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Steve Woods answered the door on the second knock,

“Hi you must be Steve, I’m Terry from New World.Com”

“Hi Terry, please come in”

“Thanks, sorry I’m late but it took some finding you guys”

“Yes I know were not exactly on the main routes”

“Still I’m here now, hi this must be your beautiful family, I’m Terry folks”

Steve introduced his wife Beth and kids Paul and Abigail,

“Nice to meet you all, now best not waste your time, let’s get down to business”

Terry looked around at the Woods family; he noticed the tense and worried way they looked at each other. It wasn’t much of a surprise, before coming he’d checked the family out, especially their reasons for approaching his company. He was aware of their financial problems and pretty sure he could work a deal with them that would help them and get him what he wanted.

“OK, Steve I’ll be honest with you, I know the state of your money problems and have to tell you yes you and your family can make some money, but not quick enough to get you out of your fix.”

“How soon could we start earning money?”

“The real money’s in video, you’d earn a basic fee for filming it and then a percentage of the profits. I guess we could start filming this week or may be next. It could be available for sale a week later, so probably four or five months before you saw any royalties. A basic fee for your first film would be may be £100 to £200 depending on how natural you look, if it’s a hit that fee would increase for your next film”

“I see”

“The choice is yours but that’s what I’ll offer, £200 basic fee and 10% of the profits”

“Make it 40% and we’ll have a deal”

“Steve, who are you kidding, OK 15%”


“Let’s say 25% OK”


Steve and Terry shook hands,

“Now I’d like to see what I’m gonna be paying for, how about showing me”

Steve looked at his wife and kids,


Beth smiled “OK I guess, shall we go upstairs?”

The five of them made their way into the master bedroom, Terry sat in a chair in the corner,

“OK folks just relax, pretend I’m not here”

Paul moved towards Abby, sliding his arms around her he drew her close and kissed her deeply. He felt his mom Beth move behind him and reach round to unfasten his jeans. Breaking the kiss he helped Abby undress. Soon the whole family was standing naked in a group by the bed; Paul pulled beşiktaş escort his mom as he moved to the bed. Laying her down he embraced her, kissing deeply as his hands explored her body. He moved his mouth over her face and neck kissing and gently biting his way down to her breasts. He closed his lips over her nipples biting and sucking it till it was a hard bullet pressing against his tongue.

Terry sat in the chair watching as the family made love on the bed, his cock was a hard rod in his pants, reaching down he undid his trousers and pulled it free. Grasping it he started to slowly masturbate as he watched Steve push his cock into his daughter’s wet pussy.

Abby moaned in pleasure as her father’s cock pushed between the moist lips of her pussy,

“Mmmm o yes daddy fuck me o yes”

Steve buried his cock deep in his daughter’s cunt, savouring the feel of her warm velvety embrace around his hard penis. Slowly he withdrew all but the head before plunging it back in,

“O baby you’re so tight, god daddy loves to fuck his little girl”

“O fuck yes daddy, fuck me screw your cock deep into my womb, ahhhhh yes”

Abby wrapped her legs around her father’s back, pulling him deep into her, she was shocked at how turned on she was at the thought of a stranger watching her. Turning her head she watched Paul’s cock pounding into her mom’s pussy, the shaft glistening with pussy juice.

Terry stood and quickly removed his clothes; reaching into his coat pocket he removed a condom and quickly rolled it onto his hard cock. From the same pocket he removed a tube of cream which he smeared over then condom, coating the fingers of one hand he walked over to the bed. Gently he pushed cream coated fingers into Steve’s anus.

At the intrusion Steve stopped his fucking and looked round,

“What the hell?”

“Just relax and think of the money”

Steve relaxed as he felt Terry’s fingers in has arse, it wasn’t the first time someone had arse fucked him, but it had been a while. He lay still as the fingers were replaced by a rubber-coated cock, a moan of pleasure escaped from his lips as he was filled by hard cock meat. Slowly he built up the tempo as he fucked Abby in time to the cock fucking his arse. The double stimulation pushed him over the edge and he cried out as he pumped his cum deep into his daughter.

Abby was both shocked and amazed at the sight of beşyol escort Terry fucking her father, as Steve’s cock started to pump his seed into her womb her own orgasm crashed upon her.

“O god I’m cuming o yes I’m cuming I’m cuuuummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnngggggg”

Terry’s cock was suddenly griped tightly as Steve’s body shook to his orgasm, moments later he cried his own pleasure as his cum pumped into the condom.

Pulling apart all three became aware of being watched by Paul and Beth, Beth sat with her legs apart Paul’s cum running freely from her open pussy. Paul sat beside her his cock jutting hard and erect from his crotch. Beth smiled and started to applaud,

“Bravo I haven’t seen anyone do that to you for a while Steve”

Abby moved towards Paul intending to enjoy his cock, but Beth pulled her towards her instead,

“Here honey, use your talented mouth on mommy’s pussy”

As Beth and Abby slid around to 69 each other Paul continued to stare in shock at his dad. Terry was the first to speak as he slipped the condom of his flaccid cock,

“Ever arse fucked anyone Paul?”

“N n no”

Terry lent forward and closed his mouth over Paul’s erect cock,

“W what”

“Just relax and enjoy it Paul”

Paul was surprised at how good it felt as Terry bathed his cock head with his tongue before slipping his mouth lower. Paul moaned in pleasure and lay back on the bed closing his eyes he allowed himself to enjoy the blowjob. He became aware of something pressing against his lips, opening his eyes he found his eyes filled with the sight of his dad’s glistening erect cock.

“Come on son give your dad some head”

Part of Paul’s mind cried out in disgust at what his dad wanted, but the lust filled part wanted to try everything and so opening his mouth he allowed his dad to push his cock between his lips. As his tongue slid over his dad’s cock head he could taste Abby’s and his juices on it. He licked them off running his tongue around the glands of his dad’s cock. He allowed more of the cock to slip into his mouth running his tongue down the shaft. Reaching up he grasped the base of his dad’s cock to stop him pushing too much into his mouth, then with just the head and fist couple of inches of cock in his mouth he started to jerk his hand on the shaft. Paul could feel his orgasm approaching as Terry worked on his cock and moments later his balls tightened beykent escort as he pumped his cum into Terry’s throat as he drank it down.

Steve fucked his cock into his son’s hand and mouth moaning in pleasure at the feel, he cried out as his sperm pumped into Paul’s mouth.

As Steve finally climbed off Paul he turned to Abby and kissed her deeply sharing and tasting their parents cum. As they kissed and fondled each other their passion built and Paul’s cock grew once more to full hardness. Lying on his back Abby straddled his hips before slowly lowering herself onto his hard cock. As they fucked they noticed Terry slip a fresh condom on before sliding his cock between their mother’s waiting pussy lips.

Ignoring them Paul turned back to gaze at his gorgeous sister, reaching up he ran his hands over her breasts, massaging the erect nipples and bringing a cry of pleasure from her lips. Pulling her down they kissed as their hips ground together, their tongues entwined in a dance of pleasure. Pulling apart Abby sat up allowing Paul access to her breasts as she pounded her pussy onto his cock.

“Ahhh yes Paul play with my tits, fuck my pussy with your hard cock, o yes brother mine fuck your sister make me cum, make me ccccuuuuuummmmmmmmm”

Abby’s vagina gripped Paul’s cock as they fucked; he massaged her breasts enjoying the feel of her hard rubbery nipples and the smooth soft flesh of her breasts.

“O yes Abby, that’s it I’m gonna fuck you, your so good baby o yes so tight”

Abby’s body rocked to orgasm after orgasm as she fucked Paul, the world seeming to swim as her body shook. Then she felt Paul’s cock jerk as he pumped his cum deep into her womb and her body shook to another orgasm and the world seemed to explode in sensations of pleasure.

When Abby came too she found herself cradled in Paul’s arms,

“You OK Abby?”


Looking round she saw Terry was dressed talking to her parents who wore robes, shaking their hands he handed them a cheque.

“This is for today, I’ll try to arrange a video shoot for this week, I’m really gonna enjoy working with you folks”

With a wave Steve led him from the room,

“How much is the cheque for mom?” Paul asked

Beth unfolded it and looked “£1000 O shit this will help us until money starts coming in”

Over the next 2 years the Woods family made a number of films from the Introducing the Woods to their last film Woods do Europe the money they made allowed them to live comfortably. Paul and Abby dropped out of college and made a number of films together, after the Woods do Europe they went to America where they continued to make porn movies together, but that as they say is another story.



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