn’t long but it was thick. That veiny sausage had been fucking my mom seconds before I knocked on their door. “Wait! You were jerkin it to my mom!” I jumped up in anger.

“Hold it buddy,” Arnold said getting in between me and Bryan. “Lets use words.”

I knew I wasn’t going to hurt my friend so I sat back down. Arnold continued, “Who here thinks, bear with me, that our moms are hot? I’ll admit, I’ve jacked off to both your moms, my mom, and my aunt. Sorry but it’s true.”

“I’ve done it to all four,” Bryan quietly answered.


“Fine. I’ve done it too.” I answered.

“Think of it as sharing, not stealing. If they’re that open to swapping, maybe, just maybe we have a chance.”

Bryan’s eyes lit up as Arnold laid out his plan, and I’ll admit, I was hard by the end of it.



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