Kacey knelt between Tuck’s legs, her bare tits dangling just out of easy tongue reach. She found the hem of his t-shirt and quickly peeled it off over his head. She planted a trail of hot kisses from his shoulder down to his navel, ending up leaning on her elbows with her bare ass sticking up in the air. As her hands fumbled for his belt-buckle, he sighed and ran his palms down the back of her head and along the curve of her spine to rest on the ample swell of her buttocks. She groaned and pushed her face against him as she managed to finally open his pants.

As he pushed his hips up off the floor, she slid his jeans and briefs down, exposing his rigid cock. With her face already at his stomach, the tip of his shaft was close enough to tickle her chin. Rocking back on her toes, she dragged his pants down and off his legs.

She sat there for a moment, staring at his crotch. Slowly, she leaned forward until she was again on her elbows, face hovering less than an inch from his throbbing shaft. She opened one hand, letting her fingers lightly caress his balls as she studied him. Lightly, she ran the other index finger up the length of him, then wrapped her thumb and index finger around him in a ring and slowly let it descend.

When he cupped her head and drew her towards him, she whimpered softly and ran the very tip of her tongue along the slit of his penis. As he shuddered, she opened her mouth and slid down over him, burying her face against him. Again, he slid one hand along her back as she began slowly working her mouth up and down his shaft. When his hand reached her ass, he slid it further around until his fingers found her wet pussy. She screamed with a mouth full of cock as his fingers found her clit and pressed on it lightly. He laughed softly as he felt the moisture flow over his hand.

Hungrily, she kissed her way up his belly and chest until she was staring into his eyes from scant inches away. “I need you,” she whispered. “I need you inside me right now, driving me crazy, making me scream. Fuck me, daddy-lover. Fuck me, please. Let me ride you until I scream.”

By now she was rubbing her shaved mound against his cock, shaking.

Through the spotting-scope, Charlie watched as Tuck’s stepdaughter stripped him and shoved her mouth down over his cock. He remembered how that mouth felt and tasted and he felt his own cock jump in his hand. He watched Tuck push Kacey over onto her back, holding his naked body over her, her legs wrapping around Tuck’s waist.

Staring down at Kacey, Tuck grinned. “Ready to rock, baby girl?”

She clenched her hands where they were now cupping his ass and arched her hips, driving her wet mound up against his shaft. “Oh, god, yes. Yes, please.” She suddenly giggled. “Except for one thing.” She twisted her hips, rolling him over onto the yoga mat so that she was straddling him. “I wanna drive, please, sir.”

He reached up and cupped her breasts, roughly thumbing her nipples. “Hm, okay. I think I can live with that.”

She leaned down and licked his lips. “It makes me cum harder. I can lean back, with bakırköy türbanlı escort my hands behind me, between your legs, and your cock hits me juuuuust right.” She was rolling her hips against his belly in time to his thumb-strokes, and he laughed as she bit her lower lip, whimpering.

“So.” He pinched one of her now-swollen nipples. “Get busy.”

Her eyes closed and her mouth fell open as her breathing quickened into panting. “Can’t,” she gasped. “Not, oooh, yet. Gotta … gotta finish this, aaaaaaah!” She braced her hands on his chest and pushed herself upward. “OH! OOOOOOH!” She shook against him as her orgasm hit. “Oh, yeah. Ahhh, okay. God, that’s so good, just rubbing myself off against you.

Slowly, she moved backwards, lining her soaked pussy up on his cock, her eyes locked on his, a small smile quirking up one corner of her mouth. She stopped just as the tip of his shaft started to spread her lips. “Is you camera running, daddy-sir?”

He laughed and swatted her ass playfully. “What makes you think I have a camera set up somewhere?”

She wriggled against him lightly and giggled. “Because you love looking at me. Because I’ve caught you taking pics of me before.” She closed her eyes, smiling, and slid her pussy down around him. “Oooooooooh, yeah.” She moved her hips and a small circle around him. “I can’t believe mommy-love doesn’t want this. God, you fill me up.” Still leaning forward with her hands on his chest, she slid up until his cock came out of her and she rubbed herself along it, letting his head bump against her clit.

Charlie was breathing through his mouth now, watching her slowly fuck her stepfather, riding him like a bad girl eating a popsicle. He wondered how much noise she was making — by now, she should be quite … vocal in her appreciation. Next time he’d bring his brother’s “hunter’s ear” amplifier, he promised himself.

Tuck fought to keep himself still as she slid her pussy back up his cock. He desperately wanted to grab her hips and impale her on himself, but she seemed to be almost completely lost in the moment and he figured letting her have her lead would cause the final explosion to be much bigger. So, instead, as she sat bolt-upright, he let his hands rest on her hips, following her body’s movements as she paused for a moment before finally slipping her pussy around him again.

She opened her eyes and grinned down at him. “Enjoying the show?”

He growled and arched his hips into hers, driving himself deep enough into her that she whimpered. “Driving me crazy, brat.”

She put her hands on the mat behind her ass, arching her back. “Mmmm. Good, because you are driving me crazy too.” She caught her breath. “Oh, yeah. Yeah.”

Slowly, she rocked her hips, pumping her cunt along him. “Oooooooh. Ooh, yeah. Ah!” She shuddered as the head of his cock hit a particularly sensitive place. “Mmmmh.” She held herself steady for a moment, then lowered her hips until she found the right spot again. “Ah.” She made a small back and forth rocking motion bakırköy ucuz escort with her hips, centered around the spot she’d found. “Ah, ah, ah, ahhhh… ooooohhhh, yeah.”

He slid one hand around her hip so that his thumb rested on her clit. She started shaking and he pressed lightly on the swollen bud. “Oooh. Ohhhh. Ah, yeah, daddy-lover…. aaaaahhh…”

Slowly, he arched his hips to push his cock deep into her. She kept her movements centered around her pleasure-spot, leaning back farther to reach it. “Mmmmh… Oh, daddy-lover… daddy… aaah, daddy-love… aaaah… ahhhh…”

Her breathing was ragged and fast, words slurring together. Even with such a short stroke-length, her soaked pussy was making a wonderful wet sound as she moved. She shoved her hips down against his and held them there for a few moments, shaking. “Ah. Oooooh, yeah. God, yeah. You fuck me just right, daddy-lover.”

She started moving again, finding the place she wanted. “Ooh. Mmmmm. Mmmmhhh, ooooh.” Faster, now, moving to her need rather than her desire. “Daddy, mmmmh. Ah, ah, ah… Ooohaaaaahhhh… Aaaaaaaahhhhhh…” She was shaking all over and Tuck knew she was fighting to hold back, wanting to keep her orgasm held off to make it as big as she could. His thumb was soaked with pussy juices and he rubbed it over her clit.

“AAAH! Yeah, daddy, fuck, ohhhhh, me and — aaaaahh — make me yours. Maaaaaaahhh, mark meeee…” He ran his other hand up her side, then dragged his nails down her skin, thumb still fucking her sloppy-wet clit. She arched back farther, pumping his shaft with her hips.

“Oh… oh… ahahah… ahhh… ahhh…” Her voice was going up in octave and he knew she couldn’t hold out much longer. “Ahhh… mmmmmh, aaaah, yeah, daddy… aaah… aaah… aaaaahhhhh….” Her movements were erratic, jerking wildly. “Ohahahahahahaaaahhhh, mmmh… ooooh, daaah…daddy-lover, yes. Yes! OH… ohohohOH… AAAHHHunnnh!”

With the last sound, he felt her pussy clench around him and a stream of hot liquid hit his belly. She shook as her body poured out its release.

Charlie watched through the spotting-scope in amazement, zoomed in on Kacey and her stepdad’s joined crotches. In the six years they’d been married plus the two they’d dated before that, she’d never cummed hard enough to spray like that. She’d been so loud at the end that he’d even heard her from his vantage-point.

She sat up and leaned over him, wild-eyed. “Oh. Oh, daddy-lover. You, mmm, made me scream.” She leaned down and nuzzled his neck. “I need more,” she whispered. “Just a little more. I can feel it, hiding inside me, wanting you to fuck it out of me.” She started moving against him again, her lips locked on his, tongue probing his mouth. She was whimpering around the kiss steadily in time to the strokes.

“Ooooh, daddy. Daddy-lover.” She pushed herself up, hands on his chest. “I need this so bad.” His hands locked onto her tits, squeezing them roughly. She threw her head back and slammed her hips against his, grinding their bodies together. başakşehir escort “Yeah… hurt me just a little, daddy. Hurt me while you love meeeaaaaahhh…” She started panting and her movements became almost frantic. “Yeah, there… oooh, there, daddy-lover. Ooooh… I’ll take, aaah, everything mommy-dear, mmmmh, doesn’t want. Oooh… ohhh… Daddy… Daddy-love… oh, Daddy, yeah… fuck me, Daddy…”

Charlie could hear her again. He missed her wild needs and could feel his body responding to her cries. She was chanting “Daddy” over and over with each stroke, about to cum again. “I need you, daddy,” she screamed and Charlie’s cock jumped. “Fuck me, daddy-love! Fuck meee…” and he felt the slight ooze of pre-cum on his hand. She was leaning over him, her hands on his chest, moving on him like a bull-rider, pounding her pussy up and down along his cock, driving him into her. He could hear the madness in her voice and remembered seeing it in her eyes when she’d ride him like that.

“Oh, yeah, Daddy-love… yeah, YEAH! Fuck me, Daddy! Make your little girl cum and cum, unnh, yeah…” Tuck smacked her ass and she jumped without ever losing her rhythm. “Unnnh, yeah… Oooohaah… I’m better than she is, daddy-lover…I want what you can give meee…”

Tuck could feel his balls throbbing as she moved against him. She sounded so delicious, driven out of her head with need. She was driving him crazy, talking like she was, and the whole idea of fucking his wife’s daughter was about to make him explode. If she wanted him bad enough to spray all over him in the living-room floor, he would have to agree that the girl was a better fuck than her mother. The thought made his cock jump inside her.

Without opening her eyes, she slid her arms down around him, pressing her lips to his to kiss him with insane greed, desperately shoving her tongue into his mouth. She broke off, her breathing deep and ragged as she rode him in a frenzy of animal need. “Need you, Daddy, need to fuck you, need to cum for you, oooooooooooooooooooh…” She tightened her arms around him and buried her face in his neck. “Daddy… Daddy-lover… oh, yeah, fuck me Daddy-lover, aaaahh! Oh, Daddy! Daddy, Daddy, unnh, Daddy-lover, aaaah… DADDY! DADDY, OOOOOH! OOH! AAAAAAAAH, FUCK ME DADDY! OOOHooooooooh…”

He felt her orgasm, another incredible squeeze and a flood of wet heat as she gushed again. “Oooooh… oh, Tuck… Daddy…” He spasmed, his cock finally erupting and pumping her full of his own seed. It seemed to go on forever, in waves crashing one after another as her cunt would spasm then his cock would heave. Finally, the waves subsided and she stretched out on top of him, still holding him inside her.

Idly, she scrapes his nipple with a fingernail. “Wow. You really did make me scream, Daddy-lover. And… oh my God… we’re soaked.” She giggled. “I wasn’t expecting to spray like that. God, that was amazing.” She sucked on the nipple, eliciting a groan from him. “Mmm, I think I felt someone trying to make a come-back there.” She nuzzled his chest, kissing the teased nipple, then propped herself up on her elbows to look into his eyes. “I can’t believe she doesn’t want that. I’ll take all of that I can get.” She rubbed a thumb over the other nipple, then looked at him impishly. “So… who’s better?”

Tuck growled and swatted her on the ass again. “Brat. We better get all this — and us — cleaned up before we get caught.”



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