This story is almost fiction, and any resemblance to events, places, persons living or dead, is not coincidence. The characters are real with fictitious names and the events are factual, or almost, to tell the truth, they have been altered a little, very little. Enjoy.


They had been banished to their rooms and late into the night, they could hear Dad arguing with Mom, repeatedly stating that she was a whore, a slut and that “This damned marriage doesn’t make anymore sense at all and it is finished, you dammed dyke.” They were very afraid, were afraid of what their father could do to Mom and ached to talk to her, wandering what would happen next, if anything was going to. It happened.

Elisa, whom later in life, without her mother knowing it, would be called Sandy, then four years old, took her little brother Jonathan, aged two, in her arms and with her hands in her brother’s ears tried to protect him from the shouting, yells and uproar coming from her parents bedroom across the carpeted corridor in the second floor of their beautiful home in that ill fated evening for all of them and theirs lives,

Chapter 1: Broken lives

To that day, the Sanderson, Annabelle, née Van Cruiff aged 26, and her husband William, 31, both from very affluent families, not to say very rich families, parents of Elisa and Jonathan had been a kind of high-school sweethearts first, and when the time came and their parents thought they were ripe, both clans pushed them hard toward marriage. Both were lawyers, William working in the family business and Annabelle, normally called by everybody Anna, just out of Law College.

It was impossible that such a marriage could ever be happy or endure, because Annabelle in a very important aspect of her individuality didn’t know what she or her sexual identity was. Since the first moment of the awakening of her sexuality Annabelle had been drawn, was attracted, in a way she didn’t understand, to her own gender. Unlike what used to happen to the rest of her classmates and friends she felt an instinctive rejection of all manifestations of intimacy made by the boys, on the contrary, from her earliest years she had been attracted to her same sex, at first unconsciously, and later with horror and fear of what might happen if her family and friends should ever learn of her sensual and later sexual inclinations. She felt so different, how could she explain to her rigid catholic family about the crushes she’d get on her women teachers, and how girl’s bodies really turned her on, in ways that boys simply didn’t and left her cold. She couldn’t imagine having sex with any one of them. So, with no knowledge or experience with men at all, she went to the hymeneal bed. It was, to her psyche a disastrous nightmare.

She was a very beautiful girl, with classic greek features, long blonde hair and a body to die for. In her early twenties she was 5 ” 6 in height, 110 pounds and carried her clothes like a top fashion model with measurements of 30—22—32 inches; her almost nubile body was flawless. She had budding apple sized breasts which were topped with pointy pink nipples, to her continuous shame and chagrin they were unusually puffy and stood out. So, it was almost a “must” that everybody, boys and girls alike, were fond of her, most boys and some of the girls lusted after her, and nobody could blame William for falling in love with her.


When Anna was nineteen years old and just beginning life as a law student at Uni, giving her first steps as an independent adult person, she met the woman who would change her life, Marie D’Aflecourt. She was french, of medium age, around forty-five, a very beautiful professor who being very femme and dressing in accordance, however had a little male mannerism, which was not mannish at all. Since the first day she took Anna under her wing, academically and in other ways, she had encouraged Anna at every turn and had helped her get an appointment as a student-teacher. It was no surprise that they’d become quite close despite the difference in their ages; as the relationship blossomed it went from teacher-alumni, to casual friends; from casual friends to intimate friends, and the next step made them lovers. For Anna becoming lovers with Marie was discovering a whole new world, for the first time in her life, caresses, kisses, and body fondling had a new meaning.

Marie was a very experienced and consummate lover, she knew that the inexperienced Anna would be like tender putty in her hands if only she played her cards right. So she was very careful in all her manifestations of empathy and friendship toward Annabelle before colleagues and students as well. Her attitude in public was always exquisitely professional. At first she took a respectful interest in Anna studies, and little by little the young woman started confiding in her professor and friend her personal troubles. It was like if a ray of light had opened the tenebrous darkness of the night. Marie learned of her pupil’s beylikdüzü otele gelen escort confusion in regard of her sexual tendencies and identity, her discomfort at being in intimate bodily contact with boys or young men and her preferences to be with girls and women.

One day, they’d both sat down at the table in Marie’s den and went down to study. A couple of hours later as they had covered a big part and Annabelle seemed to be back on the right track they had taken a short break for tea in between poring over the books again with Marie, and the conversation had turned from books to more mundane things when Marie skilfully turned it to sex, their preferences and experiences. At first Annabelle was upset about the personal confidences, then little by little the conversation got more fluid and hot, the words and sentences more explicit and raw, then their excited minds got the better of them and they started slowly having sex in the den’s couch seat. Neither had ever told how much they loved the other. Anna could only imagine how gorgeous Marie had been back when she was her age since she was still so beautiful now. And Marie being older and more experienced had started the erotic playing game.

“I’ve seen you looking at my body so I’m going to show all of it to you honey.”

Anna sat there wide eyed as the older woman started peeling off her shirt and showed her the tits in the plain white bra. She turned her back around on Anna to tease her a little more and undid the bra clasp and, holding the cups against her body, turned again around and let them drop exposing her bare breasts with the tumescent nipples to Anna’s ardent gaze.

“Oh my God! They’re so lovely!” exclaimed a dazzled Anna.

“So you like them?” asked Marie cupping each one of the beautiful orbs and displaying them to her, soon to be, lover like prize little puppies. In a few moments, the nipples were fully erect and very hard as the young and innocent pupil stared at them.

“Well, aren’t you going to touch them?” exclaimed Marie.

Awkwardly Anna jumped at the chance to touch another woman for the first time.

She then proceeded to Marie’s tits and gently massaged her luscious, full breasts. Anna fingers circled, twirled and twisted the nipples with her fingers the same way she did to herself. There was a smile of pleasure and contentment on Marie’s face. She seemed to be enjoying this fully, the conquest and conversion of a pure and un-soiled heart. Marie could now see excitement in the girls’ eyes as she watched her pleasure.

“Now it is your turn, mon petit cochon, now you must let me see you” said the excited french university professor with croaked voice. “I’ve wanted to see your naked body since the first day I laid eyes upon you”

Then she proceeded to slowly remove Anna’s blouse and bra, jeans and panties touching feather-like her breast and inner thighs and accidentally brushing her crotch with every movement. Anna’s excitement was perceptible, as a soft and musky odor wafted up from her loins. They slowly started to fondle each other’s, Anna tentatively at first but with increasing passion; Marie, expertly and knowing what she wanted. dove her head over Anna’s breasts and started licking, sucking and suckling, she couldn’t contain the excitement of the day, and soon the inexpert but tender ministrations of her pupil brought her to a shuddering and earth shattering climax. Her whole body quivered. She dropped back down into the coach, her body limp.

Anna was mesmerized, she couldn’t believe or understand what had happened, she was looking to a mature woman who was unconscious because of her, and in a few moments Marie came back from wherever the “little death” had carried her.

“Oh mon cherie, merci, merci beaucoup, thanks, so many thanks, I love you so much.

Now is my turn. Come here my love “

They both fondled their breasts and let the hands roam between their legs. Soon, moans of ecstasy could be heard, now was Anna the first to climax, her body shuddering in the throes of her orgasm, after she finished climaxing, Marie turned her around and embraced Anna possessively from behind, fondling her from neck to loins.

Marie gently kissed the back of Anna’s neck, and at the same time stroked her thighs. It wasn’t long before she came again, they both dropped back down into the coach, sat side by side of the other and embraced putting their hands around each other shoulders..

“Well, what do you think?” Marie asked.

“That was so great, so incredible I have no words!” said Anna

“Why don’t we go upstairs have a shower, and adjourn to somewhere more comfortable?”

“Sounds like a very good idea,” said Anna “I could do with a shower!””Who gets to shower first?”

“I believe in conserving water, so I think we should shower together,” said. Marie.

“Well, you’re the teacher” said Anna

Once in the shower Marie gave beylikdüzü rus escort Anna a bar of exotic soap and asked her if she could wash her back, in the meanwhile she with another bar of soap would return the favour to Anna’s back in an erotic dance. This position made the two women rub their fronts from head to feet, tits to tits, tummy to tummy, legs to legs, clit to clit, with soap all over their bodies caressing all the folds and crannies with their hands. They were obviously enjoying themselves exploring, touching, kissing, licking, caressing backs and butt asses and it was feeling fantastic.


Anna drew her hands from the behind and started to fondle Marie breasts as her hands moved down to slowly massage Anna’s pussy who put her hands around Marie’s head and slowly tongue kissed her. Marie’s left hand fingers were soon probing the inside of Anna’s pussy and with the right hand reached down and started to stroke the ass, she slowly moved her fingers up the crack of Anna’s ass and tickled the rim of her butt -hole. She then inserted a finger and the cry of pleasure that escaped from Anna’s mouth made the house tremble.

They were about to make each other explode. Two beautiful women, each with a finger in the other’s pussy, and another finger in their asses. They continued to tongue kiss in such a frenzy of passion that soon were kissing and biting necks and shoulders, at the same time. They continued to finger fuck themselves; it was just a sea of hands and tongues as they caressed, kissed and finger fucked each other. It wasn’t long before they came again to an explosive orgasm.


Since that first lesbian tryst Marie and Anna tried to maintain the relationship at a low level, but the experience had made Anna a little more daring, and the pleasure she got from the caresses of her lover made her reckless in their pursuit. She craved the taste of the lips and secretions of a vagina, but not any vagina, she craved Marie’s mouth in her pussy, and hers in Marie’s, Marie’s tongue fucking her asshole, and sixty nining with Marie was bliss, she craved, and craved, and craved…. a woman’s body. At that moment was Marie’s. Not any other.

After a couple years with no official boy friend, sweet heart or any date with members of the opposite gender known to Anna’s family, her parents, first insinuated and then told her with all the letters it was time to be thinking about marriage, sons and a happy life for ever after, and they had, in view she was incapable of getting it herself, the perfect candidate, her former high school friend, William Sorenson, a successful young lawyer, five years her senior, junior partner in the law firm of both families.

The first reaction of Annabelle was to say no. No, absolutely no. She was not prepared to marry because she was too young, and she was in the middle of her career. Her parents were adamant. She was the perfect age to get married and breed sons or daughters; the more the better.

Desperate she went to take refuge in Marie’s arms, and take counsel of what to do.

“I don’t want to marry, him, or any other man, I love you and would like only to marry and live with you”, said a disconsolate Anna.

Marie took her lover’s face with her hands kissing tenderly her lips, “But you must my dear, you must marry and William is the perfect choice. You know him and his family, and after your marriage we could arrange to see each other, even in your new home.

I love you so much, I’ll always be beside you and as your good friend and professor, and nobody would ever suspect we are lovers when we pass time together. Nobody suspects the friendship between two women, overall when one of them is married, and husbands… less than anybody.”

So it was done, Annabelle married William and the first night was a nightmare, when William entered her for the first time he found, to his everlasting pleasure and pride, his bride was a virgin, her hymen was intact, but it was so hard to deflower her and he so inept, that the next morning her body was a mass of pain. Nothing had prepared her to the hurt of a night of “lovemaking”. William rough body and manners, him mauling her breasts and other parts of her body had nothing to do with the experiences she had have with Marie. The honeymoon was a time of suffering and permanently regretting her decision.

The first thing Anna did after the honey-moon voyage and her return to her new home was to get in contact with Marie. Her professor couldn’t help but be concerned about the abrupt change in Anna following her marriage. She told her lover how she had cried all the time, couldn’t eat or sleep and as she was incapable to take a book, her studies were showing the results; it was obvious she had loss so much weight in the last month. Her beautiful blonde hair was severally tied back in a pony tail instead of flowing free as she always liked it. Her eyes were red, it was clear she had been beylikdüzü türbanlı escort crying again.

With that, Anna once again burst into tears. Marie quickly moved to her feet and eased the young woman to the large padded sofa on the side of the room. She let her cry on her shoulder, happy that Anna was finally letting her go. Marie’s arms, as always, comforted her and through her sobs she unburdened herself. Anna went on and on for almost an hour, revealing every hurt and emptiness within her. Marie listened patiently, caressing and assuring her that everything was going to be better.

“I’ll help you ease the pain, my love” She told Anna

For some reason, it made perfect sense, this seemed a sensible solution. She simply needed to be in bed with someone, not just for sex; right now she needed something more. The friendship and caring she craved already existed between Marie and her.

Without another word, she rose and began taking off her clothes, Marie checked the door and when she turned around Anna could see the point of her hard nipples in her


“Just relax my darling love, I’ll take care of everything” Marie said in a voice just a bit husky.

By that time Anna was down to her underclothes and Marie had taken over. She kissed her mouth lightly and then worked her way down to her neck. Reaching behind her she unhooked Anna’s bra and pulled it off her shoulders, freeing her small breasts. Her hands covered them and she made little circles with her tongue around her mounds, squeezing the nipples up into her mouth. In spite of Anna’s nervousness and distress, she responded quickly to Marie’s ministrations and her pussy felt delightfully moist as she moaned softly.

“See, my dear” Marie whispered as she took the other nipple into her mouth. “I told you it would all be all right now.”

Marie slid her hands inside Anna’s panties and cupped her mound; her middle finger worked it way between the moist lips and was immediately covered with juices. Anna found again Marie’s hands and mouth were in a very special way not only thrilling but healing as had ever been. Marie seemed to know exactly what she needed, and moaning loudly, Anna felt her body pulling desperately at the exploring fingers. Kneeling on the floor at her feet, the mature woman pulled her lover’s panties down her legs slowly. She kissed her belly, dipping her tongue into the navel and then swirled it into the fine bush beneath.

“Oh my god, you smell lovely,” She said as she inhaled deeply.

Anna’s legs were weak and trembling, her nipples ached for her hands again and she thrust her pelvis toward her, with a knowing smile, the professor coaxed her thighs apart.

“I can’t wait to taste you.” Marie murmured as her fingers spread the young bride nether lips. She gazed at the pink and wet opening, licking her own lips hungrily, Anna could feel her clit erect and throbbing as Marie lowered her face to her pussy, and then Marie stuck her tongue out and she barely felt it at first as the point moved up and down her opening, tasting her nectar. As Marie grew more and more excited, she drove her tongue deep inside, pulled it out again and wrapped it around the clit, again and again she repeated the process until Anna was on the brink of ecstasy and suddenly with the orgasm the skies seemed to crash down on Anna’s head.

Finally when Anna was coming down Marie brought her hands into play, stroking the clit with her thumb and teasing her anus with fingertips from her other hand. In seconds, Anna was grinding her body against her face, shuddering through her second orgasm in mere minutes. The professor brought her down as slowly as she had taken her up. When the newlywed opened her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, here was her lovely lover, still wearing a three piece suit. As usual, not a hair was out place but her face was covered with her juices.

“I think one of us is overdressed.” Anna said with a satisfied smile.

The professor returned the smile and unbuttoned her suit. Her sweater quickly joined her jacket on the floor and as she unhooked her bra, Anna was again amazed at their beauty. The heavy bra and multiple layers of clothing Marie always wore in class and at official functions concealed her 38dd chest. Kneading her breasts with both hands, she squeezed the large nipples and smiled; her hands slid downward and off came the skirt and slip. Finally only the panties remained and in a quick motion they too were gone. To Anna’s astonishment she saw, Marie’s pussy was now as bare as a teenager.

“I could touch up and produce the grey in my hair, give another colour” Marie said as she noticed Anna’s gaze. “But down there it easier just to keep it bare. Besides, I’ve always loved the way it feels and I’ve wanted to surprise you”

Kicking the pile of clothes behind her, Marie stuck a pose before the couch Anna was still sited on. And trying to comfort and cheer her up she said:

“What do you think, eh, not bad for an old lady?”

In response, Anna rose and hugged her with all the passion she could muster, she kissed Marie, her tongue slipping past her lips as she ran her hands down the back of her body and cupped the mounds of her ass..

“I think you are beautiful.” She said as she broke the kiss. “I wish I had a body half as beautiful as yours.”



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