Hi, I am John, 19 year old living with my 38 year old mom Melissa in the country side away from the rush of the city. We moved to the country after the death of my dad when I was 6. It could have been hard times for my mom to make ends meet but the smart investments my dad had made and the property we had in the city fetched good rent helped.

My mom Melissa is a typical mom; and she looks like a typical stay at home mom, which she is. Melissa is a tall lean woman 5’10”, has long dark hair always tied up in a bun and wears clothes like a typical housewife. Life in the country is calm but can get boring at times. I go to school in the morning and then go to attend a course in the evening for two hours. I am pretty good with my academics. I spend most of my time studying and with my computer. At night though I jerk off all the heat generated my body generates at this age watching porno and surfing the internet. Surfing the internet I chat with many women and the talks get really trashy at times.

My life is real typical. I get up in the morning mom makes me breakfast, I go to school, then go to sleep. Boring but that’s all what I do. One day while eating breakfast I remembered I hadn’t checked my mail the previous night. Just to find out there is any change of school schedule I headed to my moms computer to check my mail. I found my moms email was not logged off. Well I never used her computer before. To my horror I found out she is a real sex starved slut. I found various chat conversations with many men. I swiftly forwarded all her mails to my id and left the room towards the breakfast table.

That day I couldn’t concentrate in school just thinking what could be the contents of my mom’s mails which I will be reading tonight. That night to my horror I found out my mom’s adventures. There were innumerable conversations with men and also pictures of my naked mom. Melissa had taken pictures of herself in the nude using her webcam and forwarded to men. I also found out she was so desperate all these years. All this made me real hard. I could not believe I got a hard on looking at the nude pictures of my own mother. My crouch was really tense and my pants felt like it is going to explode.

I slowly tiptoed to my mom’s room and looked through the keyhole; she was in front of her computer topless. I couldn’t help myself the looked so hot, I couldn’t believe I never discovered this beautiful woman before. Felt very jealous some man was having fun with this woman. I quickly move to my room and created an alias chat id and tried to access the alias chat id of my own mom. I introduced myself as a Mr. Kentwood a divorcee who is really sex starved since my wife left me a month ago. My mom requested me to show up on cam. I said to myself, oh god this is not working. Then my evil brain clicked, I typed lady I guess you would be more interested in my body than my face. Lucky me! She agreed and I took all my clothes off and trained the camera on my assets. I wasn’t surprised she said she was impressed, I knew I had a great body. I requested her to show up. Then I had the best seat in the house as I made her do all kinds of stuff. Oh my god was she horny!

Weeks and months passed and slowly I made my moves every night till I finally proposed her agree to have sex with me. I suggested her a bondage slut scene, which the sex starved slut that she was agreed to. I suggested she wait in her house with door unlocked blindfolded on all fours with her ass up. To my surprise she agreed but told me to come after 7 pm in the evening as that was the time her son went for a course.

Oh my God I can’t believe this. That day I hurried my way home from school. Then in the evening I left home pretending to attend my course. I walked a bit then ankara escort turned back home and hid in the garage and waited. I saw my mom unlocking the door just a little for the stranger to enter. After a while I slowly entered the house and headed to her room. What did I see?

Melissa was nude with her ass up on all fours and blindfolded. I went to the garage and brought some rope and tied up the slut’s hands behind the back, then admired the beauty of the woman. The slut was a tall girl, a bit skinny but had a real big ass, she had spotless clear skin and decent sized breasts. She had really long hair not very well maintained all these years and I could see all the digits of her nude arched backbone. I started to caress her boobs. Melissa gave out a moan. Then I grabbed her ass cheek and then spanked it real hard with my open palm. She moaned. I did this till her white ass was red. Then I spread her thighs to discover a newly shaved pussy. I inserted a finger thin two and finally three and worked up her slit. The juices began to flow on my arms and she was moaning and crying like a slut should.

Then I thought I should be a little naughty. I helped the blindfolded slut to the chair. Inserted my fingers in her cunt and slowly ripped off the blindfold. She was in the middle of an orgasm breathing heavily and moaning rhythmically to the movement of my fingers when the slut got the shock of her life. John she cried she wanted to say a lot of things, she wanted to shout at me but whatever she tried only moans of pleasure escaped her mouth. I took my fingers out of her cunt before she could cum and left her wiggling with her hands tied back. She involuntarily cried out please John please fuck fuck fuck. Don’t leave me in this situation, I will die please relieve me please fuck me. Her moans punctuated every word she had to say.

I sat near her and whispered in her ear, I will relieve you only if you promise to be my slut all your life. Yes, yes you son of a bitch her body arching and wiggling she said yes I will be your slut. Good girl I said and inserted my finger again and brought her to the verge of orgasm and then I withdrew to enjoy the pain of my own mother. She was wiggling her whole body requesting me to do it. You fucking moron please please do relieve me she cried. What I asked angrily. Realizing her mistake the slut cried out Master please relieve me!. That’s like a good girl I said finally after a few more times I fingered her till she was relieved. A fresh batch of lubricating love juices erupted on my palms as she reached orgasm and her vagina tightened around my fingers, and then she lay on her back relieved with her legs splayed wide. I then got up and jerked my organ and sprayed the biggest load I had seen over her naked body then cradled her naked body in her bed and slept with her after a long time.

The next morning was special; I woke up to the sweet scent of my naked mom next to me. She looked like a real Goddess. I slowly caressed her cunt till she started moaning in her sleep and finally woke up; I tried to be as gentle as possible to prolong her finally she had her early morning orgasm. What a great way to wake up I said. She got of bed and it felt like things are going to be normal again. She started her daily routine and started tying her long ill maintained hair and dressing up in the grandma rags she always wore all this years. I stood up and objected I said you are not wearing these anymore. Yes Master the slut replied.

I took her to her wardrobe and searched for clothes, not a single dress fit for my slut I said. I ordered her to stay nude till I find her clothes worth wearing. That evening I ordered her to get into the car nude. The car was in the garage and the house we live was more escort ankara or less isolated with no human soul wandering the streets at that hour. Such was the country side we lived in. though reluctant at first the slut obeyed her masters orders and walked nude to the car and sat beside me. I am gonna find you clothes and teach you how to live your life, you understand that slut I said. Yes master was the reply.

I drove the car to the busy city, it was midnight by now but by contrast to the country we live din this place was bustling with people even now. My mom now was really getting shy. She requested me to return home, you don’t want to parade your Mom naked, please don’t she said. Mom I laughed, you are not a mom, you are not a woman, you are my slut remember I said this and inserted my fingers her shaven cunt and worked up vigorously till she cried in pain and moaned. I retracted before she came. I then parked the car in front of Victoria’s Secret store and handed her, her own credit card and ordered her to get dressed in a red G-string and matching but really tiny bra. The fabric must be see-through I added.

She just couldn’t get out of the car. I ordered her again but mom would not, she just could not. I then inserted my finger in her slit and worked her till she neared orgasm then retracted. She was breathing heavily. She requested me to relieve her. I inserted the finger just to retract on the threshold of orgasm. Then I whispered you know what you need to do to be relieved. I then drove the car about 200 yards and stopped. She was breathing heavily. I unlocked the door but did not push it open. Mom slowly pushed the door open and paraded nude for the whole 200 yards to reach the store. The city stopped to a standstill. Every eye was glued to my nude mom. Every dick in town sprung up. Minutes later the beauty emerged clad in the exact specifications I had ordered. Great I said to her after she sat in the car.

We need more stuff she said. I asked what. She said she saw many dresses in the store she would love. Shut up I said, I am not going to allow you select the old grandma stuff again, I will decide what. Then we drove to a designer store and I walked in with my lingerie clad beauty and I picked up a tight short skirt and great top and jacket. She wore that and looked like a sexy secretary should. She looked very formal. The tight skirt really hugged her perfect ass. I took her to the mirror and her jaw dropped, she was happy she couldn’t believe what she saw. I was standing with the hottest babe in the world. Then we picked up a six inch high stiletto heels and I was amazed how comfortable she felt. She was used to these when she was younger she explained.

We need makeup now I said and headed to a beauty clinic. I asked the woman at the shop to chop off all the hair the slut has on her hair. I want a real chic. A lip length bob, I said. Haircut and makeup later I took my really satisfied mom to the car and opened the door as a gentleman should and then sat in the driver’s seat next to her and said now I am going to buy the thing you really want. She had a confused look on her face. I drove to the best adult store in town and said to her this is what a slut needs. I have never seen a slut with the hunger you have for sex, this will relieve you I said. Then I escorted her to the store and began scanning all the stuff they had.

A dildo! never, I would never get myself eliminated from the story. That would mean she would no longer need me and no longer obey me. You like bondage don’t you Mom I whispered in her ear, you also wanna relieve yourself. Then I bought some fastening and bondage stuff and a chastity belt. A chastity belt for you whore, I chuckled as I held it in front of her eyes. It was no ordinary ankara escort bayan chastity belt. It had an option of a vibrating dildo on the inside.

The day mom proudly moved around the home in her new dress. Then in the evening I said its time for me to go for classes. I said you will be relieved when I shall be away. She gave me a surprised look. I then stripped off her new clothes and into her birthday suit. I then fingered her shaven cunt to the verge to orgasm then retracted. She began begging. I then tied the slut up in the new bondage gear. Then I fixed her with the dildo fixed chastity belt, put the keys in my pocket and started leaving the room when I heard her begging to relieve her. I ignored at first then switched the dildo of the chastity belt on using a remote control to low speed only to switch it off next moment. Her whole body bounced off the bed. This vibrator is great at low speed I exclaimed. Then I undid her bondage and she was free but could nor relieve herself because of the belt. She wiggled and begged me to relieve her. I said ok and switched the vibrator to high. She was bouncing all around the house screaming and moaning having multiple orgasms and getting relieved and then getting new batches of orgasms as love juiced flowed out of the belt and over her long legs as she ran all around the house moaning. I spanked her perfect ass whenever she passed near me. This was an instance she would beg me to stop the stuff. I cruelly left the house for my two hour studies.

I returned to see my nude chastity belt clad mom wasted in the middle of the living room with her legs splayed still having multiple orgasms and love juices all around the house and over her nude body. Her newly bobbed hair was mess, her eyes were teary, her nipples hard erect and mouth wide open praying to god to stop the vibrations. Her skin around the belt was bleeding because of the scratch marks she made on herself trying to get rid of the belt. I quickly switched off the vibrations and removed the belt and spanked her pussy to discover a splash of love juices. She was crying and breathing heavily. She thought she was going to die. I swiftly cradled my nude mom to her room and laid her on her bed. You wont need sex for the next week I said.

Just as I was about to leave my wasted mom the devil in my brain woke up. I reached up to the deodorant bottle and sprayed a little on her pussy. She felt the burning sensation and wiggled all around. I then turned her on her belly and pulled her ass up and positioned her on all fours. She was too tired and her head fell to the bed, while I held her beautiful ass up. I took my 8 inck meat and slowly thrust it deep in her ass. No way could that fit her ass. She cried not of pleasure but pain. It hurt me too; I then applied jelly on my meat and inside her ass. Then I penetrated her pussy just to get my meat lubricated with the wet juiced flowing. Then I thrust my well lubricated dick in her ass as she cried with pain and urging me to stop. Her asshole spread wide open to accommodate my dick as I rammed her hard. She had lots of multiple orgasms and her pussy was dripping.

Just as I was about to cum I asked the slut, do you want my baby. She said yes and I retracted my dick out of her ass leaving a gaping hole and penetrated her pussy and deposited my seed deep in her womb. As I retracted my dick I saw my semen leak out of her pussy. I held her upside down and splayed her legs preventing the semen to seep away. I wanted to get my mom pregnant and then fuck my pregnant slut.

We continued having sex every alternate day and ensured not a drop of semen escaped her cunt by holding her upside down, till one day she declared she was pregnant. I am gonna be a daddy I exclaimed. Slowly my mommys belly grew until one day she complained she can no longer fit in the clothes I bought her. I ordered my slut to remain naked till she shrunk back to those clothes. Then I watched my nude mom’s belly growing daily. Finally it was a girl.



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