Chase lay Penny down across the stately bed; it was high and wide, a good indication that it was used regularly and creatively. Still he had to crouch down a bit to drop her ass onto the edge. He reached up to grab a generous pillow, then hitched Penny’s ass up and inserted the extra cushion below. That relieved the strain on his stance and presented her even more properly for what he had in mind.

Penny looked up at him dewey eyed and flushed. Her vagina continued to softly clinch on his cock with a rhythmic regularity. “Chase darling, that was incredible. But we need to be careful; I’m close to ovulation and I’m even a bit worried about last night.”

“Yeah, I know, that’s probably why this is happening. You’re in heat, Penny, you’re a wild sexy bitch begging to be fertilized. Your body knows what it wants and it knows this is last call; you can’t blame it for choosing the best option around.”

“Chase! You mean you knew I could get pregnant when you came inside me?”

“Of course, its obvious. And you didn’t say no, so why should I? I’m here to give you everything you really want, Penny.”

“I’m not sure that your baby is what I really want right now Chase.”

“That’s not what your body is telling me, Penny.” He slowed his stroke in her attentive grasp. “Your mind is just caught up in its old pattern. You’re used to avoiding pregnancy cause you and Marsh already made enough babies together and you’ve been busy tending nest. But the nest is almost empty and you’ve still got one good run left in you for sure.”

“Chase, I’m not just here for you to breed! I have a whole life opening up again and a baby is a big responsibility. And you don’t plan to stick around do you? Aren’t you joining the Marines?”

“Yeah Penny, I may never come back after boot camp. I’m not here to set up a nest, you and Marsh got that covered. But it would be nice when I’m putting my life on the line to know I’ve got a little ‘life insurance’ policy running around back home. And I’m just here responding to your signals.” Chase’s slow pumping stopped. “You’re the one who came fishing for my cock early this morning, and you’re the one who pushed up on it when I held it back from you. I’ll take my cock out right now if you don’t want it in you.” He slowly began to withdraw his hips, dragging his thick tool out of her. Her legs quickly wrapped around his hips to pull him back into her depths.

“See, Penny, your body knows what it wants, even if your mind hasn’t caught up yet. And your body knows that you are fertile and it knows I’m the alpha male in your life, and it knows that fucking me right now is going to get it what it really wants. Let’s be honest here; why do you think this is the hottest sex you’ve ever had in your life, Penny?”

“I didn’t say that it was,” she parried.

“You don’t have to say anything Penny, but can you honestly tell me that it isn’t? Or can you just let yourself do what you want to do and drop the self judgement. Really, who’s gonna blame a successful mom for doing more of what she’s so good at.”

Chase resumed moving his cock inside her, more purposefully. He scooped under Penny’s thighs and dropped his stance, adjusting his angle of penetration to bear on her g-spot, bouncing her gently. Then he straightened and fed his full length into her, pressing her cervix again. He alternated between these two firm steady strokes with short bouts of shallow vigorous thrusting in between. Penny’s cunt was soon a seething frenzy. She would feel herself gently climbing toward climax only to have him switch the sensation and drop her back to the plateau. She grabbed his hips and pulled him deep, hard, but he caught her hands and pressed them down into the matress.

“Tell me what you want, Penny.”

“I fucking want to cum, Chase!”

“Me too, Penny. If you really want me to pull out you can tell me when you’re ready.” He eased his cock to her cervix and flicked his hips, causing the tip to drag up and down across it; Penny groaned deep within. She felt herself soften against his tip, to open and engulf him as he settled into the yielding divot. Her womb began to pulse in time with the rippling contractions of her tunnel. She felt a deep heavy tide dragging within her, rising with a pull of mensal gravity. Her cervix became a waving tendrilled anemone, opening, sucking, pulling its captive into its oceanic maw. And the tsunami struck, scattering brilliantly colored sea stars and urchins in its wake, rocking her with the force of the the cauldron of primordial being and becoming. And the waves kept coming, as sure as the salty sea she held within.

“I’m ready, Penny,” Chase informed her, their eyes locking as she quivered around and beneath him. Her legs clasped him tight, her mouth formed a perfect ‘o’, and a long low moan rose from her gut as her core melted with warm thick ropes of spunky semen flowering into the richness of her private tidal pool, plastering the walls of her clenching, sucking womb.


Ray’s fingers gently plied thru the slick folds of his sister’s snatch and smoothed over the esenyurt otele gelen escort full spread of her ass; she’d chastened him enough already to keep him engaged with his touch. He was fully hard again and, with the bold optimism of his youth, he had already envisioned sinking his length into her post orgasmic sex. As he sidled up behind her and aligned for his entry, her hand slid back to pull her thong into place, covering his imagined prize.

“I don’t feel ready for that, Ray,” she said. She settled to the floor between Jay’s legs, facing Ray. “What we just shared felt wonderful, and I think it was a great release for a lot of pent up emotional tension. But I’m still not sold on the idea of actually fucking my brothers. Can you just be happy with what you had already?”

Ray wanted to sulk but the warm smile on his big sister’s face brightened his mood. “Yeah, sis, I guess I should be thanking my lucky stars that any of this has happened. I certainly don’t want to pressure you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. I’m sorry for assuming, I shoulda asked first.”

“It’s okay babe, this is new territory for all of us, and I can see how it’s easy to get carried away; let’s just take it slow and gentle where we can.”

“Sure thing, Mel. I love you.”

“And I love you too,” she arched back to look up at Jay, “and I love you too.”

“And I love you Mel,” Jay answered.

“Well this was all very unexpected for me, and I think we ought to check in with Mom,” she flashed back to the kiss they had parted with, now more loaded than ever, “cause Dad should be coming home in a while and I think we all need to talk together before he does. Besides I’m famished, even with the appetizers I just had.”

“We can make some lunch while you check in with Mom,” Jay suggested. “Anything special you want?”

“Perhaps more appetizers after the entree?” Mel flashed back reaching out to lovingly touch her brothers’ cocks. “I want you to both know I am so in love with you,

and I am so happy we just did that, and right now I feel like I’ll want more after we take care of more timely concerns. And just because I’m not ready to fuck you guys right now, well…I just have some considerations, and I feel such a strong desire to open myself completely to you. It’s like we’re walking a tightrope, morally, socially, legally, and I’m trying to keep my balance. So please don’t feel rejected.”

“Hey, one more thing… I don’t really trust Chase and I want to know what he’s doing here. And why are you guys hanging out with him?”

“Well obviously he and Mom have something going on; we told him to behave or we’d kick his ass,” Ray offered.

“What do you mean ‘behave’?” Mel asked.

Jay spoke up. “Not creating any more drama. He’s not a bad guy really, but he pushes people’s buttons, he just kinda doesn’t give a fuck what people think of him so he says what he wants to and does what he wants to. But he doesn’t really try to start fights, he’s actually incredibly persuasive.”

“So you don’t think he’s going to be a problem?”

“I feel like I’ve actually leaned a lot from his example. He’s the one who got Mom to be honest about her hidden desires and that allowed us to do the same, and now you. His means are questionable at times but so far the result has been pretty positive. Maybe it’s just growing pains we are going thru.”

“Yeah, ‘no pain, no gain’ they say,” Ray chimed in. “And all the confusion and doubt I had has been dissolving away and it’s just more amazing pleasure after more amazing pleasure.” A wistful smile played on his face, his eyes glazy.

“Alrighty then, let’s go ‘Team Collins’!” Mel laughed as they did a quick tight huddle before bursting up the stairway.


Chase was floating on his back in the pool, buck naked, feeling like a god. The sun had begun sinking from its zenith and its beams shattered in the water all around him; he could feel the shimmer of it tactily, viscerally.

Chief amongst his current concerns was how to subdue Mel before Marsh got home; it wouldn’t help his plans if there was any kind of alliance against him. And it was obvious that Mel didn’t trust him so she’d be sure to try and pull the old man her way, which shouldn’t be hard considering he’d been cucked by the rest of them and she would feel like the only ally and have his ear and his loyalty.

He wondered about Marsh, certain his hunch was true and that he’d soon be fully consenting and ingratiating for the honor of watching his hot wife getting bred by her new man, soon to be baby-daddy. But he wasn’t sure yet whether Marsh would put up a struggle along the way to his capitulation, like the big-man ego he projected, or if he would roll over easily like the eager-puppy he seemed to be underneath. Chase was ready for either one but the latter would be less drama, and he didn’t want to lose out to someone else’s shitty attitude. He’d found out long ago that keeping up the morale was as important as discipline to a successful mission. So esenyurt rus escort pulling Marsh in quick before he had a chance to form opinions was the best option, and Chase knew Mel was the winning factor for that problem. If Chase could swing her, he would have this puzzle solved.


Mel knocked lightly on the half opened door to Mom’s room and paused a moment before entering. Mom was laying across the bed, naked, flushed, wet, her ass lifted on a pillow, legs draped over the edge. Her breathing was prominent, full, slow, deep, like she was in some sort of trance or meditation state. Mel wondered briefly if she was hypnotized, if Chase had cast some sort of spell over her family, and if she too was now under its sway. It was hard to say; the choices she had made seemed so immediate, spontaneous and unlike anything she had ever imagined herself capable of.

‘How could one really tell if one’s choices were one’s own anyway?’ she mused, pulling the door shut behind her and turning the lock. ‘Aren’t we always being swayed by different forces of attraction in different directions and it might just be random which ones arise and which ones move us in pursuit of various dreams.’ She had certainly been driven by passion before, but this current experience felt like it held much higher stakes, both for wins and for losses.

“Mommy, how are you?” Mel mewled. ‘Funny, I haven’t called her that in a long time.’ She eased onto the bed from her side and placed her hand on her mother’s rich, damp, chestnut mane.

“I feel so good, honey. How do you feel? Did you talk with the twins?”

Mel noticed she hadn’t included Chase, confirming her hunch that they had been in here fucking the whole time she was ‘talking’ with the twins. She wondered where Chase was now, still a bit bothered by his lingering presence in her home.

“Yeah we had a really great talk, worked out a lot of our feelings and concerns. Did you and Chase have a nice fuck?”

“Melanie Desiree! Well if you must know, yes it was fucking glorious. I’ve never been fucked like this in my life and I’ve never felt such an amazing response from my body. I’ve seriously had some mystical experiences in the last day. Now that I know what it can be like, I think it’s going to be a lot more important for me than it was before.”

“Mom, you were already such a horn dog!” Mel laughed. “So you’re really into Chase? Or is it just his big dick?”

“Oh my god, did you see it honey?” Penny’s eyes flicked open, dreamy. “God it feels so fucking good!”

“Yeah Mom, I saw it getting hard when I first came in, it was impressive. Can you take the whole thing?”

“Oh honey, it stretches me out so good. I’ve never felt the things he does to my cervix before; it’s like he opened up a magic treasure box inside me.”

Mel felt her gaze pulled down over her mom’s gorgeous naked body (a body she’d envied for years as she floundered her way into her own femininity), gravitating to the slick cleft nestled at the convergence of her succulent thighs. She felt an insane urge to go inspect the scene of her mother’s intimate betrayal of her father; there was an illicit thrill of being complicit and yet free from responsibility. Her nostrils flared, taking in the scent of the fresh rutting that pervaded the room. She suspected that Chase had cum inside her mom and she ached to confirm it, like a hunger, drawing her attention to her object.

“Enough about me, tell me about your time with the twins?”

“Mom, did Chase cum inside you?”

Penny paused. “Yes honey, he did.”

“Mom, are you on birth control?”

“No I’m not, honey.”

“Ok, I alway have some morning after pills with me; we got this covered.”

“It’s okay honey, but truly, thanks for your concern Mel.”

“Of course, Mom, I just don’t want any unwanted pregnancies coming out of this.”

Penny laughed inside at her daughter’s misguided if well intentioned safeguarding of her fertility. It was sweet, underscored as it was by the truth that at this moment, if she were conceiving, she could not be more ready, even more so than she had been when her children were conceived. It felt to her like suddenly her true nature was emerging and this was in line with that nature.

“Mel, I’m not that irresponsible, and besides it’s none of your business if I should decide to get pregnant.”

“What?!? Are you planning it, Mom?”

“Well, you could say I’m not unplanning it.”

“Which means?”

“I’m not sure what it means, but I know I’m not worried about it either way. I’ve always loved being a mom; it’s a lot of hard work but it’s the most rewarding experience I could ever imagine. So if it happens again at this age, when I already know so much more about myself…well I know this is what I want in life, not to grow old alone with your father, but with our family. You guys are all leaving the nest, and as much as I enjoy this new level of openness with you all, soon it’s going to get sporadic and seasonal that we see eachother. The idea of having esenyurt türbanlı escort a new life to care for…well I don’t think I’m too old to do a good job of raising another wonderful child, I mean look how great you guys all turned out!”

“Mom, I’m not a guy.” Mel had slowly scooted further along the bed to where she could just view some glistening fluids oozing out over her mom’s swollen labia. Her head spun and her mouth watered.

“Whatever, you get my point. And to the point, what happened with you and the guys?”

“Mom, I’m worried about you getting pregnant and I think we should do something about this.”

“Mel, I told you I’m fine, so whatever you feel you need to do, that is your own thing to work out. But I am curious to hear your suggestions for what we should do about it.”

“Well, clean his come out of you for one thing; you look like you’re trying to get pregnant just laying here with your hips elevated.”

“Well that is Chase’s doing honey; he propped me up and fucked me so good I just couldn’t move. Still can’t and truthfully I don’t wanna. I already feel it oozing out of me a little, but if you want it out in a hurry, you’ll just have to go get it out yourself,” she teased, licking her lips.

“Mom!” Mel shouted as her heart began pounding. Was her mom truly inviting her to come eat Chase’s cum out of her freshly fucked pussy? Or was she just counting on the bluff throwing her off from further discussion. Well Mel was pretty high still and she was not going to be dodged that easily on this matter. She got up and walked around the end of the bed to stand between her mom’s splayed legs, her sex gaping unashamedly in her daughters gaze.

“So are you going to tell me what happened with the twins?”

“They told me about their secret crushes on us and how Chase liberated you all from shame, and now they want to realize all their adolescent fantasies with us.”

“Oh god, honey you sure do have a knack for concise summary,” Penny laughed. “How did you answer that?”

“I blew them too mom. I’m in.”

“Mel, I love you honey.”

“I love you too, Mom!” The tears were coming back now, but they were much lighter tears. “And I really love my brothers, I mean I really, really love them, and I’m still trying to sort out just what to do with this all. It’s pretty fucking unexpected and magical and a little scary and so much of what I always have wanted but I thought I couldn’t get it at home. Mel gripped the edge of the matress and eased her way down to her knees. “But now I found it, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to protect it. So if you don’t object, Mom, I want to clean out your pussy, cause I’m worried that this might be detrimental to our family stability.”

Mel leaned in and, imagining a snakebite treatment, pressed her lips against her mom’s spread cunt, made a seal, and sucked, warm salty fluids flooding her mouth. She pulled back and spit the love juices onto the towel her mom was laying on. She repeated sucking and spitting until the flow stemmed.

Penny, meanwhile, moaned at the vacuum assault on her vagina, the tug of the suction activating her tissues, encouraging more secretions. And the sight of her daughter sucking her cummy snatch clean was maddeningly arousing.

It had been so long since Penny had played with girls, mostly in junior high when hormones hit and boys were still kinda icky; she and her friends had experimented on their sleepover nites and she had made the most of it to be prepared for the exciting challenge of sex with boys. And here, surprisingly, Mel had reopened another door left closed too long.

“Oh honey, that feels so good, keep sucking me,” she pleaded.

Mel needed little encouragement. Her own explorations with lesbian sex were newly acquired at college, in the liberal exploratory atmosphere of the artsy circles she hung with. Somehow, all other pussies she’d met paled in comparison to this glorious orifice before her. She pressed her face into the wet, smushy folds and inhaled the tart, rich, musky, wild scent of her place of origin, her native motherland.

“Oh lick me, please honey.”

Mel ran her broad tongue up and down Penny’s gaping slit a few times then circled a few laps around her clit before plowing the furrows down to the hole from which she had emerged, plunging her wiggling tongue as deep as possible. “Mommy, you taste so good!” she exclaimed.

“Oh honey, you are so good at that! I’ve never had a woman do this before, just girlfriends when I was a kid. You really seem to know how to please a woman.”

“Yeah, I was thinking of minoring in it,” Mel deadpanned. “I heard the oral exams were tough so I’ve been getting plenty of practice.”

Penny burst out laughing. “Oh Mel, stop it! I can’t cum if i’m laughing!”

“We’ll see about that,” Mel replied, applying herself with renewed vigor to her mom’s florid pudenda.

Mel’s tongue lashed furiously across Penny’s wet snatch, causing a clutching deep inside her. Marshall was always happy to go down on her and was quite capable, but this was the most exquisite cunt licking she had ever received. She wanted to cum so sweetly on her darling daughters face, to reward her for this glorious gift of glossial generosity with a flood of her feminine fluids. She tweaked and pulled at her tight nipples, telegraphing pleasure to her straining sex center. “Honey, finger Mommy’s pussy,” she pleaded.



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