Daphne diced the onions, humming a made up tune to herself. She finished with the onions and started on the capsicums, when she heard a thump upstairs. She knew her son, Jacob and his girlfriend Natalie where home, and assumed the noise had come from them. They had arrived from her house about 20 minutes ago, and said they were going to watch a movie, although when she was a teenager that was code for something quite different. She trusted her son, though; after his father passed away a few years ago he had really began opening up to her, telling her a lot of details about his personal life.

Another thump bought her out of her memories of her youth, followed by a yelled “ow!”. She started to get a bit worried when another yell came from upstairs. She quickly rinsed her hands and dried them on the tea towel before hurrying upstairs to investigate. As she ascended the stairs she could hear muffled talking, followed by a giggle. She paused, thinking that maybe nothing was the matter, when she heard it.

A moan. A long, drawn out moan. A mans moan, and one of pleasure. She held her breath, unsure of what to think, when she heard it again. She snuck up to the door, without knowing why. Her body seemed to be moving independently of her mind which was screaming to go downstairs and finish dinner, and quietly she laid her ear against the door.

She could hear quite easily now. She heard her son panting, and sometimes moaning. “Deeper,” she heard him whisper “Yeah, like that.” She could hear Natalie moan too, although it was a muffled sort of moan. Without realizing it, her fingers grasped the doorknob and without a sound, she turned it and slowly pushed it open.

What she saw raised a lot of emotions and feelings in her. It took her a second to realize what she was seeing. Her son, her only child, was completed naked and bent over on all fours on his bed. Natalie was only wearing a thong, and was behind him with her face buried in his rear. She was flicking her tongue in and around his asshole, and he seemed to be really enjoying it. She was standing behind them, so they hadn’t noticed her yet. She felt her pulse quicken, and one of her hands slowly found its way to her own breast.

She didn’t know what she was thinking, but she slowly slid her hand under her bra and lightly rubbed her nipple. She was being aroused by her son and his girlfriend beylikdüzü ucuz escort have sex, she realized, but didn’t care. It had been a while since her husband had even looked at her, and she hadn’t masturbated since she was in her twenties. She slowly crept her hand down inside her panties and found her clit, and wasn’t surprised to feel that her panties were already soaked. She gingerly rubbed her self, before feeling further down and slowly pushing two fingers into her pussy.

“Ooooohh, fuck” She moaned, and instantly she regretted it. Jacob and Natalie sprung up and Natalie squealed. They fumbled with blankets in an attempt to cover themselves, but it took too long and the sight of them from the front made Daphne only more excited. Her son was still hard, and about 7 inches long, give or take. He was completely bald too, and his balls were a lot bigger than his fathers. Natalie breasts were a lot bigger than she thought they would be, with big pink nipples, the size of a 50 cent piece. They stared at her in shock, as she still had her hand down her pants. She thought about pulling her fingers out, but the slightest movement sent shudders through her body. Her son stared at her in shock as she slowly worked them in and out, again and again until near the point of cumming. She pulled them out and walked over to Natalie, slowly pushing fingers into her mouth.

Natalie stood frozen for a second before she slowly started sucking the juices on the fingers. “Mom, what the fuck!” yelled her son. “Nat, what are you doing? Stop!” “Either join in, or shut the fuck up” Natalie mumbled to him. Daphne reached out with her free hand and grabbed his cock firmly. She started working the shaft up and down, faster and faster. Pulling her fingers out of Natalie’s mouth, she said, “Continue doing what you were doing to him”. She let go of his cock and watched her bend him over and go back to licking him out. One of Natalies hands cupped his balls, massaging them as she licked. Daphne slid off her clothes and laid down in front of him, spreading her legs. Her pubes glistened from the juices, her pussy bright pink and dripping with anticipation. She put his hand on the back of his head and guided to where she wanted it. His tongue found her clit and she almost came right then. Her body shuddered as he darted his tongue around, beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort her moans getting louder and louder. Her quickly rammed two fingers inside her, while using his thumb to rub her asshole. She wrapped her legs around his head, to stop him from pulling away. She moaned louder as her body thrashed around, as she finally came. As soon as the wave hit her, he rammed his thumb hard into her asshole. She slowly unwrapped her legs from his head, and laid back down on the bed, panting like a marathon runner. He and Natalie both sat up, licking their lips as one does after enjoying a meal.

Natalie got up and pulled her thong down to her ankles, lightly hopping out of them one foot at a time. She picked them up, and shoved them into his mouth. “If you spit them out, ill replace them with my black dildo. Got it, you little bitch?” she said forcefully to him. He nodded, his eyes wide. Natalie reached over and pulled something out of a box next to the bed. It looked like a belt, but had a cock hanging from it. Daphne took a second to realise it was a strapon. Natalie buckled it on like she had done it before, them told Jacob to bend and spread. He did so without argument. “Get the lube, you old slut” she said to Daphne. Daphne obeyed, looking around until she spied it on the nightstand. She squirted some onto the cock, then onto Jacobs asshole. Natalie grinned as she rubbed the head against it, spreading the lube. “Deep breathe now”, she laughed as she rammed the whole cock inside of him. The cock had to be atleast 8 inches, and about 2 inches wide, but Jacob took it. His neck veins bulged and his face went red, and slowly the panties fell out of his gaping mouth. “You fucking dumb cunt, I told you not to do that”. Natalie slapped the back of his head, before passing Daphne a dildo the same as the one already inside her son. She slowly pushed it into his mouth until he gagged, then pulled it out and rammed it back in. She got faster and faster, losing count of how many times she did it. Natalie had started thrusting behind him, ramming him as hard as she could. He looked like he was in a lot of pain, but for some reason that only made Natalie go faster.

Daphne realised she was enjoying it. Seeing her son humiliated by this red head with the amazing tits was making her even wetter, beyoğlu escort and she pulled the cock out of his mouth, ramming it into her pussy. In out in out in out it went. Faster, harder, deeper. She knew she would cum soon, without think she grabbed her son by the throat, choking him. Natalie rammed him and Daphne rammed herself, and as she was about to cum she quickly pushed Natalie off Jacob. She bent over in front of him and wiggled her ass. He seemed to know what she wanted, standing behind her and ramming his cock into her wet gaping pussy as hard as he could.

The thrusts came hard and fast, and Daphne could hear screaming. She realised it was herself, and decided she didn’t care. She was so close now, it was right there. She wanted to cum so badly, more than anything.

It hit her like a vicious slap in the face “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD FUCK YES OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOODDD!” She screamed, whipping her head back and forth. She felt him stiffen up behind her and make a grunting noise. She could feel his cum filling her, and she loved it. The feeling made her own orgasm so much more intense, and before long she collapsed onto the bed, panting like a dog and dripping with sweat. Jacob had collapsed onto his knees beside the bed, and Natalie was watching them both with a big smile on her face. She had her leg propped up on the bed and had been fingering her self while simultaneously fingering Jacobs ass. She slowly pulled her fingers out, and strutted over to Daphne, before wiping the ones that were inside her on Daphnes face. Daphne slobbered at the fingers barely able to move. Natalie slowly reached down and stuck a couple of fingers in Daphnes pussy before pulling them out and licking Jacobs cum clean off them. “Mmmm” she moaned with eyes closed.

Daphne laid there for what seemed like hours, with her sons cum dripping out of her pussy onto his bed, before forcing her self onto her feet. She mumbled something incoherent, and slowly put her panties back on. The full realization of what just happened hit her, and she quickly staggered towards the door, scooping her clothes into her arms. Natalie grabbed her by the arm. “this wont be the only time this happens you old slut. I get what I want, and if I want you, your son, or even your dog ill have them. From now on, you’re all my slaves, and I’m your master. You better get fucking used to it”. Daphne was shocked, but realized she liked being spoken to liked that, made to feel like trash. “Yes, master” she said, feeling excited.

“Now go make my fucking dinner” Natalie said, with anger in her eyes. “I’m hungry, and if I don’t like it you’ll cop a beating. Understood?” Daphne nodded before running at the door, and taking the steps downstairs two at a time.



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