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Sean lay under the covers, his right hand stroking his firm erection, listening to the shower where his wife was beginning her day. He tried to ignore the clock knowing it would take her about an hour to dress and kiss him goodbye before leaving.

He drifted in and out of consciousness but finally felt her kiss on his cheek and her words telling him goodbye and wishing him a good day. He found his cock limp, but in the 10 minutes he impatiently waited he soon had it hard with anticipation.

He tossed the covers and rolled from the bed. Walking down the hall and into the living room, he approached the front door looking out one of the three small windows to confirm that his wife’s car was gone. He noted the overcast sky and the light drizzle that had everything soaked. He walked partially back down the hall to the spare bedroom and turned the knob to open the door.

Martha had strained to hear the same sounds of Betty preparing for work. At times she was unsure of the progress, but eventually heard the sharp sound of the backdoor clicking shut. She waited. Was it possible that today would be different and a turning point for her life. Her son had been married three happy years and this was her first visit since their marriage. Three years was a long time. Her daughter-in-law was a nice young lady and appeared to adore her son.

Hearing the doorknob turn to her temporary bedroom, seeing the door slowly push open and her son walking in totally nude with his hard cock sticking out prominently, she smiled knowingly that things had not changed.

Without greetings from either, she watched as the covers were pulled from her, seeing a slight smile cross her son’s face as he saw her sleepwear. She wore only mint green, mature style panties. When his fingers slipped beneath the top elastic, she lifted her ass slightly to assist in their removal. The pressure of his hands on her hips directed her to roll over to her chest, thus placing her in the middle of the bed.

She felt his lips as they began to kiss her ass lovingly. Ever so faintly she felt the stir of sexual arousal as his tongue began at the back of her thighs and slid up the crack of her ass. Light bites on her buttocks caused her ass muscles to tighten and flex. As the palm of his right hand slid between her thighs to cup her pussy, he began all over again to kiss, lick and bite her posterior. Still, her arousal was barely above the surface.

Long, long minutes pasted as her son indulged himself. Her bubbled, well-rounded ass had always been his delight and fascination and in her younger years her ass had been more sensitive. Still, it pleased her that at 56 years old her less than tight and firm ass still pleased him.

She was without focus, drowsy maybe, when she felt herself being maneuvered to her back. She watched with amusement as he sucked each nipple in turn, before kissing his way down her belly. With expectancy, she assisted in lifting her legs, spreading her knees wide. She smiled as his nose coursed through her thinning bush, his lips pulling at her pubic hair. Her first sigh of true joy came when she felt his tongue touch her clit. She dropped her head to the pillow and closed her eyes…… letting her mind rewind:

Our incestuous relationship had begun while he was in his second year of community college. He found higher education to bahçelievler escort be difficult and was often depressed when his grades were not what he wanted them to be.

His relationship with girls was another, but greater, source of depression, as it seemed some boy was always stealing the girl he fancied or had come know.

Often he was near tears and I would snuggle him close and stroke his head and talk to him softly, telling him how special he was and how things would change in his favor eventually.

One evening, he came into my bedroom as I lay reading. Distraught about a girl again, I had him lay next to me with his head on my bosom. This time he was more upset than usual about finding out that a friend of his had scored with a girl he had dated once. He voiced his frustration at not scoring himself with this girl. He had tried but she rejected his advances. No matter what I said to him it did not seem to help.

I have asked myself a million times, why? This night, I lowered the strap on my nightgown and offered him my nipple to suckle on. It calmed him down considerably as I stroked his head lovingly.

I had been interrupted reading an X-rated love story and had quickly removed my hand from my pussy upon hearing the light knock on my door. Consequently, I was naked underneath my thin nightgown, my thick bush clearly visible through the fabric, but it did not concern at the time. When Sean began to toy with the hem of my nightgown, I was not concerned. W

When he had crunched up my nightgown in his hand revealing a good portion of my bush. I was a little concerned but powerless to push my nightgown down. Watching with detachment, I found myself powerless to stop him when he began running his fingers through my bush and over my mound. Involuntarily, my legs parted slightly when his hand moved lower. His fingers proved inexperienced as he poked at my pussy.

I became anxious, not at the incestuous implications, but that his fingers were not finding the right places, even after spreading my legs more to give him better access. I had to call a halt, not to the incestuous play, but to my frustration at his naivety of the female anatomy. I did so by pushing him back away from me and reaching to unzip his pants. I struggled to release his erection but soon had it clear and began stroking it. Sean lay watching me. I asked him, was it good, and praised his manhood, telling him that any girl would be proud to have his cock to play with, to have it in her. After stroking his cock long moments, hearing his moans of pleasure, I could not contain myself and took the domed head of his cock into my mouth. Soon I was consuming it with zest, pumping it with my right hand as I sucked. My intent was to show my son a good time for once in his life.

With little warning, he pushed me back and rolled on top of me. My hand released his cock in an effort to push him off of me, to keep him from prying my legs further apart. I told him no, reminding him that I was his mother and that we shouldn’t do what he was trying to do. To fuck me! I used the word, fuck, over and over again as I put up a good but faked resistance. Faked? Yes! That is the only term I know how to use. I could have stopped him. I could have grabbed his balls, squeezing them. Lots of things! But I didn’t. I let him bahçeşehir escort force my legs apart enough to place his body between them. I let him pull my legs up around him. I let him stab at my pussy and my ever moistening pussy betrayed me. His rock hard cock slipped inside of me without any guidance. I could have not moaned as he fucked me aggressively. I could have begged or demanded that he not come in me. Instead, sensing he was near I begged him to fill my pussy, to fill my belly.

After spending himself in me, he sobbed he was sorry, and begged me to forgive him. I soothed him by telling him it was not his fault. I soothed him by begging him not to pull it out, to continue fucking me.

The lessons began then, during our first incestuous coupling. I explained to him why and where I needed his shaft to be. I guided him with my hands on his hips, on his butt. It was hard to be patient with him. I wanted to come so bad, but I patiently and repeatedly coached him. I wanted to be fucked. Hard, soft, deep! We fucked a long time and my orgasm was mind blowing. So here we are:

“Come up, Baby!” Martha directed. “I need to be fucked. Come up! Please!

Mother and son moved in unison as he scrambled over top of her. Her legs lifted. Her right hand sought, found and placed his cock where it needed to be. He tenderly pushed into her and gathered her in his arms as he began to pump into her with a passionate, moderate rhythm.

“It’s been so long, Sean.” Martha whispered.

“I didn’t think Monday would ever come.” Sean whispered back. “The weekend has seemed like a year. And the hour waiting for her to leave was maddening.

Martha’s older, less than tight and firm ass cheeks flattened out on the bed under the compression of Sean’s weight and thrusts. But in possession of a tight pussy, it molded tightly around her son’s cock, gripping it tightly on the out stroke and resisting penetration, causing them both to moan loudly as Sean pushed the length of his cock into her to the balls.

Sean had his mother wrapped up so tight in his arms that her 5’5″ frame seemed to disappear beneath him.

Sean, well taught, knew what his mother liked. Holding his cock deep into her, he repeatedly pushed her ass into the bed, letting up slightly only to push her ass into the bed once more. Her moans were music to his ears.

Martha knew how to use her pussy and flexed its muscles to massage her son’s cock as he remained embedded in her.

“I feel your balls against my ass!” Martha whispered.

“Your pussy is driving me crazy!” Sean whispered back. “You’re a vixen. How do you do that?”

Mother and son were both perspiring when Sean pulled away from his mother, withdrawing his cock from her. He grabbed the calves of her legs and pulled her down to the bottom of the bed, placing her ass at the edge.

He had purchased the two beds in the house to be on the high side like he remembered his mother’s bed. While the spare bedroom bed was purchased specifically with his mother in mind, his wife had come to appreciate the higher height of their own bed. He often fucked Betty while standing as he had his mother for years, as he was going to fuck her now.

Martha watched her son as he held her legs behind the knees and reinserted himself into her, her pussy so wet that bakırköy anal yapan escort it required no positioning or help.

Sean began to play with his mother’s tits, thumbing her nipples. The palmed her belly, rubbing his thumb through her bush.

“I hate my belly!” Martha declared. “It has gotten pudgy.”

“Your belly is not pudgy and your pussy is tight as ever.” Sean said.

“You don’t care how fat and ugly I am, do you?” She teased. “As long as my pussy is tight, that’s all that matters?”

“You’ll always be beautiful. But I do like your tight pussy!” He replied with a smile.

Martha lifted her head to watch her son’s cock pulling out to the domed head before disappearing into her pussy again.

“I love to watch your cock fuckin me!”

Sean leaned over and dropped over his mother, first, sucking on a nipple, then, kissing her on the neck as he began to fuck her aggressively. Martha thrust back just as aggressively with her ass, causing both of them to become quite excited. On they fucked, for many minutes, until Sean needed a breather and lifted himself to stand again.

“Come on do it!” Mantra challenged. “Fuck me hard, damn you! “

Sean shoved her knees against her tits and began to pound his cock into her pussy as hard and fast as he could muster.

“YESSSS! YESSSS! YOU MOTHER-FUCKKKKER! HARDERRRR!” She squealed, the pounding causing her words to reverberate.

Sean unmercifully slammed his cock into his mother’s pussy. The sharp smack of flesh meeting flesh echoed in the small room. He hammered her until he needed a breather. It was a short breather and he began all over again. Soon, another short breather and then more sound of smacking flesh, all to the delight of his mother.

Finally, Sean slowed, rested a moment with a slow rhythm, then, dropped over of his mother again and the two of them became one, once more, as they fucked lustfully.

“I’m ready now, Baby!” Martha said breathlessly when Sean returned to standing.

His thumb on his right hand slid down over her mound and found her clit.

“OHhh! Yes!” She cried. “It’s been so long, Sean.”

Sean became attuned to his mother’s every moan as he thumbed her clit and stroked inside of her. His cock became rock hard and thus ever so slightly longer. Withdrawing his cock to the domed head, before pushing it deep into her pussy while thumbing her clit had an amazing effect, making her almost delirious. Repeatedly, her ass lifted off of the bed a couple of inches, giving a straight drive into her. Her moans were like an animal in distress.

With such direct stimulation, her orgasm was assured in short order. Her climactic moan could have easily been heard throughout the house or outside the spare bedroom window. Her ass bucked as Sean concentrated his efforts to keep his thumb centered on her clit and his cock deep inside of her.

As her orgasm subsided, Sean dropped over her, grabbed her ass with both hands, and began his own feverish ride to orgasm.

“Yes, Sean!” Martha encouraged. “Give it to mom! Fill my belly! Give me your cum, Baby!”

Incestuous lust took hold of Sean as he feverishly fucked the tight pussy belonging to his mother. He fucked with a single thought in mind; to fill her pussy as she encouraged him to do.

“I’m coming, mom!” He moaned. “I’m comingggggggggg”at

“Yes! I feel it! I feel it shooting in me! You’re cum! You sweet, sweet boy!”

“I’m sorry, mom!” He apologized as he had always done after their illicit sex. His conscience always took control after his orgasm.

“It’s all right, Baby.” She whispered in a soothing motherly tone.” It will always be all right.”



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