*Authors Note: This is a continuation from chapter 1. Please read it first before continuing with this story.


“Paige, that’s not a very nice thing to call your sister” I scolded her.

“I am sorry mom, sorry Alexis for calling you a slut” Paige said.

“Better, now come give mommy a hug with your sister” I told her. Paige came over and hugged me with Alexis. All three of us moaning as our large tits pressed together as we hugged one another.

I do not know what got into me, but I had to kiss my daughter Alexis. As I kissed her, my tongue searched out hers. While I kissed Alexis, my other daughter took the dildo and started licking it. This caught Lexi’s and my eye. “Mmmmm mom you have a tasty pussy. It tastes as good as Alexis’ does.” Paige said.

“And how exactly do you know how your sister’s pussy tastes?” I asked looking at my two very naked and very horny girls.

“Come on mom it’s the 21st century.” Alexis said to me.

“So the two of you have had sex with each other?” I asked them.

“Of course we have mom. Why do you think I called her a slut? You know we are not as innocent as you think. Neither are Jess and Hunter.” Paige piped in.

“Well I guess I need to pay more attention to how you all act around the house. So when did all this start?” I asked.

“Well, we can’t speak for Jess and Hunter, but when we turned 18, you remember how we said we were going to stay at our friend Michelle’s house?” asked Alexis.

“Yes.” I said.

“Well we actually went and got a hotel room and Jessica and Hunter came with us and we played truth or dare, and we had been drinking.” Paige was telling me, “Well one thing lead to another and we were all completely naked like normal and we dared each other to have sex with one another.” she added.

“I am going to have to punish you later!” I told them. “But for right now, mommy is horny and needs to get fucked.” I slid back up in the bed and Alexis and Paige followed me. Both girls started licking and sucking on my nipples. I looked down and I seen that they were fingering each other’s tight little bald cunt’s. “Mmmmm mommy is so wet girls, I need my pussy licked.” I said looking them both in the eyes.

“Mmmmm I would love to taste your pussy, since my slut sister has already done that.” Alexis said, referring to when Paige licked the dildo clean. Just then, Alexis started kissing her way down my body, stopping to lick my navel and then continued down. Paige started pinching and tugging the nipple vacated by her sister.

“Ohhh god yes baby, pinch my nipple harder. Mommy loves it rough.” I told Paige. Just as Paige pinched and twisted my nipple hard, Alexis sucked my hard clit in her mouth and bit it. That drove me over the edge and I began cumming hard. “Ohhh girls mommy is cumming” I felt my cum running down over my asshole. “Ohhh Alexis, lick mommies cum all up baby.” I panted.

Alexis looked up at me with her cum covered mouth and said, “Wow mom you ankara escort really came hard.”

“I think you girls deserve a thank you.” I told them, “Wait here and I will be right back.” What they did not know was that I had a secret. I am bi and have had my fair share of lovers. They also do not know I got a strap on hidden in my closet. I went and got it and put it on with a large dildo and then returned to the bedroom. I found my two daughters locked in a 69. They obviously have done this a lot. Alexis was on top attacking Paige’s tight pink wet cunt. Paige had her tongue buried in her sister’s asshole, while she had two fingers buried in her pussy. They did not see me walk in with the fake cock swinging between my legs.

“I see you guys got started with out me!” I said standing over them.

“Mom, where did you get the strap on?” Alexis asked. Paige just sat there and stared in awe at the fake cock.

“I got it a couple years ago when this girl I was secretly dating wanted a cock. She was a lesbian and didn’t want to get fucked by a guy so I went and got this strap on so I could fuck her tight cunt well.” I told them.

“Wait mom, you dated a girl? I thought you were taking a quilting class.” Alexis said.

“I kind of lied to you kids. I had been seeing someone. It was your dad’s assistant. She was there for me. Over a few weeks we got close and next thing I knew we were having sex.” I told the girls.

“Wow mom that is hot!” Paige said.

“Well what do you say we get too fucking?” I said.

“I think that is a wonderful idea mom. Since I have already tasted your pussy, I think Paige should get fucked first.” Alexis said.

“Oh no, I am going to fuck her with the strap on while your right next to her and I will fuck you with the dildo.” I told my sweet, sexy, naked and very horny daughter. “Both of ya’s get on all 4’s right next to each other.” I instructed them.

“This is going to be fun sis. You’re going to love getting fucked by a woman.” Alexis told Paige.

“I thought you guys had already had sex with one another.” I asked them.

“We have, but we have never had sex with a strap on, and when I fuck her with a dildo I can’t keep my tongue off her clit. It’s just so tasty.” Alexis told me.

“Mmmmm, well I am glad that I am going to be the first.” I told them.

“Enough talk, more fucking.” Paige demanded.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch.” I told her. I lined up the head of the dildo and gently pushed it in Paige’s cunt. She gasped and started moaning. Inch by inch the 10-inch dildo slid in. Once I got about halfway in, I stopped and asked her if she was ok.

“Ohhh mommy, I am more then ok. I am great.” Paige moaned. Just as she was saying this I rammed the rest of the dildo in to her tight, wet, pink little slit. “Ohhh mommy yessss fuck me, Ohhh god yes that feels so fucking amazing.” She squealed.

I stopped with the dildo buried deep in her young little fuck hole. I took escort ankara the other dildo and rubbed it up and down Alexis’ juicy cunt. She closed her eyes and moaned as I did. I pulled the dildo away and licked her sweet juice. I looked down and seen my two beautiful and horny daughters kissing and playing with each other’s large breasts. I must say I am glad they were blessed with my breasts. Seeing this I took the dildo, lined it up with Alexis’ asshole, and pushed it in all the way. This caused her to scream into her sister’s mouth while they made out. “Yes my babies make out while mommy fucks your sweet ass and pussy.” I moaned.

“Ohhh god mommy fuck my ass with that dildo while you pound Paige’s sweet little cunt.” Alexis panted.

I began sliding the dildo in and out of Alexis’ tight little asshole. As soon as I had a good rhythm built up, I began fucking Paige’s cunt. The girls continued to make out and play with there tits, they were pinching and tugging on there hard little nipples. Seeing this caused my pussy to get wetter, and the little dildo inside my pussy began to move more and more, causing me to moan. Paige and Alexis both looked back and started moaning and encouraging me to fuck them harder. “Fuck my ass harder mom! Do it, make your little girls cum. Fuck us as hard as you can!” Alexis moaned.

“Ohhh god yes mom, fuck my cunt. Fuck me harder. Make me cum. Make me and Alexis cum, make us cum with you, Ohhh god yes.” Paige added to what her sister moaned.

“Ohhh god you girls make mommy so hot. If I had known you two were this horny and were bi, I would have been fucking you guys a long tome ago. I am going to cum!” I told them.

Just then, Alexis and Paige started kissing and shaking. Both of them were moaning into each other’s mouths. I continued fucking both of them. Paige’s and Alexis’ cum was running down the insides of there thighs. I did not want this to stop. The more I fucked them, the harder I fucked them, the louder they got. I am surprised someone did not call the cops on us. I pulled the dildo out of Alexis’ ass and licked it clean. I leaned down and licked her cum up off her thighs and cunt, then moved up and kissed her on the lips so she could taste her own ass and cum.

I looked over and gave Paige a quick kiss moved back down took the dildo off the harness and licked it clean, then cleaned her cum up off her thighs and pussy. Then climbed back up and kissed her on the lips and sticking my tongue in her mouth and wrestling with her tongue. I broke the kiss and said “Mmmmm baby you have one tasty little cunt. Now I can see why your sister said she couldn’t keep her mouth off your clit.”

“I know mommy and I can’t keep mine off hers.” Paige told me.

“I know, both my girls got delicious little cunt’s.” I said.

I moved back behind both girls, where I admired the beautiful smooth round upturned asses. I reattached the cock to the strap on harness, climbed up behind Alexis, lined it up, and rammed ankara escort bayan it in. As I was doing this, she was kissing her sister and playing with Paige’s tits, while I reached down and played with hers and Paige pinched and tugged on my hard nipples. I took the dildo and pushed it in Paige’s tight, little, virgin ass. I soon built up a fast pace while ramming the two fake cocks in and out of my two youngest daughter’s pink little pussies. The more I fucked Alexis’ pussy the wetter she got. I looked over and I could see pussy juice running down Paige’s thighs. I took Alexis’ hand and placed it on her sister’s cunt. Immediately she started fingering her, taking her fingers out and bringing it to their mouths to lick clean. This only served to turn me on even more. The more the little dildo that was in my cunt slid in and out the closer I got to orgasm. I kept fucking my sexy, horny girls harder and harder. As I kept fucking Alexis, I could feel some resistance as I slid the cock into her. Her pussy was getting tighter and tighter. All of a sudden, it got hard to ram the dildo in and out of Paige’s ass as well. All of a sudden, the girls started screaming again. Their screams and seeing there cum squirt out of there young tight slits sent me over the edge. The dildo sliding in and out of my cunt felt good.

“Ohhh mommy, I am cumming! Fuck my pussy; do not stop pounding my cunt. Ohhh god yes AHHHHHHH!” screamed Alexis.

“Oh go me too, I am cumming mommy. Oh god, fuck my ass. It feels so good, don’t stop, don’t stop yessss!” moaned Paige.

“Ohhh god you girls are driving mommy wild. I am cumming too.” I moaned. I kept fucking them through there orgasms and mine too. Their moaning kept on for what seemed hours; however, it was only minutes. Suddenly Paige started shaking again, moaning incoherently. Her pussy squirted her cum like a rocket and then she collapsed forward, panting, trying to catch her breath.

Alexis looked at me and said “Mommy, I am going to cum again!”

“Let it go baby, cum for mommy. Cum all over her cock sweetie. Mommy is going to cum again.” I told Alexis.

“OHHHHH GOD YES, here it comes. I AM CUMMING MOMMY,” screamed Alexis. As soon as she said that, her pussy got tighter, and her cum squirted out of her juicy pink cunt.

“ME TOO BABY! MOMMY IS CUMMING.” I screamed and came at the same time as Alexis. Paige just laid there and watched, still panting.

Just then, we heard someone step into the room. We all looked and seen my son standing there. He was standing there naked with a large erect cock. He was holding and stroking his cock, while pre-cum oozed out of the big purple head.

“I hope you enjoyed the show big brother.” Alexis said.

“Oh I did. You were right; mom is smoking hot and has beautiful breasts.” Hunter said.

“Ok you guys got some secrets and you guys had better start talking. But right now, you my dear son had better get over here and fuck my cunt.” I said.

“With pleasure mom” Hunter said with a smile, as he moved toward the bed. It was the same bed where my two youngest daughters had collapsed and were panting. Of course, that meant it was the same bed soaked in girl cum.

To be continued…Or is it?



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