This is an Earth Day contest story. Please vote.

There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed in this story are over the age of 18-years-old.

Mother and son share incestuous intimacy while gardening for Earth Day


“Mom? Where are you? Mom? Mom?”

After not finding her in the house, looking for her upstairs and downstairs in the basement, thinking she may have driven to the store or be in the garage, Joey called out to his missing mother from the front porch.

“Mom? Mom? Where are you?”

Concluding that she drove to the store and about to return inside the house, he heard her muffled voice answer him in the distance.

“I’m in the garage Joey,” said Christine nearly falling from the ladder when she turned to answer her twenty-two-year-old son loud enough for him to hear her.

‘Oh, oh,’ he thought. ‘Fuck, she’s in the garage. That’s never a good thing. What now?’

He wondered if she dropped an earring and was under the car again trying to reach it. Wow, that was hot stumbling in upon his mother with her on her knees, her skirt nearly hiked up to her waist, and her bikini panties exposed to his horny eyes. He masturbated over that image of her bikini panty clad ass for weeks.

Not a good sign that she had been in the garage for this long, wondering what she was doing, he figured that either her car wouldn’t start again or she had another flat tire. The last time she had a flat she wanted to fix her tire without his help. More ogling her than helping her, he stood there watching her and instructing her while stealing constant and continual peeks of her tits with down sundress views. With the top of her sundress always partially unbuttoned and blousing open whenever she leaned forward, he masturbated over seeing her tits for months.

It was always something with his mother and cars. Never good with cars or with technology, between always screwing up the TV remote to not understanding features of her cell phone and routinely freezing the computer, she’s a pioneer and a wilderness kind of woman who should have lived one hundred and fifty years ago. She’d do better without having all the modern day technology to confound and frustrate her. She’d do better if all she had to deal with was taking care of a horse instead of a car.

* * * * *

A nature lover who preferred living the simple, outdoor life, someone who’s never even played a video game, never dared to even kill a bug, she’s the epitome of Mother Earth. Synonymous with nature and all things natural, when he thinks of the mother of all living creatures, he thinks of his mother. If there was an Earth Day beauty contest, with her good looks and sexy figure, and with her being the nature and animal lover that she is, she’d win.

Whenever she’s out in the garden, whether they’re chipmunks, squirrels, and/or rabbits, animals that are normally so shyly timid, mistrustful, and skittish, they approach her as if she’s Snow White. A regular wild animal whisperer, he’s seen her feeding wild deer from her hand. He’s seen deer return with their babies in the spring as if wanting to show her their new family. Even the animals know what a good person she is to trust her enough to bring their young around her.

One day, when he marries, he hoped he’d find a woman as good, as kind, as generous, as beautiful, and as sexy as his mother. To say that Joey loves his mother and is sexually attracted to his mother is a huge understatement. If anything, Joey loves his mother a little too much and if the opportunity ever present itself, with him just waiting for the word from her, he’d do his mother. Truth be told, having masturbated for years over the thoughts of seeing her naked and having sex with her naked body, yet knowing that it was nothing more than a sexual fantasy, Joey wished that he could make love to his mother.

* * * * *

With Earth Day quickly approaching, one of her favorite non-holidays along with Arbor Day and Halloween, she’s been out collecting cans and bottles for the recycling drive since this time last year. Barely able to fit her car inside, the garage is littered with green, plastic bags filled with bottles and cans for her to recycle and to donate the money to the homeless shelter. It’s not an easy task to collect bottles and cans when their neighbors live so far away and don’t pollute the environment in the way that those who live in the city routinely do. Yet, because they live not that far from the highway, people are always pitching their trash out their car windows as they drive by their property.

People are pigs, especially when they don’t think that anyone is watching. Whatever happened to Lady Bird Johnson’s slogan, ‘Keep America Beautiful that showed an American Indian standing on a highway surrounded by trash and crying?’ Whenever they go in town for something, she’s armed with her empty yet soon to be filled green, trash bags tucked in her purse. His mother never comes home without a bag full of bottles and esenyurt ucuz escort cans that she collected from just walking from store to store to buy all that she needs and stopping along the road to pick up trash and litter.

As if she’s solely responsible for keeping her small piece of America beautiful, his mother would get his vote for to win the Earth Day contest if there ever was one. Actually happy to stop the car for her to pick up bottles and cans, she rewards him for his help by inadvertently or deliberately, he can’t decide which, with up sundresses of her panties and down sundresses of her bra and breasts, when not wearing a bra. Suddenly, the vision of his mother in a bathing suit, a bikini, with an Earth Day contest sash around her filled his horny brain. Having seen his mother in a bikini before, she still has enough of a shapely body to wear a bikini. Or, as if she’s an Olympic swimmer, she could wear a skin tight, one piece bathing suit that clearly showed the impression of her nipples peeking through the thin material.

Volunteering her time at the animal shelter, she donates money to PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Actually, he can’t think of a better and more humane human than his mother and the fact that he was proud of her didn’t stop him from lusting over her. If only she knew how much he thought about her and masturbated over the naked thoughts of her having sex with him, she’d be so upset that she raised a pervert of a son. Only, with her so beautiful and so sexy, he can’t help himself. As if he’s living with Bo Derek when she was his mother’s age, his mother is the woman of his dreams and the star of his sexual fantasies. He’d like nothing better than to hide in her closet to watch her dress and undress. Only, with his bad luck, she’d catch him with his dick in hand while spying on her. Knowing that his sexual feelings weren’t reciprocated, he’d be so embarrassed for her to know that he lusts over her.

Even though she looked like an ex-model or a movie star, she was definitely, without a doubt, a MILF of a mother he’d love to fuck. Yet, even in the perfect and made up way that she always looks, she’d make for a good pioneer woman. He could just imagine her living somewhere out on the prairie without having the modern day conveniences of necessity and comfort. A homebody, someone who’s never been on a plane to go anywhere, she more enjoyed reading, knitting, watching a movie, or playing Scrabble than watching mindless reality TV programs that are loaded with commercials. With her making all of her clothes in the way that she does, he could just see her wearing a long dress and a pretty bonnet while sitting on the porch of a log cabin churning milk into butter.

With her always planting or digging up the ground to start a garden or making something with her sewing machine, if she lived back then, he could see her growing her own food and making everything from scratch instead of buying food at the supermarket and/or clothes from the store. Only, if he lived with her back then, he’d have to do all the hunting and fishing for food. An animal rights lover and a vegetarian to boot, too much the environmentalist and naturalist, he couldn’t see his mother holding a gun and shooting anything, even the rabbits who always ate whatever vegetables she grew.

Now that he thought about the rabbits always eating everything she grew in her garden, he wondered if she grew a garden just to feed the animals. Nevertheless her gardening, living in a place where their neighbors were miles away and no one ever visited them, he wondered if he’d have more success in bedding his mother if he lived alone with her out in the wilderness somewhere. If he lived alone with her, somewhere out yonder, he wondered if then, because she was lonely and or horny, if she’d think of him in the sexual way that he thinks of her now.

Being that his mother was so pretty and so sexy, he could only imagine what the Indians would do to her if they lived back then and she was captured. So long as they allowed him to watch them strip her naked and have sex with his mother before they killed him, he’d die a good death. Yet, such an awful thought thinking about dirty Indians striping his mother naked before violently raping her, how could he even think of such a thing? Admittedly, it sexually excited him to imagine watching his mother having sex with men, especially with intruders who not only forced her to have sex with them but also who made him watch.

Actually, being that they live alone and their next door neighbors were about half mile away, he’s thought about a bad bunch of bikers having their wicked, sexual way with his mother. While masturbating over the sexy thoughts of his mother servicing sex crazed bikers one at a time, he’d love to watch them stripping her naked and forcing her to suck them before fucking them. Knowing that it was nothing more than a sexual fantasy that he had, he’d love to watch men having their wicked sexual esenyurt üniversiteli escort way with his mother.

“Wow! So long as they didn’t hurt her, how hot is that to watch his mother pulling a train,” he said for no one to hear. “Then, as the finale, forcing him to have sloppy fifths, they force him to have sex with his mother. Wow! If he had to pick one favorite sexual fantasy to have of his mother, that was it,” he said while envisioning his sexual fantasy coming true one day.

Taken away by another one of his sexual fantasies that always included his mother as the female star, he never stopped sexually fantasizing over his mother. If they lived alone on the prairie, a time before indoor plumbing, automobiles, and the Internet, he imagined them sleeping in the same bed together while cuddling and spooning one another beneath the blankets with a fire going all night to keep them warm. Only, without indoor plumbing, he didn’t think he’d enjoy living like that back then. They all must have been so dirty and smelly back then with not taking showers every day and not using deodorant.

He couldn’t imagine living in the mid 1800’s without having a TV, a computer, the Internet, his I-phone, and his beloved Mustang GT. Only, if it meant that he could have sex with his mother, except, of course for his beloved Mustang GT, he’d give up all the modern day conveniences to be incestuously, sexually intimate with her. After she divorced his father, especially now that he’s older and so sexually attracted to his mother, he’d love to step into his father’s shoes and be the man of the house to bed her, to satisfy all of her sexual urges, and to keep her warm at night. Only nothing more than his sexual fantasy, he knew his mother would never have sex with him.

* * * * *

Figuring that he’d have to fix her flat tire or jumpstart her car again because she was always forgetting to turn off her lights, running over nails, or hitting potholes, Joey walked from the house to the garage to see what his mother was doing. Hoping she’d want to try fixing her flat tire again, he imagined her squatting down beside her flat tire to give him a great up sundress look between her legs of her panties and a great down sundress view of her braless breasts. So modestly moral, if only she knew that he ogled her panties and bra, that is when she wore a bra, and ogled her tits when she wasn’t wearing a bra, he wondered what she’d say.

Always looking for masturbation fodder, whether accidental or deliberate, he couldn’t tell if his mother inadvertently or deliberately flashed him, his mother always gave him something to see and masturbate over nearly every day. Obviously comfortable around him, her own son, she trusted him not to violate her privacy and her modesty by ogling her nearly naked body. Only more interested in his sexual satisfaction than in her privacy and modesty, he looked, he stared, and he leered whenever his mother was showing him anything.

Curious to see what she was up to and why she was in the garage for so long, he ventured out to the garage. As soon as he stood in front of the open garage door, as if she was transported there in his sexiest dream of her, he couldn’t have imagined a better and more erotic scenario than the one that was unfolding before him now. A sight to behold, one that will remain with him for a very long time, as if she was his erotic angel, the view of his sexy mother will give him something to masturbate over later tonight when alone in his room. An image that will surely inspire a wet dream tonight, as soon as Joey entered the garage, he saw his mother standing at the top of a ladder while wearing her short sundress.

“Holy shit. Wow! Oh my God,” he whispered to himself while readjusting his hardening cock in his jeans.

As if he was already stroking himself, he felt his cock grow harder and bigger in proportion to his incestuous, sexual desire for his mother. Giving him a wonderful view of her long, shapely legs, if her sundress was any shorter and he was any closer he’d have the perfect up skirt view of her panties and panty clad ass. With her standing so vulnerably helpless at the top of the ladder, he’d so love to slowly run his hand up and between her legs and finger her slit through her panties while cupping her panty covered pussy with one hand and squeezing her perfect ass with his other hand.

Only berating himself for having those forbidden, incestuous thoughts of his mother, what kind of son is he to want his mother in that sexual way? Who’s he kidding? If given the opportunity, no ands, ifs, buts, and maybes, he’d do his mother. Who wouldn’t? She’s gorgeous. She’s a MILF. She’s a mother that any man would love to fuck.

Suppressing the urge but so wanting to unzip himself and pull out his cock while masturbating himself, he so wanted to walk closer to her while masturbating over the sexy sight of his mother standing on the ladder. Imagining looking up at her while masturbating, etiler escort he’d love nothing more than to climb up the ladder behind her and to shoot a load of warm, oozy cum all over her legs. Oh, yeah, he wondered what she’d say then if he ejaculated all over his mother’s shapely legs. Maybe she’d be so sexually aroused that he showed her his sexual attraction for his mother in such a physical albeit incestuous way, that she’d reward him by having sex with him.

Imagining all that he could see of her if only he was standing closer to her, he imagined the sexy sight of her bikini panties filling his eyes and hardening his cock. Intimately knowing all of her sexy underwear, as he had masturbated over while sniffing most of them, he wondered which color panties she was wearing today. She had every color, white, yellow, red, green, blue, purple, and black. Nearly transparent enough to see her blonde trimmed pussy, he liked her sheer white ones the best. When she wore those sheer panties and flashed him her panties, he could nearly count her blonde, pussy hairs.

Then, he thought, what if she wasn’t wearing panties? Oh, my God. A sexually exciting sight to behold, what if she was standing on the ladder without wearing panties? What if she knew he’d come to the garage looking for her and she had arranged this to flash him her naked ass and pussy? Suddenly so very sexually excited, in the way of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Khardasian, and Britney Spears, that could happen that she’s not wearing panties.

Some Japanese women don’t bother with wearing panties, no matter how short their skirts are. Suddenly, he wished he was living in Japan with his mother. Maybe she forgot to put on her panties today and wasn’t wearing any panties. Wouldn’t that be something if his sexy mother was standing on the top of the ladder without wearing panties?

‘Wow! Oh, my God. Fuck me,’ he thought to himself while imagining his mother standing at the top of the ladder and wearing a short sundress without wearing panties.

Only, his mother had more class than those women to walk around without wearing any underpants. Yet, struck by the thought of her not wearing panties, how hot is that, his mother standing on a ladder without wearing her panties? Tempted to volunteer to hold the ladder for her on the pretense of ogling her panty clad ass, damn, he’d love to get a closer glimpse of her ass with or without panties. Imagining that she wasn’t wearing panties, he’d love to take a peek of her blonde pussy. Now with the imagined images of his mother’s cunt consuming his thoughts, he wondered if she was bald, trimmed, or bushy.

Nah, his mother not wearing panties would never happen. She always wears panties. She’s a good woman. She’s a moral woman. She’s his mother, for God’s sakes. Besides, he knew that she always wears panties. He couldn’t even count how many up skirts of his mother’s panties that he’s seen and in every up skirt he’s seen of her, she’s always wearing panties. His mother isn’t like that. He’s the pervert in the family and not her.

Yet, something they seemingly shared, they both had a fetish for underwear. Only, his underwear fetish was for her underwear and not for his underwear. With her obvious fetish for sexy underwear and other sexy things, she had a drawer full of panties, another drawer full of bras, and a third drawer filled with her toys, X-rated videos, and sexy things that perhaps she didn’t know that he knew she even had. In the way that she’s caught him with his cock in hand a few times years ago, it’s always been his sexual fantasy to catch his mother masturbating. He’s curious to know what sounds she makes when she’s cumming while having an orgasm.

* * * * *

Hoping she’ll catch him masturbating, he wears headphones without the sound turned on in the hopes that his mother will walk in his room unannounced to watch him masturbate himself. As if she was a hotel maid entering his room to change the towels and sheets, pretending that he didn’t hear her open his bedroom door and pretending that he didn’t know she was standing there, he’d love for her to watch him cum. Then, acting so surprised, a sexy game that he’d love to play with her, he’d act so embarrassed that she had caught him and watched him not only masturbate but cum.

‘Wow,’ he thought to himself. ‘He’d love for her to be standing there in his room while he was wearing his soundless headphones with his eyes closed and while pretending that he didn’t know she was there watching him stroke himself.’

He imagined stroking himself faster. He imagined cumming. He imagined her rushing to him to help him wipe the cum spurting, gushing, and oozing from his cock. He imagined her wiping his expelled cum from his stomach and chest with a tissue. He imagined her wrapping her long, thin fingers around his hard, thick cock to help him milk his prick free of cum by stroking him. He imagined her leaning down to take his cock in her mouth to lick him clean.

Then, he imagined her mounting him and with her already wet from watching him jerking off, he imagined her mounting him. He imagined her reaching down to direct his cock in her warm, wet pussy. Then, making love to him while kissing him, he imagined rolling his mother over to fuck her. Alas, nothing more than a sexual fantasy, he knew that something like that would never happen.



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