I was walking through my local Shopping Mall, when I stopped for a moment in the Bed and Bath Store. I looked into a large mirror hanging on the wall above a display of bed linen, and saw the reflection of a tall man with a grey beard. In the background, I could see colorful shower curtains. My mind flowed back, as it often does these days, to my teenage years when everything was much simpler, but also so new…

I was muttering to myself as I looked at the large sticky spot in the middle of my bed, that I was 18 and should have stopped having those dreams years ago. I was thankful, that at least it was warm enough to sleep naked at night without a cover so that the wet dream only messed up the bottom sheet. I thought that I would just sneak the evidence into the laundry hamper in the bathroom before anyone sees it. Besides, I needed to pee anyways.

I stuck my head out the bedroom door and was just about to dash across the hall, when I heard the shower running. The noise did not quite drown out the sounds of my older sister’s singing. When I yelled across the hall and asked if she was about done, she yelled back and reminded me that there was more than one bathroom in our house. OK, she was right about the second bathroom, but that would mean finding something to wear, because I could hear Mom vacuuming the carpet on the stairs. And, I still needed to get rid of the bed sheet. I shut my bedroom door, and about 10 minutes later, the water stopped again, and I heard footsteps in the hallway. I ran across the hall and pushed my way past the partially opened doorway into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me, but just as I started to pee into the toilet, I heard a cough behind the shower curtain, and then my sister’s voice

“Ahh, Bobby, I don’t think Mom is going to understand this at all.”

If she had said that just a moment earlier, I would have sprayed urine all over the wall, as I spun around. Heather pulled back the shower Curtain, and just stood there naked, with a razor in her hand, and one leg half covered with shaving cream. My hand was already on the doorknob, when I heard the vacuum cleaner going down the hall outside the door. So there I stood bare assed naked in the bathroom, with my naked sister behind me, and my very conservative mother in the hall preventing me from making a graceful exit. I tried not to look, but when I turned my head I saw Heather’s reflection in the mirror.

She smiled, and said ” you might as well turn around. You are not the first guy to see me naked, and besides there is something we need to talk about.”

She was nearly 6 feet tall. Certainly not the slim body of a super model, but yet the flair of her hips were understated in comparison to her long graceful legs. She stood with one foot in the bathtub, and the other leg, covered with shaving cream, was propped up on the edge. Her brown pubic hair was not trimmed as it would have been today, because in the 60’s one piece swimsuits were still the only excepted beach attire, at least in our family. Her breasts were comfortably proportional to her slender frame with large brown areolas and erect nipples. Her angular face with high cheekbones was dominated by dark brown eyes, and her shoulder length hair the color of espresso was bakırköy masöz escort done up in a bun. Her skin was still damp from the shower and her flawless complexion sparkled like porcelain. Her self confidence and maturity hid the fact that Heather was only two years older than I was. Her smile was warm, as she stood looking at her naked brother. I was a little taller than she was, but I was very skinny and awkward. My face was still covered with teenage acne pimples. My limp penis was still in my hand, but I could feel it starting to grow as I stood looking at the first adult naked woman I had ever seen, except in magazines.

Heather looked down at my growing penis and asked me if I knew how to take care of that ” problem.” I just blushed and told her it always went back down again if I waited long enough. She just shook her head, and asked me if I masturbated. The heat from my blush started somewhere around my knees and quickly spread up to my brow. I stammered, something about not wanting to talk about that. She took a wet wash cloth and wiped the shaving cream off her leg and then sat down on the edge of the bathtub. I tried not to look at her body, so I closed the lid on the toilet, and sat down with our faces no more a foot apart.

We looked into each other’s eyes and Heather said, ” Bobby, we all have our house duties to do, and this month, I am doing the laundry. I know about your wet dreams. I imagine that it is as embarrassing to you as it is for me to clean up after you. It is just Mother Nature trying to teach you about sex, but if you are willing, maybe I can help you with the homework. If you took a few moments everyday or so to relieve the pressure on your prostrate gland, they would stop, and you and I would both be a lot happier.”

I stammered again and finally, blurted out that I knew how, but I didn’t get hard very often, except at night when it all happens by it’s self. She smiled, arched her back a little, and then parted her legs. ” Bobby, all you need is a nice visual image that you can remember when you want to get that thing hard, now take a good look at me.”

I looked down at her at her taut breasts and watched as she reached up and twisted her nipples until they were hard. Then her hands slowly slid down her body past her flat stomach, and when they reached her legs, she parted the folds of her vagina with her thumbs. I wanted so much to touch her, but when I reached out, she playfully slapped my hand, and reminded me that I was still her brother, and although she was willing to let me look, I was not allowed to touch. I was very aroused, and my mind was telling me that I should be doing more than just looking. After a second failed attempt, I tried something else. I noticed that only one of her legs was shaved clean, and while trying not to sound too excited, I suggested that since I interrupted your shaving, could I finish that for her. I did not exactly know at the time what that funny smell was all about, but apparently, Heather was also getting aroused. Years later, when we talked about this day, she remembers thinking that someday her brother could be a great lawyer or a used car salesman. She thought a moment, and finally agreed with a warning bakırköy otele gelen escort about being careful where I touched her.

We switched places so that she could sit on the toilet seat and stretch out both her legs. I slipped a bath towel under the foot of her unshaved leg and rubbed the leg with a warm wet washcloth. I covered her with shaving cream, from about half way up her calf, where she had stopped, all the way up to her crotch. When my fingers brushed against the lip of her vulva, she slapped my hand, but very gently and there was a smile on her face. I slowly dragged the razor up her leg and then back down several times, and finally ran my hand across her silky skin, just to make sure I had done a good job. I noticed that there was something leaking from between her lips, but so did she, and very quickly she wiped it with the washcloth, and stood up. I was still on my knees when she turned around. She bent forward to put her ear to the bathroom door, told me that she could hear Mom in the kitchen, and that it was safe for me to leave.

I looked up at the rounded globes of her butt, and I now could see the swollen lips of her vulva hanging down, and tufts of hair between her legs. In a moment of unexpected creativity, I blurted out that if she shaved off that bush, her new Bikini would look a lot nicer. She spun around and asked me how I knew about that. I explained that I saw the sales slip in her waste paper basket last week, when my house duty was taking out the garbage. When Heather asked me if anyone else knew, I just looked out of the bathroom window and watched Mom was pulling out of the driveway. She was on her way to her Saturday Afternoon Garden Club meeting. I remembered that Dad was out of town, so I promised her that I would not tell, and suggested that maybe I needed a little more work on that visual image idea.

She sighed and sat back down on the toilet seat and spread her legs. I proceeded to cut away the long curls of hair until there was nothing left but a short stubble. Heather had learned how to shave a pubic area in nursing school, but she also knew that it was very easy to nick the tender skin, and she told me that maybe that was enough. I smiled and plugged in the electric razor I had gotten for my birthday. The razors that were available back in the early 60’s worked well enough, but they did vibrate a lot more than they do today. When I stated working my way across the skin between her navel and her pubic bone, she started to giggle. Her face took on a more serious look when I started down the sides of her vulva lips, and when I slipped my thumb under the lip to stretch it, I felt her lubricant flowing. Although Heather’s vagina was the first I had ever actually seen, I did learn in Health Class about the location of the clitoris, so it was not a mistake when I touched the love button with the case of the buzzing razor.

She flinched so hard, her butt came off the seat, and she yelled ” Oh, My God, what did you just do?”

I smiled, and whispered, ” maybe we will both learn something today.”

She looked down between her legs and said “yes, I guess it is time for your final lesion, but let’s make one thing perfectly clear. bakırköy rus escort Masturbation is the only thing we are going to do today.”

There was a couch in her room that could be used as a bed when her friends from out of town came to visit. We locked her door and laid a couple towels over the cushions. Sitting at opposite ends of the couch, with our knees bent, and our feet just touching, we could watch each other. Seeing my naked sister with her knees apart, stroking her lips was enough to get me hard. But when I filled my fist with hand lotion and started to pull in down over the head of my penis, I thought that I was going to burst..

Heather looked over at me, and quietly said, ” that’s right, just pretend that a woman has just climbed on top of you and is slowly lowering herself, and soon you will be inside her. Now, loosen your hand a little and start to stroke up and down. Then listen to me and you will hear the sounds of sex.”

I watched as she pushed her two middle fingers inside herself, and started pumping. At first all I could hear was the squishing sound as her fingers slipped around in her juice, then she started to moan a little. I also became aware of the smell that reminded me of fishing on a warm summer day, when the pungent odors of the lakeshore mingled with the scent of a Lilac Bush. She closed her eyes, and I could see that her face was starting to tighten up. Her moans started to get louder, and I also started to groan. I wanted to close my eyes too, as the strange feeling started to overtake my body, but being a voyeur just enhanced the experience. I saw her pull her hand out and stick one finger from her other hand inside, and the just as quickly pulled it out again and pushed it into her anus. I stuck my finger into my mouth and shoved it into my anus, just as I felt the top of my penis explode. My hips started buck, my anus started convulsing against my finger, and then that all to familiar white goo squirted a couple feet into the air

After laying there exhausted, for a moment, I saw that Heather was not done yet. I jumped up and scooped the electric razor off the table and turned it on. I knelt next to her, and gently pushed the vibrating case down between her legs. She put her hand on mine and guided it to the right spot and then looking at me with pleading eyes. When she asked me to suck her nipple, I put my head down and sucked the hard nub into my mouth. It tasted salty and the surface of the surrounding areolas seemed slightly bumpy to my lips. I cupped her other breast with my other hand and slowly massaged the warm flesh. Her mouth was so close to my ear that she could have touched it with her tongue, but when the convulsion finally ripped through her body, she just screamed.

My ear was still ringing when I raised my head and she pulled my face up to hers and we kissed. Not the brother sister kiss, but the kiss of two people who were almost lovers. Our tongues touched, but then she pulled back, smiled and said ” well, my dear brother, this lesion went a little farther than I had planned. I think we should head for the showers, so we can preserve your virginity for some other lucky girl.”

We stood under the water until it was cold and our arousal was gone. We were both dressed and watching television when Mom came home with a Blue Ribbon for her prize Lilac Bush. Over the years we have remained close, but except for one encounter several years later, that was the end of my sex education in the arms of my sister. My final exam, which would be administered by one of my classmates, came within a year, but that is another story.



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