I leaned in the doorway, my eyes sweeping over her majestic body. She was in the bathtub, her tanned skin gleaming from the hot water swallowing her body. Her eyes were closed and her head hung back as a hand tickled her voluptuous breasts, slowly grazing her stomach until she reached down between her legs.

A moan escaped her lips. I felt a definite bulge in my pants as Denise’s back arched in the tub, exposing more of her sleek mid-section. Two fingers were buried inside of her womanhood, sliding in and out gently.

It was all I could do to stop myself joining her.

No, I wanted to watch this first.

It was the perfect night; dark outside, with only candles to illuminate the room. The smell of incense wafted up my nostrils. A shiver slid down my spine.

Her elegant legs were pressed against either side of the bathtub, bent slightly, feet tense against the other end. Denise’s thick red lips were pursed as another sensual moan echoed through the bathroom. Her movements grew quicker and I felt the anticipation rack my body as I watched her climax, her body shaking from the unrelenting waves of pleasure.

Denise settled down, removing her hand and licking it clean.

That was it. I had to join her. I hurriedly began undoing my shirt, allowing it to drift to the floor soundlessly. I glanced at my muscular body in the opposite mirror, briefly admiring the result of six months intense training.

It was when I unzipped my pants that she spun round, eyes wide.

“Daniel!” For a moment marmaris escort she froze, unable to move despite the hot water swirling around her. Her surprise quickly melted away into embarrassment and she smiled awkwardly, beginning her climb from the tub. “Sorry, I thought you were away.”

But I simply kicked away my trousers and stepped forward, hands on her shoulders. I stared into her glimmering blue eyes, suddenly overcome with her immense beauty.

Denise’s long, golden hair flowed like a stream down her back until it reached her two, nicely curved butt cheeks. I kissed her softly on her sharp nose, my hands sliding down her wet back, squeezing her buttocks gently.

She gasped and drew closer, pressing herself against me. Our mouths met. Her delicious purple lips parted, allowing my tongue to enter. It intertwined with hers and we remained there for a minute, our tongues dancing playfully together.

“I thought you were away for the weekend,” she said between kisses.

I sucked on her tongue, then replied, “It got cancelled. I’m glad, too.”

A smile nudged her lips as I traced my tongue around the inside of her mouth. “So am I. What would I do without my husband?”

Denise eventually allowed the awkwardness of the moment to dissolve away and she hooked each side of my boxers with her thumbs, dragging them down my legs.

She puckered her lips, closing them around the dome of my manhood. Intense pleasure rippled through my legs as she began sucking lightly. I ran my hands through her soft hair, marmaris escort bayan gripping it as her pace increased.

I hung my head back and groaned, eyes firmly shut ready to climax.

But she stopped. I faced her, expectant. However, Denise rose and stepped back into the tub, the hot water swirling around her legs. She curled her index finger seductively, motioning for me to join her. Barely able to control myself, I slid one foot in first, then the second.

Denise took her time lowering herself into the water, allowing her body to become drenched again. I locked eyes with her firm, pointed breasts. As I knelt down on top of her, I bent over and encircled her nipples with my tongue, sensing them become rock hard beneath my touch.

I nibbled on it, sucking and pulling. Denise grew a sharp breath as my right hand found her crotch. Despite the water surrounding us, I could still feel the thick juices building between her legs. I parted her lips and inserted a finger. Her muscles closed tightly over my finger as I began thrusting, my tongue still exploring her breasts tenderly.

Denise played with my loose brown curls, her body going tense as I slid another finger inside of her. But soon she grabbed my hand in hers and pulled away.

I stopped what I was doing and glanced up. Her rosy cheeks shone in the moonlight streaming through the window. Her eyes glistened as she spoke.

“Please, I want you, Daniel,” she asked, words flowing like honey.

I nodded.

I leaned over and kissed escort marmaris her smooth lips. Her hands wrapped around my neck and pulled me closer as we continued kissing passionately. Instead of kneeling, I lay on top of her, smothering her body with my own.

My thumbs grazed her cheeks affectionately. I repositioned my legs so that her thighs were squeezed around my hips. I sensed my genitals touch wet flesh as the dome entered her slightly.

Her legs coiled around me as I continued my journey deep inside of her. We moved together rhythmically, her muscles tightening around my manhood. Her inner walls were wet and smooth as I moved about, not in any particular hurry, just enjoying the moment.

Our mouths parted for a moment as we both moaned and grunted. I filled her with each gentle thrust, sending her almost over the edge with a shrill scream of ecstasy.

Her back arched again. I kissed her neck, then buried my face between her breasts, as soft as ice cream, my hands held against her back. It wasn’t long before I felt myself convulse inside of her and we both moaned together in perfect rapture, the unrelenting waves of pleasure coursing through our bodies.

Denise relaxed, almost going limp in the tub. So did I. I raised my eyes to meet hers. She truly was beautiful, with her slim, elegant body and the eyes that sparkled in the moonlight. For a full minute we didn’t speak.

I allowed my deep gaze to speak for itself.

“I love you, Denise,” I whispered.

A small smile perked her lips. “I love you too, Daniel.”

I leaned in to her glittering lips, kissed her fervently then resting to the side. We remained in each other’s arms, slowly drifting off into a light sleep while the water drained around us.



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