Son’s Point of View

It happened like this:

Two days before New Year’s, I had returned home to stay with my Mom and my younger brother. For the previous three years, I mostly lived out of state in a college dorm. My brother was living at home while attending his first year at a local college. And, my 45 year old Mother was busy running her fancy Italian restaurant.

Sounds like a typical family, right? Working mom with two sons in college, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Strangely, as I came to find out, things weren’t as they seemed. In fact, we’re pretty far from what most people would consider ‘normal.’

I woke up around midnight because of a thunderstorm (typical for these types of stories, right?). The pleasant sounds of the rain falling almost put me back to sleep.

My attention shifted when I heard footsteps down the hall, outside my room. I figured it was my brother going to the bathroom. But then I noticed the steps going back and forth, as if someone was pacing in the hallway. Since my door was closed, I didn’t know what was happening.

Then I heard my Mother’s voice. It came just as the rain was fading, so I was able to hear her clearly.

“Don’t wake your brother,” Mom hissed softly.

The footsteps ended at Mom’s room. My first thought was that they were planning some sort of surprise for me. I would graduate from college soon. Maybe they planned to start the New Year off with a bang and acknowledge the upcoming milestone.

Curiosity got the better of me and I put my ear against the door. There was nothing, no noise whatsoever. The talking had ceased. I noticed a soft light in the hallway, under the bottom of my door. Something was definitely going on.

Now, I’m not usually the nosey type. But this was very strange. Why would Billy walk quietly to Mom’s room in the middle of the night? And why would Mom want to keep it a secret?

Unable to resist, I opened my door to check it out. All I heard was rain outside. Coming from Mom’s open door, I noticed a dim light, and stepped into the hall.

At that very moment, I heard something that forever changed all of our lives:

“My dick has been sore all day,” Billy whispered. “Did you really have to make me wait for two whole days?”

In a hushed tone, Mom spoke quickly. “Shhh… You’ll wake your brother. Consider yourself lucky that I’m even doing this for you.”

“Sorry Mom. Thank you.”

Something unusual was definitely happening next door. Did Billy really just talk about his ‘dick’ to Mom without getting smacked in the head? Any other time, Billy would have faced hell for using such language in front of our Mother. But now, it was acceptable?

Was it a medical issue? I wondered.

I inched towards Mom’s room, certain they wouldn’t notice me between the darkness of the hallway and the continued sound of raindrops outside.

When I peaked around the corner of Mom’s dimly lit room, I got the shock of a lifetime.

Mom was kneeling beside her bed, while my brother Billy stood in front of her. His pants were down and I could see his bare hips. Mom’s back was to me, but I realized from the bobbing motion of her head, that she was sucking off my younger brother! No wonder Billy’s dick had been ‘sore all day.’

Mom was still wearing her black silk nightgown. Her dark hair was pulled up in a messy ponytail which bounced with the motion of her head. For a moment, I actually forgot it was my Mom and was impressed by her efforts.

Billy’s eyes were tightly closed while he enjoyed her attention. Every so often, he looked down at the top of her head and smiled slightly. As her right hand slowly trailed down to the base of his cock and began to pump, he threw back his head while groaning.

It was surreal to the point that I felt sick, especially when the quiet of the room was disrupted by lewd sucking noises. My instincts told me to interrupt this deviance and demand to know what the hell was happening. But apparently I have a thing for the taboo because I felt myself getting hard.

For some perspective, my Mother is one of the most well-mannered people I’ve ever met. She dresses conservatively, almost as if she’s from a different era. Her sweet-heart personality is definitely one of the reasons her Italian restaurant does so well. Customers are taken by her charm and she has a large following of regulars.

Now here she was, with her face in my younger brother’s crotch, as her head moved back and forth. There was no doubt what was happening. Billy’s eyes were closed and he was softly moaning.

The next movement happened so fast, I almost missed it. My mom grabbed her phone, which was next to her on the bed, and took a few selfies. I couldn’t believe it!

Not only was she (presumably) sucking my brother’s dick, she was also documenting it with pictures on her phone. What the hell was going on?!

“I’m going to cum,” Billy whispered. “You suck so good, Mom.”

My mother put her phone down and lifted her head. At this ataköy anal yapan escort point, both of her hands moved forward and back in front of her face.

“You were quick tonight,” Mom said softly, looking up at him. “Must have been the long wait.”

She reached down and picked up what appeared to be a jar. Continuing to stroke Billy, she managed to remove the lid with one hand. This time, I saw his penis when Mom moved. There was no doubt about it, Mom was sucking his dick.

Even more alarming was what the jar contained. Although the light was dim, I had a pretty idea good idea of what it was. Thick white fluid half-filled the jar. It was Billy’s cum!

She stroked him while holding the jar. Billy tensed, groaned and shot his load into the mixture, then relaxed.

“I’m so excited for tomorrow,” she whispered, milking every last drop from Billy’s cum.

“Me too.”

“I’ll put our little cocktail back in the fridge, so it stays fresh.”

What the hell was going to happen tomorrow? The whole sight was shocking and I stepped back, trying to be super quiet. Their ‘session,’ or whatever this was, had finished and I didn’t want to be caught.

I made my way back to my room and gently closed the door. At this point, going back to sleep seemed impossible.

Mom’s Perspective

After Isabella sent her youngest son, Billy, back to his room, she knew she had a real problem on her hands. Or maybe it was an opportunity to finally bring her oldest son Leo into the equation?

With her highly tuned ‘mom-radar,’ she heard the faint footstep of her oldest son as soon as he left his room, despite the heavy rain. Obviously, Leo caught her in the incestuous act.

This needed to be addressed immediately. Depending on Leo’s reaction, maybe there’d even be an invitation, if he seemed inclined to participate. She was certain he’d be eager after a rational explanation. How could he decline such an opportunity?

She turned on her overhead bedroom light and ran downstairs to put the jar in the back of a bottom drawer in the fridge. Then she walked quickly to Leo’s room. The rain storm was picking up again and she wondered if her son could hear her approach.

Isabella slowly opened the door to her son’s room. Though dark, the light from her own bedroom allowed her to see the silhouette of her son laying still in his bed.

“Don’t pretend to be sleeping,” she whispered. “I heard your footsteps a minute ago.”

Leo rolled over. “I needed a drink of water.”

“No, you didn’t. You saw me with your brother.”

There was a short pause.

“What were you doing?” he asked softly.

Isabella sat on the bed, next to her firstborn. His face was hidden in the shadows, so she was unable to gauge his reaction. She ran her hand along his cheek, just as she had done when he was younger. The sweet gesture brought back fond memories as she felt him relax.

“I was planning to tell you eventually,” she said, continuing to stroke his face. “But you are so much like I was at your age… very conservative. I’ve been worried about how you would react.”

“Were you…”

She put her finger on her son’s lips. “I gave your brother a blowjob.”

It was her first time using such foul language with her oldest son and it got a reaction out of him. She felt him gasp as his body tensed. It was what she had expected. Utter shock. Removing her finger from his lips, she allowed him to reply.

“Why?” he asked, sounding incredulous.

“Because it incentivizes him to work harder in college. Because it keeps him at home, where he needs to be. Because he won’t get into trouble with the wrong kind of girl. There are lots of good reasons. But also…. because… it’s something of a family tradition between consenting adults.”

Leo gasped. “Are you serious?”

“Well, you saw for yourself.”

“But… but… why?”

“May I turn on your bedroom light?” she asked, politely.

“Sure, go ahead.”

Isabella switched on the light and sat even closer to her oldest son. She rubbed his hair and caressed his cheek in a nurturing way. The look of confusion on his face was evident.

“This goes back decades, to my college days,” she explained. “My sister and I, we couldn’t have been more different. I was a bookworm and Celeste was more outgoing.”

“Aunt Celeste knows about this?” he asked, even more puzzled.

It was a real surprise to him because Leo and Aunt Celeste had always been fond of each other. And it had been obvious to the whole family that Leo had a boyhood crush on her.

“Aunt Celeste is the one who started this,” Isabella confirmed. “She was new to college life, and I showed her the ropes. I helped her with classes and cooked for her. In exchange…. are you sure you want to hear this?”

He nodded. “I do. Tell me, I want to know.”

“Okay, but you’ve been warned. Aunt Celeste joined a Sorority and invited me to all the big parties. I am pretty, but Celeste ataköy bdsm escort is drop dead gorgeous. In her first few months at college, Celeste became the most popular girl on campus, and for all the wrong reasons, in my opinion.”

“Sex stuff?” Leo asked in a small voice. “I mean, she was doing it with that many people?”

Isabella suddenly became uncomfortable. “It wasn’t all sex. Actually, it was something even naughtier. Well, certainly kinkier. Only certain people in the Fraternity and Sorority knew about it. It was an acquired taste and fetish for some members.”

“How kinky?”

“Did you see the jar I was filling?”

He gasped again. “She drank… I can’t even say it.”

“It’s okay,” she said, rubbing his chest. “Say it.”

“Aunt Celeste drank their cum?”

“It was a dirty sex act between the Frat boys and Sorority girls. And when I was invited to one of those secret parties, she made me give it a try. She had been nagging me about it for months and I finally gave in.”

“Why did you do it?”

The tone in his voice made Isabella felt like she was being judged. She hated that. But at the same time, she understood why her son would be upset by this revelation. The act itself was highly unladylike. And Isabella prided herself of being a perfect lady.

“Youthful stupidity,” she replied honestly. “I was curious and I wanted to be more popular. And your Aunt Celeste can be very persuasive.”

“Did you like it?”

Isabella paused, took a deep breath, and confessed, “Yes.”

“You still do it?” Leo asked cautiously.

“Nothing to that extent. Have you ever wondered why Aunt Celeste and I always have private time when she visits?”

Leo blurted, “I figured you were talking about lady stuff.”

It definitely was ‘lady stuff,’ as her son had put it. But Isabella’s inner turmoil kept her from saying any more. Part of her hated this secret activity she shared with Celeste, because it was so extreme. On the other hand, her deepest desires were always fulfilled during their time together.

Leo accepted her silence. Isabella appreciated the fact that he didn’t pry any further into her filthy sexual habits. She’d tell him eventually. Her son deserved to know.

Feeling the need for physical contact, she rubbed his chest and stomach in slow circles. Minutes passed quietly; mother and son both remained lost in their thoughts. Finally, Isabella broke the ice.

“Do you want to join us?” she asked, with her hand on Leo’s stomach. Her fingertips flexed enough to lightly grip the muscles in his taut abdomen.

There was a long pause, as she had expected. Leo was a nice guy and was always very respectful. She had put forth a lot of effort making sure he was well mannered.

“Are you serious?”

She continued to rub his stomach. “Yes, I’m serious.”

Her hand felt his stomach rise and fall as he breathed harder. Of course he wanted this. He was a young man with sexual needs. She — despite being his Mother — was very attractive and had a great set of ‘skills.’

“Would I… Would I get what Billy got,” Leo whispered. “You know…”

Isabella nodded, “A blowjob. And I’ll drink your cum. It pains me to say it, but it’s exactly what I want.”

She studied Leo’s conflicted expression. They both knew it was wrong. But Leo was a young man with an active cock and vibrant sex drive. And Isabella just adored sucking cock (and the amazing benefits that came with it).

Mom or not, it was a match made in heaven.

He gulped. “If Billy is getting that, then I want it too.”

“It’s only fair that I treat you both equally. You’re both my angels. I’m sorry for keeping it a secret; I should have been honest from the start.”

“Don’t be sorry. I understand, I think.”

She bent down and kissed his lips. “There are three ground rules. First, no one can ever know. Second, no talking about it during the day. It’s improper. Third, be respectful.”

“I’m always respectful to women,” he managed a smile, despite his nerves.

“That’s my boy. I’ve raised you right. Do me a favor and don’t cum until tomorrow night. I’ll need a full load.”

She bent down and gave her firstborn a kiss on the lips. Then another. And another. He laid stiff as a board while being kissed in such an indecent way by his own Mother.

A sense of elation washed over Isabella as soon as Leo agreed to participate. She was one step closer to the ultimate goal.

Aunt’s Perspective

Celeste landed at the airport before noon. While walking through the airport, she sensed both men and women checking her out. And why not? As a 42 year old celebrity fitness trainer, she had the body of a fit college girl. In a shamelessly revealing outfit, her trim and toned body was the envy of all.

During the cab ride to the family home, Celeste thought about what an unforgettable holiday this would be. In recent years, she had her sister add Billy to their cum swapping equation and that ataköy elit escort proved to be quite exciting.

But as she looked down at her phone for the first time since landing, it seemed like things were going to be even kinkier this year. Her obedient older sister did as instructed and took pictures of herself giving Billy a blowjob! Celeste slowly scrolled through the pics, enjoying the show. That it was Isabella looking like a seductress, with Billy’s dick in her mouth, gave Celeste great satisfaction. She had come a long way, under Celeste’s ‘guidance.’

Then there were more important pics. Billy cumming inside a jar, while Isabella’s free hand stroked his cock. The jar was almost half full thanks to two weeks of diligent work. There was a caption which read, ‘Delicious. Make sure you don’t miss your flight!’

As the cab drove along the freeway, Celeste took her time reading Isabella’s email. Apparently, Leo had seen the whole thing and was given a briefing on their family secret.

It made Celeste smile to read about the update. She always found Leo to be very handsome. If Leo had been her son, she’d have been fucking and sucking him since the moment he turned 18.

Arriving at her destination, Celeste greeted Isabella warmly in the driveway. Outwardly, they looked like any pair of sisters locked in an embrace. Both were well-dressed and it looked very ordinary, especially in light of the upcoming holiday.

Outside the house, Celeste greeted her nephews, who were both enthusiastic about seeing her, especially Billy because of last year’s events. When she hugged Leo, she sensed tension. Deep down, it excited her. It was always fun to be part of someone’s ‘first time.’ She could tell that Leo was excited too, by the bulge in his pants.

“Have a good flight?” Isabella asked, as the cab pulled away.

Celeste nodded. “The flight was great. Mostly smooth with moments of turbulence, and a bumpy, yet climatic landing. Our night is shaping up the same way, isn’t it?”

The boys went upstairs, dutifully bringing the luggage to the spare room, so the sisters had enough private time to engage in their secret banter.

“Did you read my email?” Isabella asked.

“I did.”

“What did you think?”

“About time, Bella. I was beginning to question your fitness as a mother, since it took you so long.”

Isabella rolled her eyes. “As if you know anything about raising two sons.”

“If I had a son like Leo, believe me, he’d never want to leave the house. Same thing with Billy. We’d be one big happy family.”

“Slut,” Isabella joked when they went inside the house and closed the door.

Once inside, Celeste gave her big sister a tight pinch on the ass, with enough pressure to make it sting. Isabella’s whole body flinched.

“Don’t forget who runs the show,” Celeste grinned, giving her older sister a gentle pat on her sore butt.

She loved pushing her sister’s limits whenever they had alone time. For many years, they lay naked together in each other’s arms, fantasizing about enlarging their circle of love. Now that Leo and Billy were adults, their dream could become a reality. An extremely naughty reality that the rest of society could never know about.

But as working professionals, Celeste and Isabella had reputations to protect. The fact was, they were both on Yelp and ran websites promoting their successful businesses. That’s why gossip could never get out about their deviant sexual preferences.

“I love when you take charge,” Isabella said in a tiny voice.

“Say it like you mean it.”

Isabella listened to the footsteps upstairs. “I fucking love what you do to me.”

“I’m so glad we’re sisters,” Celeste replied. “That way, we can do whatever we want together, because we’re bound forever.”

These were the moments for which Celeste lived for. Not only did she enjoy being sexually dominant, but she also loved pushing her prim sister to the sexual brink whenever possible. Making Isabella feel flustered at inappropriate times, was her absolute favorite.

With the boys just upstairs, she took advantage of the opportunity. Celeste used her index finger to poke Isabella in the butt, specifically aiming towards her asshole.

Isabella tensed and walked upright like a soldier. “Lunch will be ready soon. I’m making your favorite.”

Both ladies backed off from their erotic conversation when the boys came downstairs, having put away Celeste’s luggage. Naturally, they wanted to spend more time with their favorite Aunt. In many ways, they were secretly scoping out her revealing outfit, thinking of what they’d enjoy later that night.


The rest of the day was spent as usual. They shared a traditional Italian meal for lunch. Lasagna made with turkey sausage and mushrooms, a side salad, and apple cider. In many ways it was an everyday family gathering. The foursome caught up on lost time and talked about plans for the future. It was as if they had managed to forget about the evening’s upcoming events.

“I’m completely stuffed,” Celeste said mischievously, putting her empty glass down after taking the last sip of cider. “But I’m still thinking about dessert for tonight. What was that picture you sent, Isabella? Eggnog? Tapioca? Whatever it was, it looks delicious. And I can’t wait to wash it down with a nice cocktail.”



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