More fun with JeanIt seems like forever since I’ve seen my neighbour Jean, but this morning my luck was in. Me and Lisa were out last night and when we got home we enjoyed ourselves, as usual, by watching some great porn films. After a few hours of pleasure Lisa went to bed leaving me to carry on watching and stroking as I normally do. As morning arrived I kept a look out for Jean in case she came into her garden as she often does. I opened the blinds enough so that if she looked over she would definitely see me. 40 minutes went by and I saw Jean in her garden. I moved a bit closer to the window and saw Jean look up. She spotted me standing there completely naked and waved her hand. I smiled and gestured for her to come over. Jean came through the gate that separates our gardens and walked towards the patio doors. I went into the kitchen and opened the door to let her in. Jean stood there and asked if it was alright to come in. I said of course it is and held the door open for her. She stepped in and said are you not worried about one illegal bahis of the other neighbours seeing you naked when you open the door. I told her that as long as she saw me, I didn’t care about anyone else seeing. Jean said it’s been ages since we were here, I’m glad I spotted you today. I told her that I was very happy that she had seen me because I had missed the fun we have. I stood in front of her and she looked me up and down and said well I see that you are still enjoying yourself on the weekends. I smiled and said is it that obvious? Looking at my cock she said yes very obvious. I said well it would be far more enjoyable now that she was here. So how were you enjoying yourself? She said with a grin on her face. I started caressing my cock and said I was doing this and waiting for you to come out. Jean was watching me touching my cock and said you’ve made yourself very hard now haven’t you? Yes I have I replied, would you like to feel how hard I am? If you want me to I will she said. I told her I would love for her feel illegal bahis siteleri how hard my cock was. Jean put her hand around my cock and gently squeezed. Oh it’s very hard she said and began to slowly move her hand up and down. The pleasure I was getting from this was fantastic and I told Jean just how great it felt having her touch my cock. Glad you like it she said. She rubbed my cock for a few minutes then told me she would like to watch me doing it. I took hold of my cock and started wanking slowly for her. I could see her looking at my cock as I gently pleasured myself. I wanked for about 5 minutes and asked Jean if she was enjoying what I was doing. She said that she found watching me very exciting and no matter how many times she saw me masturbating it was always extremely enjoyable. I continued to wank in front of Jean for another 10 minutes and then said that I would love for her to do it again. She grinned and said ok as long as you finish it off. Agreed I said. Jean held my hard cock and began working her hand canlı bahis siteleri up and down my shaft. I watched her as she stroked my cock and I was enjoying every second. I let her wank me for 5 or 10 minutes then said my turn. I started wanking with a purpose now getting faster and faster. After only a few minutes I looked at Jean and said here it is. Jean’s eyes were firmly fixed on my cock when the first load of cum oozed from the end of my cock and landed on the floor. When Jean saw this she said what she usually does which is clever boy. She watched as I continued to work my cock for a couple of minutes until I had made sure that I had gotten every drop of cum from my cock. When I had finished she said I’m so glad I saw you this morning. I’ve missed this excitement. I told her I was very happy that I had seen her and we should make sure that we meet on a regular basis. That would be great she said. Shortly after Jean left and I went back to the front room. I could hear Lisa moving around so I stood there rubbing my cock until she came down and saw me. Having fun she said smiling. I said definitely now that you’ve seen me. Lisa watched me for a while and said I’ll leave you to enjoy yourself and got herself a drink and went back to bed. All in all it was a good morning.



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