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Ally fell back onto the bed, trying to steady her breathing. The small white vibrator was still pulsing on her oversensitive clit. She had woken up this morning on her stomach, wet and grinding herself against the mattress. Even though she couldn’t quite remember the details, she knew that the dream was of her and her mother.

Twice now, Ally and her mother had been…intimate? Had sex? Made love? Ally didn’t know what to call it. She just knew that the second time left her wanting more, no matter how many times they each got off. She had spent the past two days in a constant state of arousal. Her mother had been busy with a cooking class throughout the day yesterday. Ally couldn’t help but purposefully find a reason to be in the kitchen. She would pump milk and take her time labeling the bags before putting them in the freezer. She cleaned the dining room, completely dusted and swept, just so she could catch an occasional glance at her mother.

It seemed that her mother barely noticed her presence. Ally had been disappointed. Even at dinner, when her parent’s good friends had come over, her mother made little talk with her. During cleanup, Ally watched her mother bending over and reaching up to put clean dishes away in various cabinets. Ally would lightly grind her pussy against the corner of the countertop, further torturing her own arousal. The way the pencil skirt her mother wore hugged her curves…it was too much. What’s worse: Ally knew exactly what was underneath that material.

Replaying that particular memory, Ally found that she was already grinding against the vibrator again. Turning onto her stomach, Ally grabbed two pillows and stacked them one on top of the other. She straddled them and placed the vibrator inside the top pillow case. Carefully, Ally leaned forward, mounting the pillows and arranging herself so that the vibrating head was right against her sensitive clit. Grabbing onto the headboard, Ally began to slowly roll her hips forward and back. Every time she would lean forward, she would clench her thighs together. She looked down to watch her breasts slowly sway back and forth. With one hand still on the headboard, she moved the other to her mouth.

Gingerly, she sucked on each finger, savoring the wetness that pooled in her mouth. She remembered her mother’s fingers in her mouth, the taste of Ally’s own pussy dripping on her mother’s small, manicured hand. With wet fingers, she brought them down to her right breast, lightly tracing the nipple, never changing pace in grinding the pillows and vibrator beneath her.

Her nipple hardened immediately. Using her index and middle finger, she slid them both up and down, right outside of the nipple, teasing and feeling the pure pleasure in that action. Occasionally, she would pinch her fingers together over the nipple and watch drops of milk come out. Several times she went back and forth between both nipples, switching hands. The hand on the headboard she used to brace herself when she rolled her hips forward and into the vibrator.

When she didn’t think she could take anymore, Ally started to quicken her pace, grinding herself harder and faster, bracing both halkalı bdsm escort hands on the headboard and listening to her breasts slap against one another with each thrust. Closing her eyes and letting her head drop back, she thought about her mother’s smaller breasts, the way they dropped down when she was on all four’s, licking out Ally’s pussy.

Ally’s climax came, and even though it was a short-lived orgasm, it was still just as powerful. A moan escaped her lips as she pushed herself down onto the pillows, squeezing them between her thighs while the orgasm tapered off.

Her hands were shaking as she pulled the vibrator out from the pillowcase and shut it off. She placed it back in the top drawer of the nightstand and let herself fall forward. Her eyes fluttered close, and a content sigh was the last thing she remembered before she fell asleep.

Have you ever felt that feather-light feeling of something on your skin? It gives you goosebumps, as if someone was running a feather over you, lightly tickling your skin. That was what woke Ally from her sleep. The cobwebs in her brain took some time before registering that, yes, something was touching her back.

“Shhh, it’s okay baby girl.”

Ally turned her head to the other side, finding her mother, sitting on the bed next to Ally’s back, lightly running her fingers up and down her spine. As often as Ally had been fantasizing about it, and as often as she had silently begged for her mother to touch her, Ally couldn’t help the pause in her response. It all felt new to Ally; yet, it also felt incredibly right…normal even. As the fog lifted from her brain, Ally felt her face grow hot. She looked up at her mother’s smiling face. “Mom, um, how long have you been in here?”

Her mother smiled, bent down and kissed Ally on the cheek tenderly, lightly brushing her lips up to Ally’s ear. “I came in right about the time you had your fingers in that beautiful mouth, sweetheart.”

Ally thought she might feel embarrassed, but she was aroused. Her mother’s lips were still against her ear, and Ally felt her mother’s hair escape down to brush against Ally’s neck. Her mother’s tongue quickly came out and swept across her earlobe. All too soon, the warm wetness turned cool as her mother brought herself back to a sitting position.

She continued tracing her fingers up and down Ally’s back, occasionally she would trail her fingers down Ally’s ass, and then she would move her hand to one of Ally’s legs. Each time she did this, she brought her fingers up inside Ally’s thigh. She could feel her mother’s fingers inching closer to her wet pussy.

Ally was involuntarily moving her hips, wiggling them around in whatever direction her mother’s hand was going, seeking her touch.

“Baby girl, is there something you want from mommy?”

“Your fingers. I want them inside me. Please.”

Her mother laughed softly. “Patience is a virtue, Ally. Tell me, what has you so wet? So horny?”

Ally moaned softly as she felt her mother’s fingers brush right next to her wetness. “You.”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to be more specific, baby girl.”

“I thought about you. I was remembering your fingers inside me, the way you looked bent over in the skirt. I thought about your breasts and how much I love your body.”

Ally’s mother rewarded her with a halkalı elit escort sweep of her index finger, starting at the tip of Ally’s clit, all the way back to Ally’s small asshole. It came and went too quickly. As if it never happened, Ally’s mother went right back to tracing her fingers along her back.

“Tell me, Ally. How wet have you been?”

Ally licked her lips as her mother’s hand moved back down her body, but she changed direction and moved to Ally’s hip. “I, um, I’ve been wet, constantly…”

“That makes me happy. I’m just a little disappointed that you didn’t come to me. You played by yourself instead. Why?”

“I thought maybe you were, well, ignoring me. I thought maybe you had changed your mind about what we had done.”

Ally’s mother scooted herself down and laid right next to Ally, never stopping her movements with her fingers. “Do you regret what we have done?”

“No” Ally answered with absolutely no hesitation.

“Good girl” Her mother pulled on the leg closest to her, urging Ally to spread her legs. Without warning, her mother pushed her index finger inside Ally’s pussy. Ally pushed up and threw her head back, moaning long and loud. “That’s it, sweetheart. Clench your pussy around mommy’s finger. Let me feel it. As if her body had a mind of its own, her pussy started to tighten around her mother’s finger.

Slowly withdrawing her finger, Ally’s mother brought it to her mouth and ran it along her lips, letting her tongue dart out to taste her daughter’s juices. “Mmmmm, you taste good. It’s making mommy hungry. Why don’t you turn over so I can eat?”

Ally kept her eyes on her mother as she turned over onto her back. She used one hand to move her hair out from under her and before she could bring the hand back down, her mother was grasping it, holding it in place. “Stay just like that, sweetheart”. At this angle, Ally’s left breast was perked up and just barely dropping down. “Close your eyes, Ally. I want you to just focus on the feelings. Have you produced enough milk for the boys?”

Ally closed her eyes and nodded her head. She had more than produced and was on her way to storing enough in the freezer to fill it up entirely. A small jolt ran through her as she felt a warm, wet tongue lick her nipple. Her mother’s tongue ran small circles around it with tormented slowness. “Mom, please. I need more.”

Just like that, cold air hit her nipple and her eyes flashed open. She stared up at her mother, who was leaning over her with a scolding look in her eyes. “You need to lay still, and you need to stay quiet or mommy won’t reward you. Understand?”

Ally nodded and squeezed her eyes closed, desperate for the feel of her mother’s mouth on her aching breast. Once again, Ally felt the familiar circling pattern running over her nipple. After a few times around, Ally’s mother closed her lips around her daughter’s breast and began to suck, gently. Ally fought every nerve in her body to keep from bucking her hips. The moisture that was already gathered at her pussy from earlier began to seep around her thighs.

Ally felt the milk run down her breast and onto her stomach when her mother left her breast with a loud pop and moved to the other one. She continued the same torture back and forth until Ally felt like she might explode. Her head moved from side to side as she halkalı escort fought her body’s urges.

When Ally’s mother released her breast this time, Ally felt her tongue licking along the column of her neck, up to the back of her ear. A small shudder worked through Ally as she felt her mother’s teeth graze along her earlobe. “Open your eyes, baby girl.” Ally opened her eyes and blinked rapidly as she adjusted to the light streaming in the room. “Mommy wants you to watch this, okay?”

Ally nodded, never taking her eyes from her mother as she watched her straddled and move down Ally’s body. Scooping her from under the legs, Ally’s mother pushed Ally’s legs up and out as she inched her face close to Ally’s pussy. Ally watched in fascination as her mother blew soft air up and down Ally’s clit, occasionally pausing to lick her hood. A moan escaped Ally as she watched her mother press her face into Ally’s pussy, immediately taking Ally’s clit into her mouth and inserting two fingers into her dripping pussy.

“Oh my god!” Ally shouted out at the unexpected penetration. “Please, mommy…Oh please don’t stop.”

Ally’s mother chuckled against her clit. “I guess I cant expect you to stay quiet forever, can I?” Ally’s mom looked up at her daughter and smiled. “I want you to do something, sweetheart. I want you to milk your breasts. Squeeze them and let the milk run everywhere. I will be down here…feasting” she said with a wink. As soon as her mother’s tongue began stroking her pussy, Aly moved her hands to her breasts. Using her thumbs and index fingers, she began pulling and pinching her nipples, watching small drops of milk leak out onto her fingers and breasts.

Aly closed her eyes and focused on the sensations she was feeling. Her mother’s fingers slid in and out at a steady pace, twisting to the side whenever she pulled her fingers back out, causing a cascade of pleasure to hit Ally’s core. As the feelings began to intensify, Ally’s fingers worked harder, squeezing and pulling at her nipples. Moans of ecstasy began to take over as Ally felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm begin. She tightened her legs and brought her pussy closer into her mother as she rode out the incredible waves of pleasure.

As she was coming down from her orgasm, her mother’s tongue was lightly licking the hood of her oversensitive clit, and her fingers were barely inserter, moving in gentle circles around Ally’s opening.

Once Ally’s body settled, she watched her mother crawl up her body and begin licking the escaped milk. Like a cat to cream, her mother gathered as much milk as she could and brought her mouth up to Ally. Opening her mouth, Ally watched in fascination as her mother let the milk flow from her mouth, some making it into Ally’s mouth, some on her chin and running down her neck.

Her mother brought her mouth down to Ally and licked her lips, teasing them with a feather-light touch. Ally’s tongue shot out, seeking touch, and much to her happiness, her mother brought her mouth down to Ally’s in a full kiss. Their tongues tangled with one another as their lips suckled and caressed. Ally moved her hands to her mother’s back, holding her while they both moaned softly. The taste of Ally’s milk and cum lingered in her mouth after her mother pulled away and sat up.

“Tonight, baby girl. You’re in charge. I’ll see you at dinner” she said with a wink as she climbed off the bed and strolled out of the room, leaving Ally breathless and anxious as she thought about what the night would bring. She wasn’t sure if she was more nervous or excited about being in charge, but she was sure of one thing…she was going to spend the day wet and aroused.

Chapter 3 coming soon…



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